tagNonHumanShe Claims a Master

She Claims a Master


My thanks to Melissa for being the inspiration behind this tale. I pray it finds favor in your eyes M'lady.

In addition thank you to both dannythebaltimoron and Acacia for answering my call for help in editing the piece.


The succubus is a demon from legend that supposedly preys on mortal men while he sleeps; a sexual vampire of sorts. The actual name has its origins from late Latin- succuba meaning prostitute, which in turn comes from medieval Latin sub cubaire meaning 'that which lies beneath'. The male version is the incubus (from Latin- 'that which lies above'). There are some sources who claim that the succubus and the incubus are one and the same creature who can change form at will to prey on mortals. In medieval times, the succubus was seen as a fearsome creature who killed her victims by drinking their breath. This is interesting in that, at the time, the breath was seen as a part of the person's spirit, and in doing so, the succubus was thought to be stealing the victim's soul. Later, the habits of the succubus were deemed to of a more sexual than vampiric nature, and this notion probably arose from the change in social climate that saw sexual deviancy as a mortal sin, and so, those who committed such a sin against God, were deserving of their fate in some way.

And so...it begins.

I walked the halls of the estate, my thoughts as dark as the night outside. The lightening the only illumination alongside the candles that sent flickering images forth. I had inherited Samuels manor due to the untimely death of my parents, a tragedy which though not recent still haunted my dreams and my thoughts.

It had only been days before that I had turned twenty two years of age. My studies no longer fulfilling, life seeming to cease to exist without the two figures who had filled it and me with happiness from the day I was born. I was wealthy now beyond my wildest dreams. Money however could not buy the one thing which I desired above all things and felt my life empty without. Love.

There had been many who during these past few months would try and tempt me. Daughters of prominent businessmen, some of them beautiful. Though I desired more than an ornament on my arm. Mothers who would parade their offspring like prized mares, the possibility of my coffers and their inheritance the sole driving force behind their motives. I was no fool, it was easy to see.

As a flash of lightening lit up the night, I saw my reflection in the window pane. Blue eyes which bore little luster, long auburn hair, a body a bit thin from my own lack of attention. Not through the fault of the cook or my staff, people who had been faithful to my parents. Not merely just workers but many friends I called my own. They not only worried but also cared about me though I seemed to not care for myself.

Sleep for far too many evenings no longer was an escape. The long nights I spent walking the corridors found silence as my only companion and I in turn kept my conversation to a minimum as well. Tonight though as the hour drew late and the moon had risen full in the night sky I found myself back in my parents bedroom. Nothing having changed since that fateful day a little over a year ago.

I sat down on the end of the bed, looking toward the dressing table where my mother would sit. Her smile playing in my mind, as I closed my eyes. I wanted that vision to carry me away but it was not to be. My head finally nodding, my body succumbing to the need for rest, exhaustion finally having claimed me. This time though, I dreamed a dream. A harbinger of things to come and the possibilities to be found.

The succubus who hunted this night was a unique creature. Capable of capturing the essence, the appearance of both men and women with but a single thought. Able to look inside any human and be that which in their wildest dreams or most decadent fantasies would enable the demon to steal not only their breath, but their very existence as well.

It needed it to sustain its own life though it had found during its long existence that it required more now. The traits of its victims having left it feeling empty. Unlike most of its brothers and sisters who lived for only death, it craved life.

For many of the creatures they preyed on lust, knowing it would make those simple souls easily susceptible to give in to their basic needs. For the one who even now drew nearer to the castle, it was the pain and suffering of the man which called like a siren's song. Such a melody, filled with loss and the crying out of a life slowly withering away.

As I dreamed, my nightmares usually forced me to relive that night when the carriage carrying my parents had been attacked by thieves. My fathers pleas for the vandals to take their belongings falling on deaf ears. They took not only the physical possessions they desired but also the lives of the two people who mattered most to me.

