tagRomanceShe Said, He Said

She Said, He Said


Chapter 1: Memories of Kelly

She couldn't believe her eyes as she stared at her computer screen. She usually didn't open emails from people she didn't know but, but when she saw the name "Kelly" in the "Re:" category her heart skipped a beat and she caught her breath.

It was amazing how, even after 3 years the mere sight of his name could have such an effect on her. With a trembling hand, she opened the email from, "HoundogX." Slowly she read the message from her former lover:

"Just wanted to find out how you are doing and to let you know that I think of you every day and that I still love you with all of my heart. Please call me at 540-555-0496. Between the hours of 7am and 3pm... She'll be at work." - Love Kelly

She reached out and touched the computer screen as she read the words again. She couldn't believe he still thought of her. There had not been one day that he did not come into her thoughts. Her nights had been filled with memories of their many passionate nights together. She also couldn't help remembering all the broken promises he made and how empty he had left her when he chose to stay with his wife.

Although she was with someone else now, she couldn't love him. She knew she would never be able to love another man because Kelly still owned her heart. What they had shared was a bond stronger than time; something no other relationship could ever match.

She realized a long time ago that they would never be together in this life, but she would love him without fail, until the day she died and into the next life if such a thing existed.

He was married when she met him. She allowed herself to become the "other woman." She wasn't proud of it, but she couldn't help it. She could no more deny the love she had for him that she could stop the beating of her own heart.

She remembered the first time he walked into the store where she worked...

He was working for a landscaping company and had stopped in for a soda and a pack of cigarettes. She got the cigarettes for him, smiled at him teasingly, and said, "You know these are nasty in your mouth, right?" He smiled back and replied, "An idle tongue is the Devil's workshop." He said it suggestively and then looked at her and said, "Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm." Shaking his head and smiling, he left the store.

She watched him as he left. He wasn't a big man, hardly taller than she was. He had dark hair and a scruffy beard. He had the most intense grey eyes she had ever seen. She just laughed it off and tried to put him out of her mind. She flirted with a lot of men that came into the store, no one really ever took her seriously, it was just her personality. The guys around there just weren't man enough to handle a "big" woman. They didn't appreciate the kind of love a big woman could give. Big women love deeper and with more passion. She knew it would take a real man to handle her.

She couldn't get him off her mind all day. Something about him was different. She was wondering if she was gonna see him again and was losing hope as it neared her time to go home. Around 3 o'clock, a few minutes before she was to leave, he came back into the store. He looked over the other cashier to her and asked for a hotdog. She had to go to the other end of the counter to get it for him. As usual, she started to flirt, asking him if he was sure he wanted a "Big Bite" and not a "little nibble" instead.

He shook his head and smiled when he said, "Mmmmm, a little nibble sounds good. I think you are beautiful. I love 'soft' women." She just blushed and handed him the hotdog. It wasn't often when they flirted back. And she never got compliments.

As he was paying for his hot dog, she hurried and clocked out. She was going out the door when she saw him throw the hotdog into the trashcan, untouched. Curious, she asked him if something was wrong with it. He told her that he hated hotdogs. He said he had only asked for one so he could get her alone. He said he had been thinking about her all day. He asked her name. She told him it was Lynn.

He asked if he could get to know her better. She said sure and asked if he had an email address. They exchanged Email addresses. She gave him her number too. She had been single then. Then he looked at her a little sheepishly, and told her he was married. Her heart sank. He immediately told her that he wasn't happy and that she was on her way out. Against her better judgment, she said ok, they could talk and see where it would go. He looked so unhappy. He looked like he needed someone to talk too. They said goodbye. She doubted shed ever hear from him again.

She left and went home. Falling into her normal routine, she started supper for her kids, listened to them tell about how school had gone. She helped them with their homework. Finally, she went into her room to shower.

As she came out of the shower, the phone rang. She answered it and to her surprise, it was him. He asked what she was doing, she told him she was just getting out of the shower, he groaned and said he wished he were there. She was glad he couldn't see the blush on her face. He asked if she could come out to meet him. She told him she needed to finish dinner and she'd be there.

