tagNovels and NovellasShauna's Slaves Ch. 02

Shauna's Slaves Ch. 02


Author's Note: I'm happy to see that "Shauna's Slaves" went over well and that folks are enjoying it. While it was written a few years back, a reader asked for a sequel. I happened to be crafting a new story and with some tweaks, I'm introducing you all to Leslie. I hope you like her. ~~BrettJ


Leslie Kennedy opened the sliding glass doors and walked on to the terrace of her new apartment. Last night, she had gone to sleep in a new bed in her new apartment. It was really true; her relationship with Cole was all-but over. He was back in Texa and she was here. She knew that she should miss him and likely should be mourning the loss of their relationship, but she could no longer summon up those emotions. She didn't miss the drama or the arguments. It had become tired. They had become tired. She was thrilled that she was going to be visiting Shauna in a few weeks. She needed the support and comfort of her best friend. She hadn't told Shauna of her impending divorce, not as yet. Why ruin the joy of their upcoming visit?

She loved the view of the city. With her bank account now entirely under her control again, Leslie had been free to choose where she wanted to live and how she wanted to live. Cole had adored her, true, but his love had become restrictive and domineering.

Leslie had always wanted a penthouse apartment with a terrace and now, she had one. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining. Even standing there in her gauzy pink lingerie, the newly-brunette Leslie didn't feel the cold. She just let herself enjoy the feeling of the morning breeze on her body. For the first time in 2 years, Leslie felt totally at peace with the world.

The sun was just coming up over the city and it looked like it was going to be a beautiful day. Leslie couldn't wait to take it all in; she had the entire day to herself. Soon, she would resume her painting, but today wasn't the day for that. It simply wasn't the right time.

"It's a spectacular view, isn't it?"

Leslie spun around and saw that the voice was coming from the terrace next to her own. She hadn't yet met any of her neighbors. The voice belonged to an attractive young black girl who appeared to be in her mid-20's, a little younger than Leslie herself. She was also dressed in very little, given the warmth of the day, just a lacy white bra and tiny matching thong. Leslie went to cover herself up and then realized how foolish she was acting. If the other woman didn't care, why should she?

"I've startled you, I didn't mean to," The younger woman apologized. "I'm Noel Bell, your next-door neighbor."

"I'm Leslie Kennedy, or Les, if you prefer," Leslie smiled. "Yes, it's an incredible view and that's why I bought the place," She told her neighbor. "I love this city and wanted to live somewhere with a view of it that I could enjoy."

"I completely understand, I was raised in the sticks and I could never go back to that kind of lifestyle," Noel told Leslie. "Hey, as I know you just moved in yesterday, I bet you haven't unpacked everything. I was just about to make coffee, would you care to come over and have a cup or two?"

"Oh lord, you're a lifesaver," Leslie laughed. "Just let me get dressed and I'll be right over."

"Don't bother yourself about that," Noel told her. "We're both girls, just throw on a robe and come on over. I'll see you in a few minutes."

Leslie was already feeling happier than she had in a long, long time. She had already made a new friend and that was a nice feeling. Most of her other friends were "couple" friends and the ones that were hers alone, like Shauna, didn't live close. She would need friends and allies if she were to survive in this new, single environment. She found her robe, threw it on over her lingerie and made her way to Noel's apartment. It was even larger than her own.

"This place is gorgeous, it must cost you a pretty penny," Leslie commented. "Oops, didn't mean it to sound that way. It's just -- well, I'm newly-single and I know what I'm paying for my place and yours is much larger," She told Noel. Noel handed her a mug of coffee and offered some pastries as well. Leslie normally would have declined, but she was ravenous, so she dug in to a thick piece of strudel.

"I pay my share and I let Mitch handle the finances," Noel smiled, sipping her coffee. "I'm an interior designer and I earn a pretty good living."

"Is Mitch your husband, boyfriend ...?"

Noel laughed. "No, she'd love that. Mitch is my roommate and she's my girlfriend," Noel told a startled Leslie.

"Your girlfriend? You're a lesbian?"

"No, I date men on occasion but I find it works better for me in the long term with women," Noel told Leslie. "I've been attracted to women since high school and I've dated far more women than men. Even now, I still date around. Mitch -- Michelle -- works for an airline and she's always flying off somewhere. A girl has needs, y'know?" Noel chuckled.

