tagGroup SexSheila's Awakening Ch. 04

Sheila's Awakening Ch. 04


Sheila was obviously excited but at the same time had that "deer in the headlights" look. She glanced over at Dave with a hungry look in her eye but had also a pleading expression on her face. Dave slid from the couch onto the floor, kissed her lightly on the cheek and took her hand.

Sheila looked at him and softly said; " I love you David."

"I love you too sweetheart, but I want you to relax and enjoy yourself. I'll be right here with you.

At this Sheila seemed to relax. She gazed at Ben and very slightly nodded her head. Ben moved closer to her.

" You look so large Ben, I hope I can handle that thing OK."

"Relax," Ben said, " we're in no hurry, we've got all night if necessary. I want to fuck you in the worst way Sheila, but I want it to be good for you too.'

Ben took hold of his cock and began sliding the head of it up and down in her cunt, her pussy soaking him in her juice. She was so wet that Ben was sure she would have no problem handling him. His cock was thoroughly soaked . He moved it up and began rubbing the head against her clit. Sheila started to hump back against him, her breath coming in short bursts.

"oooh, oooh, she gasped, oh yes!"

Ben leaned over and began to kiss Sheila lightly on the neck. He kissed her chin, then down into the hollow of her neck, she shivered at the touch of his lips on her neck.

Ben was at the same time continuing to move the head of his cock slowly up and down in her slit, making her groan.

Sheila was now humping hard, moving her pussy against Ben's cock getting if possible even wetter.

" OK baby," Ben whispered, now we gotta work this thing into that beautiful little pink pussy of yours."

"Oh yes, Ben, yes. Please don't hurt me though, don't hurt me."

" Sheila, there's no way I'm gonna do that. Dave would never allow that anyway. Just relax honey, just relax and let things happen."

Ben moved the head of his cock inside her lips, pushing just enough to start her pussy to open up. Sheila groaned, it felt so big but also so good.

"Mmmmm, yes Ben, push it in, just go slow. Mmm, feels good Ben, feels really good."

Ben was encouraged by her to push a little more. He had about 3 inches in now and was moving it in and out slowly enjoying the feel of her velvety pussy, anticipating when he could slide it all in. Sheila was moving with him even more now, pumping her ass up off the floor, meeting him at each thrust.

"That's it baby," Ben said, "move that ass. Fuck it up against me baby, move your pussy on my cock. "

Ben suddenly realized that he had a good 6 inches in her now and she was handling it just fine. He decided to push it a little more."

"Nnnnh, oh wow, oh Ben, it's really in me now. It's so big. Sheila looked at Dave, giving him a slight smile.

"Honey, it's so big," she said to David, " It's bigger than anything I've ever had in there. It's bigger even than my dildo."

Ben decided to go for it. He eased forward and pushed slowly but firmly. Finally he felt his balls up against her cunt and his dick bottom out against her cervix. Man he was really in her now. He began to pick up the pace, fucking her with a little additional force.

"Oh David," she said to her husband, "oh honey, it's so big, so big. Unnngh, oh wow, oh it's so good.

Dave realized that she had let go of his hand. She was smiling at Ben.

"It's so good Ben, so good. Fuck me baby, fuck me."

Dave was shocked at her language. It was obvious that Sheila was in a different world now.

At this point Ben was starting to really pound Dave's wife. He could hear the squishing of Ben's big cock moving in and out of Sheila's pussy and the sound of his big balls slapping up against her.

"Unnngh, unnngh, fuck it baby, fuck that white pussy with that big black cock. Oh Ben it's wonderful, it feels so good baby, so damn good. You like that white pussy?"

"Oh yes baby, yes. I love that white pussy."

"You like that big black cock baby? You like havin my big black cock in that little pink pussy?"

"Yessss, yes, Ben, I love that big black cock. Fuck it, fuck it hard Ben," Sheila almost shouted. "Oh fuck me Ben, I think I'm gonna cum. Fuck it hard baby, oh fuck it hard."

Dave realized that the entire room was watching now. All of them entranced by the show in front of them.

Just then Dave felt someone tugging the zipper down on his shorts. He looked quickly to find Nell, smiling at him, her big tits pointed right at him. He cooperated with her, raising his hips off the floor so that she could slide his shorts and boxers off of him. His cock bobbed in the air, harder than he had ever seen it. She took hold of it gracefully, lowering her mouth to engulf it.

"Oh God, baby that feels good," Dave hissed, " just do me Nell, I'm about to pop already."

