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Slave Sexual Conditioning


The searing pain is the first thing I feel as I become aware of my surroundings. As I struggle to try to find the source of it and to make it stop I begin to realize that I am held down by straps on my ankles, wrists hips, neck, and head. I cannot move except to squirm in my bonds.

I try to look around, as I feel the pain ebb, but I realize that I must be blindfolded. I hear a soft, soothing woman's voice say "I'm sorry - we must have miscalculated your anesthesia." I try to respond, to plead for it to stop, but I feel my mouth filled with a cylindrical shape. I grunt, and the voice responds "I know, it must hurt terribly, but it's ok, I will give you more anesthetic before we start again. You were not supposed to wake yet."

I try again to speak, but with no more luck, and I feel a hand gently wipe my brow. "Shhh," says the woman's voice, "shhh, it will be over soon. You must be wondering what is happening to you. We need to map your pain pathways for the behavioral controller. You're being conditioned for your new life as a slave. Relax, do as you're told, and everything will be ok."

I'm shocked by her words as I start to become fully conscious through the drugged haze. "Slave?" I try to say, and she understands me because again she strokes my brow.

"Yes, what you can feel is your neural implant mapping your pain pathways. We're almost done, and when we have a full map your behavioral controller can be switched on. Don't worry - at that stage we can begin the fun part of your conditioning - we need to map your pleasure pathways as well."

I feel a prick in my arm, and my sensations fog again. I feel the pain begin to resume, but this time, while I can still feel it, it is strangely divorced from my body. I am aware that it hurts without really feeling the pain.

I must have lapsed into sleep because the next thing I am aware of is waking again. I can see this time, and I am lying on a soft white bed. My wrists and ankles are restrained, but I am not gagged, and my restraints are not tight. I try to sit up, but there is not enough play in the cuffs on my wrist and I fall back down onto the bed.

A young woman enters the room, and I notice that her thin shift barely conceals her breasts and shapely form. She smiles, and when she speaks I realize I recognize her voice from before.

"Good morning, I hope you feel rested after your ordeal?" She is slender, her blond curly hair tied loosely back off her neck.

"Where am I? Who are you? What are you doing to me?" I ask, frantically trying again to sit up and cover my naked body, which suddenly feels uncomfortably vulnerable.

"Shhhh," she says, "I'm Heidi - I'm here to help you." She approaches me, reaching out a hand to touch my forehead again.

I struggle to avoid her touch, and she smiles gently, pushing a button on the bed that I cannot see that has the effect of shortening the cables that tie my cuffs to unseen points, stretching out my arms and limiting my movements. "Relax," she says, "You have had a difficult ordeal, you must be confused and upset."

"Please tell me what is going on." I ask as she begins to gently stroke my chest with her hands.

"You're being conditioned - you're a slave of the Princess now. I know that must come as a shock to you, but the sooner you learn to relax and accept it, the happier you will be. I'm here to finish your conditioning. We're going to work together to make you the best slave you can be."

"NO!" I cry out - I'm not a slave - let me go - I'm not working with you on anything. Let me go!"

"Relax," she whispers, "you're going to be fine. You need to stop fighting and work with me. This is going to be fun - we're going to map your pleasure, frustration, and reward centers for your behavioral controller."

"What are you talking about? I'm not helping you in any way."

"Don't worry - we all have them. Your behavioral controller is a computer that has been surgically implanted in the base of your brain. It interfaces with your spinal cord to stimulate the nerves that lead to your brain. It means that we can make you feel whatever we want you to feel. In practical terms that means we have complete control over your behavior."

"That's a lie!" I cry - "You're not controlling me. Let me go!"

"Let me show you," she said, and walks over to a computer console in one corner that I had not noticed before, entering some commands and studying readings. "I'm going to release you, but you're just going to lie still for the moment - don't try to move - is that ok?"

I nod. I realize that if she releases me I can easily overpower her. She approaches me, pressing a hidden button near the bed and I feel the cuffs on my wrists and ankles fall away. I decide to take my chance, and push myself up, launching myself towards her, reaching for her neck, but before I manage to even reach a sitting position, I feel a searing pain throughout my body, as though every part of me is on fire, and being stabbed with a thousand needles. I drop back onto the bed, screaming, as the pain is gone, as suddenly as it began.

