tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShattered Paradise Ch. 02

Shattered Paradise Ch. 02


My head was still groggy from whatever tranquilizer had been in the gun I'd been shot with, but I was alert enough to understand the soliloquy Steven had given at the beginning of the video I was being forced to watch. Forced was the appropriate word as I was strapped into some sort of metallic chair. My arms, legs, chest, and waist were immobilized by thick leather restraints, while my head was held by some sort of padded vice. I would have closed my eyes to avoid seeing the images being played out on the large screen before me, but my eyes were being held open by some painful device that extended from the vice and fit under the lids. The metal of the chair was cold against my naked skin, and my ass was being invaded by a hard metalic dildo that I'm pretty sure was part of the chair. All of that was bad enough, but worse was being forced to watch as Steven pounded his cock in and out of my sweet Stephi as she was bent over his desk, and the knowledge that my actions had caused all of this.

After our son was born, our lives went back to normal, including our sex life. It was almost as if our trip to the Bahamas had never happened. Stephi put all her energy into raising our son and keeping the house, and my energy went to work and taking care of the two of them. I think the normalcy of our day to day lives allowed my mind to continually drift back to the Bahamas and the terrible experience we had at the hands of Steven and his gang. I never let on to Stephi that I thought about it, but it was always on my mind. We never heard about the progress of the investigation from the authorities in the Bahamas, so when our son was about a year old, I contacted them myself. They weren't very helpful, but I found out that Steven wasn't his real name and that he didn't live in the Bahamas. The police suspected he visited infrequently and stayed away long enough to be forgotten. One detective suggested I forget about the whole incident and move on with my life. Authorities in the states were even less helpful and I was told by the State Department that they weren't getting involved.

I started doing research on the internet and was able to locate a few of his other victims. None of them were willing to say much, other than confirm that their experiences were similar to ours, although one husband seemed very nervous and warned me to drop the matter entirely. With no new information, and very little to go on, I was considering following the advice everyone seemed to be giving me, until one day as I was leaving my office I saw a man that looked an awful lot Steven entering a high rise across the street. When I first saw him my stomach lurched and tied itself in knots. Then the uneasiness faded away as anger and rage took over. I almost marched across the street straight into traffic before I checked myself. I needed to call the police, not run off half-cocked and attack him. I wanted to destroy his life, not give him a few bumps and bruises.

The local police informed me there was no warrant for Steven (or whatever his real name was) and that they couldn't do anything. I called the State Department, who had helped get us home from the Bahamas, but they were little help. They said they would contact the Bahamian authorities and let them know Steven had been cited, but unless the Bahamian's wanted U.S. authorities to arrest and hold him, there was nothing they could do. Oh, they promised they'd look into it and possibly set up surveillance on him, but I could tell they were just trying to placate me.

Angry, the next day I left my office early and waited on the street to see if Steven would appear. Sure enough, at the same time as the previous day he came strolling down the other side of the street as if he didn't have a care in the world. This time I got a good look and was certain it was him. I couldn't believe that he was so close, that all I had to do was walk out onto the street and see him. All this time, he had been right under my nose.

I needed proof that it was Steven, and then maybe the State Department or FBI would do something. Obsessed with finding evidence, I wasn't thinking clearly when I decided to infiltrate Steven's office. The next day, I left work early, hours before I knew Steven would show up. I checked the registry in the lobby but couldn't find the name Steven anywhere, so I hid in the corner and waited for him to appear.

He showed up, right on time. I watched him behind a newspaper as he headed towards an elevator. I started for the stairs as soon as the elevator doors closed. I ran as fast as I could up the stairs, checking at every floor to see if the elevator stopped and Steven got out. By the time I saw him get out at the 14th floor, I was gasping for breath and worried that he might hear me. From the safety of the stairwell, I watched him as he went down the hallway away from me. Even the way the bastard walked seemed arrogant and superior. I had to control my anger to stop myself from running out of the stairwell and beating him senseless. I wanted Steven destroyed for all time, not just beaten once.

