tagMind ControlShawna's Dare

Shawna's Dare


Hi, my name is Justin. I'm so happy to share this story with you. It happened many years ago. My wife, Shawna, was 22 and I was 24. We had been married for two years and I was a soldier in the Army. We were stationed at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas, where I was an MP.

Shawna is a slender blond with light blue eyes. Her full lips and high cheekbones put her on par with any model. She was rather flat chested when we met, but being in the Army has it's perks. At no cost to us, she had breast implants done at the base medical center. Thanks to Uncle Sam she was now a 36 C. Her legs and ass were toned perfectly from being an aerobics instructor at a local gym for the last 14 months. Every day I wondered how I got such a hot babe for a wife. When she flashed her perfect white smile she could melt any man... or woman.

Our marriage was very strong in spite of our sex life being in a rut lately. We spent many evenings cuddling and talking before falling to sleep. Everything else was perfect in our lives.

One day I got orders for Korea. It was a one year unaccompanied tour. That meant that Shawna couldn't go with me. I had 60 days before I had to leave. I decided the time was right to spice up our sex life.

That night we told each other our fantasies. I explained to her that we had the best marriage in the world because we could completely trust each other to be honest. I told her that I always wanted a threesome with her and one of her friends. She looked a little hurt and then she smiled and asked, "Which friend?" I replied, "I don't know. I just thought it would be very exciting to see you with another woman." She seemed a little shocked by that, but then confessed that she had fantasized about kissing another woman before. I decided to prod a little further and asked, "Who would you like to kiss?" She blushed and looked down, then she said, "I bet Lisa is a good kisser."

Lisa is my friend, Mark's wife. She is also a beautiful woman. She has olive skin and green eyes that contrast her dark hair. She has a toned, but voluptuous body that I had fantasized about many times. Shawna saw that my mind was wandering and declared that I must be thinking about Lisa. My smile betrayed me and she hit me, calling me a pervert. We talked into the night about our fantasies and it became clear to me that Shawna's fantasies usually involved other men and women and always involved being submissive. The only thing keeping her from acting out these fantasies was her fear of rejection or being thought of as a slut. In her fantasies she was always guilt-free.

Over the next few days we talked more about our fantasies and maybe acting on some of them. She was always too modest to really consider doing anything. She just didn't want people to think of her in that way, but I was determined to come up with some way to make something happen though.

The next week Shawna challenged me to a game of gin. We played regularly and were a pretty close match. She didn't know that I often let her win just to keep things interesting. I told her I would play, but that I wanted to know what the stakes were. She smiled and asked, "What do you have in mind?" I replied, "How about if the loser has to do whatever the winner dares them to do?" She immediately shook her head, saying, "No way. You'll probably have me sunbathing nude or something." I just said, "Fine! If you're so confident you're going to lose then why bother. I'm sure you'd have me washing the car in the buff or something." She laughed and said, "Hey! That's not a bad idea."

We finally agreed that each of us would write down five dares on small cards. The loser would then draw a dare from the winner's cards and had the choice of doing it or drawing another card. The game went pretty fast. I considered letting her win, but she beat me too fast.

I drew from one of her five cards. It said, "Go through the fast food drive through while completely naked!" I acted stunned and feigned an attempt to get out of it. Shawna goaded me into it though. When I finally consented she said, "When do you want to do it?" I replied, "No time like the present."

Shawna sat in the back seat on the passenger side so she could get a good view. I drove to the local burger stand up on Austin highway and placed my order at the speaker. I drove to the window and the teenage boy taking the money didn't seem phased. After he took the money he left the window saying, "I'll be right back with your order." A minute later two teenage girls came to the window and one leaned out to give me my order. I declined the extra ketchup and drove off with a big hardon and a smile.

Shawna and I went home and fucked for two hours. The spice was definitely back in our sex life. In fact, we made love three more times the next day. I was very pleased with myself. This was the best aphrodisiac and I was hooked.

A few nights later we decided to play scrabble. As we were setting up the game Shawna said we were playing for dares again. I said, "OK." I was determined to win this time.

Two hours later it was still close. I had put the word INHIBIT down and she changed it to INHIBITED. It was close until I changed it to UNINHIBITED on a triple word score. That was it. I had beaten her.