Nell smiled, even with her mouth full of cock and began to move slowly up and down the length of Dave's tool , first sucking and then loosening up and working her tongue on it as she continued to move her mouth on him. She gazed at him, her eyes locked on his. He was a very handsome man and she was feeling very turned on doing him. She loved to suck cock. She enjoyed pussy too but she loved to suck cock!

Dave turned his head to glance at his wife since she was now making so much noise it was impossible to ignore her.

"Oh Ben, fuck it hard honey, fuck it hard. I'm getting there Ben, I'm gonna cum soon. Oh I love that cock. It's really stretching me but it feels soooo good. "

Ben drew most of the way out of Sheila's pussy and then rammed it back in. Sheila let out a whoosh of air as he did so.

" Oh God, Ben, do that , do that sweety."

Ben continued to nearly pull out and then shove it hard back in, feeling himself bottom out against her cervix. It wasn't gonna take much more of this and he was going to cum too.

Suddenly Sheila looked at Dave and grabbed his nearby ankle. She had the most sensual look on her face that Dave had ever seen.

"David, oh honey I'm gonna cum. Baby I'm gonna cum hard. Ben's fucking me so good honey."

Ben now picked up the pace, banging her harder than ever. He could feel her beginning to tense up. It wouldn't be long now. The entire room was quiet, all of them watching Ben and Sheila.

"Oh yes, oh yesss, here it cums, here it cums......ohhhh God, I'm cumming, I'm cumming...... Oh gimme that cock Ben, cum in me baby, shoot your cum in me!!"

Ben could feel his balls tightening and that old familiar feeling in his balls. He felt it starting to move, preparing to bathe her pussy in his sperm.

"Here it is baby, here it is," Ben growled, " take it baby, take it all."

With that he began to shoot. He could fell jets of cum souirting into her.

"Oh David, I can feel Ben cumming. He's shooting it way up in there, I can feel it so good. Oh, Ben it's so good. I'm cumming a little bit again too."

At this, Dave could feel his cock twitching, he glanced at Nell, she knew what was coming and she was ready. Suddenly his cock jerked in her mouth and his sperm crashed into the back of her throat. He was cumming more rapidly than normal, pumping like crazy into her hot and velvety mouth. He was looking at his wife as he came and was shocked to see Sheila and Ben locked in a French kiss, swapping tougues, Sheila with her hands on the sides of Ben's face. It was the most erotic scene he had ever watched.

Nell had swallowed it all and was now lightly licking the tip of his cock, catching the last few drops.

"Thanks for letting me do that Dave, it was yummy."

"No kiddo," Dave said, " that was my pleasure and believe me I mean my pleasure."

"Thank you for letting me have some time with your wife Dave," Ben said with a smile, " she is a very hot lady."

"I agree Ben," Dave answered, " and she's even hotter now in my opinion."

"Let me get us another cooler," Ben said, walking away.

"Are you happy with what went on David," Sheila questioned, " was it what you thought it would be?"

"No," Dave answered, " it was way more than I thought it would be. You were so hot Sheila, I couldn't believe it."

Dave reached over and put his hand on her shoulder. He leaned forward and kissed her lightly on the lips.

"You are an incredible lady, do you know that?"

"Thank you sweetheart. You know David, I came tonight with the thought that I was doing this for you. That I would put up with it to make you happy. Well, something funny happened. I've never been so turned on in my life. I loved every minute of it darling, every last minute. There's just one problem."

" What baby, what's the problem?" Dave asked.

" There is a river of cum running out of me and I'm afraid I'm gonna damage Donnas' carpet," she said with a giggle.

Dave looked and indeed there was what looked like a small lake of sperm that had leaked from her well used pussy.

"Oh wow'" Dave exclaimed, " you're right. Maybe we should say something to Donna."

" Well, I've glanced over near the chair and over on top of the couch and I see the same thing so I don't think it would be any surprise to Donna or Bill."

After looking where she had said he was in agreement. This was apparently a regular occurance.

Dave and Sheila were both surprised at the fact that no one was putting their clothes back on. Nell had her red thong on only because she had never removed it. As a matter of fact, Nell was the only one in the room that had not experienced an orgasm. She seemed to still be enjoying her evening however.

Just then Ben appeared with a wine cooler for each of them.

"Here we go guys," he said as he hand one first to Sheila and then to Dave." Here's to the rest of the evening," at that he lifted his cooler to them and smiled.

The three of them sat chatting for a time, enjoying their wine and the conversation. Soon Bill and Donna walked over and took a seat on the couch.

