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Shave Switch


I have a fantasy that involves watching my wife take on another man while I watch, although she has adamantly refused this, and only ever indulges my dirty talking during sex. She says that it's nice to fantasize about, but the thought of someone else other than her husband actually fucking her is not going to happen and I should be happy that she even tolerates the fantasy in the bed room.

Let me give you a description of us, my name is Mark and I am in my mid-forties, slight bulge around the middle, not fat but I could do with seeing the inside of a gym now and again, and I have a decent 7 inch cock that I'm not afraid to use. Lily on the other hand is also in her forties, doesn't have the bulge as I do, some great 34d tits with just the right amount of sag and a smooth pussy which I sometimes have the pleasure of shaving.

She likes it when I do because I am really particular about getting every hair and doesn't mind me spending the time making sure that is baby bottom smooth.

As I said I would love to watch another guy go down on my wife, fuck my wife and give her a good time while I watched and maybe took some photos and video of the occasion, But I have to be content indulging my fantasy during sex. Lily does love it and really gets into it when I talk about introducing a second cock, especially when she is giving me one of her fantastic blow jobs and I use her vibrator on her. She loves the deep penetration the vibrator gives her and makes her try and swallow my cock.

I usually get the same lecture after sex about dirty talk being just for the bedroom though.

"Mark," She says, "you are all I need."

"I know." I reply, "But it is fun and you do seem to enjoy it."

"Yes I enjoy it, but your enough man for me, I don't think I can handle anymore than one." she laughed back.

A bit later my good buddy Jerry gave me a call and asked if I wanted to go for a beer, sounded like a good plan so I told him I'd meet him in an hour or so at the local bar. Jerry and I have been good friends for years, ever since he his wife and kids bought the house next door in the 90s. Jerry and I have been ogling each other's wives for years, Jasmin, Jerry's wife is very similar to Lily, same height, although her tits are a little smaller than Lily's, but still a good looking women. Jerry turned up halfway thru my first beer and plonked himself on the bar stool next to me.

"What's up pal?" I asked, noticing Jerry had that look on his face that could make a clown cry.

"It's Jasmin, she has stopped putting out again." he groaned.

"Ha,what did you do wrong this time?" I laughed.

This is not the first time Jasmin has done this, or even the second, actually I have lost count of the times that she has cut Jerry off. Jerry is always putting his foot in it some way or another.

"She went shopping and when she came home, she tried on the outfits for me and asked me what I thought." He said.

"And what did you say?" I asked, but I already knew what he said, Jerry is the one man you can rely on to say the wrong thing at the wrong time.

"I told her that she didn't get any outfits that suited her figure and how much of my money did she spend." Jerry moaned.

I nearly fell off the stool laughing, Typical Jerry, now Jasmin will cut him off for a month or so until she calms down, if I remember right he had just come off a months forced abstinence for another foot in mouth episode. Jasmin won't bend her rule either, she won't let Jerry touch her until she is ready. Thank god Lily doesn't have that will power, she can't go longer than a week without sex and if she has to wait a week she just about rapes me at the first chance she gets.

"It's alright for you." he said "You have Lily at home, and she always wants to fuck."

"Yeah I am a lucky man." I smiled.

"Man,What I wouldn't give to fuck your missus." He grinned.

Jerry and I always talked this way about each other's wives, he would make comments about Lily's tits and I would tell him how much of a hard on I get when Jasmin sways her ass in front of me.

"If I could get you in buddy I would." I sighed at him, "But I already told you that she won't discuss my fantasy outside the bedroom."

"Yeah I know, and I appreciate that you would give me a shot if you could, you know the offer is open to you about Jasmin as well." He replied.

"Not much chance of that Jerry, she cuts you off at the drop of a hat, so I wouldn't have a shit show in hell of getting in there." I quipped.

"Speaking of getting some." I said, "Guess who is in charge of shaving Lily's sweet sweet pussy this weekend?"

"Really!" Jerry moaned, "That is something I don't wanna hear about, especially since I will have to resort to jacking off this weekend."

While listening to Jerry complain that he is going to spend the next month wacking off an idea popped into my head that might be a solution to both our problems.

"Jerry," I asked, "What would you say if I could get you up close and personal to Lily's pussy and she wouldn't mind?"

Jerry's eyes popped out and he spat half his beer across the room.

"What did you just say?" Jerry asked his voice quivering.

"I can get you balls deep in my wife's pussy, if you are up for it." I stated.

"I'm in." he yelled, "I'm in!"

"Okay." I said, "This is how we are gonna do it."

I laid out the plan for Jerry and his eyes grew larger, smile got wider, and I'm sure the lump in his pants got a little bigger. For my plan to work I had to starve Lily of sex for two weeks, I needed her to crave sex, so my plans to pluck her pussy this weekend went out the window. I had to come up with great excuses not to fuck my wife, and let me tell you that is a hard thing to do when she is on heat. I told her that I had to work late, help out at a friend's place, you name it I thought of it.

On the Friday night before our plan was to be put into action, I started to warm the wife up by telling her that Saturday night was going to be her night. I would pamper her, bathe her, feed her and then after spending an extraordinary amount of time shaving her delicious pussy I would get her off as many times as I could. Lily thought this was great and was going to make sure I delivered as she has never had to wait this long to get satisfaction.

Saturday came around and true to my word I made sure to pamper Lily all day, as often as I could I would give her tits a squeeze or slide a sly finger along her sopping cunt, by Saturday evening I had her climbing the walls with sexual tension. Twice I had to stop myself from allowing her to fuck me, god that's a hard thing to do when she gets this way, by the time I had run her bath and had washed her good, making sure I spent plenty of time on the areas that drove her wild, she was ready and so were Jerry and I.

