tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShe Went Too Far

She Went Too Far

byEnglish Bob©

She really did. This time Marcia went too far. Way too far.

Marcia – my wife of three years – is a fun loving girl. She likes to laugh and dance, is always the life and soul of the party and revels in being the centre of attention. With a shock of silver blonde hair and a voluptuous, killer body, she will always wear the most revealing clothes she can get away with. But revealing clothes will only make a woman more alluring; more of a temptation to men and Marcia is certainly no exception in this case. The only difference is that Marcia will often play to her audience and allow a little more of herself to be viewed than might be considered appropriate. Yes, that's right, my wife is a flasher!

Not that it bothers me at all. I've never been the jealous type and the idea of other men being able to see little glimpses of my wife will always turn me on – especially when I know that the main prize is mine! But at a party recently Marcia surpassed all her other exploits – and then some!

The party had been a good one. Lots of booze, lots of dancing and lots of laughing. As usual, by the early hours, Marcia had consumed a quite substantial quantity of alcohol and, after returning from the bathroom, I found her gyrating wildly to very loud music with some young guy that I'd not seen before. I stood back against the make-shift bar and watched her for a few minutes. Her blonde hair looked wild and unkempt as she twisted and contorted her body to the booming music. She wore a simple dark coloured dress and having not bothered with any underwear at all, I knew that it covered only her naked body. As she twirled manically it was clearly possible to see the swell of a naked breast from the side of her dress and from the look of excitement on her young dance partners face, I guessed that he had been flashed on more than one occasion.

As Marcia saw me at the bar she smiled and sashayed over towards me leaving the young man with a look of rejection on his face. In a way I felt a little sorry for the guy – he presumably anticipated seeing a lot more of my wife.

"Hi baby!" Marcia gasped exhaustedly as she finally arrived at my side. She leaned into me and planted a wet kiss on my cheek. "You having a good time?"

"Sure." I replied with a smile. "You look like you're having fun too!"

I nodded in the direction of her previous dancing partner. Marcia shrugged.

"Oh, you know, he's nice but a little young."

"Looks to me like you got him a bit hot and bothered!"

"Well," Marcia looked sheepishly at me, "I did let him grab my ass once or twice while we were dancing. But no more than that!" She added quickly.

I laughed. Marcia knows how I feel about her flirting but I just like to confirm my approval every now and then. I checked my watch and tried to stifle a yawn.

"Time to go?" Marcia asked.

I smiled again. "Yeah. I guess. Do you mind?"

She kissed me again, on the lips this time and I felt her tongue snake into my mouth. I pulled her tightly towards me and let my hands rest on her covered behind. As she broke the embrace her hand grasped mine and suddenly she was leading me out into the warm night air.

The taxi ride home was long and slow and, due to my tiredness, I must have drifted off to sleep. I could feel Marcia's warm body against mine as fleeting dreams began to waft over me.

I must have slept for over an hour because the next thing I can remember was the sound of Marcia's and the cab drivers voice as they infiltrated my subconscious. I knew that I should waken, that we must be home, but something deep inside me told me to open my eyes only a crack and remain where I was. I half expected Marcia to shake me awake and tell me that we were back home but, as the minutes passed and their conversation continued, I could tell that there was something going on.

Very slowly and very carefully I let my eyes open a fraction. I was actually awake now and was well aware that my wife was once again flirting. Marcia was sitting back against the vinyl seat and idly toying with the spaghetti strap at the top of her tight dress.

"Don't worry," I heard her purr to the driver, "I'm not trying to avoid paying the fare. I just though maybe I could brighten up your night!"

The driver grunted something back in a thick accented voice and turned in his seat. Just as his head appeared over the top, Marcia laughed and pulled the top of her dress right down and exposed her breasts!

For a few seconds the taxi was silent. Nobody spoke and all I could hear was Marcia's short breathing.

"Don't you like them?" She asked suddenly with a grin.

The driver suddenly let out a long, whistling breath.

"Oh baby!" He exclaimed. "You got great tits!"

I smiled inwardly and knew that Marcia was beginning to enjoy herself. But there was something in her voice as she spoke which made me think that this situation was a little different from the other times she had flashed. Maybe it was the drink, maybe it was the young man earlier that had got her hornier than she had let on to me. Or maybe it was the fact that she thought I was asleep. Whatever it was, it appeared to me that my little slut of a wife was prepared to go a little further than just flashing her tits!