As I recover my breath I head myself ask in a shaky voice "w-w-w what was that?"

"I'm sorry," she says, "I wish that demonstration had not been necessary, but now you can see that your cuffs are not needed any more - your behavioral controller won't let you disobey or harm me. Are you ready to work with me now?" she asks?

I try to assess my options, and for a couple of minutes I just lay there trying to regain my strength and think of a plan, and then I notice something strange happening to me - I'm beginning to feel uncomfortable. Not pain, but a feeling of malaise, or discomfort.

She smiles at me gently and says "I know what you're feeling, but you can make it go away whenever you want - just tell me what you need to tell me."

"I. I - I don't want to be a slave." I manage to stammer out. She looks at me with a look that seems like pity, and sadness, as I feel a wave of nausea rush over me. I start to feel myself dry wrenching, as my stomach contracts in a painful spasm.

"Relax," she says again, "try to think about what you really want. The pain and discomfort will stop when you relax into your role and embrace what you need to do."

"Please," I stammer, "Please, I want it to stop - please stop it."

She nods and says "I know, I want it to stop too - you just need to tell me what I need to hear. Tell me that you're ready to work together on your conditioning."

"I-I'm ready," I manage to get out between wrenching cramps, and suddenly, the pain and nausea is gone.

"You see, that wasn't so hard, was it?" she smiles, and brushes my cheek with her hand.

"I-I don't understand, please, I want this to stop."

"I know," she says, "this is the hardest stage. It took me a long time to accept it too. The problem is that your mind has not really accepted the behavioral controller yet, so you're working against it, and that will cause you pain. Once you are conditioned, you will be able to accept the pleasure that it can give and cooperate with it. It's the most wonderful feeling in the world to be working in harmony with your controller."

"No," I say - "you don't understand - you have the wrong person, I'm not a slave, I just want you to let me go, I promise, I won't make trouble. Is it money you want? I can pay you? I'll do anything."

"It's ok," she soothes, "I know you'll do anything, you belong to the Princess now. Just try to relax, everything will make sense soon."

"What if I don't do what you want?" I ask.

"You'll do what the Princess wants, that's not a question, the question is whether you need pain to help you do it, or if you will embrace pleasure. You need to decide what works best for you."

"I, I don't understand." I stammer.

"No, I know you don't, but it will all become clear to you in time. You've been through a lot the last few days. It took longer than usual to map your pain pathways, but now that that is done there is no way for you to resist any more. We have a direct link into your brain, and I can make you feel anything you need to make you obey. Over time your brain will seek to minimize pain, and you'll find yourself obeying instructions instinctively. You will no more be able to disobey than you can hold your hand in a fire. Your neural pathways are already realigning to resist discomfort and pain. Your reflexes will align to the Princess's will. Of course, that's the worst case for you - if you don't cooperate."

"What's the best case?" I ask, nervously.

"Well, pain is a clumsy motivator, and an ugly one. It is reliable, but it need to be applied constantly to ensure obedience. Much better is to condition a slave to willing service using pleasure, anticipation and frustration. Those pathways are much more subtle, but in the long term they are more reliable, longer lasting and much more enjoyable. Believe it or not the Princess wants the most happiness for her subjects."

"So you're going to remove my will, so that I want to obey like some kind of machine?"

"No, not at all, you will stay 'you', you will be able to make decisions, but, well, how to explain it? Do you think that the fact that you eat breakfast every morning because your body tells you it is hungry means you have no free will? You will crave service to the Princess just as you crave food, air, sex, you name it. How you respond to that craving will always be up to you. Free will is about how we respond to our surroundings, not about the surroundings. You are free, even though gravity holds you to the earth. You can choose to jump up, but you can't stop falling down."

"Who is this Princess?" I ask.

"Oh, don't worry about that right now, you may never even meet her, not many male slaves make the grade. Most are used for manual labor, gardening, cooks, maintenance, driving, portage - you know. Only the most skilled and best conditioned are used in the areas of the palace where they might meet the Princess."

"So I'm going to be a slave, working digging holes or something?"

