tagMind ControlShe Drives Me Crazy

She Drives Me Crazy


Fiona was glad she wore sensible shoes today; Mr. Kyle had turned the afternoon into something of a marathon, and although she was nearing the home stretch, she still had to run a good old-fashioned hundred yard dash to get to his office. Glad I keep in shape, she thought.

The whole day had been a mess for the Audits department; Mr. Kyle had been looking through the accounts of a Ms. Winnifred Chambers, and had found so many irregularities that he could barely imagine how she'd kept her account open this long. He'd sent Fiona to parts of the bank she barely remembered existing to ferret out files and paperwork in preparation for his three o'clock meeting with Ms. Chambers; Fiona looked down at her watch now, and saw 3:05. She took a deep breath and put on a final sprint to get to his office with the last file in her hand. She made a mental note to discreetly contact security, too. From everything she'd seen while gathering paperwork, this looked to be a rather ugly case of financial misconduct, and it might pay to have them handy.

She stopped just outside Mr. Kyle's office, took a few deep breaths to compose herself, checked to make sure her long brown hair was still perfect in its bun without a strand out of place, pushed up her glasses so that they sat straight on her nose, and very carefully and quietly opened the door. A good administrative assistant is always subtle and discreet, she told herself.

She heard Mr. Kyle's voice the moment she opened the door, but was a little bit shocked to find out that it wasn't the usual cold, cutting tone he used with obvious fraudsters. "...i...yes," he said, in a distant, slightly confused tone of voice. "...it all...makes sense..."

Fiona paused at the threshold. Ms. Chambers was speaking now, her voice self-assured, even a touch smug. There was something mocking to her tone, as if she was just managing to hold back laughter at Fiona's boss. "Then I presume that there'll be no need to inform the authorities?" she said.

"i...but the sums involved are...i'm not sure if i can..."

Fiona felt a pressure between her eyes as Ms. Chambers spoke again, almost a physical sensation, like someone was pushing hard on her forehead. Her eyes watered, and she blinked to clear them. "You don't need to bring this to anyone's attention, Tom. You'll destroy all the evidence you've found, and if anyone does learn about this, you'll let me know right away."

"i...yes, destroy the evidence..."

Fiona bit her knuckle to keep from gasping. She'd been working for Mr. Kyle for five years now, and she'd never in all that time heard anything like this. He took genuine pleasure in finding fraud and bringing down con artists; to hear him agree to help conceal evidence of irregularities, especially in that vague and distant tone of voice...something had to be wrong.

"You'll do everything in your power to make sure that this isn't traced back to me." Fiona felt that itching pressure in her forehead again. It throbbed in her brain like she was standing too close to a speaker, getting waves of sound so loud they felt like a physical force. Would it be worse if she was inside the room? Was that what was making Mr. Kyle act so unusual?

"...everything in my power, yes..."

"If you have to, you'll forge documents showing that you were responsible for the diversion of funds. You'll go to jail for me, and you'll be happy to do it." The pressure felt painful now, Fiona had to back up. It had to be something Ms. Chambers was doing with her voice. It sounded crazy, but it was the only explanation for why Mr. Kyle would be agreeing so easily with these crazy ideas.

"...yes..." The confusion had vanished from Mr. Kyle's voice now. He sounded happy to agree with this strange woman, happy to conceal embezzlement and fraud and god-knew-what else. More than happy, he sounded...blissful. Like he'd found a new religion.

"Good boy. I think we're done for now, but you can be sure I'll keep in touch." Fiona had heard enough. She didn't want to stick around, and she definitely didn't want to let Ms. Chambers know she'd overheard the conversation. She darted out of the office and down the hall as fast as she could. It meant leaving work a little early, but Mr. Kyle didn't sound like he was in a fit state to care.


As soon as she got home, Fiona did a search for "mind control" on her computer. What she found terrified her. CIA brainwashing, MKUltra, a secret conspiracy involving Bob Hope and Henry Kissinger...just this morning, she would have dismissed it all as the work of crackpots, but after what she'd overheard in the office, she wasn't willing to laugh it off. She noticed the section on the use of high-frequency microwaves to induce mind control, and thought about that pressure in her head. Had Ms. Chambers used some sort of...brainwashing beam to make Mr. Kyle compliant? What if she knew that Fiona had overheard? She might have spotted the door left ajar, or Mr. Kyle might have told her about his administrative assistant. Fiona hadn't overheard the beginning of the meeting, after all. Maybe Ms. Chambers was expecting her to walk in, and not showing up was suspicious.

