She Liked It!


My wife April and I have been married for seven years and have always liked trying new things when it comes to sex. Most recently, we have been spicing up our sex life by showing off April.

I should tell you that April is a petite 5'5" blonde with breasts that are a full 36D and regardless of what she is wearing can never hide her endowment. She has a cute tiny little bubble butt that is firm and silky smooth. Her legs remind you of the legs of a dancer. They are muscular enough to be sexy and not so muscular to be masculine.

I have found that I also like showing her off and the stares she gets from admiring men. Our little showing off sessions have progressively gotten more and more provocative and more and more exciting.

Most recently, our outing was shopping and I put together the outfit that she was to wear.

I put her outfit on the bed while she was taking a shower getting herself ready for our adventure.

She came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her head and her beautiful clean body still glistening from moisture.

She looked at the outfit on the bed and said smiling, "You have got to be kidding! Right?"

I glanced at her with a serious look and an evil grin.

She looked shocked and exclaimed, "You're NOT kidding!"

She decided to go along I believe thinking that I would back down from having her in public in such an outfit. She smiled and started walking to the vanity, "Ok I'm game"

She sat her beautiful naked ass on the bench, then unwrapped her damp golden locks from the towel and let them tumble to her smooth sexy shoulders. She grabbed a brush and began running it through her hair.

I turned and headed into the bathroom to take a shower while she primped in front of the mirror.

I finished with my shower then dried my hair and shaved the stubble from my face. I walked into the bedroom to see April completely naked looking at her ensemble lying on the bed. She was radiant with the minimal makeup that she wore and her blonde curly hair rolling along her beautiful face.

I said, "Well, go ahead and get dressed. I'll be ready shortly."

She got a concerned look on her face and asked, "Are you sure?"

I looked over my shoulder and said, "Yes now get ready."

I went back into the bathroom and knew that she was not going to be up for going out in public in that outfit.

I had picked out a short black leather mini skirt and a sheer red silk blouse. There was no bra or panties on the bed. The shoes were a red pointed toe high heel that always made my dick hard just looking at her legs while wearing them.

When I had finished getting ready and dressed, I went back into the bedroom. My jaw must have hit the floor when I saw her standing there in the outfit. "WOW!" was all I could say.

She looked at me and asked, "Are you about ready to go?"

My mind was thinking she was now playing games and after seeing her in the outfit, she thought I would change my mind about her going out in public dressed like that. Quiet frankly it did cross my mind that maybe I had pushed it a little too far. I mean she was naked under very little clothing.

She had the buttons on the blouse unbuttoned so that half her breasts were showing and you could see her hard nipples pushing against the cool silk fabric. The skirt was just long enough to cover her ass cheeks while she was standing. Any bending or sitting would reveal her ass and more than likely her shaved pussy. Her legs looked incredibly long for such a petite woman because of the skirt being so short. I let my eyes roll down her sexy legs and to those red high-heeled shoes that just simply were, "WOW!" I said again.

I could feel my dick getting hard in my pants and glanced down to see it tenting out the front of my jeans.

I finally replied to her question, "Yes, I'm ready to go!"

I think she was still hoping that I would change my mind but she had also seen my cock getting hard and probably knew I was enjoying this way too much to stop it.

I grabbed her hand and we headed for the door. I said, "I think we will go to the mall first and go to that furniture store there to look for the new living room group you have been wanting and then walk around the mall and maybe grab some dinner and a movie while we are there. Does that sound ok to you?"

She was slightly being pulled to the door by me and she responded with a slight smile and a, "Sounds great to me."

Out the front door we went and although we have progressively been increasing the amount of skin that April revealed this was the first time she had been out in no panties and no bra. The other times had included a low cut blouse with too many buttons unbuttoned and a bra or a short skirt but she had panties on even if it was a pair of thong panties.

She now seemed in a hurry to get to the car. She was out in broad daylight and felt self-conscious about her attire. She was also concerned that the neighbors might see her.

I hurried behind her and said, "Here let me get the door for you Honey."

