tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShe Doesn't Know Anyone Is Watching

She Doesn't Know Anyone Is Watching


James jogged down the steps towards the store room, his hand rummaging in his trouser pocket for the keys, when he noticed light coming from the doorway up ahead, and the sound of physical exertion. Curious, he ambled on towards the room, expecting to find someone that might need assistance, but as he got closer he noticed that it sounded female, and didn't sound like someone trying to move something heavy - more like distress or pain.. or... excitement? Sexual excitement? He was smiled wryly as it sounded like someone was fucking in the store room.

He gently leaned in to peer through the crack in the door, changing his angle until he saw, perfectly framed, a startlingly exquisite erotic sight. A jaw-droppingly sexy young girl, that he recognised from around the building, was sitting spread-eagled on the floor, leaning back on one hand, her pleated skirt bunched up around her waist, her panties dangling uselessly round one ankle, with two fingers of her free hand frantically working in and out of her exposed vagina. James was stunned.

"My god," he thought to himself, "I must be dreaming." He watched for a few more seconds, just to convince himself. "This girl is fucking beautiful. If she is this horny I must introduce myself later." For the time being he wanted to enjoy the rest of her uninhibited display; he felt for his stiffening cock, and started to masturbate along with her.

He watched her thrusting her soaking wet fingers into her tight young pussy, pummeling as hard as she could as her hips bucked hard against them, grunting and groaning - her face was red and sweating and her whole body trembling and her white teeth clenched as she tensed her stomach muscles trying to push her fingers harder against her g-spot and deeper into her vagina.

Abruptly she stopped. She snarled, curling her full red lips and flashing her beautiful white teeth and slapped her hand in frustration at her messy, slickened inner thighs, then gave a guttural grunt as she drew back her labia with the other hand, leaned her head back and just once viciously spanked her engorged, exposed clitoris, giving a girlish yelp as she reflexively expelled the breath she had been unconsciously holding during her fruitless efforts to climax.

She slumped back and dropped her aching arms limply to the ground, with her legs still drawn up and splayed apart displaying her hot wet vagina. Eyes closed, she gasped for breath, her erect nipples defined and heaving against her sweat soaked blouse, and her fine brunette hair wet with curls stuck to her soft face.

The sight of perfect female arousal and receptiveness triggered a surge of sexual stimulation deep in James' groin and instinctively increased the pace and firmness at which he massaged his tingling balls and pumped his throbbing cock. As he felt his cum building to the sharp tangy point of no return, he imagined his cum-slickened hand was her tight pussy and pictured her staring urgently and lustfully into his eyes as her fucked her as hard as could, forcing two of his fingers into her wet mouth and feeling her soft tongue suck on them. "I want to shoot your hot wet cunt full of cum," he imagined telling her as he pushed himself over the edge, squeezing his balls with his hand as hard as he could bear, thrusting involuntarily into his pumping fist he groaned hard through gritted teeth, shooting surge after exquisite surge of cum towards her beautiful cunt.

As he gently massaged the waves of post-orgasm pleasure and remaining semen from his sensitive manhood, James heard the door on the other side of the store room open, and he yanked his boxer shorts up and fastened his fly, standing stock still to avoid making a sound. Simultaneously, the girl's eyes shot open wide and she gasped, her body tensed but frozen in her vulnerable, exposed position.

"Miss Barreau I..."

"You know, if what I told you about by my vibrator was so uncontrollably distracting to you, you could have just asked me if you could borrow it," said a deeper, more mature, slightly mocking female voice from out of his field of vision. The girl just stared like a deer in headlights, her breathing becoming heavier.

"Or perhaps you might be able to cum if someone else fucked you with it?" the older voice suggested, more seductively. There was an interminable silence, solid with palpable sexual tension. The girl breathed even harder. "Shall I fuck you with my vibrator, Sarah?"

Totally absorbed and fascinated by what could have led to this situation, and by the way this girl was responding, James shifted his weight, and cursed as the door creaked on its hinges. The girl's eyes shot straight at him and it seemed as if she had seen him through the crack in the door. He turned and ran towards the stairs, smiling to himself and hoping that she had.

...to be continued?

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