She Wants More than the Tip


"Well, technically, you friended me." Ryan typed back.

"Well all that matters is that we're friends now." Alicia said. There was a pause before she sent another message.

"Why haven't you called me yet?" she asked.

"I didn't know why you wanted me to." Ryan replied.

"I wanted to thank you for the very large tip you left me." Alicia said.

"Well, you're welcome. I couldn't have done the engagement without you." Ryan replied, not putting together that she left him her number before he gave her the tip.

"Thanks!!! But I want to thank you personally. I'll get that number out of you eventually, then we can plan something." she replied. Ryan was confused by this statement. "Listen, I gotta head out to work. I'll talk to you tomorrow."

With that, she was offline. Ryan was a little confused. How did she want to thank him? And, wasn't she a little presumptuous to assume they would be talking again tomorrow? He was confused by this girl. He decided to check out her profile for the first time.

Her profile was one of those self-pictures with the girl holding the camera above herself so you could see her whole body in the picture. She was giving the kissy face in the picture. And front and center in the picture was her chest, with a few buttons unbuttoned on her blouse, exposing a hint of smooth cleavage.

Ryan started looking at her wall postings. The last thing posted on it was a new status from the day before that said "I met a boy today!!!" Ryan realized she must have had a busy day yesterday to take part in his engagement plans and to meet some guy. Ryan scanned the rest of her wall. She was one of those girls that had like five statuses a day, many poorly spelled, and most of them trivial. The other things on her wall were posts from her friends or those posts from guys where you could tell that they liked her but didn't realize she was out of their league. She had brushed them off deftly from what Ryan could tell. The other things on her wall were pictures from the various parties she attended.

Ryan moved on and decided to check out her information. Under interests she had boys, partying, hanging out with her girls, drinking and boy chasing. Her taste in movies was nothing special, mostly crappy romantic comedies. They were the types of movies that showed she had bad taste in cinema. Same with her music choices, just the girly pop music that played on the radio everywhere.

He looked down at her professional and educational information. Under her school information, she wrote "Skool iz 4 lozerz." He hoped that those misspellings were deliberately bad, but he wasn't so sure. He hoped she was being ironic. Her only other school info was her high school graduation. He was not surprised to see she never went to college. He didn't look down on her for it. He knew a lot of smart, successful people who never went to college. Then he looked at her professional info and saw that she had been waitressing for years at one place or another. She had been at O'Malley's for two years. Ryan realized she was not exactly a world beater, but hey the world needed waitresses.

Ryan started to look at her photo albums. She had a lot of them. Seventy percent of her pictures were from parties. All of her friends looked like typical airhead party girls. Anna surrounded herself with intelligent, friendly girls, the total opposite of the girls Alicia seemingly hung out with. Ryan didn't think any of Anna's friends would be caught dead with Alicia or any of her friends.

From her photos, Alicia seemed to like wearing skimpy clothes, since she wore them in most of her pictures. She also preferred skimpy bikinis as well, as the ones she wore in her beach photos showed a lot of skin. And, Alicia definitely knew that she had big breasts, because she took every opportunity to parade them. They took front and center in most of her pictures, but with boobs that big, it would be hard not to. Every shirt she wore was tight and low-cut. Every bikini left most of her breasts exposed. The most revealing outfit was a skimpy witch outfit that she wore for Halloween, and it was so low-cut that it went down to her belly button, exposing the entire length of her excellent, soft-looking cleavage. She always pushed them out, begging to be admired. She was a girl built to handle having big breasts.

Ryan hadn't realized he had been looking at her profile for about a half hour. He had been too distracted to realize he had a bunch of notifications letting him know people had commented on his engagement. On the day after his engagement, he had been too distracted by some waitress's big breasts to thank people for congratulating him on his engagement.

Ryan had classes for most of the next day and came home to the apartment he and Anna shared. He found Anna on the couch, working on her laptop. As he set his stuff down, Anna looked up at him.

"Hey, did you Facebook friend that waitress we had at O'Malley's?" Anna asked casually.

"She friended me." Ryan replied, hanging up his coat.

"How'd she get your name?" Anna asked.

"Hmm, I don't know. Maybe from my credit card." Ryan said.

