tagLoving WivesShelly & James Ch. 05

Shelly & James Ch. 05


Getting all the stuff together I sat her down in a chair and with a towel under her, I lathered her up and began to shave. As I shaved her tender pussy I noticed that she was very wet. I could tell that my touch and the razors edge was having an effect on her.

When I finished shaving her she took a look through a mirror. Her pussy looked so soft, smooth and sexy that I couldn’t resist and began to lick all over and around it. I concentrated on her clit and lips. Those soft smooth and wet lips that tasted to sweet and good.

Shelly moaned and held my head tight to her as she came. Her pussy flooded my mouth with her juices. I had noticed that when she came now she had profusely more juice that ever before. It seemed that the more she fucked the wetter she was getting the next time.

I rubbed baby oil on her pussy and we lounged around all day until it was time to get ready to go to the bar for the start of the forty-eight hours of my wife being a slut for another man. He had put some lube in the box with instructions for her to insert a bunch of it deep into her asshole before getting to the bar.

He also had instructed her to take an enema too. Shelly took the enema and then I pushed most of the tube of lube deep into her asshole. It took a while and by the time I had gotten it in she was beginning to get hot and bothered. I was using three fingers at the end, and as I pulled them out she begged me to fuck her.

‘No. You are to be fresh for your new master tonight slut. I am sure he doesn’t want a used slut right off the bat. Don’t worry, I think he will see that you are more than well fucked slut.’

Shelly protested hotly, but in the end we showed up at the bar at eight, her dressed as ordered, in the French maids uniform, unfucked. As she walked into the bar I watched her ass as it swayed. Those high heels were hard for her to walk in, but they sure made her swing sexily as she walked.

Her ass cheeks were sticking out just like that store clerk had said they would. The hem of the dress was even a bit higher because of it too. I could see the crack of her ass at times. Her breasts were threatening to fall out of the top one side or the other. Her lips and makeup made her look like a true hooker.

Shelly walked ahead of me through the bar as men would reach out and touch her here and there. I saw her dress get flipped up several times and whistles all around. The bartender was sitting at a table with four other men. They all smiled as we walked up. He stood and taking Shelly by the hand, pulled her in close to him his hand traveled all over her body. Reaching in to touch her breasts, nipples, and then her pussy.

Looking at me he gestured for me to sit. He sat and left Shelly standing in front of him. I was on one side he on the other. I looked over at her and saw her pussy dripping wet. I was looking right at her pussy lips, bare and tender, shining in the juices of her slutiness.

He spoke loudly at his friends. His hand on her bottom as he did.

‘This is the slut I was telling you guys about. James here was good enough to loan her to me for forty-eight hours, as long as he is with her the whole time. I agreed. This is the hottest looking, most beautiful slut I have ever seen. Look at her. Big tits, nice ass, great bald pussy. Legs up to here.’

As he said that part about legs up to here, his hand ran up her front to her neck. As he lowered it he caressed her breasts and as the men sitting there looked on, he spread her top to expose her breasts. Once they were hanging out, he manipulated her nipples and cupped her breasts showing them off.

‘Look at these nipples. Aren’t they the greatest? Sticking out begging to be sucked and bit on. How about these jugs too? Man, Bo Derek or even Pamela Anderson would be jealous of these beauties. Built for fucking cocks they are.’

His hand now traveled down her body caressing her until he had the hem of her dress firmly in his grasp. Pulling up on it he revealed her shaved pussy. The pussy that only a few hours ago I had shaved and rubbed with oil.

‘Look at this tight, wet, hot, pussy. She is tight too. Very tight. Took all my cock as I fucked her. Matter of fact, she took all of my cock in each hole. She swallowed me to my balls. All the way. This is one hot slut. Built for fucking in any way you want too. What’s more, she loves to fuck.’