Fiona realized she had to assume the worst. Ms. Chambers might very well know about Fiona, realize that Fiona knew she was an evil mind controller, and be looking for her. Fiona immediately went to throw away her cell phone. If this website was right and it used high-frequency transmissions, there was a chance that Ms. Chambers could use that signal to affect her brain.

When she returned, she started reading on ways to disrupt the transmissions. She found a site on "orgone generators", made using quartz crystals, fibreglass resin, and chips of metal. That looked like the only way to disrupt the mind-control transmissions; it also looked scarily complicated, but Fiona knew she had to learn how to make them in a hurry. Ms. Chambers could be coming for her any minute.

Another site talked about using aluminium foil to disrupt mind control transmissions. That was easier to find. Fiona had some in her apartment. She went into the kitchen, grabbed a roll, and took it back to her computer to fold as she kept reading. The news just got worse and worse. Fiona read about the Monarch system--hypnosis, disassociative techniques, the use of sexual pleasure as a conditioner, drugs that made people receptive to hypnosis...it didn't specify what kind of drugs, which made Fiona even more worried. What if Ms. Chambers managed to slip them into her food or drink? Or pump them into the apartment, like a gas? Could the drugs be absorbed through the skin?

Fiona realized she was panicking a little. Some of the possibilities she was considering were downright crazy. She put on her tinfoil hat and felt a little calmer. She kept reading, looking for any websites that might mention Ms. Chambers specifically by name, but came up with nothing. Whoever she was, she'd obviously managed to keep under the radar. Which made Fiona worry even more. If she was that smart, that devious, she must have done her homework before walking into Mr. Kyle's office. Maybe she'd been preparing for that meeting for a while, using drugs and high-frequency transmissions to "soften up" Mr. Kyle for the final assault there in the office. And if she'd been softening up Mr. Kyle, was it really too far-fetched to imagine that she might had spent some time softening up Fiona, too?

If that was the case, Fiona realized, then the whole idea of "drugs in the apartment" wasn't as crazy as it sounded. Reading up on mind control made Fiona realize just how many things they could do to your brain, from microwave-based systems to directional narrowcast speakers that could make it sound like you were hearing voices in your head. She tried to think like Ms. Chambers did, think like an evil mind controller. Where would an evil mind controller put the mind-control drugs? What would she expect her victim to do? Fiona looked down in horror. She'd expect her to go to the computer and look up "mind control". The keyboard was probably dusted with chemicals that got absorbed through the skin.

Fiona ran to the bathroom to wash her hands.


They started narrowcasting voices into her head that same afternoon. "Listen, Fiona," they said. "We know Ms. Chambers has been in contact with you. We know she's looking for you now. We can help." Fiona tried to block them out, though. She wasn't sure if she could trust them. They might be working with Ms. Chambers.

"We're not working with Ms. Chambers," they said. "We're members of a secret organization that combats rogue mind controllers. We're here to help you. Have you obtained the materials for making an orgone-generating dome?"

"Yes," she said, a little worried. "But...how do I know you're not trying to mind control me too?"

"Because you're wearing your aluminium foil hat. We can't mind control you if you're wearing your aluminium foil hat, even if we wanted to. But you'll need additional protection from Ms. Chambers. You should start by lining your windows with aluminium foil as well, then get to work on building those orgone generators." That made sense to Fiona. She was glad she'd read the section on narrowcast speakers, or hearing voices in her head like this would probably make her think she was going crazy. She grabbed out the muffin tray, and had just started filling it with pieces of quartz and loose metal when she realized that she hadn't checked it for potential mind-control drugs. She ran to the bathroom to wash her hands again.

Fifteen minutes later, she came out and got to work. The fibreglass resin was hard to work with, but eventually she made several small orgone-generating domes inside the muffin trays. While she waited for the resin to set, she called the building superintendent. "Hi," she said, trying to keep her voice normal, even as she shouted to keep from having to put her mouth in direct contact with the mouthpiece. "I'm having a problem with my sink--can you send up a plumber?" She heard the indistinct 'yes' on the other end, shouted "Thanks," and hung up. Then she went to go wash her hands again. Fiona knew she couldn't be too careful.

When the plumber got there, Fiona took off her aluminium foil hat before she answered the door, despite the very real risk of ELF control beams. The plumber was a young man, perhaps in his early twenties, and Fiona invited him in and pointed him at the sink. "Thanks," she said, adding a little undertone of embarrassment to her voice. "I feel so silly calling you up, but--" She hit him on the back of the head with both hands when he knelt down to look at the sink.

