tagFirst TimeShe Shoots, He Scores

She Shoots, He Scores


I woke up on the morning of my 18th birthday in October 1996 expecting the boring day my birthday usually turned out to be. It was in the midst of my senior year of high school and I was still a rather shy boy of 5'8" tall and about 140 lbs...not a string bean but still pretty thin. I did have a rather nice member (if I do say so for myself) that was about 6 inches long and average girth. I think it may have looked bigger that it actually was, if only because I was so small, regularly one of the shortest boys in my class. I always thought the best part was the slight upcurve of the shaft that I hoped would hit all the right spots. I hoped because to that point in my life, I had never had a real girlfriend. I had gone on dates periodically, but never had a serious relationship or got much beyond simple kissing. If it isn't obvious by now, I was a virgin.

My two older sisters, twins, were in college, one in Indiana and the other still living at home, but she had her own life, coming and going as she pleased. My parents were going to a business dinner for my Dad's job, so they wouldn't be home until later in the evening. Knowing we were planning to celebrate my birthday on Sunday afternoon, I assumed nothing was going to happen when I left for school that morning. Boy, did I turn out to be wrong.

When school let out that afternoon, I spent a good amount of time trying to figure out what to do with my evening. I did not want to do anything too crazy because I was leaving early the next morning to hike Old Rag Mountain in Virginia with some of my friends. Unfortunately, on that night all my friends were working. I would normally have been working as well, but since it was my birthday, my boss had given me the day off.

On a normal off day, I wandered over to the local college the field hockey team. I grew up in the Midwest playing ice hockey and, at that time in Central Maryland, field hockey was the only way to get my hockey fix. Although not quite the same as on ice, I really did get into field hockey. I was often surprised at how physical games became. Of course, It didn't hurt that the sexiest, most mysterious girl I knew started as a freshman on the team, playing defense. Molly was a tiny little thing about 5'4" tall, with what I assumed was a perfectly proportioned, lean body. She always wore baggy clothes, so no one really knew what her body was like. Even so, whenever I had the chance, I made it a point to watch them play, primarily so that I could see #39 running up and down the field wearing a uniform that was borderline Catholic schoolgirl...the knee high socks and short skirt accentuating her toned, athletically muscular legs that I often dreamt about being wrapped around my waist. Unfortunately, the team was playing an away game and I wouldn't have time to get there before the game was already over.

Molly and I had known each other since my freshman year, during which she dated one of my friends. Even though they had long since broken up and she graduated the year before, we still hung out in the same circle. Fortunately for me, my friend Ethan had a twin sister, Sara, who just happened to be best friends with Molly. As a result, I got to watch the girl of my dreams grow up and become sexier and better looking with each passing year. Unfortunately for me, seeing her become so alluring also made me realize Molly was so far out of my league, I couldn't see her league with a pair of binoculars. My league was more like Jamie, a decently attractive sophomore who sometimes hung out with our group. I heard through the grapevine that Jamie had a crush on me and assumed I would end up with someone like her even though I didn't think she was all that special.

After sitting in the school parking lot for way too long, I realized there was nothing to keep myself occupied in the shithole little town I grew up in and decided to go home. I thought I was probably going end up at home anyway, listening to music in my room and generally doing as little as possible, especially with my plans the next day. About 2 hours later, everything I thought about my 18th birthday changed with the sound of the doorbell.

I walked downstairs to answer the door and immediately thought I was dreaming. Standing on my front porch, still in her uniform, was the one girl I never thought would be standing there be herself...Molly! The butterflies were instantaneous. Seeing her bare legs in that sexy skirt and her shirt clinging to her body like saran wrap made me trip over my tongue. After what felt like an eternity, but was probably only a few seconds where I felt frozen in place, I was able to acknowledge the vision of perfection standing in front of me.

"Molly! Wh-wh-what are you doing here?" I stammered, knowing I sounded like a complete idiot.

"Well, I know it's your birthday, so I wanted to stop by to say, well, Happy Birthday," she said with a smirk that even I could tell meant she wanted to say a whole lot more.

"Thank you, you just made my day. It's been uneventful until you go here. Wanna come in for awhile? I'm not really doing anything special."