"Isn't that a bit creepy, to get some guys name off of his credit card?" Anna asked. Ryan shrugged. He leaned over and kissed Anna on the top of her head.

"You have nothing to worry about. She's harmless." Ryan said, sitting down next to her on the couch.

"I don't know. Something about her bugs me. I got weird vibes off of her at the restaurant, and I'm getting weird vibes off of her now. Look, she went through your page and commented on a ton of your stuff. She's all over your Facebook now." Anna said, clearly irritated by Alicia.

"Do you want me to defriend her?" Ryan asked with a smile, clearly amused by Anna's annoyance.

"Don't make fun of me." Anna said with a laugh. Ryan reached over her and grabbed her shoulder and pulled her into him.

"What do you want me to do?" Ryan asked, snuggling with his fiancée.

"Just tell her to step off or something." Anna said.

"I think she's just being friendly." Ryan replied.

"Just be careful. I get weird vibes from her." Anna said. Ryan leaned down and kissed her head again.

"I'll be fine." Ryan said.

A few hours later, Ryan investigated his Facebook for the first time, and Anna was telling the truth. Alicia had commented on lots of things. She had made little comments on things on his wall and had gone through a lot of his pictures and made comments on those two. Most were harmless. The only one that caused him to squirm was a comment she made on a picture he had of himself shirtless on the beach. She had said "Nice!" in regards to his fit chest and torso. As if on cue, a chat window popped up.

"Hey!!!" Alicia said.

"Hey." Ryan replied.

"Why haven't you called me yet?" Alicia said. He could practically hear her pout.

"What do you want to talk about?" Ryan asked.

"You'll have to call and find out." Alicia teased. Ryan rolled his eyes.

"Listen, you can't comment on everything on my Facebook like you did." Ryan said.

"Why not?" Alicia replied.

"Because people might get the wrong idea." Ryan said.

"Did Anna not like it?" Alicia replied.

"No, she didn't. And I'm sure there are others." Ryan said.

"Well, I'll make you a deal. If you call me, I'll lay off on the Facebook stuff. Okay?" Alicia said.

"I'll think about it." Ryan said.

The next day, Anna had classes late but Ryan did not. He went online to check his Facebook, only to find Alicia had commented on more stuff. He knew he had to make a choice. Anna would get mad at him and get the wrong idea if she kept doing this, and Ryan would do anything to prevent jeopardizing his engagement. The only way to stop Alicia was to call her, even though he had no desire to. He didn't even consider defriending her. Ryan hated to make anyone mad. He finally picked up his iphone, pulled out the slip of paper Alicia had written her number on, and dialed in her number. With a sigh, he hit the call button. The phone rang twice before it was answered.

"Hello?" Alicia said.

"Alicia?" Ryan asked nervously.

"Yes. Who's this?" she asked.

"Uh, this is Ryan." Ryan said.

"Ryan! It's about time you called!" Alicia said excitedly.

"So, what do you want to talk about?" Ryan asked, not sharing her enthusiasm.

"Well, we have so much to talk about. We don't have to get into that immediately. How are you doing?" Alicia asked.

"I'm fine. And you?" Ryan asked.

"I'm great!" Alicia said. "How's the engaged life?" she asked.

"It's good. Going well." Ryan replied.

"How's school going? I had no idea you're gonna be a doctor." Alicia said.

"It's going well. Listen, is this all we're gonna talk about, because I have things to do?" Ryan said.

"Okay, fine, Mr. Grumpy pants." Alicia said. She paused then continued. "So, you know when you meet people and you get a sense about them? I just got this sense with you. I got the sense that you and I were meant to be great friends. Best friends. So... I was hoping we could hang out... and become the best friends we were meant to be. "

"Hang out and do what?" Ryan asked.

"Best friend stuff. We could just hang out and shoot the shit. We could go see movies together. Maybe hold hands when we walk down the street..." Alicia said.

"Wait, what?" Ryan asked.

"You know, best friend stuff. Holding hands. Maybe we could kiss when we get the chance. Normal best friend stuff. Maybe some naughtier stuff too, if you're game for it." Alicia said. There was a smile in her voice.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Ryan said.

"Well, where I come from, when a guy and a girl are best friends, they fuck each other. I was trying to keep things PG, but I felt like I needed to clear this up. I wanna be best friends with you Ryan." Alicia said.

