tagLoving WivesMine Series: She is Not Yours, She is Mine

Mine Series: She is Not Yours, She is Mine


(Part 2 of the "Mine" Series)

This is a sequel to He Was Mine First; it is highly recommended you read that story before proceeding with this one. Thank you for reading!

Sean couldn't help but grin as he drove home from the bar. He knew what he did was wrong and there was a piece of him that was extremely regretful for betraying his wife but in front of that voice was another voice that was shouting "I FUCKED MARY! I FINALLY FUCKED MARY!" which made the regret he had seem insignificant.

Although Sean had known Mary since the fourth grade, which was pretty much his whole life. In all that time he had always had the strongest feelings for her. Those feelings went unresolved for years as they fell into a friendship. It wasn't that Mary didn't know how he felt; she just loved all attention he gave her way too much to ever give in. She was always a good friend to Sean, whether it was spending quality time together going to basketball games or consoling him when he needed someone to talk to. It was only when it came to his feelings for her that the harshness came out. Mary was sure to never say no to Sean, she always gave him hope a little tease here, a little hint there.

The fact that he was never denied kept him hooked on her. Always hopeful that she shared his interest he would treat her like a goddess who always remained just out of reach. She never would let him take her on dance or a date always pretending like there was someone else who asked her first or that she was seeing someone else. It was all a game to her and Sean knew it but he couldn't help himself, he had her up on a pedestal and not even he could knock her down.

Eventually they both went to college and despite the distance his desire never diminished. College did however provide a plethora of distractions that he could invest himself in without thinking of her. He got involved in college sports and some student government opportunities, he even joined a fraternity. Sean was rather proud of how much he was able to accomplish without her at his side. He would get calls from her teasing him about what guy she was with now, but never alluding to the sexual details he was dying to hear. He could tell that she was opening up sexually becoming less conservative then she was in high school but he knew she wasn't his to have and would just try to be a good friend.

Try as he may he was never able to find another girl he could get as interested in. Usually after a date or two he gave up on them not getting the same thrill he got out of going for a cup of coffee with Mary. Mary was pretty luxurious her deep green eyes and long brown hair being accented by her dark complexion. She had an athletic build that gave her tight body a tone to her muscles and left plenty of curves to her compact little frame. She had a pair of sexy breasts that were each more than a handful and a tight bubble butt that just beckoned you to grab it. It was hard to find someone to compare to such a goddess.

That was until Sean met Heather. He met Heather a couple years after he graduated college when attending a corporate holiday function. Heather was everything Mary was not and Sean fell for her instantly. She was caring and compassionate but had a fiery spunk to back it all up when she needed to. It was that reckless regard for him that he loved about her, she would do anything for him and he would do the same for her.

It was obvious when they met that the two would never get along. Heather knew about the history between Sean and Mary and it drove her nuts that anyone would treat him that way. It was even worse that he still considered her one of his closest friends and even still had that puppy love for her. When Heather first met Mary she tried to bully her away with possessive looks that would scare most women away in a heartbeat. Of course that wouldn't work on Heather and her and the spunky fight in her came out. Before Mary knew it Heather and Sean were married and she had lost her chance to claim her obsessive admirer.

That was, at least until last night. Mary had been in town visiting her family and asked Sean to come out and meet her for a beer. Little did he know that she had planned to seduce him and when he showed up and saw her wearing a stunning short cocktail dress it was only a matter of time until he succumbed to her advances.

The night escalated and before he knew it Sean was with Mary at the park on a blanket she had packed in her car for the occasion. After an intense sex session involving Stan cumming in her pussy both the married lovers went back to their cars and went home to their spouses with promises to repeat such a rewarding experience. Sean was always a faithful and good husband, but he could not deny Mary. Even Heather knew that.

As Sean walked into the house at about 2:00 AM he did not expect to see his wife awake. He also did not expect her to be waiting for him in sexy bridal lingerie that put what she wore their wedding night to shame.