Leslie remembered her own high school experimentation with Shauna and nodded. "I suppose so," Leslie sighed. "My husband sure as hell needed to learn that lesson. Wow -- I've never met anyone who is so open about her sexuality." She knew that Shauna got up to some naughty fun and games, but she kept the details to herself, promising to let Leslie in on everything when she arrived.

"Oh, you must have," Noel laughed. "You probably just didn't notice it at the time. You've never thought about it -- swinging with another girl?"

Leslie's eyes looked squarely into Noel's lovely face. "N-no ... I never have." She fibbed. She had only been with Shauna and it had been a while. "Oh, my husband used to suggest a threesome, you know how all men want that -- but we never did anything about it." Then, she giggled. "If he couldn't satisfy one woman, how the hell did he think he was going to satisfy two of them?"

Noel laughed. "Good point. Men could take a lesson from us women, although I've had a few threesomes that went okay. If you ever decide you'd like to try being with a woman, let me know," She winked. "I think you're gorgeous, you're just my type."

Leslie blushed and looked into her coffee cup before looking back up at Noel. "I'll think about it," She smiled, flattered by the attention. It felt very nice to be thought of as sexy by someone who was as sensual and lovely as Noel. In fact, why not? It had been a long time since she had played with Shauna. She was likely out of practice and she wouldn't have been able to find anyone as overtly sensual as Noel to be with.

"I have thought about it," She told Noel in a calm manner, although inwardly, she was scared to death. "Yes -- I'd like to try it with you, whenever you think the time is right."

"Wow," Noel said as she put down her coffee cup. "I'm impressed hon! Good for you for being willing to dive into the deep end. I don't have any plans for today, so no time like the present, if you think you can handle that?"

Leslie wasn't sure if she was being challenged or if Noel was giving her the chance to back out. The married Leslie would likely have done just that and she wanted to be rid of the married Leslie. This Leslie wanted to have a few adventures, like she had in years past. So what if it was an impulsive act? Noel was sexy as hell and if nothing else, it would be a wonderful memory!

"Baby, I know I can handle it," Leslie grinned. "Let's finish our coffee; I don't have plans for today either."

The two beauties looked at each other and smiled. Putting their coffee cups on the counter, Noel reached for Leslie. "Let me kiss you and we'll see how you like that," She said softly. "Then we'll take it from there."

Leslie nodded and allowed Noel to pull her close. The sensual black girl put her arm around Leslie's back and held her as their mouths pressed close together and they shared a warm kiss that grew with intensity, second by glorious second. Any doubts that Leslie might have had about her desires for other were being swept away with the way Noel was making her feel. She felt new thrills increasing in her body as she allowed herself to treasure the experience. Leslie was in an erotic haze as Noel led her to the large bedroom. Sunlight was streaming in and Noel's body gleamed as it struck her dark skin. She removed her bra and thong and stood in front of Leslie, gloriously naked and proud in her nudity.

"What do you think?" Noel asked as she displayed her body.

"I think you are quite possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and I feel like I'm out of my league being here with you," Leslie admitted.

"Let's just say you're trading up," Noel smiled as she stretched out on her bed. "You're not wearing much, but even that is too much. Strip baby -- let's get you naked as well."

Leslie smiled and nodded, allowing herself to enjoy Noel's infectious playfulness. She dropped her robe to the ground and let the lingerie follow. She moved towards Noel, who tugged her into bed with a raucous laugh. "God, you're a hot, brunette bitch," Noel hissed as she kissed Leslie again. "It's been a while since I've been with a brunette, Mitch is actually a brunette but she prefers to go blonde -- dammit!" Leslie decided not to share with Noel the fact that she was a natural blonde. She waxed "down there" to hide the evidence, plus it felt so much better during sex.

"I've done blonde, redhead too," Leslie admitted as she felt shivers running up her spine. "Cole -- my ex -- he liked it when I changed my hair color, but now it's all up to me."

"You make your own choices, sexy baby," Noel said as she cupped one of Leslie's lush tits. "Your boobs are just perfect for your body, good thing he didn't try and talk you into getting these done."

"Oh, he tried," Leslie gasped as she felt the new sensation of a woman sucking her tits. "I put my foot down and said that wasn't happening!"