She got dinner on the table and told the kids shed be back in a minute.

She met him in a parking lot of a strip mall by a gym. He got out and got into her car. She was nervous as they talked; she thought they both were. She slowly learned about him as she let him talk; she simply listened. He told her that he and his wife had no children of their own. They had just recently taken custody of his drug-addicted sister's baby boy. The child was sickly and although he had badly wanted a son, his whole life, he was scared to get close to him for fear of losing him. He sad the boy was small and fragile.

He told her about his grandfather and his eyes began to sparkle as he told her about the "General Lee," his grandfather's nickname.

Then he told her about his loveless marriage. He had married her when he was only 18 and she was 28. He was young and rebellious and when everyone told him he shouldn't marry her, he did it anyway, just to show them he could. Lynn did the math and figured out that she was the same age as his wife. Damn, he was young too. He said that she thought he was her son. She constantly nagged him and put him down. She made his life miserable.

Lynn looked into his eyes and melted. She reached out and gently touched the side of his face with her fingertips. He closed his eyes and she could visibly see him gasp. She felt electricity running down her arm and to her heart.

As he leaned in and kissed her gently, she got a flash of dejavu. It was as if they had done this before, that in some other place, some other time, she had kissed those lips. Her mind showed her a picture of him in buckskin clothes. It was a strange feeling, one she had never had before. It was as if a piece that had been missing in her life had only just now fallen into place.

They sat there a while longer, talking quietly, gently touching each other. Each kiss becoming more and more passionate. The radio began to play "When somebody loves you" by Alan Jackson. God! It was romantic, almost perfect timing.

Her mind kept screaming at her; telling her heart no. That this can't happen. He was a married man for goodness sake. She couldn't become one of the kind that are on Jerry Springer, the ones that confront the wife and professing undying love to a married man. She wasn't a home wrecker. That wasn't her.

But her heart kept saying that it was ok as long as you keep it in perspective. Don't get too close. Just enjoy being with him. It's probably just a one-night stand anyway.

He felt so familiar. She wanted to feel more of him. As it began to rain, they decided to go to Curtis Lake for more privacy. When they arrived, the rain had stopped to a drizzle. They decided to get out of the car. They were completely alone except for a few birds.

He took her into his arms for the first time and held her tight. He was stronger than he looked. She felt completely safe for the first time in her life. How could she be feeling this comfortable with someone she just met? It was impossible.

His touch heated her up. Everywhere he touched, everywhere he kissed her burned with fire. She wanted him, God help her, she did. If she gave into her feelings, what would he think of her? But, man, he was so hard to resist!

Her body emanated passion. His touch held unspoken promises of so much pleasure. His kisses made her tremble. He reached up and touched her face, pushing back a strand of her hair. She smiled shyly and moaned under his caress. He told her again, how beautiful she was. He told her she had beautiful eyes. His eyes burned with desire.

They kissed passionately for a while. His hands were burning all over her body. Her hands traveling over his back, feeling his muscles tighten with need. She touched his chest and felt his heart racing. She ran her fingers though his hair, kissed his neck, and nibbled on his ear. It was now his turn to moan in pleasure.

She felt herself getting wet with desire. He raised her shirt and exposed her bare breasts. He cupped them and gently squeezed them in his hands. He rubbed the hard nipples under his thumbs as he bent his head to kiss and suck each one sending goose bumps up and down her body.

He moved from her breasts to her neck and back to her nipples again, he was driving her crazy with want. He slid his hand inside the waistband of her shorts and under her soaking wet panties to the wet softness underneath. He moaned aloud as he felt the silky smoothness of her and felt the evidence of her desire. His talented fingers quickly found her swollen clitoris and she squealed with delight as she dug her nails into his back, and arching herself to give him more access.

He raised his eyes to watch her face as he explored the very depths of her most intimate part; plunging his eager fingers deep inside her. His face showed how intent he was to pleasing her. His eyes full of wonder and passion.