It consisted of two white stockings that stopped a couple inches past the knee. A garter ran down the stocking connecting it to a sexy Garter belt that barely covered her hips and a pussy that was begging to be filled with cock.

The top of the set was a thin piece of cloth that had a strap running around the back of her neck to keep it in place while the thin piece of white cloth barely covered her big hard nipples and connected in the back. Sean instantly got hard. Everything about the outfit said "I want to fuck." Sexuality in its raw form, there were no questions, just pure and simple sex.

The adulterous husband suddenly realized that despite how sexy his wife looked he had just dipped his cock in another women's pussy not more than a half hour before which was sure to cause him trouble. He had to find some way to get out of this.

"There is my sexy man!" his wife said as she swayed her hips in a lewd and seductive movement with each step.

Damn was she sexy. Her long hair was a brownish auburn color and was cut in that way so that her bangs came down slightly covering one eye when she let it and working its way down past her cheek. There was something so sensual about the way it hid part of her face and the corner of her mouth. Her lips were nice and plump with a slight dip in the middle and her brown eyes just seemed to always be intently focused on him.

Her body was more voluptuous then Mary's, but she still had a nice healthy figure. Her tits were out of this world and were just about ready to pop out of the top she was wearing. As 38DDs Sean knew from personal experience just how hard it was for her to find a brassier that could contain those massive melons. More than once he had joked about her just letting them go free for the entire world to enjoy, that was almost what she was doing right now they were just begging to be fondled, nibbled and sucked.

As his eyes wondered his way back down her body he found himself thinking about his favorite part of his wife, that nice plump ass of hers which she always loved to have grabbed and spanked when he fucked her. He knew he would have to get a glimpse of it before the night was through.

While he had been caught up in taking in her beauty his wife had made it inches from his face and started working kisses along his neck and chest which made him shiver in pleasure as he felt his cock stir from her aggression.

"Did you have fun tonight baby?" she asked him as she teased him with her lips and tongue.

"Y... yes." He stuttered out suddenly losing his composure with her onslaught. Collecting himself for a brief moment he tried to reason out what was happening.

"To what do I owe this treat honey?"

"Oh you know, sometimes I like to remind my husband what he has..." she said as she reached down over his pants and felt his throbbing cock. She slowly teased it with her fingers up and down before she grabbed it through his pants and started to stroke his hard member."... Make sure he remembers just exactly what I can give him." she started to kiss him deeply as she stroked him.

Sean let a moan loose in her mouth as he started to lose control. It was then she worked her lips up to his ear and whispered words that he never expected to hear.

"So how was she? You know... I can smell her on you... I can taste her on your lips." She never stopped stroking him as she called him out on the gruesome deed he had done. "I knew she wanted you, I knew she had to have you." she unbuttoned his pants. "Baby you know I trust you, but I knew I couldn't trust her..." she pulled down his clothing in one swift motion never moving her lips from his ear."So I followed you tonight... I waited outside of the bar and when I saw you leave I followed the car... I saw her put that filthy mouth of hers on your cock. Don't worry baby, I know you had no chance against her, that's why I took matters into my own hands." She cupped his balls and squeezed hard really hard making him squirm from the pain.

"Don't get me wrong, this isn't a freebie you are going to have to be punished for what you did, but first I need to take care of her, teach that slut a lesson for treating you the way she does."

She let go of his balls and he let out a gasp of air. Sean couldn't believe it. He had never seen his wife act this way before, so jealous, and then have such and air of vengeance about her. It scared the shit out of him, but mostly it turned him on like he never had been before. This woman, his wife, was getting this possessive over him. The feeling of being wanted made him incredibly happy, but the power, the power in her voice made him incredibly hard.

The vengeful woman got down on her knees in front of him. She has stopped whispering as she looked up at him with a look that was as cold as it was hot. A wicked smile touched the corner of her mouth as a look bored through him.

"But the question still remains, did you FUCK HER?" as she said it before her husband could even answer she swallowed his cock.

