tagLoving WivesShe Made Her Choice

She Made Her Choice


Flash story. BTB in its entirety. Not much sex here, just a goodbye fuck. RAAC fans will not be pleased, so if that's what you like, move along. NO ONE UNDER EIGHTEEN. Not much sex if that's what you're after.


I was pounding her delicious pussy from behind, I pulled out my very hard cock and pushed it in her well lubricated asshole.

She grunted again and squirted again and came, her body shuddered and her eyes rolled back in her head.

I fucked her with wild abandon, fucking like there was no tomorrow, maybe because I knew there wouldn't be any more tomorrow's. Not even a tonight. I pulled out, removed the rubber, and at the last second and shot my load all over her face.

"Wow Honey! Where did that come from?" She smiled with jism dripping from her face.

"I wanted our last time as husband and wife to be special and memorable for you. You have been such a slut lately, I figured I'd just treat you as what you really are." I explained.

"What are you talking about?"

"Oh come on Melissa. Why lie now? My things are all out of the house. I am staying at the Marriott in a suite. I figured I'd treat myself for my birthday."

"I know you forgot about my birthday again, but you were fucking Stan and Leon again. Just out of sheer curiosity, what did you do about the baby, or do you prefer fetus? Do you even know who's it was? Did the abortion hurt?" Her eyes were wide open with the final understanding that I knew what she did. I had paid dearly for that knowledge. Very dearly.

"I'm pretty sure it wasn't mine, but I'll ask, was there a chance it was? I looked at the calendar. I really doubt my one dose of sperm had any chance against the eighty-four other loads your cunt received that month. Shit, that's three different guys a DAY, almost! Quite amazing.

So... Was it my child you aborted?" She looked away. She said nothing. That in and of itself spoke volumes.

"I don't think the fetus was yours. I was taking my pills, but I guess they aren't 100%... Bill I'm really sorry." She spoke very quietly, as if that would change what she had to say.

"Yeah, me too. I'm so sorry I ever married you. You used to love me, or was that a complete lie too? We used to talk about what would happen when we made it big. Yeah, so much for sweet dreams. What an asshole I was to ever trust you." There were tears in my eyes.

"I am so sorry. I... I never meant to hurt you. You were working all the time anyway. Sometimes you worked eighteen and twenty hours a day, back to back. I got lonely. You weren't supposed to find out." She looked distant in her thoughts.

"I've spent a fortune on detectives, on surveillance and pictures and videos. I might start an ex-wife, x rated tv channel. It will all come out at the trial. Better get yourself a good lawyer, because of the prenuptial agreement, my company has their lawyers working night and day to fuck you over permanently. I hope."

"You hate me that much? It was only sex, there was no love. I kept my heart for you."

I laughed out loud. "Yeah, more total crap from your mouth. I have a long video were you declare me a stupid asshole cuckold, and your master, who is an unemployed financial fuck-up, tells you to cut me off. You say yes, because your pussy belongs to him. Do you recall that lovely scintillating little conversation with your master?" Now she had the look of a child, hand caught in the cookie jar.

"That was just sex talk. I never would say that-" I interrupted her.

"-to my face. Yes I get it. Well I've got you a little surprise. All the men from this last month are downstairs and they are all horny for YOU. Your cell phone is locked in your car. I had my carpenters screw all the doors closed except the front door, where I'll be leaving your sorry fucking ass!"

"You can try your so-called negotiating skills with the guys, but I told all of them you were especially horny for them. I suppose I should be decent and let you walk out of here with me, as my wife, unscathed. So you could do that if you wanted. What's it going to be? Your choice." She looked and thought about it. The fact that she mulled it over in her mind was enough for me. I knew what her decision was. Twenty hard cocks. Goodbye cuckold. This entire conversation was being videoed and a live feed was being sent to her parents house. I hope her fucking father choked on his perfect daughter showing her true colors.

"I guess I'll stay, since you are divorcing me anyway. Twenty cocks, and every one better than your little wiener! Thanks for the party! My guys won't kill me. Unless I die from too many orgasms. You really are a pathetic little cunt. A true cuckold."

"I retrieved the engagement ring I gave you and here is my wedding band back to you." I handed her my ring. She looked at it in her hand, the finality finally sinking in.

"You will be served tomorrow if you are still alive. I don't know how you're gonna get out of this one! There are twenty huge dicked men waiting to fuck you to death. I wonder if they will?"

"There are live feed cameras all over the house. Your fat fuck father, who told me how great you were... He got a bunch of 8x10 glossies of you and your gang. He will really like the video of you and those three huge hung black guys you love so much. We all know how much of a racist he is. Do you know you told them each that you loved them 42 times in the last month? In that same time you have not said that to me even once. I know EXACTLY where I stand with you."