"After your bath baby." I whispered to her, "Meet me in the bedroom for a surprise."

"Mmmmm, I'm on my way." she purred back.

After getting out of the tub she dried off and walked naked to the bedroom, she reeked of sex, and had that look in her eye that promised a very eventful evening.

"Lie down baby, I have a surprise for you." I said.

She lay down and noticed that I had tied some lace ribbon to all the corners of the bed post and also a blindfold lay on the bed as well.

"Kinky baby." she said, "I think I'm gonna enjoy tonight."

Lily lay down and allowed me to tie her wrists and ankles to the bed and then placed the blind fold over her eyes, checking to make sure she couldn't see I then told her that I was going to get the shaving gear and be right back.

"Please hurry." she moaned, "I need to be touched."

I raced off to the bathroom, grabbed all the gear I was gonna need then moved to the patio door and carefully slid it open so Jerry could get in. Jerry followed me back to the room and nearly tripped over his lip once he saw my wife lying spread-eagled on the bed naked and dripping wet quietly moaning to herself. I put all my shaving equipment on the floor between Lily's legs and motioned for Jerry to come over. He slowly moved between Lily's legs and I heard her gasp when she felt him settle himself on the floor just inches from her sex.

I gave him the shaving cream and indicated to smear it over her pussy. Jerry lathed up his fingers and hesitantly touched another women's pussy for the first time.

"Oh god!" Lily moaned, "So good."

Jerry got into the swing of things pretty quick and soon had Lily's pussy covered in cream and was rubbing it in, every now and then he would pop a finger deep in to my wife's pussy just to hear her guttural pleas to go further. Jerry didn't muck around with shaving though, I think he thought the quicker he shaved it the quicker he could taste it. Soon my wife's pussy was as bald as it was the day she was born. Jerry slowly moved his face closer to Lily's pussy and stuck out his tongue out to get a small taste. Lily nearly hit the roof when she felt the first contact.

"Yes baby yes!" she cried out, "eat my pussy, make me cum all over your face baby."

Jerry snaked his tongue in and around Lily's pussy spending considerable amount of time nibbling on her clit, Jerry inserted two fingers in Lily's cunt while chewing on her clit. Lily was straining at her restraints trying to break free.

"Untie me baby, I need to taste you, I want your hard cock in my mouth," Lily said with a raspy voice.

I got Jerry to stop for a second and I leaned in to my wife and told her not yet, I still have lots more to give her. Lily cried out at that moment and had a powerful orgasm. I motioned for Jerry to drop his strides and give Lily want she wanted, a cock in her mouth. I didn't have to tell him twice, he had his pants down and was up at her mouth in a heartbeat. Lily had her tongue out and was sliding it up and down Jerry's cock as soon as she felt it. I took this opportunity to introduce my fantasy, I leaned over Jerry should and said.

"Do you like that baby, do you like sucking cock" I asked.

"mmmmm." was all she moaned.

"Can you imagine throating another man's cock while I watch baby?, I would love to watch you take another man's cock in your mouth, your pussy and your ass." I hissed at her.

"Oh god yes, watch me fuck baby, watch me fuck another man's hard cock." Lily cried out.

Lily's next orgasm swept thru her body like a wave, leaving her shuddering.

"Cock baby, I need a cock in my pussy now." she gasped.

"Whose cock baby, whose cock do you want to fuck?" I asked.

"Any cock baby, I just need to be fucked, just give me your cock, any cock." she groaned.

"Ok baby, I will just go get you a cock, I wonder if Jerry is home?" I put out there.

Jerry looked at me stunned, and I just waved his stare off and mouthed him to relax.

"Oh yes go get Jerry baby, I just need a cock in me."

I motioned for Jerry to get in there and do what she asked, I made him aware that I was not going to reveal him to her. Jerry moved down and got in position to fuck my wife.

"Do it." I mouthed.

"Do It!" she cried feeling him so close and not having him penetrate.

Jerry sunk his cock in to Lily in one thrust, another orgasm rode over her. Jerry's balls were slapping against Lily's ass and she loved it. Jerry was mauling my wife's tits while feeding his cock deep in to her sopping hole. I untied Lily's feet and she wrapped her legs around him the moment she felt them be released. I at that moment wondered if Lily would realise that her ankles had been untied and she was still getting driven thru the bed, but I think she was too wrapped up.

"Fuck me Jerry." she yelled, "Fill me with your throbbing cock while Mark watches, I want him to see me get filled with another man's cum."

Jerry was getting close to blowing, we all get that certain look at that time. Lily felt it to and pushed even harder back on the cock that was doing a great job of invading her tight pussy. Jerry tensed up and let out a powerful groan as he sprayed the inside of my wife's womb with his cum.

"Oh god yes." Lily cried out as she came with him, "Yes yes yes!"

Jerry pulled out of my wife's well used cunt and moved back to her face, Lily quickly started lapping away at the tip of his cock making sure she milked every bit of cum from his deflating cock. Jerry was spent and looked it, so he crept off the bed grabbed his clothes and snuck out. I was already naked and had shot a couple of loads into a paper towel so hoping that Lily wouldn't notice I laid down with her and tried to match her for appearing out of breath.

I untied Lily's wrist and took off her blind fold, she looked well fucked and totally sated,

"That was awesome baby." she said, "Just fucking awesome."

"Anytime baby." I replied.

"This still doesn't change anything though." Lily said, "It's great to fantasise in the bedroom, but that is where its gonna stay, as a fantasy, in the bedroom."

"Sure baby I understand." I grinned.

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