He rounded a corner and I had to leave the security of the stairwell to follow him. He never turned around, and never sensed me behind him. He just walked in his confident, carefree manner whistling and nearly skipping to an office. I waited several heartbeats to walk up to the door after he entered. There were windows on either side of the door and I was able to peer in without being seen.

The office was huge and very well decorated. An attractive receptionist sat behind a large semicircular desk and Steven was flirting with her. She laughed at something he said and then handed him what looked like mail and messages. He walked away to what I assume was his private office and I noticed that the secretary watched him with a pleased smile on her face which made me even angrier and more determined to destroy his life.

I noted the name on the office door, Parker Imports, and then quickly made my way back to the elevator and lobby. I thought about loitering around the lobby again until he left, but thought it would be too conspicuous a second time, so I left the building. There was a coffee shop across the street where I would be able to watch the front of Steven's building from the window.

I called Stephi as I crossed the street and told her I'd be working late and told her not to hold dinner for me. I could almost hear her cute frown on the other side of the phone. God, how I loved that woman; it was easy to remember why I was taking this risk when I talked to her. She had recovered so wonderfully after all that we had been through. While I waited in the coffee shop, images of her gang rape and the memory of my helplessness played through my mind.

I waited several hours, but Steven finally emerged from his building. Once he was out of sight, I hurried across the street. Businesses were beginning to close, and I needed to make it upstairs to his office before his secretary left.

When I got there, I peered through the side window again and was pleased to see that she was straightening her desk in preparation to go home. A minute after I arrived, she got up from her desk and headed down the hall in the opposite direction Steven had gone earlier. I silently prayed as I put my hand on the door handle and was rewarded; the door was unlocked. I entered as quickly and quietly as I could.

I took a quick peek down the hallway the secretary had taken. She was nowhere in sight so I quickly made my way to what I assumed would be Steven's office. I wasn't sure what I would find, but my plan had been to hide in his office until I could be assured everyone had left, and then search for anything that could incriminate him or prove he was the man who had kidnapped us.

I tried to look nonchalant as I walked down the hall. I passed a few other small offices and a few had people still working in them. I prayed that none of them would stop me and question my presence. Everyone seemed to be absorbed in their work and never even looked up at the stranger walking down the hall.

At the end of the hall was a large office. The nameplate on the door said Ronald Parker. Was this Steven's real name? It didn't matter. This had to be his office; he couldn't be anything other than the boss. I looked around to make sure no one was watching, and then quickly opened the door and stepped inside. The last thing I remember in his office was making my way to his desk to hide underneath it and then a sharp pain in the back of my left shoulder.

When I started coming back to my senses I tried to move but found myself restrained. Every muscle in my body ached, and I could hear light beeping noises that reminded me of a hospital. My eyes were already open, and when I tried to blink I couldn't close them. My body tensed on its own in surprise and jerked hard against the restraints. I couldn't even move my head from side to side.

Something I had done must have started the video playing because the entire wall in front of me came to life and I could see Steven grinning at me. At first I thought I might be looking through a window, but after a few seconds it became clear that this was a recording. Steven was standing in the office I had entered and a felt a little vindication in the knowledge that I had been right about it belonging to him. He was dressed very nicely in a suit and tie and appeared the very definition of arrogance.

"I want to apologize for the rough treatment," Steven began, "but I wanted to make sure I have your complete and undivided attention. Don't bother trying to free yourself either; I know you can't see the restraints holding you to the chair, but rest assured you will be unable to break them. Scream all you want as well; the room you are in is soundproofed and you're well away from any civilization. Your eyes are being held open so you can't close them later, and if you're wondering about the uncomfortable feeling in your ass, that's just to add to your punishment later." I wasn't sure what he meant by 'later' as the thing in my ass felt like it was punishing me right now. I had already tried to lift myself a little to relieve some of the pressure in my backside but I was unable to move at all.

"Quite a bit of time has passed since you entered my office. You've been kept under sedation for several hours while I finished making my preparations. There's an I.V. in your arm. It's giving you nutrition now, but until about an hour ago it was sending you a sedative as well. I have no wish to see you dead; if I did I would have easily killed you and disposed of your body already. I just want to impress upon you the futility of chasing me any further."

