She Dressed Me Up


One of my fantasies involves been dominated by you and being forced to dress up into the bargain...........................

I come home from work and you tell me that you have a special surprise lined up for me, but I must agree to comply to your demands or it cannot happen, I agree excited but hesitant to what you might have in mind.

You take my hand and lead me up the stairs to the bedroom, where the lights are dim and the candles flicker, you have laid some clothes on the bed, some handcuffs, the digi camera, the face mask, and various sex toys. I begin to ask you what you have in mind, but you just put your finger to my lips and tell me to be quiet and that you are in control.

You order me to strip seductively in front of you, which I do removing one garment of clothing at a time until I remove my boxers, and you tell me to lay naked on the bed, where you move around me and handcuff me to the bed so that I am at your mercy and cannot move.

You then proceed to order me to watch you , you complete a slow seductive, sexy strip tease in front of my eyes, I cannot touch myself as you turn me on, as I am handcuffed, and the sight of your sexily clad body, almost naked makes me instantly hard, and pre come oozes from the tip of my cock. You know that you are in control and are enjoying every moment of it, you end up just wearing a matching red bra, g string, stockings and suspenders, and your high heel black boots, you uncuff me and order me to take sexy photos of you as you pose in various positions like a top model, and in various states of undress as you seductively remove your bra, and then your panties, but keeping your stockings and boots on, I am turned on but you tell me not to touch myself as I would like to.

You are feeling very horny at this point, and tweak your pussy which is starting to moisten up and glisten in the light from the candles, and are controlling me with your demands. I take photos of you playing with your neatly shaved pussy, and I am enjoying the show. You then order me to put the camera down, and to put the face mask on and tell me to do as you say, at this point, you pick up the clothes that have been laid on the bed, and tell me that you will be dressing me, I see that the clothes are in fact girly lingerie I say that I am not dressing up and protest but you are in command, so I have to do as you say.

You tell me that you have been specially shopping just for me, and tell me that you have bought a black G string, stockings and suspenders that will fit me and you want to see me wearing them just for you. You tell me that I will have to wear them for your and my pleasure. You then proceed to dress me up putting the G string on me first, and my cock is now bursting as the sexy material touches my private parts, you tuck my semi hard cock under the gusset to try and create my pussy you then put on the suspender belt and slowly pull the stockings on me, clasping them to the suspender belt, I cannot see a thing through the mask but can feel the smooth sexy material as you dress me touching my skin. I am really turned on with the naughtiness of the situation.

Once I am dressed you order me to lie on the bed and you tell me that you will be taking some pictures of me dressed up in the sexy lingerie for us to look at together afterwards. You then order me to pose in different ways as if I was a girly glamour model, I still cannot see as I am wearing the mask but I pose as best as I can in all different positions, frontwards, backwards, some with my panties pulled down slightly showing my erect cock.After many pictures you ask me to masturbate in front of you whilst keeping all the lingerie on, my cock is straining against my panties and you tease me with one of the vibrators on the bed, touching me in intimate areas to turn me on even more than I am already. I comply to your demand and stroke my cock inside my knickers , but only manage two or three strokes before I explode in the sexy material and the panties fill with cum, you then take more photos of me, you take the mask off and I see myself dressed up, and you tell me I have to remain dressed up with my cum soaked damp panties on.

You order me me to pleasure your pussy orally until you come. I then go down on you kissing your thighs tenderely and start to lap at your pussy through your knickers, I then ease them to one side and kiss your pussy and clit deeply, and you enjoy the attention I am now giving you, I take one of the vibrators and tease your pussy with each stroke, you are moaning with delight and tell me that you are near to orgasm, I lick you pussy frantically and your face flushes red until your orgasm hits home, you scream and squirt over my face as I lap furiously at your pussy. You then hold me as we kiss and share your pussy cream with our tongues.

We both lay next to each other content that we have lived out a fantasy together and satisfied each other. You then tell me that for our next sexual adventure I have to wear my new underwear under my jeans next time we go out for a drink in the city, you being in charge again, knowing that when we get home I will not be able to keep my hands off you..................

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I got into trouble with my first wife when I was found out that I had been wearing her knickers. my second wife does not mind, and I now wear sideless knickers all the time. Not bad for somebody nearlymore...

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