"What!? Are you serious?" Ryan said, in shock.

"Yeah, of course. Why wouldn't I be?" Alicia said.

"Alicia, wow, I'm not interested." Ryan said.

"Yes you are." Alicia replied.

"Alicia, I'm engaged. I'm off the market." Ryan said.

"So? I date engaged guys and married guys all the time. It's fine. Engaged guys can still date girls." Alicia said.

"What are you talking about?" Ryan said.

"Ryan, I didn't realize you were this dense. I want to date you, Ryan. It doesn't matter that you're engaged. I want you. And if you're honest with yourself, I think you want me too." Alicia said.

"You're crazy!" Ryan said.

"Ryan, you were flirting like crazy with me when we talked at the restaurant. I caught all the signals. I know how badly you want to date women other than your fiancée. You don't give a waitress a fifty dollar tip unless you want to bang her." Alicia said.

"I'm hanging up." Ryan threatened.

"I just want you to think about one thing before you do. It's the only thing I've been thinking about... Just imagine how hot it would have been... You invited Anna to the restaurant. You planned out this great romantic moment. But when she gets there, you do something unexpected. How hot would it have been if you invited her there, and then you put that ring on my finger? How hot would it have been to propose to some slutty waitress in front of your girlfriend? Just think about that..." Alicia said. With that, she hung up.

Ryan stood there, stunned. He couldn't believe how big of a slut this girl was. She would have to be if she was trying to date a guy who was already engaged. Ryan wasn't afraid of her. She was just a slut. What could she possibly do?


Ryan cut ties with Alicia as best as he could. He defriended her on Facebook, and ignored her when she tried to call. After a few days, the calls stopped, and Ryan figured he was out of the woods. She was just a stupid, slutty girl. Nothing he couldn't handle.

Anna had been suspicious of Alicia ever since she met her. She had been stalking her on Facebook ever since she friended Ryan. She was happy when Ryan defriended her, but Anna was not convinced this bitch was gone for good. Then something strange happened. She had gotten used to seeing an empty spot where it listed mutual friends between her and Alicia, but suddenly, some of her girlfriends appeared in that spot. Alicia had started to become friends with Anna's friends. One after another, her friends became Alicia's friends. Anna contacted some of her friends, and nonchalantly asked them about Alicia. She generally heard the same story. They had met this girl Alicia, and she was a cool girl. Anna couldn't help but think this was an attack against her.

Anna was further shocked in the coming weeks to see pictures of some of her friends at party's with Alicia. This shocked her more than anything. Seeing her normally reserved, intelligent friends hanging out with that slut. And they were wearing such slutty clothes. She didn't realize her friends had that side to them.

Anna tried to hang out with her friends, but they always said they were busy. It was infuriating to see the pictures the next day on Facebook of her circle of friends hanging out with Alicia at some party from the night before. And none of her friends invited her! And watching her friends chat like idiots on Facebook with Alicia made her sick! Anna started to distance herself with those girls. If they wanted to be friends with that girl, then she didn't want to be friends with them.

Anna was not convinced that Alicia was done taking shots at Ryan. She snuck a peek at Ryan's phone, and noted that she had been calling and texting him, but he never responded. This made Anna smile. He was a good fiancé.

But there were other things that caused Anna concern. Things that raised Alicia's threat level in Anna's opinion from minor nuisance to a possible threat. Not a threat to her marriage but a threat to her safety. Every so often when she came home, she would see the same silver car parked across the street. Anna could tell that someone was in the driver's seat, but as she tried to look and see who was there, the car would either drive off, or the shade from the tree the car was parked under would prevent Anna from seeing who was inside. But Anna was pretty sure who was inside. Anna was pretty sure that bitch waitress was inside, watching her, studying her. But Anna didn't know for sure.

Anna wouldn't just see the car at home. At work, she would see the car parked within view of the entrance. Anytime Anna would try to approach the car, it would drive off. This happened a few times. Anna would visit Ryan at work too, and she would see that same fucking car there. Anna knew that bitch was watching them.