She drew from my cards and read it out loud, "Allow Justin to pretend to hypnotize you in front of his friends and do whatever he says." Shawna's eyes got big and she said, "And what would I have to do?" I grinned and said, "You know, dance sexily, kiss the guys, maybe even take your clothes off." "Oh my God!" she screamed, "You can't make me do that." I just laughed and said, "OK, if the stakes are too high for you, then you can just forget about it." She pushed me to the floor and looked me right in the eye and said, "Hey, I'm not going to chicken out. I just wanted to know what you wanted me to do."

I explained that, under hypnosis an individual's behavior was unpredictable. She could just refuse to do something and still be hypnotized. I told her, "In fact, I will probably even test your limits to prove that point to them." Shawna agreed to go through with it. I told her I would set it up for Saturday night.

Saturday came quickly, but that day dragged on and on. My friend, Jeff, called to say he couldn't make it. Finally, Mark came over at 18:30 and explained that Lisa was at her sister's baby shower.

We had a BBQ in the backyard and enjoyed a few beers. At one point Mark commented to Shawna, "I see you stopped biting your nails." She held them up and said, "Yup, I wanted to quit for years, but it was useless until Justin hypnotized me."

Mark took the bait. He was fascinated by the subject and soon asked us to demonstrate it. I explained it in detail and told him how surprised I was that it had even worked the first time. I told him that I wasn't sure I could do it again. He prodded us a few more times and finally we agreed to try it. Shawna said, "OK, but only if you promise not to make me do something stupid like bark like a dog or something." We promised.

We moved inside to the living room. I had Shawna sit in a chair between the two sofas that Mark and I were sitting on. I went through the whole relaxation routine for about three minutes and then I said, "Jamaica." Shawna instantly dropped her head as if she fell asleep. This was exactly what I had told her to do. I explained to Mark that when I hypnotized her before I told her that when she heard the word Jamaica she would easily slip into a hypnotic trance.

I asked her if she could hear me. She said, "Yes." I told her to put her right leg on the footstool in front of her and she lifted her leg up and stretched it out on the imaginary footstool. Then I told her to put her foot back onto the floor. She did. Then I told her that she was going to serve us drinks and snacks and wait on us all night. That she was only going to be happy if we were happy. I asked her if she understood and she said she did. I told her she was going to wake up when I count to three and she wouldn't remember that she had been hypnotized.

I counted to three and she woke up. I said, "We might as well forget it. This isn't going to work." Shawna lifted her head and said, "I'm sorry it didn't work sweetie. Oh well, can I get anyone another beer?" Mark and I said yes and she got them for us. We turned on the game and she got us some snacks. She even went to make cookies.

Mark said he couldn't believe it. I told him I was just as surprised as he was. Then he said, "If I could hypnotize Lisa I would make her do a striptease for me and act real sexy." I smiled and said, "Boy, that would be great, but what if I was there?" He smiled and replied, "Dude, I'd make her give you a killer lap dance. I'd make her think you were me and let you make out with her while I watched." "No way, Lisa is so hot." I said, "I'd kill to see her naked." "Well, Shawna is a real babe too. She's all toned in just the right places. I bet she's incredible in the sack." I laughed and said, "She is, but I bet Lisa is a wild woman." This time Mark laughed and said, "Sometimes she's too wild even for me."

We watched more of the game and then I said, "Hey, ya want to see if we can get Shawna to give us a show?" Mark leaned forward and grinned. He said, "That would be great, but are you sure you want to do that in front of me? I mean, what if things get out of hand?" I replied, "Don't worry about it. Just follow my lead and go with the flow. Besides, I always thought Shawna had a thing for you. I don't think she'd really mind and, it really gets me hot to think of her stripping in front of you." "OK, but let me know if you think it's going too far," Mark said.

Shawna came back in with fresh baked cookies. She sat down and I said, "I bet it's really hot in Jamaica." Shawna dropped her head as if falling to sleep. Mark said, "Oh shit, I don't believe this really works." But the way he said it meant that he really did believe it.