It was the same cock he had fucked Mary with moments before. The one she came on as he filled her up in their adulterous love affair. All of those juices that had dried on his cock were now in his loving wife's mouth. There was no question now, his wife would know, his wife would know his cock taste like Mary.

"Well I am seeing why you are so infatuated with her, she taste exquisite. I bet you ate her pussy too didn't you." she was jerking him off fast and hard and licking his cock as she said it. "You have been a bad, bad husband haven't you baby? I am going to have to remind you just what a good wife I am, and when I'm done sucking this big thick cock of yours that I love so much I am going to tell you EXACTLY how I'm going to pay that little slut of yours back. Oh, don't worry I'm going to keep you VERY, VERY involved! And if you truly love me you are going to show me your devotion by doing everything I say, right Baby?"

As she used her pet name for him why talking about such illicit events it almost made it that much more profane. He was suddenly realizing however that he was one sick fuck, the more fucked up the situation got the more turned on he was getting.

His wife that he loved and cherished was just about to suck his lover's pussy juices off of his cock. After which she was going force him to give Mary some sort of payback. He knew he still had strong feelings for Mary, but it had been mostly a desire to fuck her. Now his wife was sitting in front of him about to do the kinkiest thing he ever experienced, Sean knew he was onboard for what ever she wanted. Not only did he love her with his heart and soul, she managed to be everything he needed her to be exactly when he needed it.

"I will do anything for you honey, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry for what I did!" He could feel his emotions starting to overcome him when suddenly he felt an intense pain in his balls when she squeezed him again.

"No. No, you don't get to do any of that sappy pity bullshit. You always wanted her and she played you like a fucking toy tonight. I can't say I'm happy about it, but I knew it would happen. So don't be fucking sorry, because I know you aren't I know how long you had wanted her. What you should be is fucking vengeful, be mad for all the shit she has put you through for her benefit, INCLUDING risking YOUR marriage! Now stop fucking crying and give me your fucking cum!"

As she said it she let go of his balls and started to suck his cock like a whore gone rabid. She jerked him off with one hand while she started to fondle his balls with her free hand gently massaging them and working the tender spot underneath. This was his sweet spot and always sent a shiver up his spine when she went even close to it. Now she was going at it full tilt working it with her hand as she worked the cum out of his balls. Then with her other hand she continued to jerk him off hard and fast and stated to match the strokes on his cock with her mouth licking and nibbling her way up and down it at first and then taking it in her mouth in brisk quick motions fucking his cock with her face.

This wasn't a pleasant loving blowjob, or even a lustful cock sucking, this was an anger blow. Every piece of frustration for what had happened came out with every stroke hard and fast all love and gentleness was gone it was purely anger working through his cock with everything she had. Everything she did let out a little more of her frustration, but it wasn't until the very end that Sean realized exactly how rough she was taking him. His wife did something she had never done before.

When he least expected it Heather took her middle finger and shoved it up his ass, no warning no lube just a brutal finger fuck right up the asshole. It totally took him by surprise, but at the same time he was too far gone to care.

Shrieking mostly from the pain in his ass and then by the overwhelming arousal of his orgasm as she worked her finger into his ass and worked the pleasure out of him. Sean let out a cry ash he came filling up his wife's mouth. When he felt her finger leave his asshole to jerk off his cock he finally realized for the first time his wife had swallowed all of his cum. Something she had never done before in the entire time they had been together, his wife was absolutely consumed by and anger filled lust doing kinky things he never thought she was capable of doing. Yesterday he would have been certain she would never touch his asshole let alone rape it with her finger while swallowing all of his cum. He had let out his wife's inner freak and she was going to make him regret ever crossing that line.

"Now..." She said. "Sit down on the couch so I can tell you exactly what were going to do with this slutty little girlfriend of yours. First we need to get one thing straight... She is NOT yours, SHE IS MINE."

To be continued in the next installment part 3 You Are Mine.

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