tagBDSMShe Is Tormented Ch. 01

She Is Tormented Ch. 01


Julia sat back heavily at her desk, her mind unable to wrap itself around what she saw. Her normal mail stack had contained a heavy manila envelope, when she curiously open the package, a short note and a compact video viewing device had fallen onto her desk. The note was written in an untidy scrawl and the message was short and to the point. Log on, wait, I will contact. The movie playing on the tiny screen was not nearly so simple. Julia, though she always worked hard at presenting the best possible front, had a dirty little side. Last Halloween it had kind of gotten the better of her, Julia's slinky white satin angel's costume hadn't remained on much past shot number six or so. To Julia's private whorish delight, and public horror and humiliation there had been quite a few people at the party and photographic evidence showed she had been their plaything.

The first few minutes of the video showed Julia in the sexy steps of a strip tease, her outfit was gone quickly and the stranger, whom she was pleasuring, looked enthralled. While she turned around and lewdly presented her shaved snatch to him her perky breasts were fondled by a close stander by. Julia's long red hair was loose and draping seductively across his chest, then legs as she turned back to face him mouthing his erect cock through his jeans. The man ran one of his hands up the curve her ass the other one reaching out to tweak an erect nipple while Julia swayed and gyrated to the music playing the background. A crowd had gathered around the spectacle and you could see some of the guys palming their erections while the girls were staring in mingled arousal and disgust.

Watching the video was strange for Julia, she had never really been video taped as an adult, and while she remembered most of what happened that night, their was something particularly dirty about seeing herself behave like a wanton whore. Even though it was 1 o'clock in the afternoon and she was surrounded by other people in cubicles, Julia couldn't turn away, she couldn't turn it off and she certainly couldn't help the wetness her arousal was causing in her cotton panties.

On the small screen Julia had ended up on her knees in front of the man, his large hands easily held her head as he guided her rhythm. Julia was working on getting his cock free from his pants when another gentleman came up from behind her and began to play with her breasts. Julia's mouth and tongue were barely able to wet the first cock before she was hauled roughly to her feet and mounted on him. The man behind her who had been playing with her tits grabbed her hair and shoved his dick in her mouth while she began to ride the man underneath her.

At this point all the guys with girlfriends had left the room and their was still quite a crowd of people staring and waiting their turn. The man she was orally pleasuring was speaking to her, on the tape you couldn't make it out but Julia knew he was telling her "she had better make sure it was nice and wet, because it was about to get shoved in her ass". A few moments later he pulled his cock from her hungry suckling, planted a firm hand against her back and shoved her forward. Taking his place behind her, Julia could see herself squirm and cry out when his blunt head pierced her hole double stuffing her completely.

"Is there something wrong, Julia?" Panic tightened metal bars across her chest, constricting her breathing. Julia felt a guilty flush begin to work it way up from her breast. Thankfully, ever one to think quickly on her feet, she stammered only a second before responding to her floor head.

"No, I am sorry sir I just realized I had double scheduled some meetings here while I was reworking my calendar."

"Ah, I see," Mr. Darryl was a solid gentleman in his late thirties, crisp and clean cut proper appearance and carriage were of utmost importance to him. "well on another matter, before you leave for the day I would like to see you in my office it concerns your annual evaluation."

"Yes, of course Sir" After he had left her cubicle Julia let her panic and fear consume her, was it Mr. Darryl? Was it even someone at work? Julia picked up the discarded envelope searching for any clues to the videographers identity. The envelope had nothing on it but her name and floor, but that meant it was and interoffice communication. If this tape got out she was ruined, she wondered, frightened who else had seen her scandal. The note, what had the note said? Julia searched the top of her desk quickly, panicking when she couldn't find it. Sliding out of her seat and onto her hands and knees she located it under the edge of her desk. A short whistle sounded, startling Julia into hitting her head on her desk. Attempting to back out, stand-up and then sit down at her desk again gracefully was hard ,but Julia managed with aplomb, her business tight black a-line riding up only slightly in the whole process. Leaning on his elbow at the edge of her cubicle was Michael, the office flirt.