"Wanna touch?" She suddenly asked in that little girl voice that she does so well.

The driver seemed to be taken aback by Marcia's forwardness for just a moment but then I heard him gulp and, through the slits in my eyes, saw him nod his head vigorously. Marcia sighed as she lay back in her seat. Her hands fell to her sides to expose her upper body completely as the driver leaned further over. I heard her moan softly as his rough hands made contact with her breasts and saw her eyes close as he began to circle her stiffened nipples with his fingers.

The cabbie licked his lips as he continued to feel my wife up. His face was spilt into a kind of manic grin, doubtless hardly believing his good fortune, when he suddenly seemed to remember that there was a third person in his vehicle.

"What about him?" The driver drawled pointing in my direction.

"He can sleep for hours, baby!" Marcia replied. "Don't worry, he won't wake up."

Now I knew that she was definitely up to something and that it was likely she would get what she wanted. As I continued to feign sleep, the driver carefully extricated himself from the front of the vehicle and joined my wife on the back seat. Immediately he was inside his hungry lips sought out Marcia's hard, pointed nipples. I could hear him greedily sucking on the little buds as his hands cupped them. Marcia was moaning softly in her throat and wriggling herself in the seat. I wasn't quite sure what she was trying to do until I began to see the tops of her thighs come into view and realised that she was trying to shimmy the dress up to her waist and thereby expose her pussy.

The taxi driver soon cottoned on to what she was doing as well and sat back to view my wife's moist vagina as she spread her legs open for him.

"Hey, no panties!" he exclaimed as Marcia displayed her wet gash. "My kinda woman!"

"Go down on me! Marcia gasped, almost begging. "Eat my pussy, baby!"

The driver clearly did not need to be asked twice and I watched as his head dipped between my wife's spread thighs and his protruding tongue flicked over her exposed clit.

Marcia's moaning was becoming a little more intense now as the driver lapped and sucked at her hard clit. I could see his fingers as they squeezed her breast with one hand and opened her sex lips with the other. I could feel an erection pressing against my own zipper and hoped that neither Marcia nor the cabbie would be able to notice my state of arousal.

But it was quite obvious that my wife and her stud had other things on their minds. As Marcia stretched her legs as wide as the confines of the back seat would allow I saw the driver slip a wet finger deep into her anus. She gasped as the digit penetrated her and I watched intently as her whole body began to tremble.

"Oh God! I'm cumming!" Marcia groaned as her hips rose from the plastic seat and her hands pulled the drivers head tighter into her vagina.

She had either taken off her sandals or they had fallen off in the excitement because I could see the toes of her bare feet curl up seductively as the orgasm ripped through her nude body.

My wife's breathing slowly began to return to normal. There was a sheen of perspiration covering her upper body and her nipples looked pink and swollen from where the driver had been pinching and abusing them.

"You like that, baby?" The man drawled as his head rose from between Marcia's legs. "You like getting your cunt eaten?"

"Mmmm." My wife purred contentedly. "I love having my cunt eaten and sucked. You're real good honey!"

I adore it when my wife uses graphic terms such as "cunt" and "prick", and it was turning me on to hear her now. But I guessed that the driver would not be too happy if the encounter finished there. If I was as hard as this, surely his cock must be rock solid! But would my wife be willing to go any further? How much of a slut would she really be?

As if answering my unvoiced question, I suddenly heard the sound of a zipper being lowered and I guessed that the cab driver was now looking for more action. And Marcia – to my great relief – was not about to disappoint him.

"Oh, is that all for me?" I heard her coo as the driver hauled out a large and fiercely hard penis.

"Just for you, baby! Go ahead, suck me off!"

As I continued to spy on the pair, Marcia moved her naked body into position. Her hand slipped under his heavy, tight balls and cupped them gently. Her head lowered slowly until her painted lips were directly in line with his twitching knob and then her tongue flicked out. The driver groaned deep in his throat as her tongue laved up and down his shaft gently, seemingly exploring every contour – every bump and vein in the lengthy pole. Her breasts – tipped with still stiff and swollen nipples – hung tantalisingly close to his scrotum as her mouth finally descended over his engorged glans. I knew that I would have cum on the spot if I had been receiving this attention and was well impressed with the young driver's stamina.