"Hello guys, you sure got into the rhythm of the evening. I was hoping you wouldn't get scared off and boy you sure didn't, " Donna laughed.

Sheila realized that she was blushing now, reacting to Donnas' words.

"Hey Sugar," Donna said, " I didn't mean to embarrass you. I'm sorry."

"No Donna, it's OK, I'm just still trying to get used to everything," Sheila replied.

Dave realized that with Bill and Donna on the couch he was right on eye level with Bill and Donnas' genitals. It was virtually impossible not to look.

Sheila had come to the exact same realization. Why was it then that instead of looking at Bill's cock she couldn't take her eyes off Donnas' shaved pussy.

Conversation was flowing all over the room. Everyone was relaxed and enjoying themselves. The wine was working and no one was intoxicated but were just very relaxed. After a while Sheila realized she needed to use the restroom. She quietly wiggled back into her panties and buttoned up her shirt, no bra. She got up and walked to the bathroom just off the basement only to discover that it was occupied. She turned around and immediately ran into Nell. Nell was topless and her big cannons mashed into Sheila's lightly covered ones.

"What's the matter honey, somebody already in there?" Nell inquired.

"Yes I guess so," Sheila replied, " Is there another bathroom down here?"

"No, we can go upstairs, c'mon."

As Sheila followed Nell up the stairs she realized that she was getting turned on by watching Nell's beautiful undulating ass. She could feel her pussy lubricating. Why was she so turned on suddenly by women?

"Here we are," Nell said, " you'll love Donnas' bathroom. She's a great decorator."

"Oh wow," Sheila said as she walked into Donnas' bathroom.

Without thinking Sheila slid her panties down, sat down and began to pee. She noticed Nell sort of dancing on one foot, then the other. She must have to go bad, she thought.

"Sorry Nell, I didn't mean to jump in ahead of you, it wasn't very polite of me. After all, you were first up the stairs."

"No problem babe, this way I get to watch you pee," Nell said quietly, looking intensely at Sheila.

Sheila could feel her face flushing. It was almost as if Nell was flirting with her. She smiled, wiped quickly, stood up and flushed. She walked toward the door as if to leave, worried that she was enjoying Nell more than she should.

"No, hang around, I don't mind you watching, after all I watched you."

Sheila turned around and watched as Nell pulled her thong down. It seemed as if she was taking it a little slowly in pulling it down. Almost as if in a teasing way. As Nell sat down it also seemed as though she spread her legs a little more than normal. Sheila could see not only that Nell was not shaven but that she was very wet.

As the two left the bathroom Nell asked Sheila if she would like to see the rest of the Nelson's house.

"But I don't know if Donna would want us snooping around or not," Sheila replied.

" Oh she won't care. I've been friends with them for 8 years now. She has always told us that the house is ours to use. She won't mind at all.

Nell showed her the living room, den and guest bedroom. When they entered the master bedroom Sheila gasped.

"Wow, this is really something," she exclaimed.

She couldn't believe the luxuriousness of the room. A king sized bed which was massive, beautiful furnishings and accessories and then suddenly she looked up and there was a mirror on the ceiling.

"Oh," she squealed, " I can't believe it. I've heard of it but never yet seen it for myself."

Sheila jumped as Nell came up behind her and wrapped her arms around Sheila's waist and began to slowly kiss Sheila on the neck. This was the key to turning Sheila on as Ben had found out earlier in the evening. Sheila had a sudden thought. Had David told all of them the key to making her hot? She would have to ask him later.

"Just relax baby, I couldn't resist. I don't think you realize how really hot you are."

"But I've never done anything like this before. I mean, I'm not a lesbian, I like men."

"Sheila, I'm not a lesbian! Nothing I like better than a nice big stiff cock. Matter of fact, Ben is my favorite partner. But I like pussy too. I don't know why but I gotta feeling that you will too."

Sheila's heart skipped a beat. Was it that obvious? Did she give off some sort of vibe?

"Just relax Sheila," Nell said, " let me make you feel good."

Sheila didn't know if she could do this or not. She felt like she should tell Nell that she didn't want to do this but she felt frozen to the spot.

Just then Nell moved her hands up under her shirt cradling Sheila's breasts in her hands and then began to tweak her nipples. Sheila couldn't help herself and she groaned with pleasure.

"Let's get on the bed baby, let's get comfortable. "

With that she quickly pulled back the spread, exposing dark blue satin sheets.

Sheila crawled onto the bed, rolled over and looked at the ceiling. It gave her a little thrill, being able to look at herself. She realized that she did look pretty hot.