This night though would be different, though I knew not why. I saw a vision, a woman whose body seemed almost translucent, her skin as lovely as any maidens my eyes had seen. She hung from the branches of a tree in the forest, her gown diaphanous, her body ripe with the prospect of pleasure, her long flowing hair a dark brown, the color rich. It was however in her eyes that I saw my reflection shine forth. Eyes which seemed to look deep inside a man, their colors matching her tresses.

The bonds which held her captive were strong though she seemed to not look to be in peril. Instead the look she gave me was one which embraced her predicament, not cursing it. Her voice giving me pause for thought, the sound melodic, almost hypnotic as I listened.

"Life is a precious gift Jonathan Samuels. To squander such is a loss to not only yourself but to those who created you. Their memories should sustain you, not bring you despair. You have taken the pain of such happenings and have allowed it to consume you. Like a brief spark which would turn into a roaring flame, destined to snuff out your very existence. I can take that pain away, I can ease your mind and body."

With that in my dream I walked behind the woman, my eyes growing wide to see her cream colored skin, the marks, the lashes having cut deep though she showed no sign of discomfort. Her smile kind as I drew even closer, her eyes calling to me. Her lips almost blood red, the kiss I desired with the rapid beating of my heart filling my senses. While in real life my body literally was lifted off the bed, my eyes rolling back in my head as my seed spilled forth and I awoke, gasping for air.

I sat up, my body soaked in sweat, my body having betrayed me as I hurried back to my own room to strip, to cleanse my body. My mind tried desperately to remember her face, her body, her words. The dream though slowly dissipating like the fog as the morning drew nigh. I bathed unaware that I was still under watch. The succubus having found the source of the song and who she would next claim.

That next night found me in the town proper. A tavern which echoed forth with laughter. The sound seemingly foreign to me but one I hoped might lift my spirits. I entered, having dressed for the occasion, the clothing I wore unlike a man of my standing. Only wishing to fit in, not to stand out. It was not a crowded establishment as I found a spot near the darkness, away from the fire. More voyeur than spectator as a pint was delivered by the owner, his smile wide at the sight of my money.

I drank of the ale, enjoying the taste as I took in the other inhabitants, all men, some who were partaking in a game of chance. The sound of the laughter I had heard echoing forth coming from where they stood. It was from that area that I saw a glimpse, a quick flicker which brought forth a reminder, though of what I could not remember.

One of those men, his face ruddy with the amount of the alcoholic beverage he had consumed who laughed the hardest, his hand around the waist of a woman, a serving wench who seemed not to welcome his attention. His voice loudly proclaiming, "Now dear girl, give us a kiss. Lips like yours deserve only the finest A man like me."

The other men roared with laughter though the look on her face showed no such mirth. I watched as he roughly manhandled her, his grip tight, his other free hand taking liberties that no man should without his partner being willing. It was when she turned her head away from his probably foul stench that the kiss would offer that I saw her fully.

I shook my head, the vision so real, so striking I couldn't help myself. I strode quickly over to the man's side, my voice calmly saying, "I do not believe the Lady seeks your favor good Sir. She only wishes to fulfill her duties and be left to her work. I suggest you release her and get on with your friends. Perhaps your luck will be better with them."

He turned slowly, his size impressive, the fight surely not to be fair but it mattered not. His voice was cold as he said, "I suggest you take those fancy words back to your table boy. This is man's work and your no suitor for a woman as fine as this. Now run along like a good dog with your tail between your legs back to your Master...whelp."

I simply smiled, nodding my head as I said softly, "As you wish Sir." I turned but only long enough to pull the blade, the dagger I had hidden before wheeling. My hand finding purchase in his greasy hair, the razor sharp instrument against his throat as the woman gasped. It was not only his hand which fell from around the brown haired beauties waist but also the two pitchers she carried. The glass shattering, the smell of the beverages far superior to the smell of the piss from the man who even now whimpered like the pup he had called me.

The smile remained on my face, though it did not reach my eyes as I leaned in close, smelling not only his bodily odor but also his pheromones, his sweat now ripe with fear. My voice did not raise, my tone remained calm as I allowed the edge of the blade to nick his skin, a long slow trickle of his very life dripping to the floor to stain it dark red as he listened. "Might I suggest in the future that you keep your hands off those who don't desire your touch. They are better suited for holding a tankard or a pair of dice."