"I thought you'd never ask," she replied brushing past me. As she walked by, the scent of her sweaty body filled my nostrils like a sea breeze, salty and sweet at the same time. I also thought I heard her mutter something under her breath as she passed me, but I must have been hearing things. There was no way she had actually just said, if this just made your day, you have no idea what you're in for.

Turning to face me, Molly asked if there was anyone else home. When I replied that there wouldn't be anyone else here for a couple more hours, a little sparkle lit up her eyes. With a cheshire cat grin forming on her face, she said, "why don't you show me your room?"

Not sure exactly what was happening, but certainly not willing to risk saying anything, knowing I would blow this, I nervously took her hand. I let her lead the way up the steps, though, so I could stare at her tight, sexy ass as we went up. I noticed a flash of cheek and wondered if she had anything on under that skirt, causing an involuntary shudder of ecstasy to pass through my entire body. At the top of the steps, Molly asked me which room was mine. I told her it was the room immediately on the right, into which she pulled me, shutting the door and locking it behind her.

I turned around and saw her standing there and noticed her eyes wandering around my room, seeming to take it all in. I was a bit embarrassed because my room didn't really have a lot in it. Covering the walls were some of the hockey jerseys I had worn through the years, mixed with an assortment of posters for some of my favorite bands. I had always listened to a little bit of everything, but focused on heavy metal and grunge. As you came in the door, there was a dresser immediately on the wall to the right, on which was my small stereo. A CD rack filled with hundreds of CDs was just past that and then there was an alcove on the right side. If it was my room now, I would have turned the alcove into a reading area, but at the time it housed my desk and computer. Above the desk were a set of shelves with my printer and my collection of goalie masks I had collected over the years, both from playing and going to games as I grew up. Adjacent to the door, immediately on the left, was a closet that took up the entire wall. Most of the space in the closet was taken up by old or broken hockey sticks, goalie pads and my hiking/camping gear. My bed sat alone against the wall on the left with a small bedside stand and lamp next to it. That was about it.

After taking in my room, Molly took a deep breath, almost like she was preparing to say the hardest thing ever. She told me she heard some rumors and wanted to find out if they were true. Totally puzzled, I responded with a questioning, "Oooo-kaaaaay?"

Once again Molly's eyes roamed around the room, seemingly lost deep in thought and my embarrassment over my empty room grew even more. I had never been a person who wanted a lot of stuff, and I am still that way. I was content with my CDs and the old gear from my hockey playing days. I spent more time in the outdoors to make a fancy room worth the hassle. As a teenager, though, a lot of your social standing depended on things, who had what and how much. I had my own car, but even that was nothing special, a late model station wagon from the mid-80s that did nothing but get me from point A to point B and burned a lot of gas doing so.

"Why don't we sit on the bed," Molly said, sitting next to me and allowing her muscular leg to brush mine. I could feel the warmth of her body through my jeans and could not stop the gasp from escaping my mouth. She reached over, took my hand, held it in both of hers, then looked deeply into my eyes.

I instantly felt like I was drowning in the deepest ocean and all thought went out the window as I got lost in her eyes. They were mostly light brown, but I noticed speckles of green, highlights of hazel and, if the light caught them right, a touch of blue. Molly could have asked me if I had ever killed someone and I would have confessed to doing it. Her hold on me was so strong that I probably would have asked if she wanted me to kill someone for her.

"So, I was hanging out at Sara's a couple weeks ago, with her and Jamie. Sara was all excited with what she said was the biggest secret ever. We knew we had to get it out of her, but for some reason she was holding back, almost like she didn't want to hurt someone. Finally she spilled the beans.

"Sara said that she overheard you and Ethan talking after a football game and she heard you say you were head over heels for someone who just happened to be in the room with us. We all knew that Jamie had a crush on you, I knew you knew Jamie had a crush on you, so I assumed Sara was talking about her.