He started pacing back and forth as if considering what to say next, but I knew he had everything well rehearsed. "You couldn't leave it alone, could you," Steven said. "You had your life, your wife, and your child, but that wasn't enough; you had to have revenge too." He shook his head as if scolding a child. "I understand the feeling, but it was unwise of you to act on it. I think I must take part of the blame; I didn't explain the futility of trying to bring me to 'justice'. You see, I really was on vacation when we met. The kidnapping and taking of your wife is what I do for fun."

The camera zoomed slowly in on his upper body and head for a moment. "I'll leave my real profession up to your imagination, but suffice it to say, the $1.3 million I got for your ransom meant very little to me. This office," he said motioning around the room he was in, "was set up for solely for your benefit. I mean to discourage you from digging in to my business any further." He took a few steps to his left and sat on the edge of his desk with one leg raised off the floor. "To that end, I have arranged a little demonstration for you. I want you to understand that what you're about to witness is a direct result of your actions. If you had left me alone, I would never have interfered in your life again."

The screen faded out slowly and then slowly came back. Steven was now seated with his feet up on his desk as he repeatedly threw a pen up in the air and caught it. After a few seconds, his intercom squawked to life. "Mr. Parker, your five o'clock appointment is here."

"Send her in," Steven said, quickly pushing a button on his phone to respond. He stood and straightened his suit as he waited for whoever was coming to visit him. The camera angle shifted and suddenly I was looking at the back of Steven's head and the door to his office.

I wasn't surprised when the door to his office opened and Steven's secretary showed my darling wife Stephi into the room, but it still made me feel sick to my stomach and cry out in anger. If I'd had anything to eat I would have thrown up, but all I could do was dry heave while crying, "No, no, no..." over and over again.

At first I thought Stephi was part of the deception, but as she entered his office I could see the distraught look on her face and knew it was for me. The secretary was either oblivious to her discomfort or had been instructed not react to it as she had a smile on her face the entire time.

"Thank you Miss Jennings," Steven said to the secretary. The secretary nodded and left the two of them alone, closing the door behind her.

As soon as the door was closed, Stephi slapped Steven hard across the face. Steven was stunned for a minute but recovered quickly and managed to catch her hand before she could strike again. "You're a bastard Steven," she hissed. "Where's my husband?!"

"Calm down, Stephi," Steven replied quite calmly. "As I promised on the phone, your husband is unharmed and will remain that way as long as you continue to cooperate."

"I did everything you asked you ba..." Stephi started but Steven cut her off.

"I know you did, or I wouldn't be meeting with you now. You haven't contacted the authorities or told anyone else about your husband's disappearance, and you dropped your son off at your parents' just before you came here," he said.

Stephi glared at him and looked like she wanted to slap him again. I'm not sure why she didn't because it was obvious Steven was somehow keeping tabs on her. "What else do you want?" she asked through clenched teeth.

"You know what I want, Stephi," Steven gloated. "You even came dressed for it."

I hadn't noticed before, but Stephi was dressed up more than she usually did these days. Her everyday "mom" clothes of a sweater and jeans were replaced with a short skirt and tight fitting blouse. She was also wearing makeup which she often went without these days. She looked like she was dressed up for one of our date nights.

"Fuck you Steven!" Stephi spat and crossed her arms across her chest.

"Yes, precisely," Steven replied smugly as he walked over to the door and locked it. Stephi's shoulders slumped in resignation as he passed her. She turned to face him as he finished locking the door, her eyes equal parts hatred and defeat.

Steven regarded her coolly for a moment. She squirmed a little under his gaze. "Take you clothes off," he finally demanded.

Embarrassed, Stephi turned away from him and began to reluctantly unbutton her top. The camera changed again to follow her and film her from the front. Steven must have had the whole office lined with cameras and from all the zooming in and out that took place while Stephi removed her clothes, someone was watching and controlling those cameras.