He couldn't reply, couldn't even nod as the knife was still held taut against his skin as I slowly walked him toward the exit. "I think you've partaken of your limit for this night Sir. Perhaps it is time you found your rest unless you care to pursue this matter any further?" His eyes were wide, the answer obvious as I smiled, nodding and with a gentle push sent him out into the night air.

Like most men of his ilk, he ran and it didn't take long for his companions to take flight either as I returned. My table still awaiting though there seemed to be one final matter to take care of. The owner berating the poor girl for the two broken containers, swearing to take it out of her hide. I walked over, his eyes finding mine as I slapped the gold piece on the bar saying, "This should more than pay for the damages innkeeper, should it not?"

He bit down hard on the coin, knowing full well it would buy a dozen to replace the two but simply nodded his agreement, pocketing the money. I made my way back to my table, slipping the knife back into its proper place. I drained the remaining liquid, the night suddenly having turned quiet, the sound of revelry long gone. It had disappeared along with what I had hoped would have been my better mood.

With his last remaining customer leaving, I heard the owner telling his hired help that her services were no longer required as well, that perhaps it best she make her way home. I walked out into the night, a soft sigh escaping my lips as I began to slowly trek back toward my own abode only to hear a voice as soft as the evenings breeze say, "M'lord?"

I turned, my eyes drinking in the sight before me. With all that had transpired I had not seen what a beauty the woman truly was. In that aspect her drunken suitor had been right. Her brown hair was long, her matching eyes warm though they quickly lowered when she saw my gaze. Her voice was almost like a whisper saying, "I am in your debt kind Sir. How may I repay you?"

I smiled as I replied, "You owe me nothing M'lady. Though I would ask one thing of you if I may be so bold. Your name if I might?"

She kept her eyes down but a slight smile played on her lips. "Tis Melissa Sir. May I ask to whom I have the pleasure of speaking with?"

I bowed low, her laughter a musical sound at my exaggerated movement as I spoke. "Jonathan dear lady, at your service."

She shivered as a cool wind came through and I took my long coat, putting it over her shoulders. The smile she gave me warming my heart so that I felt no cold. "You are kind M'lord, far too kind to one such as I."

I couldn't help it, I blushed, a compliment being something I rarely could take. I was rewarded once again with her smile as I said, "Will you allow me the honor of insuring you get home safely Miss? The night is late and I can not help but wonder if the man who sought your favor might still be in the area."

I knew very well he had turned tail and was probably still running but I did not wish to part ways with her. Luckily she almost curtsied saying, "I would be thankful Sire, for your offer to assure my safe passage and your company."

Thus we walked, words as always failing me though her smile was enough to speak volumes. The path took us far away from town, from prying eyes and where sound might be lost. Our trek through the woods though my mind was elsewhere. Arriving at a humble home, small in frame. If my mind had been right, or if the dream would have not faded, I would have noticed the tree which I had seen not so long ago. A harbinger of things to come.

As we reached her destination I felt a longing, a pain at parting ways but that was not in her plans. She turned her back, allowing me to reclaim my garment before I heard her say softly, "May I speak Lord Jonathan?"

The words took me by surprise as I replied, "Of course fair lady, say what you will." She turned slowly, her eyes having turned darker, like that of the evening sky, her voice the same as the one that had filled my dream.

"I would have that kiss you desired not long ago...now." Her lips finding mine as I felt her draw in my breath, my mind quickly lost as she took from me what she required. By the time it ended, my eyes were vacant, my thoughts no longer my own. She opened the door, taking my hand and leading me inside like an elder might a child.

I stood there, unable to move, to speak as she slowly began to undress. Each garment pooling at her feet as she spoke in a tone which captured my body, mind and soul. "I am Melissa, daughter of Nahemah. I walk this earth with a need, a powerful passion which I must feed upon, like the sustenance you eat daily. Tonight, you will provide me with that of which I require."