"Without saying any names, Sara explained I had said this girl 'was the cutest girl I'd ever seen. Her body was always hidden under baggy clothes, but I just knew it had to be spectacular. She seemed so free-spirited and fun-loving...like she'd be up to doing anything.' Once she said baggy clothes, I knew you had been talking about me. Jamie must have realized this too because started to cry like someone just told her her puppy had died. The idea you thought that much about me shocked me at first. I mean, I'm nothing special, why would you be thinking about me? At the same time I secretly loved the fact that Jamie just had her heart broken. I never really understood why she hung out with us in the first place, unless she did it just to be close to you.

"Anyway, I started to think back on things and everything started to fit into place. I had seen you in the stands at a few of my games and wondered why you came to watch community college field hockey. I mean there are a lot of other sports I would have assumed you'd want to watch instead. I really didn't think anything of it, though. You were a senior, you could do what you wanted without anyone calling you out on it. I figured you were there for a reason... I just didn't realize it had been to watch me. After thinking things through, it didn't take long for me to make a plan to talk to you about all this. After all, you've never shown me there was anything else between us but friendship."

Molly looked into my eyes again, caressed my cheek with her hand and asked me if it was true, that I thought she was beautiful and had a crush on her. I was caught, there was nothing I else I could say but yes, it was all true.

I continued, "I thought there was no way a cute little thing like you couldn't have a tight little body under all those clothes. I always dreamed I would have a chance to find out."

Molly just smiled, let go of my hands and lifted her arms. "Good. Go ahead and take this sweaty shirt off, then you can see just how tight and sexy my little body is."

My hands were trembling with anticipation and my mind was telling me there was no way this was actually happening. I lifted her shirt over her head, revealing her flat belly, the beginnings of those sexy hourglass curves forming on her sides, and 2 perfectly shaped, perky breasts held by a navy blue sports bra.

"What do you think?"

I was literally left speechless and felt like I was staring too long.

Molly caressed my cheek again. "Have you ever slept with anyone?"

Ashamed I looked down into my lap and softly said no. She lifted my chin to make me look into her eyes and asked, "how long until anyone else gets home?"

"Probably a couple hours. My parents are out at a business dinner and who knows what my sister's up to. It's Friday though, so I'd be surprised to see her before tomorrow sometime."

"That's perfect. What you don't know is that I've had a thing for you this whole time, but never did anything about it either. I mean, no one ever knows how a guy is gonna feel being with an older girl...even though it's only four months. So, this was my plan. I was hoping to come over when no one was home and I lucked out. I want to be your first. I'm on the pill so we don't need to worry about being careful and you can do whatever you want to me. I decided i was gonna give you me as your birthday present"

To emphasize her point, Molly pulled me to her and gave me a deep, soul enveloping kiss...the kind of kiss that leaves you breathless and never want to end. It felt like I was hit by a hammer and that a barricaded portion of my brain was blasted open. A low growl came up from my throat and when she pulled away and I caught a little bit of fear in her eyes.

I stood up, took her by the hands and pulled her up as well, enveloping Molly in my arms. I pulled her tight against me, kissing her with a passion I didn't know was in me and pressed my hardening cock against her...causing a little gasp to escape her lips. Breaking the kiss, I reached down and pulled the light blue comforter off the bed, unknowingly pulling the grey cotton topsheet along with it. I reached to pull Molly back to me, but she beat me to it, grabbing the bottom of my black Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt and pulling it off me faster than I thought was possible.

She peeled off her sports bra, revealing the two perkiest, firmest, perfectly sized breasts I had ever seen. Capping the peaks of what appeared to be b-cups were nipples like small pencil erasers just starting to harden and surrounded by a light pink areola about the size of a quarter. My jaw dropped in awe of how sexy she looked standing in front of me clad only in the plaid skirt and knee high socks from her game.

A touch of her scent filled my nose and I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and sighed deeply. If someone asked me to describe her aroma, I'd never be able to, not in a million words. All I can say, is her scent hit my senses like I had run through a brick wall and sent a rush of pleasure throughout my entire body.

Knowing it was my first time, and not wanting things to end too soon, Molly told me to lie down on the bed. I threw one of the pillows onto the floor and laid on my back. She undid my belt, unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them off of me, leaving me wearing just a pair of boxers. When she reached up to grab the waistband and pulled them off me, I could feeling my entire trembling from a combination of shyness and anticipation.