Nell began to unbutton her friend's shirt. As she did so she slowly kissed each newly exposed area. Finally she pulled the shirt open and immediately headed for one of Sheila's nipples. Sheila gasped as her new friend took the nipple in her mouth and began to gently suck. Sheila didn't know what she was supposed to do. She had never seen two girls with each other.

She reached out and gingerly took Nell's left breast in her hand. As she placed her thumb and finger around the nipple and squeezed gently Nell let out a loud moan. She released Sheila's nipple from her mouth long enough to say......

" Oh God baby, I'm so hot. I've been watchin you guys all evening and I'm about ready to pop."

"I'm not sure I want to do this Nell. I've never done anything like this. I don't even know what I should do."

" Honey, don't worry about that. I didn't know my first time either. Just go with the flow, it will all come natural."

Sheila reached up and placed her hands on either side of Nell's face then gently pulled her friend down towards her. When Nell got near, Sheila leaned forward and kissed her friend on the mouth. She could feel Nell's lips relax and with that Sheila's tongue inched forward into the other girl's mouth in a full blown French kiss. Nell's tongue began to dance with Sheila's both of them now breathing hard. Sheila pulled back slightly and began to lick Nell's lips, chin, neck, all the while continuing to lightly squeeze Nell's rigid nipples.

Nell had her right knee up against Sheila's pussy and was moving it up against Sheila's clit and Sheila was responding, humping against her friend's knee and moaning.

"Oh Nell, oh God Nell, it's so good, I'm so hot."

Nell released the pressure of her knee and backed off slightly. She lowered her body and began to slowly approach Sheila's crotch. She could smell the sexual heat emanating from Sheila's pussy. She could see an ample amount of fluid leaking out and running down to puddle near her anus. She began to kiss lightly along the lips of Sheila's pussy, inhaling deeply, loving the aroma of her new friend.

"Oh yes, oh God I can't wait," Sheila moaned.

"What the hell," said Bill Nelson, " I thought you two had gotten lost. You just found something better to do."

"Oh Bill," Nell said, "I'm sorry, I hope you don't care that we're using your bed."

"Sorry, why the hell be sorry? That's what the bed's for baby."

Sheila had tried to cover herself when she heard Bill's voice then realized how stupid that was. He had seen every inch of her earlier. For that matter everyone had.

Nell resumed her oral ministrations and Sheila resumed being turned on. Before she did she noticed that Bill Nelson had a very firm erection and was pointing it directly at Nell's upturned pussy.

Bill Nelson climbed up behind Nell, pulled her thong to the side and aimed his cock directly for her pussy.

"Mmmm, Bill, that feels so good. It's been awhile since you and I got together. "

Bill continued fucking Nell as she was giving Sheila the licking of her life. She began to flick Sheila's clit with her tongue, then decided to give it a little suck.

"Yeeessss Sheila screamed, oh yeesss, o God baby suck on it."

Sheila looked up and saw their images in the mirror on the ceiling. It was so erotic! Seeing herself with her legs spread, Nell licking and sucking her pussy, Bill Nelson banging away at Nell's pussy, it was then that Nell started sucking her clit hard, sucking it into her mouth a little and licking it with her tongue at the same time, it was just too much.

"Nelli, Oh Nell I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum , oh yes, oh yes, here it is baby here it is, ohh, ohh my God, cumin, cumin."

Sheila was humping herself all over the bed. Banging her pussy up against Nell's mouth, Nell hanging on to stay with her. All the while, Bill Nelson was fucking her faster and faster, suddenly he knew he was going to cum, he put his hands on her hips to hang on.

Sheila was calming down but Nell was now feeling the beginning of a great orgasm. She could feel Bill's cock hardening even more and knew he was about to come. Nell reached under herself and began rubbing her clit hard.

"Oh yes, fuck it Bill, keep fucking me baby. "

Nell was getting close now and rubbed even harder.

"Here it comes baby, here it cums," Bill moaned as his cock began to spit strings of cum into Nell's boiling cunt.

This was all Nell needed, as Bill began cumming her orgasm burst upon her like 4th of July fireworks.

"Unnngh, oh cumming, cumming Bill, oh yes, yes!"

As the three of them relaxed against each other on the bed they realized that they had an audience. Tony had come looking for his wife and he sure had found her.

"Hey guys, looks like I found you. Looks like my wife found what she's been looking for all evening too. She said she needed some pussy tonight."

Nell and Sheila had a big laugh out of that statement. Sheila was surprised at how relaxed she was about the whole evening.

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