As the rain began to pick up, he knelt down and lowered her shorts and panties. He began to kiss her thighs, teasing her as she ran her fingers in his hair. Finally, he separated the lips with his tongue and fingers and plunged his tongue into her wetness. Licking with a thirst that seemed couldn't be quenched. Lynn thought she had died and gone to heaven as his expert tongue explored the depths of her until it found the treasure within. He flicked his tongue over and over her swollen clitoris, driving her insane with pleasure. Her hands tightened in his hair, pushing her face closer into her.

It began to rain even harder as he worked his masterful tongue over her sex. It began to thunder and lightening as well. He moved his fingers and tongue faster as she tensed up her legs feeling an orgasm growing near.

Finally, with the rain pelting on her heated body, she felt the most wonderful climax of her life begin to take over her body. She screamed with delight as ripples of pleasure ripped through her body.

As she stood there in the rain, trembling, he gently pulled her shorts back up and stood and gently held her close as he smiled into her face. He kissed her passionately. She could taste herself on him. She loved the way she tasted on his lips.

As they stood there reeling from what had happened, they realized it was raining. Laughing, they ran to get into the car. She leaned over to him and thanked him. She told him how wonderful that had felt. He said that it was his pleasure, that he loved the way she tasted.

She wanted to please him too and reached over to stroke his evident hard on. As soon as she touched him, he moaned with pleasure. She wanted to make him feel as wonderful as he had made her. She slowly unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants to expose an erect penis. She took him into her mouth and worked her way up and down the shaft, stopping only to tease the head and drive him crazy as she flicked her tongue over the most sensitive part. His hands were in her hair, gently moving her head as he groaned aloud with pleasure. She gently cupped his balls and began to massage them as well. She loved the way he felt in her mouth and kept at it until she felt his balls tensed up and he finally exploded into her mouth, this time sending tremors of pleasure through his body.

He pulled her up and kissed her deeply. He told her that he had never felt like that in his life. A loud clap of thunder sounded and seemed to rock the car, bringing them back to reality; they saw how bad this storm had become. Reluctantly, he suggested that they needed to be heading back now.

On the way back to his car, they held hands and shared a comfortable silence. She was thinking about how right this felt and how, even though she knew he was married, she would see him again.

Once they arrived back at his car, he leaned over to her, took her face in his hands, and gently kissed her goodbye. He said that he would try to be online later and that he couldn't wait until tomorrow when he promised to see her again.

She had many mixed feelings as she drove back home. She knew what she was feeling was crazy but she had to see him again. She also knew that she was probably setting herself up for the biggest hurt of her life, but God! He had made her feel so good; she still couldn't escape the feeling of dejavu she had when she was with him.

When she got home, she turned on her computer and logged into her screen name. She had barely finished adding HoundogX to her buddy list, when an instant message appeared from him on the screen. Her heart stopped for a second, her breath caught, no one had ever affected her this way before. She clicked to open the message and saw that he simply said, "Hey baby," she replied, "Hello there."

"What you doing?" he asked. "Nothing, just thinking of you," she replied. "Lookin forward to tomorrow," he said. "Me too" she said. "Where's the ball and chain?" she asked. "In the shower, she might be out soon." He answered. "All alone then?" she asked. "For now" he said.

"We'll have to change the conversation, when she comes in the room," he told her. "That's fine" she responded. "You tasted so good today," he told her. "You did too," she said as she smiled, remembering. "Sorry, baby, she's coming out now," he warned. "Ok" she said.

"So how'd you like the lake today, I worked all day," he asked her and she quickly caught onto what he was saying. "It was hot all day, but I think it got even hotter during the storm." She replied. "Yeah, I know what you mean." He said. "I got soaking wet, but it felt good," she said, grinning, enjoying this game. "Me too" he said.

"Sorry, man, gotta go, the old lady wants on the computer and I need to hit the hay, I'm beat. " He said. "Ok, see ya tomorrow, gnight" she said and closed the instant message box. She logged offline, climbed into her bed, and thought about him as she was falling asleep. She couldn't wait to see him the next day.