"Sorry," she said, dragging his semi-conscious body into the bedroom, "but the secret organization told me that rogue mind controllers try to use sexual energy to brainwash their targets. I've been targeted by a rogue mind controller, you see." She hoisted his body up onto the bed, then replaced her foil hat. "And the conspiracy sent sound waves into my head to explain to me that Ms. Chambers was going to try to use my sexual needs against me, get me really horny so that I'd have a harder time resisting brainwashing."

She pulled out the lengths of rope she'd bought at the store a few hours ago, and tied the plumber to the bedposts. "So I need to find some way of working off my sexual tension, to make sure that it doesn't get out of control if Ms. Chambers tries to find me. She probably knows where I live already. I know she's mind-controlling my boss." The plumber stirred a little as she unzipped his fly and pulled out his penis. He was barely conscious, but even under these conditions, Fiona was able to get him hard with some judicious stroking and fondling. She pulled off her own pants, got onto the bed, and straddled him.

She pumped her hips up and down, feeling him start to wake up as they fucked. "Wha..." he moaned, no doubt trying to make sense of his situation. Fiona didn't care. She was riding his dick, letting all that sexual tension out, feeling it slide in and out of her pussy. She heard the secret agents in her head, telling her how smart she was, and that made it feel even better. She wasn't just having sex, she was striking a blow against evil mind controllers everywhere. She felt the plumber start to buck in time with her own thrusts, but just then, Fiona orgasmed. Immediately, she pulled off of him. She had to make sure he was good and hard all the time. Otherwise she might start getting horny and she wouldn't have his cock handy to give her a good orgasm, and then she'd be susceptible to rogue mind controllers. It all made perfect sense, really.

She ran to go wash her hands again, just to be on the safe side.


The next afternoon, she heard the key in the lock while she was busy checking the foil she'd put on the windows. She panicked, realizing that she'd forgotten to chain the door shut, and that Ms. Chambers was more than capable of mind-controlling the superintendent to give her a key. She raced for the door, but was just too late to shove it closed. Ms. Chambers was coming into the apartment.

"I'm so sorry, dear," she said, looking around at the orgone domes, the foil on the windows, the aluminium hat. "This is really all my fault." She strode through the apartment, taking in the bound and gagged plumber (he'd tried shouting for help. Fiona had really had no choice but to gag him.) "I'll do my best to make it up to you, I promise."

Fiona looked for a weapon--something, anything. "What are you talking about?"

Ms. Chambers turned to face her. "You were listening outside the door when I had my little chat with your boss, weren't you?"

Fiona grabbed an orgone dome and held it out in front of her defensively. "What if I was?"

Ms. Chambers sighed. "I'm afraid you caught a bit of the effects of my...ability. I didn't know you were there, so you absorbed a good dose of mental energy into your brain without any specific structure to it. I'm afraid it might have left you more than a little...deranged."

"I'm not deranged!" Fiona shouted, adjusting her foil hat. "You mind-controlled Mr. Kyle! The secret agents told me in my head!"

Ms. Chambers tutted. "Let's just get this over with, shall we? I don't think you're going to be much of a conversationalist until I fix your brain." She narrowed her eyes and stared, and Fiona felt that same intense pressure in her forehead, the tingle of some vast energy, but this time it was directed all at her. Fiona took a step back, terrified. Why wasn't the aluminium hat stopping it? "Just listen to me, and feel all those crazy thoughts fading from your brain. Feel your mind clearing, regaining its true sense of purpose, its true direction. Feel yourself recovering your thoughts. Let those crazy, distorted ideas just flow out of your head, letting warm sanity in."

Fiona blinked once, twice, three times. She looked down at the mess of resin and metal in her hands, and let it fall to the floor. She took off the foil hat and looked at it sheepishly. "Did I...did I really do all that, Ms. Chambers?" she asked.

"I'm afraid so. And please, call me Wendy."

Fiona looked around the apartment. "It all seems like...a nightmare," she said quietly. "I remember doing all those crazy things, but it all made so much sense at the time, even kidnapping the plumber!"

Wendy chuckled. "We'll take care of him in a minute. I can edit his memories a bit, keep him from doing anything rash or foolish. After all, it doesn't seem fair, you getting in trouble over that. You weren't in control of your own mind at the time."

Fiona shuddered. "It was terrible. I'm just glad you found me and helped me. I'm just..." she smiled gratefully. "I'm just so glad to be in control of my own mind again."

Wendy nodded. "I understand." She sat down in the easy chair and lifted her skirt, revealing her naked pussy. "By the way, could you just nestle down between my legs and eat my cunt for a while? I always get a bit horny after using my abilities."

Fiona sighed happily. "With pleasure, Mistress!" she said, kneeling down and beginning to worship Wendy's divine body with her lips. It felt so good to be thinking clearly again.


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