"What an idiot," Noel smiled. "Why fuck with perfection?" As if to illustrate her point, Noel went about proving just how perfect she thought Leslie was. She began to show Leslie she had erogenous zones that she didn't even know existed. Her soft lips fluttered all over Leslie's body, leaving no part untouched. She let Leslie's body respond to her touches at her own pace. Her fingers grazed the small of the brunette's back and along her spine, just above her buttocks. Her lips followed suit and as Leslie shuddered and sighed, Noel took her cues from that.

Noel gave her newest lover the 5-star treatment. Once she had completely relaxed Leslie, she then set about to make her aware of her full erotic potential. Noel's mouth licked Leslie's tits and grazed slowly down her belly and towards her thighs. Spreading the brunette's slender legs apart, she paid careful and loving attention to Leslie's thighs and legs. Leslie was shaking in pleasure and not believing how excited she was. She didn't want this to end and knew that nothing could ever feel better than this.

Noel set about to prove Leslie wrong about that. She pried Leslie's labia apart gently with fingers and tongue and began to lick her. At first, she was gentle and loving, not wanting to rush Leslie or shock her with newfound sensations. Once she saw that Leslie was really getting into it, she went all out and assaulted her with her entire arsenal of sexual tricks. Leslie's wails, howls and screams could likely have been heard across the street.

"That was a life-altering experience," Leslie said to the younger woman. "Are you always that good?"

Noel laughed. "It depends on the partner Leslie, but I always try to give 100%. It certainly didn't hurt that you're a very responsive woman. Are you ready to try it with me now?"

"I sure am!" Leslie breathed, barely able to contain her enthusiasm. Noel chuckled again. "There aren't a lot of things you can do wrong Leslie, just kiss where you think I'd like to be kissed and explore my body, use your hands and your mouth and your tongue. Ah, that's it, that's the way!"

Leslie was now eagerly trying all the things that Noel had just done to her. All her past experiences with Shauna were coming back and helping to guide her. She loved the ebony beauty of the slender black woman. She loved the way that Noel's body seemed to come alive under her lips and her fingers and how dark her nipples were. Leslie explored the smooth, silky skin with her mouth, not at all afraid of this newly-awakened part of her sexuality. She moved all over Noel's body with her hands, massaging the woman's supple, dark flesh and when it came time for her to eat pussy, she relished the opportunity.

She didn't know if she would still relish the taste of pussy and found the answer to that question was yes, oh God, yes! She lapped at Noel's cunt like she'd been doing it with women all through her marriage and felt tremendous pride when she was able to make her sexy neighbor cum!

Nor were they finished, far from it. The two women twisted around each other and caressed, touched and stroked. With instincts she did not know that she possessed, Leslie found herself slowly becoming involved in what she knew was a sixty-nine. It felt so sexy and so right to be licking the pussy of the gorgeous black woman while she was being licked in return. The two women spent most of the day in a loving way and it was a weak-kneed Leslie who returned to her apartment later that day. Noel told her that she had an open invitation to return any time she liked. Leslie knew that she'd be taking her up on that and likely very soon.

Later that evening, after a very light meal, Leslie found herself on her terrace once more, enjoying her newfound joy and watching the lights of the city. A glass of wine in her hand, she felt peace and the turmoil that had been her marriage was slowly ebbing away. A sense of bliss was coming over her and she knew that she deserved to be happy. She was about to pour herself a second glass of wine when she heard someone calling out "Hi there, new neighbor!"

Leslie turned to find a very attractive man on the terrace on the other side of her. She was happy she wasn't dressed the way she had been this morning, although upon reflection, that might not have been so bad. This guy was stunning!

"Hi there and welcome to the building," The attractive man called out. "I'm your neighbor, I'm Cliff."

Leslie put on her prettiest smile. "Hi Cliff, I'm Leslie -- Les to my friends."

Cliff laughed. "Really? That's wild, Leslie is my last name. I'm Clifford Leslie."

"I'm Leslie Kennedy," Leslie smiled at him, hoping he might be up for a drink.

"Hold on -- Leslie Kennedy, the painter? No way -- my wife has one of your paintings," Cliff enthused. "Okay, you have got to come over and meet her, she'll be thrilled," Cliff asked her. Leslie nodded, a bit disappointed that this dark-haired Adonis was married. Still, it wouldn't hurt to be on good terms with the neighbors on both sides, even if she wasn't quite as intimate with them as she had been with Noel. She told Cliff that she'd be over in a few minutes as soon as she finished her wine. An evening spent with new friends would be fine and she was curious to see which of her paintings the Leslie's owned. She hadn't painted as much in the last few years of her marriage, Cole had helped kill her creative spark as well.