He turned her around and then lifted the back of her dress. Her ass was all there, showing in the light. He put a hand on her shoulder and had her bend way over. Her breasts were hanging free as she bent. His hand then went to her legs and he moved them far apart. Way apart.

‘Look at this tight little asshole. Man, she loves to fuck cocks with this asshole. She even took my cock in her mouth after it came out of this asshole.’

Taking her skirt in his hands he pulled it down and off of her body. Then he reached up and pulled the strap of her top off her shoulders and pulled it down her body as well. Naked except for her stockings, garter belt and heels she stood there.

He pushed a finger into Shelly’s asshole, and she moaned softly. His other hand came up and he began to finger her pussy as well. After Shelly moaned loudly a few times he removed his hands and pulled her onto his lap. He put one of her legs on each side of his.

As my wife sat on his lap, he slowly spread his legs, causing her legs to spread just a bit wider than his were. His hand went to her pussy and he played with her pussy lips as we all talked. He was just feeling her up and not talking to her at all.

Her breasts were hanging out for all to see her legs lewdly spread so wide that one could not help but see where his fingers entered her. Every once in a while he would tweak a nipple and watch her face as he did. Shelly would moan or groan depending on whether he pinched or tugged on it.

The other men at the table were drooling obviously expecting to be getting a piece of her later. I saw Shelly raise up a bit at his direction. Then, as she settled back down a surprised look came over her face.

He sat a little box on the table. It had a red light on it. I realized that I was looking at the remote to the vibrator that we had inserted in Shelly’s pussy as in the instructions. It was on and Shelly was getting turned on as well.

What I didn’t know was that when he had her raise up he had inserted another vibrating dildo in her asshole too. She at that moment had two vibrators running in her. Deep inside her. Shelly was moaning as the vibrators did their job.

Her head fell back to his shoulder her lips open, her tongue sticking out caressing her very red lipsticked lips. He reached up and began to play with both of her breasts, pulling on her nipples and cupping her whole breast. At one point he took one and pulled it around so he could get his mouth over her nipple and sucked on it for a bit.

Suddenly he shut them off and stood her up. Her legs were shaking as she tried to maintain her balance. I reached out to hold her hand until she was stable. She gave me a sweet look of thanks. He held her thigh, his hand inside it, thumb just under her pussy lips. He was rubbing her lips in gentle smooth motion. The other men at the table were getting excited and wanted to get on with things.

Looking at me he inserted his fingers into her pussy and extracted that vibrator. Setting it on the table he slipped two fingers into her ass and then pulled that one out too. Picking them up he put them in a little bag.

He glanced over at me and nodded to a door nearby. We all got up and went through the door. Walking down a short hallway he guided Shelly and the rest of us into a rather large room. There was a strange table in the middle of the room and some chairs.

The table was motorized for some reason and had padding on it. It had two padded arms that stuck out in a ‘X’ fashion and then two steel rods with stirrups like on a doctors office examining table.

There were some straps on it here and there in no set pattern. Everyone circled around the table and Shelly was led over to sit in the ‘X’s’ center. He then took each of her arms and laid them on the two padded arms of the table.

Two men stepped up and helped him, taking straps and securing Shelly’s arms. He had two other men each take one of her legs and put her feet in the stirrups. Once there, her ankles were secured in place.

I was now getting what the table was for. It had been built for fucking. That was it’s whole purpose in life. To strap someone down and fuck them. Looking more carefully I saw that the arms and rods were moveable. The adjustments didn’t end there either. It appeared that the middle of the table could move up and down, the rods in and out, and the head support down and away.

One could make any part of the person strapped to it exposed and vulnerable to whatever they wanted. The bartender stepped up to her head and softly stroked her with his hand. He was speaking softly to her at the same time. This had all happened so quickly that neither of us had protested at all.

‘You will love this. I promise. Every part of your body is accessible to me. Every part. No pain. No cramping. You will be able to fully enjoy what is about to happen to you. Fully. You will not be hurt in any way. You will experience pleasure like you never have before.’