The last piece of clothing she wore was discarded, her body the color of chicory coffee filled with a dollop of cream. Her allure easily seen though to me it felt like I was viewing her as if in a dream. The experience surreal. The woman with a body filled with curves that any man would give his life to sample from. She walked close to me, her hands gently, tenderly finding my face, touching it. Her eyes closing as she began to speak anew.

"So much pain, so much suffering for one so young Jonathan Samuels. I have walked this earth for more years than many can count and never have I felt such sorrow. Tonight, I will take this burden as my own. I will embrace it for it is what calls to me, what I need and not such a man as you."

Once again she took my hand, leading me toward a table. Two long pieces of leather braid along with a whip which she guided my hands to before turning. She moved languidly in front of me and I followed, her lure stronger than any drink or potion. By the time we arrived at the tree, she gave me a haunting smile, holding her arms high as I heard her voice float through the air.

"Make sure the bonds are tight M'lord. For me to escape prior to your finishing would not bode well for you good Sir."

I woodenly moved, taking the two items, her wrists soon captured. The leather biting into her flesh, bringing forth an almost sigh of pleasure, her eyes closing with the sensation.

By the time she reopened them, they had begun to burn, her voice raw with emotion. "You will whip me Jonathan Samuels. You will let out all of your pain, all of your anger, all of your fury. Setting it loose upon me. You will feed me M'lord and in return, I will give you pleasure like you have never dared dream might exist. Now, begin."

I unfurled the weapon and I did the only thing I could do. I obeyed. The first lash landed directly over her shoulder, the almost animalistic scream more passionate than painful. Her voice crying out, "AGAIN!" Like it had been in my dream, the whip painted her body like a lovers caress, the long, red angry lines leaving a trail of kisses as her body would shake and writhe against her bondage.

Time after time she would find her head snapping back, her pleasure spilling forth. A pool forming between her legs, at her feet. Each orgasm driving her to the next. A wave which fueled her insatiable lust, her eyes growing darker and darker until they burned a fiery red. She had not fed in quite sometime and my sorrow was so deep that it literally drove her to the point of madness. The sound of her screams echoing throughout the forest until.


The single word spoken, the whip falling from my hand as if of its own accord. She hung there, her hands clawing at the leather restraints but they held firm. I know not how much time passed before she regained control. Little knowing if she had been able to get free that she would have devoured me. Her own desires having overwhelmed her. Little did I know.

Her voice finally grew calm, its command now gentle. "Free me Jonathan Samuels so that I might grant you your reward." I obeyed, the straps though still attached to her wrists as she once again took my hand in hers. We walked back into the small abode as she literally glided to her knees before me. Her head bowed as she freed my manhood, my body shivering as she embraced me in the liquid velvet that was her mouth.

For the succubus, their sexual talents had been honed over the ages and she had learned well. My body responding in kind, my hand finding her hair, my body feeding off her own desire. She had gone through her long existence always with a need to serve, to please others. Where most of her kind were dominant in nature, she embraced her submission. To her it made her special, to me it made her desirable beyond mortal words.

She could sense my body, she could taste my heartbeat, my desire as she felt me draw near my release. She freed me, pulling me to the bed, pushing me with a strength belying one of her diminutive stature and size. She moved like a predator, straddling me, her hand squeezing my loins. A fire engulfing my body as she impaled herself with a single thrust and a singular cry.

I looked up at her, as if seeing her through a veil, her eyes closed in ecstasy. Her movements slow at first, rising and lowering. Her hands on my chest, the contact of our skin once again feeding my own need. Her eyes fluttered open, looking into mine. Her smile at one time shy but no longer. It was a wicked one that now played across her lips as I heard, "Sometimes a touch of decadent pain can lead to such delicious pleasure Jonathan Samuels."

She literally moved her hand across my chest, a gasp escaping my lips. My nipples feeling as if they had been pierced by an arrow, her words ringing true as I felt my body come even more alive. I watched as her hands found her own, already hardened. She pulled and twisted at them, her mouth opening. A guttural moan coming forth as she too embraced her own pain, mixing it with my own. A deadly combination.

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