"I don't have time right now Mike I'm very busy, my evaluation is later and I need this promotion" Julia smiled trying to blunt the edge to her words, she pretty much automatically ruled out Mike as the person who had sent her the video, he definitely would have personally delivered it and already be fucking her if he had any idea about her little sexcapade.

Mike shrugged and held out his hands as if to say who can blame me, before striding off to his own desk. Julia looked down at the crumpled piece of paper in her hand.

Log on, wait, I will contact

Log on, must mean the company network, Julia turned to the humming machine on her desk and quickly tapped in her password. A flashing icon indicated she had a message, it didn't have a sender tag or a subject. Julia felt her stomach tighten, out of the corner of her eye she could still see the small film playing, from where it was hiding, out of sight of the hall. She double clicked the message.

Hmm, little whore got caught, I can imagine you don't really want anyone to see that. Well I'm not adverse to having you play a little game with me in return for my silence. It is of course all up to you, you could end this at anytime, but trust me in this everyone you know and a lot of people you don't will become intimately acquainted with your amateur attempt at porn.

You will receive a few more packages, and I expect you to follow my instructions implicitly, I can see you and know when you are behaving and when your not. I watched you get all wet and horny, rubbing your thighs together, while you saw yourself whoring for those strangers.

In growing horror Julia looked up from her screen quickly trying to see if anyone was paying close attention to her, she was however unable to stop another wave of pleasure that ground her hips into her chair.

As I said before, as long as you do exactly as I say, no one has to know of this. By the way I hope you fair well on your evaluation today, it would be a shame if you didn't make your promotion, better be a good girl now, put your little show away and get back to work.

A concerned party

Julia felt like she was going to throw up, she rose unsteadily, at least having the presence of mind to switch off her monitor and grab the video player but hurrying to the rest room. Once there Julia felt a little safer, she looked at herself in the mirror trying to collect her thoughts. She was definitely what you could consider pretty, wide green eyes with long bedroom lashes drew your attention, her skin was a warm creamy color, right now an attractive flush pinkened her cheeks and her vivid red hair was in slight disarray, giving it a tousled look. Julia drew in a couple of unsteady breathes, calming herself.

"It's alright, we can get through this" Julia tugged her jacket tighter "What is the worst he could want? Sex,? I can handle that, and then once I get this cleared up I'll have this promotion and things will be looking up." Nodding in a false sense of control Julia washed her hands and returned to her desk.

Another package waited her, and when she turned on her screen her heart thundered in her chest when she saw yet another message as well. Deciding to get the worst over with first, she sat down to open the bulky envelope on her desk. The contents of this package she didn't dump out all over her desk, instead she peered inside cautiously. Her insides tightened and throbbed when she saw the tawdry pink package, complete with a moaning Japanese girl being pleasured on the front. She couldn't read the Japanese print on it but the front of the package had some English down in the corner which stated it was a multi-g-spot stimulator. Julia could see it had already been opened and something removed from inside. she double clicked the flashing envelope on her desktop, being unable to find a note inside.

My second toy has arrived for you I see, but let me make one thing perfectly clear for you slut, I mentioned earlier you were to do exactly as I tell you. I mean that exactly, nothing more nothing less. I do not recall giving you permission to leave your desk. I will forgive this first and only trespass on your part because I was perhaps not clear enough. Now I was going to allow you to leave your desk to get the toy in place, however since you have tried my patience and you always wear those delightful skirts to work anyway, I believe you shall put the toy in at your desk, for my added viewing pleasure of course.

Strictly Yours

Julia glanced around nervously again, almost expecting her tormentor to leap out and tackle her, No she told herself, let's be honest here, you might want him to turn the corner and jump your bones, but you know he won't. Julia turned the envelope over in her lap letting the heavy white toy fall, she opened the package under the edge of her desk and inconspicuously inspected the pleasure device. The base of it was covered in bumps for stimulation, it had an exotic curved artistic look about it's white form. The center piece was the part that went inside, it was ballooned out at the end and not very long. Julia could tell from it's size that when the vibrating part was inside her that her clitoris and her ass would be stimulated by the curved, nubbly ends.