I told Shawna, "For the rest of the night you will do everything we tell you to do and you will enjoy doing it for us. Anything we ask you to do will seem completely normal and you won't even question it. When you wake up in the morning you will only remember that we had dinner and drinks with Mark while we watched the game. Everything will be completely normal. Do you understand?" She said yes. I told her she would wake up at the count of three and she wouldn't remember being hypnotized. I counted to three and she lifted her head and smiled at me.

I switched the TV to a music station and a good dance song came on. I told Shawna to do a striptease for us. She stood up and started to sway to the beat. She danced mostly in front of me as she took her shirt off. Mark's eyes lit up when he saw her white lacy bra.

She did a good bump and grind and then undid the clasp on the back of her bra. It didn't come off though. She danced over to Mark and sexily unzipped her tight blue jeans. She turned around and bent forward as she swayed her perfect ass in front of him. She danced like that as if she was offering her ass to him so I said, "Go ahead and feel her ass. It's great!" Mark didn't hesitate. He cupped her cheeks in his hands and then felt all over her ass.

Shawna looked at me and winked. Then she danced to the middle of the room and pulled her jeans off. She kicked them at me and then danced over to me. She did a bump and grind in my face and I felt her ass through her lacy white panties. Then she danced to the middle of the room again and turned her back to us. She let her bra drop to the floor and turned facing us with her arms over her breasts. She danced and teased us for a moment and then she pulled one arm away and then the other. Her perfect 36C's were pointing straight out from her chest.

I couldn't believe this. My sexy wife was stripping for my best friend in our own living room and she loved every minute of it. My cock was so hard it was starting to hurt. I bet Mark was in the same predicament.

Shawna danced to Mark and danced in front of him then she turned around and stuck her panty covered ass in his face and swayed it back and forth. He gently caressed her ass with both hands. Then she reached back and grabbed his hands. She moved them to the waistband of her panties and hooked his fingers over the top. She slowly pulled his hands down her sides so that he was pulling her panties off of her. She let go of his hands and he continued to slowly pull them down while she bent over and put her hands on the floor in front of her.

Everything seemed to be in slow motion for me. It was like watching a movie; a movie I would replay in my mind for years to come. As her panties revealed her most private area, my friend's face was mere inches from it. He stared directly into her glistening pussy as he lowered her panties to her ankles. My mind raced wildly as the scene before me exceeded anything I had ever imagined.

Then she stood up and stepped out of her panties. She danced to the center of the room again and mesmerized us with her sexuality. She danced for a few more seconds and then the song ended. Shawna sat down in the chair and watched TV while a commercial came on. Mark and I just looked at each other and then at Shawna. Then she stood up and said, "I see you guys need another beer." With that, she grabbed the empty bottle from the table beside me and then leaned across Mark to grab his empty from the table on the other side of him. Her breasts were now inches from his face. He didn't know what to do. She stood up and went to the kitchen.

When she left Mark said, "Holy shit! That was great! I wonder if this would work on Lisa?" I said, "I don't know. I can't believe it's working now. What should we do next? " Mark blushed a little and said, "I don't think we can top this." Just then Shawna came back and handed each of us a beer. She sat down to watch TV and she let her legs fall apart. We watched the game for a while and we made the regular conversation, but mark and I were greatly distracted.

A few minutes later Mark headed for the bathroom, leaving Shawna and I alone. Shawna sat in my lap and kissed me. When we stopped kissing I asked her, "Did you enjoy putting on a show for us?" She grinned and said, "I've never been so hot before. If Mark wasn't here right now I'd fuck your brains out." I grinned back and said, "Do you want to fuck Mark? I'd love to watch you fuck his brains out." Shawna blushed and squealed, "I'll do whatever you guys say. I'm not the one in control here."

Mark came back into the living room before I could say anything else. I kissed Shawna deeply and then said, "OK, you can sit back down for now." She jumped up and sat in the chair. A couple minutes later I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I grabbed the newspaper from the coffee table so they would know that I would be awhile. I rounded the corner to the hallway and lay down on the floor to look through a vent that opened up on both sides of the wall. I saw mark turn to Shawna and say, "Come sit on my lap." Shawna jumped up and sat on his lap with her arms around his neck. Then he said, "Kiss me like you did your husband." She leaned forward and French kissed him. Her breasts were pushing into his chest. They continued kissing as he lowered his hands to her ass and squeezed. She just kept kissing him.