My rage overflowed me. For moments I had to control my urge to kill the skank. My hands shook from the exertion not to wrap themselves around her neck. I got control back.

"Hey, good luck with all your so- called-friends. I let them know you were broke. So some of them might pay for your pussy. Or maybe not. But then, after you have received your first dollar for fucking... Ah hell, it should be me! Here honey. Have a twenty. You were worth every penny." I left a twenty on the dresser. She made a disgusted-with-me face. It was time to go.

"Randy, do you remember him? You know, your master?"

"Yes" her eye were downcast. She had pledged herself to him over and over again.

"You should stop by St John's. He's just been diagnosed with HIV. I sure hope you didn't ride him bareback. I guess you noticed I used condoms on our last night as man and wife. That's why. Plus, I didn't want any chance to get you pregnant at all. I guess that wouldn't mean much to you. You would just get another abortion. Yeah, what a loving wife you turned out to be!"

"So run to Randy. Your master needs you! After your twenty man gang bang, you should go see him. And maybe get yourself checked." I laughed.

"What's so damned funny?"

She looked a bit mad.

"The detectives have a pool bet going on how many diseases you have. The bet is up to $500. I should have bet seven."

"Well, goodbye my whore wife. I hope you get everything you wanted, oh, so BADLY. I hope you don't mind, I'm taking your little sister with me to Paris. From there we're going to the south of France, and then to Rome. It should be a nice vacay."

"Why are you taking my younger sister to Paris? That's where we were supposed to go! Is it just revenge on me? That seems so beneath you."

"She's the one who told me about your shenanigans. Then I got the private detectives on the case, to document everything for the upcoming court battle. Do you have any idea how much money I made in the last couple of years? Remember that ironclad prenup that your lovely dad forced me to sign? You do realize that those terms apply to BOTH of us." I don't think she had a clue.

"So my divorce papers are based solely on your adultery. You get your car, twenty-five thousand dollars and your clothes. You could open your own store with all the clothes I've bought you over the years."

"I'm being generous in that you can keep all your jewelry except the engagement ring that belonged to my grandmother. That I am taking back. I only have to look at you a few more minutes, then I'm going to Paris with your sister Cindy. I will never have to look at your skank face ever again. It always amazes me how a person can be so beautiful on the outside, but so ugly on the inside. Goodbye." I turned around and left.


Her eyes were full of tears. It should have bothered me, but it did not. This skag that used to my wife, well she had showed her true colors. She had even had a final choice, and she made her desires quite apparent.

She could have asked me ANYTIME to stop her little game of slut twister. But the true whore WANTED to take on twenty men. I guess I knew what made her happy, and it sure wasn't me.

I had armed security men secreted around and in the house. They knew it was being videoed, and if she said stop, they would get her out of there. I figured she would never stop. Like an addict looking for the next high, she would be always looking for her next dick. How could I have been so stupid and married such a lowdown slut? I hated myself for loving her.

I entered the limo. There was Cindy, arms held wide. She would see me through to the end. We held each other. It was time to move on. Time to get going and start healing. Time to visit the friendly skies.


She started small with just two guys, she fucked the one and sucked the other. Pretty soon two more of her trysts joined in. The two additional men took turns in her mouth and pussy. She came repeatedly. More men got in line to fuck her silly. Just when the whole bunch of guys got a hold of her, a little guy in a lab coat came in.

"Attention all wife gang bang participants! This woman has tested positive for HIV. If you have had unprotected sex with her, then you need to seek treatment right away. We have a medical bus outside to help each of you if you want. If not, good luck." He went out to the medical vehicle.

Her husband had been right. She couldn't escape the thoughts that entered her head. How had it gone from being lonely to the depravity she loved now? She put on her robe and headed to the medical bus.

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by Anonymous

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by Subject11704/27/19

Revenge at it's best. Too bad we won't get a follow up to this story, really would love to see how much suffering she's going through.

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by trandall999104/21/19

Sex with HIV positive wife?

I guess the choice was truly made for her.

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by Anonymous04/20/19


I always pictured CDT60 as a gnarly old trucker dude, smart with a wry sense of humor, and with a penchant for writing. But I was wrong. Dave is obviously an 8th grade boy with internet access. Seriously,more...

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by Anonymous04/19/19


Know going in she may have HIV and you still have sex with her? What a stupid male character. Definitely burned her and him at the same time. I am sorry you have this much hate and pain inside. Letmore...

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by Mbgdallas04/18/19

Not many stories do I give a 1 star to.

But that was perhaps the most pathetic stupid story I have ever read.

And the BTB doesn’t bother me. Its the way the guy came across as such a stupid insensitive jerk.

The whole thing was just bad....more...

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