Julia leaned back and spread her legs in her seat. Thankfully, as HE had mentioned she usually wore skirts paired with stockings and garters to work, these made inserting the toy fairly simple. Julia arched her back a little bringing her hips off her seat, the cold hard plastic of vibrators always made her shiver, but you couldn't beat getting ravished with something that unyielding and unforgiving. Once the vibrator was all the way in place, Julia slid her panties back over it and wiggled her ass until it was lodged in a comfortable position. Noting that her Tormentor hadn't said anything about turning it on so Julia waited with her hands folded primly in her lap, she glanced at the clock on her screen it said 3:30 pm.

Having gotten bored of waiting after about 15 minutes, Julia decided she would have to try and work, just feeling the vibrator inside her waiting for it to do anything, ( something please!?) was completely distracting however. When she finally managed to get past it and start accomplishing something, another message arrived.

I expect that wonderfully satisfying movie to be playing where you can see it. I didn't send it to you for my own enjoyment Jules, trust me I have various copies. I would however like you to view your performance, I think maybe the situation could have been handled easier. If you wanted to play the slut all you had to do was come talk to me.

Your final package will be arriving at your desk at 4:45, at 4:30 you are to go and discuss your evaluation. When you are through return to your desk and DO NOT open the package until you get home. There will be instructions inside as how to proceed.

Once you arrive at your house I expect you to log onto your at home network so I can communicate my remaining desires to you.


Julia fished around in her purse and placed the video player back on her desk. Her naked and sweating form was once again displayed in high-clarity color. The two guys that started the gang-bang had finished blowing their loads on her and were passing her mouth back and forth between them while two more guys took up position underneath her. Julia's arms were soon stretched out and hard cocks were placed in her hands.

Sitting at her desk watching herself have all of her holes filled and then some, Julia remembered the suffocating sex of that night, the desire had consumed her and she had been helpless to do anything but take her pleasure. Her pussy started to drip and wetten around the toy inside her. Julia yelped and jumped, drawing unwanted attention to herself, when the vibrator turned on in her cunny. It was on slow, a teasing almost tantalizing speed which didn't do much more that make her even hotter. Almost as soon as it started it was switched off again.

Julia tried to work, really she did, but between watching herself get pounded by hard cock after hard cock and the intermittent tantalizing vibration of the toy, when 4:30 rolled around she couldn't decide if she was about to cum or scream in frustration.

Thankful of the upcoming break in her torture (surely he would leave her alone during her evaluation, right?) Julia practically leapt out of her chair. When she entered Mr. Darryl's office, everything was quiet, he looked up and regarded her from across his massive cherry-wood desk.

"Ms. Gier, I was wondering when you would be stopping through, have a seat."

As soon as her ass cheeks touched the chair the vibrator began it's work again, this time it was quite a bit faster. Already on the brink of having a mind-blowing orgasm, all of Julia's concentration was held by the quiet, exquisite teasing going on in her panties. She certainly hoped she nodded in all the right places, because she heard very little of what was said. The speed on the vibrator increased, the clitoral stimulators were driving her to distraction, let alone the buzzing against her rectum. Julia's face started to flush while her pleasure slowly mounted.

Mr. Darryl himself was starting to sweat watching beautiful Julia's eyes glaze over and her skin pinken slightly. He stammered out an observation and carefully adjusted himself behind his desk.

Julia could barely contain herself, the torturous device again increased in speed and pressure, she ground her pelvis against the chair she was sitting in. Mr. Darryl caught the wanton move and had to loosen his necktie considerably.

"Ms. Gier, I think perhaps, we can discuss this further if you stand and come around my desk."

Julia's attention was drawn back to the room she was in, unaware he had noticed her growing arousal, she absently stood and circled around behind his desk. Mr. Darryl swiveled his chair around as she approached, once she reached his side he pulled the astounded girl into his lap. Instantly he felt the vibrator against his hard cock.