She turned to sit in the car seat and pulled down on her skirt as she did so. She then swung both of her legs into the car but not without showing me her sweet little pussy. Once in she looked up at me and asked, "Did you enjoy the show?"

"HELL YES!" I responded and she smiled then. I shut the door and went around getting in on the other side.

I started the car and glanced over at April. She looked a little nervous and had her hands folded in her lap as if she was trying to keep her naked pussy covered. I reached over, put my hand on her leg, and said, "You look absolutely beautiful and so very sexy!"

She smiled at me and said, "Thank-you but, don't you think this may be a little too much? I mean I could get arrested for showing this much in public."

I said, "Relax, it's not like your naked and you really have to be paying attention to even know you don't have a bra on. And, we are not going to be sitting anywhere in public where anyone can see your ass."

I was lying to keep her calmed down. Her tits were large enough that just walking let them jiggle and bounce. Besides the fact that her nipples were protruding and the areola were slightly visible through the thin silk. I also had already devised a plan to have her sit where she would be on display. She was going to be noticed today by every red-blooded male that she met and I was going to enjoy every minute of it and I hoped that she would relax eventually and enjoy the attention and stimulation of it.

I said, "Let's make a bet right now. I bet that by the end of the day you will be having fun and incredibly turned on. If so, you lose and at some point, I will look at you and say "Now." When I do you have to strip naked. If I lose the same will go for me when you say "Now." How does that sound for a friendly little wager?"

She smiled and said, "I'm not sure how friendly that is but you're on."

We pulled out of the drive and I turned the car toward the direction of the mall. As we were riding, we talked and that helped to take her mind off the fact that she did not have very many clothes on. I put my hand on her thigh about midway between her knee and her pussy. I could feel the heat from her pussy already.

In front of the mall was a restaurant that is known to be visited by lots of male patrons because of the tight shirts and little orange shorts that the waitresses wear. I pulled in and said, "Let's get something to eat before we look at furniture. I'm starved aren't you?"

She smiled at me and asked, "Are we going here for me to put in a job application or to eat?"

I laughed at her comment and replied, "Simply to eat."

I walked around the car to open the door for her. She could in no way get out of the car without flashing me her sweet little smooth pussy. She slid out of the seat and turned her feet to the ground. She looked up at me, as she knew I would be watching. She said, "You are such a nasty boy!"

I grinned and replied, "Yes and you love it."

She stood up, the dress had ridden up on her, and she quickly pulled it down to cover her ass and pussy.

I grabbed her hand and we went into the restaurant. The patrons inside were about eighty percent male and several heads snapped our direction when they saw April standing at the front door.

One of the girls guided us toward our table. April looked at the girl and asked, "Is it ok if we take a table with a regular chair and not a stool?"

The waitress then guided us to a table with chairs. "I thought "Damn" I was hoping she would take the stool. When we sat down, she looked at me and said, "You thought you had me there didn't you?"

I just smiled.

The waitress then came back for our drink order and I ordered two margaritas.

April then said, "Are you trying to ply away the inhibitions with some tequila?"

I replied, "No, I just thought it would be fun to have a drink."

She gave me that "Yah sure" look.

The guys in the restaurant kept walking by sneaking peeks at April. I know she was noticing it also because she was getting more flirtatious with me.

We had our lunch and two margaritas each. April was loosening up a bit. She was not trying to cover her breasts with her crossed arms so nobody could tell she was naked underneath it. Her nipples were hard as rocks.

She ordered another margarita for each of us and said, "It will be dessert."

We finished our "dessert" and got up to pay our bill and head to the mall. When April stood up I could see just the bottom of her pussy and I know the people behind her could see her ass. She pulled her skirt down quickly remembering all of a sudden what she was wearing.

We went to the car and again I opened the door for her. This time she just climbed right in and flashed everything at me. She grinned from ear to ear, "Is that not what you wanted to see?"

I shut the door and went to the other side. Once in the car she leaned to me and kissed me. "Thanks for lunch Sweetheart that was fun."

I started the car and we drove the short distance to the furniture store in the mall.