As Marcia began to bob her head slowly up and down on the turgid weapon, the driver's hands went to the back of her head. I could see his fingers tense as he applied more downward pressure and watched as his solid cock disappeared slowly, inch by inch, into my wife's willing throat. Marcia was humming and gurgling as she sucked and, as the young man raised his hips, her hand moved under his balls and a finger slipped into his ass.

"Oh My God!" The cabbie cried as he was penetrated. "I love that!" deeper baby, deeper!"

As my wife's finger slid further into his body, so her throat seemed to contract around his cock. I could see the concentration marking his face. His eyes screwed tight shut and his teeth bit down on to his gum. Clearly this man knew how to avoid cumming too soon. I was just starting to think that he could surely not hold back any longer when he suddenly pulled out and withdrew his tool from my wife's throat with a slurping sound.

"That's real good baby," he croaked, "but Danny wants to fuck now, okay?"

Marcia gasped for air as the long pole slipped from her mouth but nodded her head excitedly. She wriggled back into the seat again and spread her long legs wide while the young cabbie stripped off the remainder of his clothing. Marcia's pussy opened like a flower as the driver managed to locate himself between her legs. His cock head pierced her wet sex lips slowly and I heard them both groan in unison as he entered her.

The air was now filled with the acrid scent of sex as my wife and the taxi driver went at it. His ass seemed a blur to my eyes as he slammed in and out of her moist hole, ramming deeper and deeper with each lunging thrust. Marcia's hands were all over his body, stroking, teasing, encouraging. Her mouth hung open and her body was bounced back and forth by the sheer power of his thrusts. The minutes ticked by as the whole car seemed to leap up and down on its tired old springs. My cock ached almost painfully now and, as the pair neared a mutual climax, I couldn't help moving slightly to adjust my uncomfortable position.

"Hey, he's not asleep!" The driver cried as he saw me.

"I don't care!" Marcia responded in between panting gasps. "Just fuck me you big cocked bastard! Cum with me NOW!"

With my discovery now evident, there didn't seem to be much point in faking sleep any more and I sat up to watch properly. Besides, there was no way that the driver was going to stop humping himself into my wife now!

With a cry of satisfaction I saw the young man ram deeply into Marcia's hole and let rip. His buttocks seemed to twitch with each jet of sperm that he was sending into her and she had wrapped her legs around him to ensure maximum penetration. Her body quivered again as another climax rippled through her and a long sigh of ecstasy escaped her lips.

When the young cabbie had finally finished cumming inside my wife's pussy, he leaned back on his heels and took a deep breath. He looked over at me and smiled.

"Great fuck, your wife!" he exclaimed simply. "Seems she can't get enough cum, man!"

I smiled wanly and was just about to reply when my wife interrupted.

"He knows that! And I still want more now!"

I t was clear from the cab driver's flagging weapon that he would not be ready for more action for some time. This was going to be down to me and I was going to have some fun!

"You want more cum, bitch?" I demanded.

The cab driver smiled as he saw where this was going.

"Get out of the car then you little slut!" I continued.

The night air was still warm as Marcia demurely obeyed me and, with cum leaking out of her naked pussy, swung her long, trembling legs out of the car. The driver followed us as I led my wife around to the other side of the cab.

"Kneel down, bitch!" I ordered as I pulled my pants down and began squeezing the head of my cock. "Play with your big tits. Give me something to look at so I can cum."

Again, Marcia obeyed and began plucking at her abused and swollen nipples as I started to jerk off. The sight of her heaving breasts and open and leaking pussy put me close within a few short seconds and with a gasp of air I quickly exploded. My eyes were shut but I could hear my wife sigh gratefully as my cum splashed down into her cleavage. I jerked and jerked for all I was worth until I had ensured that I'd given her every last drop.

As it turned out, Danny, our very happy driver, was just about to go off duty and with a laugh he called into his base and told them that he would not be taking any more fares that night. It was just as well too because Marcia was far from finished with either of us. That night the three of us shared our large bed but nobody got any sleep. Marcia was fucked in just about every conceivable position and we greeted the new dawn with Danny's big cock buried in her ass and my smaller version stuffed down her throat. I lost count of the times that she climaxed but she still kept coming back and wanting more. Since that night Marcia has never really again gone too far. But I live in hope!

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