I really did have to pee so I got up and went into the bathroom. It was hard peeing with an erection, but after a minute I managed to piss. I zipped up and went back to the floor vent. Now she was sitting on his lap with her back to him and he was squeezing and pinching her tits. She slowly ground her pelvis back and forth on him. Then he lowered a hand to her crotch and started to slide his fingers up and down her obviously very wet slit.

I was so turned on that I didn't want to stop them, but then, the floor was not very comfortable either, so I got up and went into the bathroom and flushed the toilet. Then I washed my hands and went back to the living room. Shawna was sitting in the chair again and they were talking about the game.

I sat down and said, "I have an idea. Shawna, go get the can of whipped cream from the fridge." As she went to get it I cleared everything off of the coffee table. Then I put a blanket over it. When Shawna returned, I told her to lie down on the table. Then I sprayed whipped cream in a spiral over both tits, completely covering them. I looked at Mark and said, "Dessert is served." I motioned him to the breast on his side and I started licking the cream off the one on my side.

It didn't take long before all of us were moaning about how good it was. Soon, we had licked her tits clean and just licked and sucked on her nipples. Shawna was even moaning from the pleasure she was receiving. I told her to spread her legs wide. First her eyes opened wide and then she opened her legs. I sprayed some cream over her crotch and then proceeded to lick it clean while mark kissed, licked, sucked, and pinched her tits. I slowly inserted my middle finger into her pussy while I continued to suck on her clit. She started thrusting her hips up and down.

I pulled my finger out and sprayed more cream between her legs. Then I said, "OK Mark, you owe me one. It's your turn down here." He lifted his head from Shawna's tits and said, "I think I owe you more than one, buddy."

I moved up to Shawna's breast and started to kiss them while my best friend started to lick the cream from my wife's juicy pussy. I worked my way up her neck and then kissed her passionately on the lips. She let out a loud moan as Mark slipped a finger into her and started pumping it in and out. I leaned by her ear and said, "I love you."

I looked down to see mark eagerly sucking her clit and finger fucking her. I went back to work on her perfect breasts, pinching and pulling her nipples. Soon, Shawna cried out, "I'm going to come. Oh God, I'm coming!" Mark doubled his movements and I grabbed both nipples and pinched them hard. The next two minutes were filled with Shawna's screams of ecstasy.

She curled up into the fetal position and Mark and I sat back down and watched her. A minute later she got up and sat on the edge of the table. I unzipped my pants and pulled my hard cock out. What a relief that was. Then I said, "Shawna, crawl over here and give me the best blow job you can give." She got down on her hands and knees and crawled to me. I pushed the coffee table out of the way and sat back down. Shawna dove right onto my cock with her mouth and proceeded to lick and suck my hardon.

I looked over at Mark. He had his cock out and was stroking it while watching my wife's naked ass. I was close to cumming so I said, "Stop. Now, crawl over to Mark and suck his cock." Shawna turned around and crawled to him. She put both hands around the base of his penis and lowered her lips down around it. Soon, she was bobbing up and down on his cock like a machine. Mark couldn't take his eyes off my wife as she swallowed him over and over.

It was too much for me to see. I got on my knees behind Shawna and pushed my dick up against her moist slit. I moved it up and down and then eased it into her. She responded by thrusting back at me. I watched her suck my friend's cock while I fucked her doggy style. It was incredibly sexy watching her swallow another man's cock and it didn't take me long to cum. I started cumming inside her. I filled her up with my cum and continued fucking her for a few seconds. I pulled out of her and sat down on the sofa, watching the incredible blowjob she was giving Mark. Then Mark said to her, "OK, now climb up here and lower your pussy onto my cock."

I was shocked and my mouth dropped open. Mark didn't even look at me as Shawna straddled his legs and slowly impaled herself onto his big cock. Oh shit, I thought to myself. I should have stopped that, but it was too late. She was already halfway onto his cock and I just stared as her pussy lips stretched wide around him. A moment later her pelvis met his and they started rocking back and forth. I couldn't believe it. My shy wife was riding Mark's cock.

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