Once again, I was more than happy to open the door for her. She swung one leg out and spread her legs then looked up at me and asked, "Is this what you came over here to see?" grinning from ear to ear.

My dick was getting a rush of blood to it and it began to plump up. She reached for my cock and squeezed it. "Seems that you like looking at my naked pussy in the daylight." She said.

She then said, "Let's make it a little more interesting as she reached for her blouse and unbuttoned another button. She was now unbuttoned to the point that her cleavage was clearly visible. Apparently, the margaritas were having the affect that I had hoped they would. She added, "After all is showing me off not what this is all about."

As we walked hand in hand to the mall you could tell that there was a more confidence in her stride. I glanced over at her to look and her tits were undulating inside her blouse with her new stride. She was showing off and proud to be doing so.

We walked into the store and very quickly two salesmen nearly raced to get to us. Jim won out.

"Hello, I'm Jim what can we help you two with today?"

April responded first, "We would like to look at some new living room furniture."

Jim responded enthusiastically, "Great! Do you have a certain color or style in mind?"

April responded, "I would like something in a red or dark red fabric and need something with some good size or bulk to it. We are putting it in a large room and do not want it to look tiny."

Jim said, "Ok let me show you a couple of sets that I think might fit the bill for you."

We followed Jim to a nice looking set of furniture and he said, "Her sit on this one it is one of our best sets."

I sat on the loveseat and April pulled her skirt down as she sat so she would not completely show her ass as she sat. When she sat down, I watched Jim and he had his eyes looking intently at April.

I looked over at April as she crossed her legs letting her legs slightly drift apart. It was like Sharon Stone in that movie. I knew Jim got a quick glance but albeit quick, he did see her pussy.

Jim had a slightly higher pitch to his voice as he asked, "How do you like that one?"

April rubbed her hand on the arm and felt the fabric. "The fabric is a little course. I would like something a little more plush so it feels good when I sit on it naked." She responded.

I nearly choked at that comment and Jim's eyes opened wide and said, "I have another one that is made of micro suede and is very soft. Why don't we go look at it."

He watched April as she uncrossed her legs again giving Jim a flash of smooth pussy. She went to stand up and her skirt had ridden up so much that even I could see her pussy. When she stood up the bottoms of her ass cheeks were visible. I glanced around and there were two other salesmen at this point watching us intently. There eyes opened wide as April stood and reached to pull her skirt down again to cover her ass. My dick was again plumping up from the excitement.

Jim then led us to another set that was a dark red suede type fabric and April sat down on it. This time I stood next to Jim so I could get his viewpoint. April looked at us and this time smiling she said, "I like this one it feels good on my naked ass. She then let her legs drift apart as she turned to rub her hand across the fabric. You could easily see her smooth naked pussy and it appeared to be slightly wet. She was not hiding it at all this time. She looked up at me and asked, "What do you think Honey?"

I cleared my throat and said, "I love it. All of it!"

She smiled at Jim and asked, "Ok Jim what is your bottom dollar for this set?"

Jim did not even hesitate and knocked off two hundred dollars. April said, "Great we'll take it."

April stood back up again revealing her ass and pussy to all that were watching. As she stood up she bent over slightly and her tits nearly fell out of her shirt. She then pulled her skirt back down. We walked to the counter, paid Jim, and set up delivery arrangements.

Jim gave us his card and said, "Please anytime you need some more furniture come in and ask for me. It has been my pleasure to serve you today."

I leaned toward him and said, "A pleasure and a turn on right?"

He looked like he did not know for sure how to respond and then I winked at him and he said, "Yah that too."

We headed out of the store and into the mall. There was a Mexican restaurant about half way down and April said, "I need another margarita how about you?"

I responded with, "Sure let's go to the bar and get one."

We walked in and asked to sit at the bar. The place was nearly vacant except for the servers and some cooks that were taking a break after the lunch business had ended.