The neighbors on the other side of her had the most elaborate apartment yet; it was large, with 3 bedrooms. Every piece of furniture in the place was expensive, yet it still retained a comfortable, inviting look. The decorations fit nicely and there weren't too many of them, too many knick-knacks could ruin the look of a place. Briefly, Leslie wondered if perhaps Noel had consulted on the decorating. The Leslies' home was magnificent.

Cliff told Leslie to make herself comfortable and that his wife was just preparing some snacks. "She's a chef at a local restaurant and she always does this when we meet new people," He chuckled. "When I told her it was you we were entertaining, it was all I could do to stop her from preparing a gourmet meal."

"I probably wouldn't have minded that," Leslie laughed. "I still haven't unpacked all my kitchen stuff yet, I'm using the one-finger method of food preparation," She smiled. Noticing Cliff's confusion, she explained "Take out." He laughed just as his wife entered the room.

"Next time then, you get the full treatment," The woman told Leslie, who stood up to greet Cliff's wife. This woman was magnificent, at least 5'10" tall, curvy and in terrific shape. Her hair was long, blonde and flowed down to her back. She wore an attractive blue dress that hugged her curves and ended above the knee. Even dressed casually, Cliff's wife stunned. For the second time in 1 day, Leslie was incredibly turned on by another woman. She told her inner voice to tone it down and smiled.

"I'm Leslie Kennedy," She introduced herself as the blonde sat down across from her.

"Oh, I am so thrilled to meet you," The blonde said. "I'm Jessikah -- Jess to my friends and I hope you'll be one of them. I acquired that painting over there as a wedding present from Cliff, it was hard to decide, I loved them all. You're so talented."

Leslie took a bite out of one of the canapés and thought she had died and gone to heaven. "I'm talented? Oh God, these are wonderful, I can cook -- but only just. I guess I'll be visiting your restaurant soon."

"You'll get the VIP treatment, promise," Jess smiled. "I'm so glad you're enjoying the food, there's plenty. I'll give you some to take home, if you like -- ooh, and I made lots of lasagna a few nights ago, if you like that." Leslie nodded, thrilled to be eating real food again.

"She really does love your work," Cliff said as Jess kept glancing back at the painting. It was an exquisite nude of a redheaded model Leslie had known well and painted often, a true favorite of hers. "We were both wondering why you haven't seemed to produce much new work over the past few years. Now that we both have more money, we've been looking for other works."

"Bad marriage," Leslie sighed as she reached for another canapé. "It's over now."

"Oh, we both understand that," Jess smiled, patting her husband's knee. "Both of us had miserable marriages, I was married to a selfish jock for 3 years. He didn't believe women should work. Cliff's first wife was a cold, ball-busting bitch. Oddly, we met through our divorce attorney." Jess laughed. "I took one look at Mr. Adonis here and didn't give a shit that he was 20 years older than me, I went for it. We've been married for 5 years now."

Leslie looked at the couple. Jess appeared to be her age but Cliff didn't look as if he was that much older. "Let me save you the math," Jess chuckled. "He's going to be 50 in a few months and I'm going to be 29. We actually have the same birthday, isn't that wild?" She laughed again.

"That's pretty amazing, good for the both of you," Leslie smiled at the couple, who were obviously still very much in love. It was at that moment an inspiration hit her. "If you'll allow me, I'd like to give you both a birthday present, a little thank you from me for being so welcoming. I have a few unfinished charcoal sketches in my apartment, once I dig them out, I'll choose my favorite, finish it and you can hang it somewhere. Would you accept that?"

Cliff said "Oh no, that's far too generous ..." but his wife cut him off.

"An original drawing by one of my favorite artists? Of course we'll accept, thank you so very much," Jess gushed. "Enjoy the food, there's plenty more. Oh, this has been such a thrilling evening so far."

Leslie found herself quite liking Jess; it was a shame that this couple was married and so much in love. Had either been single, she would have worked her wiles on them. Jess had an airy, engaging beauty that made you feel welcome in an instant. Cliff had a dark, brooding intensity that made you want to dig deep and know what made him tick. A very sexy, intriguing couple, that's what Leslie thought of her neighbors.

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