"I wondered what had you so hot and bothered, you're quite a dirty little girl." His hands held her hips flush with his. As he lewdly ground into her backside one of his hands captured her breast roughly. Groped, exhausted and pushed beyond any arousal she had known before, Julia submitted to the groping and molesting without complaint. Helpless to stem the sensation of feelings she submitted to him, the floor director grabbed her by the back of the neck and pushed her on to the top of his desk. The pens and collection of items that strewn across the cherry-wood were poking and pinching Julia's aroused, sensitive skin. Edgar Darryl's hands pushed up the squirming red heads tight nylon skirt, exposing the tops of her stockings as well as her tiny black satin thong. Peeking out around the edges he could see the white plastic of the sex toy inside her.

"Why what an ingenious little device you have there Julia. Unfortunately it is in my way and we can't have that, now can we my dear." Just as Edgar was about to remove the offending pleasure cultivator, his secretary's voice came over the intercom.

"Sir I know you requested not to be disturbed during the evaluation, but it's the Vice Chairman is on line 1 and he says it's urgent."

Mr. Darryl swore softly and, while keeping her in place with one hand, pushed the button saying, "Of course I'll take it, put him through" He reached out and picked up the receiver.

Julia was held firmly her legs swaying above the floor, Mr. Darryl voice registered concern as he replied.

"Certainly I have time to speak with you Sir," Then,

"No I can come up right now"

"Yes Sir, see you shortly"

To the heavily breathing woman about to cum on his desk, from the incessant vibrating against al three of her pleasure centers, he said.

"Some thing has far more important than your tight hole has come up, but we will finish this discussion on Monday, you have my word" To emphasize his statement he delivered a sharp slap to her ass. Sighing in disappointment he gave another stinging smack before straightening his clothes and striding from the room.

Julia stood and straightened her own skirt, her pussy was aching and throbbing try to milk the torturous device inside her, God how she wanted to cum. Looking up at the clock she rushed from the room to intercept the package waiting on her desk before one of her nosy co-workers "accidentally" got to it first.

As she rounded the corner she was confronted by Mike once again, he looked her up and down before settling his eyes on her exposed cleavage.

"Come on now Jules" he said with a smirk, Julia's breathing quickened and her head began to spin Had it been Mike, was she wrong?? Mike was continuing to speak. "Why don't we get a drink after work and do a little catching up"

Regardless of whether or not it was Mike, HE sad said she was to follow instruction completely. So she said, "Not tonight Mike, maybe some other time, I have to do a lot of catch-up work on this client I was given today."

"To bad, but I'm going to have to take you up on that rain check, later Julia"

"Sure Mike" she replied and brushed past him over to her cubicle. Sitting on her desk was a brown paper package it wasn't to big, she picked it up and shook it experimentally. Several things rattled around inside, Julia gathered up the package and a few files she needed to go over this weekend. As she passed through the entrance to her floor the vibrator stilled in her panties and she headed home.

The car ride home seemed to last forever. Julia was consumed with desire and curiosity, not only over the contents of the package but also over the identity of the man, or woman really now that she thought about it the sender never gave a clue as to their sex. That thought thrilled Julia quite a bit and thinking about another woman kept her occupied the remainder of the drive.

When she pulled into her driveway, she wondered if she would ever get release today, something told her that if she pleasured herself their would be consequences. She let herself in to her small one bedroom flat on the second floor. Once inside she quickly shed her shoes and walked over to the computer while opening her mysterious package. As the machine booted up Julia stared in horror at the contents, the innocent looking box had opened to reveal four small video cameras and a digital receiver. Once again no note accompanied the items and she assumed the sender wanted to speak with her via computer.

She logged on and sure enough another message awaited.

You're awfully lucky I swung past your desk after you had left for the day, you neglected to bring your video entertainment home with you, I probably should have left it there for someone to happen upon, but I'm getting rather fond of our game and we've barely begun.

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