This time April climbed right up on the stool and crossed her legs. Her long sexy legs in those red high heels made me want to start at her toes and lick them clear up to her wet little pussy. The bartender came over and asked for our order. April leaned forward to give him our order and her tits nearly fell into plain sight. I watched the bartender's eyes as he looked at her chest when taking our order. I placed my order and he never even took his eyes off April's chest.

Our margaritas came and April again made a show of reaching for them. She then motioned for the bartender to come closer as she leaned toward him. I looked at April as she leaned forward and her blouse fell open revealing her beautiful breasts. I looked back at the bartender as his eyes were peering down her shirt. April said, "When these are nearly gone just set us up with another one."

She leaned back into her chair and the bartender just stood back and kept looking at her tits visible through her shirt. He then asked, "Are you guys out shopping today?"

I responded, "Yes we just left the furniture store and after here we are heading on down the mall to shop for her some clothes."

April looked at me and asked, "Have I been a good girl and getting rewarded today?"

I replied, "I'm not sure about the good girl part but you need some new clothes don't you?"

The bartender kind of laughed and said, "I think she looks great in what she has on."

The bartender walked away and left us there. I placed my hand on April's thigh with my little finger resting against her pussy. I started to wiggle my little finger against her and noticed she was wet. I looked at her and asked, "You are apparently enjoying this?"

She uncrossed her legs and slightly spread them giving me better access to her pussy. I gently and without much motion continued to let my little finger gently rub between her wet lips. I could feel her clit hardening beneath my finger. I slightly turned my hand so I could slip my finger into her damp folds. She slightly moaned as I pulled it out and continued rubbing my little finger against her now very hard clit.

The bartender came back to check on us and I kept massaging April's pussy as he talked to us. He asked April if she was looking forward to shopping and she responded with a sultry voice, "OHHH Yes!" I had inserted a finger back into her pussy just as she was responding. I nearly had to laugh aloud.

The bartender stayed and talked and I think he was beginning to know something was going on behind the bar because April had now slid down in her seat. I looked down at her lap and her skirt had ridden up even further. I quickly and nonchalantly glanced around and the cooks were still there. There was no doubt in their minds as to where my hand was and they were getting a good shot of April's ass sitting on the stool.

April grabbed my hand and tried pulling it away as she was ready to cum. I did not allow her to pull my hand away and kept on rubbing. I wanted to see her orgasm right there in front of these guys. She is generally a noisy sex partner. She was biting her lower lip, began to jerk, and attempted to cover up her jerking by acting as if she was shifting her seating position. She began laughing to release the pent up pressure instead of her normal moaning and screaming.

When I felt her relax, I pulled my hand away from her pussy and she quickly excused herself to the ladies room. However, not before standing up and letting the bartender and the cooks see her naked ass and pussy before she pulled her skirt down.

All of us in the restaurant watched as she sexily walked to the restroom.

The bartender just looked at me and said, "You my friend are a very lucky man."

I smiled at him and said, "Thank-you, I know."

I had sat there sipping my margarita for about five minutes and April had not returned. I asked the bartender to watch our drinks and went to check on her. I knocked then slightly opened the door to the ladies room and asked, "April are you ok?"

I heard her respond, "What the hell took you so long? Get your ass in here."

I walked in and found her sitting in one of the stalls. I stepped in and she immediately reached for my fly. She unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. She then swallowed it down her throat. My cock immediately sprang to attention. She was pulling and sucking until it had reached a firmness that she knew was enough. She then stood up and turned around. She leaned over the stool with her hands on the wall and demanded, "Fuck Me!"

I reached for her skirt and pulled it over her hips to reveal a wet pussy. She was extremely horny and ready. I guided my cock to her pussy and laid the head against her lips and she nearly yelled, "For God's sake Brent FUCK ME!"

I pushed past her lips and into her hot, wet pussy. She immediately clamped down on my cock and started pushing on and off it as if she was doing pushups against the wall. I grabbed a hold of her hips and met her thrust for thrust. She was grunting and groaning like a wild animal. We had not had sex this intense for years and had never had sex in a public restroom. I looked down at my wet cock sliding in and out of her pussy and had a surreal moment not able to believe this was happening.

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