She went in to work with a smile on her face. As she was making coffee for the morning rush, she felt familiar fingers brush against her back. She looked around and was looking into Kelly's eyes, her heart skipped a beat, and he made her breath catch in her throat, as he always seemed to do.

She asked him how he slept the night before, he said, "Stiff as a board."

She smiled and said, "Mmmmmmm." He smiled and whispered in her ear, "Come with me today, I have to taste you again. I have to have all of you."

She wanted to leave right then. She didn't see how she could stand to wait all day to feel his touch and kisses. She missed him.

He came in again, around lunchtime. This time he handed her a small note. She put it in her pocket until she had time to steal a few minutes in the backroom to read it alone. Here's what he wrote:


Hello, my sweet.

I know that it is very hard for you to keep on waiting.

But if you'll, be patient, you will reap the fruit of

togetherness with me.

My heart will not rest easy until it comes to rest beside


Please don't put me on a shelf, I need you in my life and

will prove it to you.

I am truly missing you very much and am truly sorry that

I am not giving more of myself to you right now. I just

want to make you happy. I love the way you look right

into my soul when we're together, the way speak when

you talk to me, the way you make me feel inside with just

a word from your sweet lips. And your magical touch just

sets me ablaze. If there is a greater feeling than pure love,

you bring it out in me. I do and will love you with every fiber

of my being until the day I leave this life.



Her hands trembled as she read his sweet words. Could it be true that he felt the same as she did? How could it be possible for two people to fall in love so quickly? She guessed, "Love at first sight" wasn't really a myth. It was the only way to describe how they felt for one another.

She felt as if she were walking on air all day. People commented on how happy she looked, on how she "glowed." Some people even said she looked as if she was hiding a secret. She would just smile and let them think whatever they wanted to. She anxiously awaited the promised pleasure she would receive later that day.

Finally, the time came to go home. She rushed out of there and went home to shower and wait for his call. She took the phone in the bathroom with her so she wouldn't miss him. She felt like a teenager again. As she was drying her hair, the phone rang. Her heart jumped to her throat as she heard his voice on the other end of the line.

"Hello Beautiful" he said. "Hey Babydoll" she said. He asked her to meet him at the gym again. She quickly dressed and told the boys she was going out for a while. She was all jittery inside and couldn't wait to see him again. She felt like part of her was missing when he wasn't with her.

As she pulled into the parking lot, she saw him sitting in a big Suburban truck. She pulled in next to him and he got out of the truck and walked over to her side of the car. He opened the door and asked her to come with him. Like a gentleman, he opened the passenger side door of the Suburban for her and she climbed inside.

She asked where they were going this time. He said they were going to a private spot that he had discovered one day, while fishing at Able Lake. It was a small lake on the other side of the woods from Curtis Lake. It was private and secluded.

He backed his truck down an old boat slip. It was overgrown; with weeds and woods on both sides, the lake behind them and the driveway in front surrounded the truck. It did seem that they were completely alone.

He reached for her and took her into his arms again. She marveled at how good and safe she felt there. It just felt so right. He gently kissed her and then softly told her how much he had thought of her all day. She told him how much she loved his note and that he had been on her mind all day. That it was torture waiting all day just to be in his arms again.

They began to kiss passionately, touching each other everywhere possible. The y couldn't get enough of each other. He pulled her shirt over her head and began to devour her breasts. She moaned in ecstasy as he lovingly stroked and nibbled her taunt nipples.

She gently grabbed handfuls of his thick brown hair and pulled him closer to her. She loved the way he looked at her, the way he kissed her, the way he spoke to her. Damn, she did love this man, she knew it was crazy but she did love him, with all of her heart, she loved him.

For her to have fallen in love so fast, she had to have loved him in another life. That would be the only explanation. Why else would his body feel so familiar to her? Why would his mere presence bring back memories that could not possibly exist? Oh well, she thought as she became lost in his touch once again. It felt too good to worry about it now.

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