But this didn't bother Anna as much as what happened next. Anna came home one day, while Ryan was still working. As she walked in, something seemed off. Things looked like they had been messed with. Pictures slightly moved. Drawers slightly ruffled through. Things were just off. Ryan doesn't come home till late in the day, so it wasn't him that did this. Nothing appeared to be missing, though. Anna went to her bedroom, and she got the same sense that something was off. It looked like her drawers had been gone through. It looked like the bed sheets were ruffled, as if someone had lied on the bed. Plus, there was a smell in the air. A smell she couldn't quite place. Anna didn't know if these things were actually there, or if she was going nuts. But it felt like there was a lead weight in her stomach. For the first time, she was a little afraid of Alicia. If that bitch was capable of breaking and entering, what else would she do?

This didn't just happen once. Every few days, Anna got the sense that someone had been in her home. Things were again off, but nothing was ever missing. Anna just started to wonder why? Why would that bitch, because Anna just knew it was that skank waitress, come into her home and take nothing? Anna started to think that maybe that skank was leaving something behind. Maybe she left a camera or something to spy on them. Anna would drive herself nuts, looking everywhere for a spy camera, but she never found a thing. Anna thought she was going nuts. She couldn't tell Ryan, because he would think she was crazy. He didn't want him to see her like that. Crazy and paranoid with fear. Then, the letters started to come.

Anna started receiving letters in the mail, with no address. It was as if someone was personally dropping them off in her mailbox. The letters consisted of only a few words each. One of them just said 'Bitch'. One said 'Cunt'. And they just kept coming. They would say 'Ugly', or 'Flat', or 'Plain', or 'Fat'. These words were slanders against her. Anna was confident enough in her looks to not be affected, or at least that's what she told herself. She thought she was pretty, and she didn't think she was a bitch or a cunt. Sure, she didn't have big, bulging breasts, but men didn't care about tits that much. Also, she was happy with her weight. She looked healthy, not fat. She could stand to lose a few pounds, sure, but Ryan didn't seem to mind.

She knew these letters all came from the same place, because they were all written in lipstick. Deep, red lipstick. And, each of these letters had a signature. A calling card. But it was not a name. It was a kiss. The person who had written these notes had kissed the paper under the nasty words, leaving a lip-print on the paper. Anna had taken off of work a few times, waiting for Alicia to show up, but she never came. Anna didn't know whether she should call the police or just handle this herself. But then, Alicia did something that made up Anna's mind.

Anna got home, and again had that feeling that someone had been inside. She shook it off and went up to her bedroom. She dropped off her stuff and stepped into the bathroom. As she turned on the light and looked into the mirror, she gasped loudly and stepped back. On the mirror were the words, "Ryan will be mine, bitch", written in the same recognizable red lipstick. There was a kiss on the mirror below the words. Anna steeled herself, incensed at Alicia for doing this. Part of Anna was relieved that she wasn't crazy, that Alicia had been in her home. Anna picked up the phone and called the police. This bitch would get it. The dispatcher said they would send an officer out her way soon.

Within a few minutes, Anna heard a car pull into the driveway. She opened the front door and waited for the cop to get out of his car. The driver's door opened, and Anna was surprised to see the cop was a woman. A gorgeous woman. Anna noticed two things about her immediately: she had big tits and a bad attitude. Anna couldn't help but notice the cop's extremely large breasts, which her uniform top clung to. Anna noticed her body did not quit. Her legs were long, and as she turned to shut her door, Anna couldn't help but notice her nice, round butt. As the cop turned to face her, Anna realized her face held up its end of the bargain. Her face was strikingly gorgeous, with perfect skin, full, pouty lips, and long shiny hair tied in a bun. Large aviator glasses covered her eyes, and Anna got the impression that this cop would rather be anywhere else. This female cop was the total package. The cop walked up to Anna.

"Ms. Franklin, is it?" the cop said, holding out her hand.

"Yes, you can call me Anna." Anna said.

"I'm Officer Veronica Rivera. How can I help you?" the cop, Veronica, said.

Anna quickly explained the situation. About Alicia, and how she met her. Anna explained how she thought she was being followed. Anna showed the cop the letters, and then showed her the message on the mirror. The cop pulled out a few evidence bags. She took all the letters, and put them in a bag. She took photos of the mirror, and she took chips of the lipstick off of it. Then, she made an impression of the lips, and she swabbed the lip-print for DNA.

"I thought they had people to do this? I didn't know cops did this stuff." Anna said, making conversation.

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