You could clearly see the reluctance and disgust that played across Stephi's as the camera zoomed in on her face for several seconds. My heart ached for her. As soon as I saw that image of my wife, all of my aches and pains seemed to vanish and my only thought was that I had to go and comfort her. I started yelling and screaming and pulling against my bonds while she undressed. It was to no avail. My arms became slick with blood and sweat as I struggled but I couldn't even loosen the hold of the straps that held me tight to the metal chair. I sobbed in anguish as I watched Steven approach my loving wife once she was fully nude and forcefully turn her by the shoulders to face him. Then he silently pushed her down to her knees in front of him.

Stephi kneeled there for a moment staring at his crotch unmoving. "Pull down my zipper," Steven commanded. I watched as my wife, in what I suppose was a last bit of defiance, reached out with two fingers and pulled his zipper down without touching any other part of him. When it was down she just looked up at him as if daring him to find fault in her actions.

Steven visibly sighed in disappointment. "Now Stephi, there's no reason for you to have an attitude. Now reach in my boxers and pull out my cock."

Stephi's shoulders slumped before she reached through the hole in his trousers. The camera changed and gave me a close up of her hand as she unbuttoned his boxers and pulled out his semi-hard cock. I hadn't gotten a good look at it the first time I caught Steven fucking my wife, but this time I was given a good look. Even in its half-hard state, it was longer and thicker than mine ever got. I know it was petty and meaningless considering the circumstances, but seeing the size of his cock enraged me more. It wasn't huge and I had definitely seen Stephi violated by larger during her gang rape, but the thought that this pompous shit had a larger dick than mine bothered me.

"Open your mouth, Stephi," Steven commanded her. I watched in horror as my wife opened her mouth and looked up at him with contempt. The camera was focused on her face and his cock so I couldn't see Steven, but I heard him chuckle arrogantly before his hands took hold of her head and forced her open mouth onto his dick.

What proceeded was not a blowjob from my wife; Steven fucked her mouth forcefully with his thick cock which quickly stiffened after a few strokes. I had never seen anything like it up close. Steven was moving her head back and forth along his cock at the same time his hips were driving it forward and back. It looked like he was cramming a good nine inches into my innocent wife's face.

"Do you remember the first time my cock was in your mouth Stephi?" Steven taunted. "The look on your face when I forced it down your throat and it cut off you oxygen was priceless. But look at you now. You've become an expert at taking my cock."

To be fair, Stephi was gagging and choking each time Steven buried the entire length of his cock in her mouth. She hardly seemed an expert but I was surprised that she was able to handle it without puking all over him. He treated her mouth and throat brutally and showed no mercy as he slammed his meat into her mouth.

"That first time, on the beach, you thought I was a pathetic worm who couldn't get a woman without blackmailing her, didn't you?" Steven asked rhetorically. "You can't deny it. I saw the look in your eye. Then when you saw the size of my cock and I forced it down your throat you finally understood what kind of man I am."

Stephi was producing a great deal of spit and phlegm each time Steven made her gag on his cock and it was running down her chin and coating his invading member. He pulled out of her mouth all the way for a moment and let some of the thick liquid drip off his cock onto her chest.

"I still think you're a pathetic worm Steven," Stephi managed to gasp in her quick moment of respite.

He shoved his meat back in her mouth as she finished her last word. "Don't lie to me, Stephi," he said with a grin. "I may be a mean vindictive bastard, but you know I'm anything but pathetic; you wouldn't get so wet for my cock if you thought that were true."

He continued to fuck her mouth hard as he talked, tormenting her with his words and his cock at the same time. He treated her like a whore, and the pain at seeing her used that way was almost enough to make me forget the physical pain I was in. After one hard thrust, he held Stephi's head tight against his crotch with his dick buried fully in her mouth. Stephi's eyes bulged and her face turned red as her body convulsed. She made loud gagging noises as her throat automatically tried to clear the obstruction. Steven continued to hold her there for several seconds and I thought that maybe he was finally cumming, but after a moment he pushed her back with enough force that she had to catch herself with her hands to keep from falling over backwards, and a string of thick saliva connected his still hard cock with her mouth.

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