"Don't worry about that - all you need to know is that the Princess will use you in the way that gives her the most pleasure. Actually, she will give you the most pleasure you can accept too. You will love your new role as much as you let yourself. I know you don't understand yet, I didn't either when I first arrived. I spent months trying to resist and subvert my behavioral controller until I finally fully accepted it. What you will find is that the act of resisting is paradoxical. On the one hand it can feel like you are holding out, beating the conditioning, but in fact what is happening is that the controller is mapping your resistance pathways, and once they are mapped it can associate them with discomfort. It will start to feel un-natural and wrong to resist. So really, it doesn't matter much in the long run whether you resist or not - the outcome will be the same, what will be different is how much pain or pleasure you give yourself in the process."

"Doesn't it bother you - to know that you didn't want this until you were conditioned to?"

"If I really thought about it I suppose it might, but really John, we need to get moving on your conditioning - everything will become clear once you let go and relax. I'm going to put your cuffs back on, just because I don't want you to touch yourself or me, I just want you to relax and accept pleasure, and you're going to want to use your hands. I don't want to use the controller because I don't want to cause you pain, OK?"

"No - please, don't cuff me again, I promise I will do what you ask."

"John, the first lesson is immediate obedience to any command - I'll ask you again - put your hands in the cuffs now - no arguments!" She smiles as she says it, but for a few seconds I try not to move my hands, but they suddenly feel very uncomfortable. I shift my body to try to make them more comfortable, and move them to a less cramped position. Before I even realize what I have done Heidi has snapped the cuffs on my wrists and I realize that I have been holding out my hands to her.

"Thank you!" She chirps cheerfully.

"What? What happened? I didn't mean to do that."

"I know John, but you found it uncomfortable not to obey me didn't you? Do you feel better now?"

"Yes, the cuffs feel very comfortable. I don't know why I didn't want them on. Wait, that's not what I think - I don't want to be cuffed - Heidi help me!"

"John - it's ok to be confused - you're starting to cooperate with your controller, and that's good, but you're going to be a little conflicted still because parts of your brain are still trying to resist. Now, let's tighten up these cuffs and get going!" She presses a button out of my sight and the restraints tighten, pulling me back onto the soft bedding, and I find my arms outstretched at my side. "I'm going to cuff your ankles too John - please don't resist - I don't want to punish you." She smiles as she reaches down and clips my ankles into the soft cuffs - I don't resist - I'm too dumb-struck by the experience to do anything.

When they are tightened, she shrugs off her shift, and I see that she is completely naked. Her shapely body is toned and her breasts sit perkily on her chest. Her pubic hair is blonde, and, while it seems to be neatly trimmed, is bushy and full. I can't help but feel my penis swell at the sight, and I blush. She looks down at my proud penis, smiles coyly, and looks me in the eye - "Well John, it looks like you are starting to relax. Just enjoy yourself and don't think too much - try to obey quickly and without thinking too much."

I nod, and she approaches me, straddling my body and beginning to rub my chest with her hands. I am painfully aware of her pussy resting on my abdomen, as my cock rubs the back of her ass from time to time as she rubs me. "Oh," I groan, "that feels so good!"

"I know John, that's my job, to make you feel good."

"Thank you Heidi," I stammer. "Oh, John, don't misunderstand me - I'm not doing this for you, it's what the Princess wants. She wants you to feel as much pleasure as you possibly can." It suddenly comes rushing back to me what is happening, and I struggle momentarily as this beautiful woman begins to grind her pussy on my abdomen, gently stroking my cock with her ass cheeks, and rubbing my chest as she gazes into my eyes - I can feel the controller in the back of my neck, the gentle warmth of it as it tendrils seem to extend into my body.

"No!" I shout - "please! Stop I can feel what they are doing, I can feel the controller! It feels like it's going deep inside me every time you touch me - help me Heidi! Please! Stop!"

She smiles, and stops rubbing my chest, leaning slowly back and reaching behind her, her hands brushing gently against the inside of my thighs as she cups my tight scrotum in one hand and slowly envelops my engorged cock. The feeling shocks me it is so intense. Her soft hand begins to slowly pump my penis up and down, while her other hand grazes and brushes my inner thighs and testicles, and her body shifts slightly bringing her pussy closer to my face. I can see her arousal in her engorged vaginal lips, and her moistened clitoris standing to attention amid the folds of her vulva. I smell the gentle and musky scent of her juices, and I am lost in the sensual assault on my body. "What did you say, John?" she asks, huskily, as her body rocks gently back and forth, bringing her pussy closer to my face with every slow sway.