When my penis sprang free, Molly gasped, grasped it with her little hand and whispered, "it's beautiful".

I heard her and said, "I don't know if it is, but you are."

I knew it was a lame attempt at sounding smooth, but it was all I had at the time. Fortunately, Molly smiled, pulled my boxers the rest of the way off without letting go of my throbbing dick, slowly pumping her hand up and down the hard shaft. When she again looked back, she must have noticed the drops of fluid leaking out the top, because she touched the tip of my cock and tentatively brought her finger to her mouth to taste me. I heard a "Mmmm" come from her mouth.

"A little salty, a little sweet. Just how I imagined you'd taste."

She grasped me again and lowered her mouth to the tip of my member, her tongue peeking out from between her lips for another taste, before engulfing my entire shaft with her lips. I felt my cock go from chilly to a warmth I'd never felt before. The sensation was overwhelming, especially combined with her tongue caressing the shaft, the head, and that soft spot just below the head that is always so sensitive, somehow all at the same time. The feelings of pleasure rocketed through body stronger and faster I'd ever felt, with tingles starting simultaneously at my toes, fingertips and head. The tingles converged on my groin and even though it had only been a minute I knew I was going to explode...and it was gonna be a lot.

I got out a "I'm gonna..." and it was too much. The cum rocketed out of my hose catching Molly by surprise. The first shot hit the back of her throat making her cough, cum dripping out of her mouth onto my groin, the second blast hitting her lips before she could recover. By the time the third blast came, my head was back between her lips and she swallowed every last drop remaining.

Molly licked her lips to get the rest of what still remained from the second blast and said, "now that's out of the way we can enjoy ourselves".

After a few minutes to allow the tingles to pass and my heart to start beating again, I pulled her up to kiss her. On the way, I felt her drag her dripping pussy along my shin. Molly later told me that she needed some pressure on her clit to ease some of the growing, aching desire. In any case, that's when I knew, I hadn't been dreaming on the way up the stairs, Molly really had nothing on under her skirt! I gasped at the feeling of her wetness on my skin and she whispered, "I took them off in the car. I didn't want anything to get in your way"

I finally had a chance to run my hands all over Molly's body and I was not going to waste it. I rolled her on top of me, kissed her deeply and ran my hands up and down her back, grabbing her amazingly tight, muscular ass and pulling her tight against my rehardening penis...drawing another gasp and sigh from her mouth. The feel of her skin was like satin running across my fingertips.

I rolled her onto her back kissed my way down to her neck. Inexperienced as I was, I could still sense spots that brought out a moan, a gasp or a quick intake of breath. I kissed and nibbled right where the neck meets the shoulder and worked my way back up to her ear...when I reached the soft spot just below the ear, where the jaw meets the neck, she grabbed my head to hold it there. The sexiest moan I'd ever heard came out of her mouth, followed by "Ooohhhhh James." Hearing my name said so sexily sent a shiver of pleasure through my entire body. I moved my way down her neck to those perfect breasts.

I could taste the saltiness of the sweat that had dried on her body, coupled with her scent, and wished I had 8 arms and five mouths, I wanted to be everywhere at once. Molly lifted up my head and said "there's plenty of time. I'm here for you to enjoy my body...all of my body. You can take my skirt off, too. There's no reason to not see it all."

"I want to leave it on. It feels like you're really a naughty schoolgirl."

"Well, aren't I?"

"That's true, we can take your skirt off next time."

"You think there's gonna be a next time?"

"I sure hope so!"

"If I have anything to do with it, next time might be later tonight," Molly said, responding with another deep, soulful, breathtaking kiss that seemed to last for an eternity but was over way too soon.

Our hands were roaming over each other's bodies...Molly running her hands through the hair that was just starting to form on my chest and I was caressing her breasts, her sides, her ass, anywhere I could reach...all while my hard shaft was pressing against that sweet, juicy peach through her skirt. I worked my way back down her neck and started to lick and nibble on her excited nipples. I started nibbling gently, but thought I bit down a little too hard. Fortunately, I heard a gasp and a deep moan telling me she liked it, so I nibbled a little harder and worked my hand down her legs and up under her skirt.

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