"P-p-please, Heidi, I-I-I can't help myself, I can't control my body - I-I"

"You what, John? Please, say it -" she asks, breathing heavily as she brings her pussy so close to my mouth that I could touch it if I let my tongue do what it yens to do.

"Please, Heidi, Please!" Her hand slows its beautiful ministrations on my cock, and her pussy quivers and seems to spread with even greater engorgement.

"Please what, John? What would you like?"

"I-I can't Heidi - I can't let myself give in - I can feel the controller Heidi - it's penetrating every part of me - please, help me - Heidi help me!" Even as I hear myself say the words my hips buck upwards, seeking the smooth pleasure of her hands on my cock, and my mouth reaches forward at the same time as her pelvis urges towards my face, her swollen vulva engulfing my mouth as my tongue urgently probes her and tastes the sweet flavors of her wet cunt. She slowly resumes the stroking of my penis, although now her hand has slid further to the base of my shaft, and the sensation makes me grunt a plea for more into her grinding pussy.

She slows again, and I gasp for air as she pulls her pussy from my face, my panting furious now, and she cocks her head, asking with a coy smile "Was there something to you wanted to ask for, John?"

"Please Heidi, please, help me!" I beg, my mind now swimming with the pleasure and need, the last fight in me disappearing.

"I do need you to ask for it John. It's ok you know, just relax and let yourself go. Everything will be all right."

"Please let me cum Heidi - please, please, please let me cum - I so need it!" I break down, begging her to give me the release I need.

"John, I'm sorry, perhaps I didn't hear you right - I am only allowed to let you cum if you are making progress towards our goal - if you are wanting to be a slave of the Princess - is that what you want, John?"

"Heidi, please, I'll do anything, anything - please, please let me cum - I so need you!" I feel her hand grip my penis again and gently slide up its length, making my whole body shake with need.

"John, did you say you wanted to be the slave of the Princess?"

"Yes, yes, oh please yes, I want to be her slave - please, anything, please" I hear myself shout, as the final resistance evaporates from my mind. I feel an almost physically a wave break over me in my head as the tendrils of the controller rush into the last hold-outs of my brain, tapping the signals, mapping the paths, identifying the thoughts and sensations as it lays me bare to its cold relentless logic.

"Thank you John, thank you," she says, shifting her body again and, keeping one hand cupping my testicles, lowers her pussy until it the tip of my penis rests amongst the folds of her vulva, at the opening of her vagina. I feel the gentle resistance as she presses harder, and the exquisite sensation as the head of my penis is enveloped by her beautifully tight pussy. I've never felt anything like it as she lowers her torso onto mine and her breasts push urgently against my chest, her mouth kissing mine deeply and passionately.

I am aware of each contour and ridge in her vagina as she slowly and rhythmically begins to fuck me in earnest - milking my cock with her pussy as her hand gently teases my balls. She kisses me deeply, and rubs her tits against my chest as her other hand strokes me cheek.

"It's OK, John, you can cum now, she whispers in my ear, and I feel the damn of tension that has been building burst in spasming waves of intense pleasure as I cum inside her and she bucks harder in response, pushing her pubic mound into me and arching her back as she groans and grinds her clitoris into my groin.

As the need subsides we both relax, covered in a sheen of sweat and drained from the exertion. She rolls over, and releases my bonds as she lightly kisses my lips and runs her hands over my body. I am stunned by the incredible feelings, I try to gather my thoughts and to understand what happened to me. Heidi trips off the bed and over to the computer console and begins to type something while she looks at numbers and charts that I cannot read from here. The realization of what has just happened suddenly rushes over me, and I feel a combination of defeat, shame and disbelief.

"What - what happened?" I ask, "I don't understand any of this".

She looks over at me "You did well, John," she says - your readings are all within normal ranges, many of them in the top percentiles - I think you're going to do very well! Do you feel any different?" she asks, grinning at me.

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