Shelly looked at me with a kind of a scared look. She was, after all, tied up and couldn’t free herself if she wanted to. She was at the mercy of the bartender, and these men with him. Whatever they wanted to do to her they would and there wasn’t much either her or I for that matter, could do.

He came up to me. Standing in front of me he looked into my eyes. Then he gave me a little smile.

‘I promised you that she wouldn’t be hurt in any way. She will love what is about to happen to her. She will enjoy it immensely. You have the final say on anything that happens though. I will not do anything you or your slut wife doesn’t want to do. Just give this a chance to start though. My word is my bond.’

‘Not like I have much of a choice though is it? I mean, you have these men here, I couldn’t stop you if I tried.’

‘It won’t come to that James. I promised you and I will deliver on my promise. I was serious about wanting to have her again sometime later. I will not betray you because I do want to have her in the future. Besides, I don’t want to have to talk to cops about any of this either. I am a man of my word.’

‘Well then, I guess I am about to learn something about my wife aren’t I?’

‘We are all about to learn something about your wife. My slut for the next forty-eight hours. Your wife is my slut. That feels so good to say. I have another man’s wife as my slut. Wow. Kind of a power trip too.’

He turned and signaled the others. They began to strip. When I started to see their cocks I panicked. I was looking at monster sized cocks. I had never seen cocks this big before. Porno movie sized cocks. One guy nearby me had one that had to have been over twelve inches long and about three or four in diameter. He was huge.

Now I knew that my wife was about to be stretched beyond anything that she had ever experienced before. The bartender stepped up between her legs. He adjusted a strap and then produced a control device. I heard a whirring and my wife’s legs began to spread wide. Wider and wider they went.

Then, her knees started to come up. Her heels were coming in close to her ass. The rods were retracting into the machine she was strapped onto. One man stepped up to her head and with a little motion of his hands he unhooked a lever and the rest her head was on dropped about six inches.

The new position of her head made her jaw line up with her throat. Perfect for taking long hard shafts of the cocks I was seeing around me. I moved around and stood so she could look into my eyes. I bent down and kissed her cheek. She moved a bit, as much as the strap on her head allowed anyway and taking the hint I moved to kiss her on her lips.

My tongue was the last part of me to touch her for a bit after that. Many other things touched her but nothing connected to me. Stepping back I nodded to the bartender and he motioned to the others.

‘Well gentlemen, my slut is at your service. First I will show you her capabilities then you may use my slut as you see fit.’

He walked around the table, pointing to her body as he did. He ended up at her head. His cock was rigid and sticking out ten inches. Taking it in his hand he lined the head up pressing it to Shelly’s lips. She opened her mouth and accepted his hardness as he slipped it in. He didn’t stop until his balls were rubbing her forehead.

‘This is my slut’s mouth. See how she can take my cock all the way down her throat? Not many women can do that. Not many at all. This slut, that man’s wife, she can. She loves it too. Look at her nipples. Look how hard they are. Sticking out begging for lips and tongue to caress them. She can take full thrusting in her throat too. Watch this.’

With those words he began to literally fuck my wife’s throat. His cock slipping in and out of her lips that Shelly tried to keep tight on his shaft. Full, ten inch strokes again and again. Her nipples were growing purple with need.

He kept up the face fucking and reaching out, took a nipple in each hand, squeezing and pulling hard on them. Shelly’s body twisted as far as it could being strapped down like it was. Her pussy was seeping her juices as he manipulated her breasts.

‘Look at these babies. Man, I love these nipples. This slut had the greatest tits I have ever had the pleasure of holding and playing with. Her mouth is hot and tight too. God, I can feel her tongue working on my shaft as I ram it in and out of her throat.’

He backed off after a bit and taking his cock in hand he rubbed it all over her face. My wife was trying to lick him and suck him, like the slut she was at that moment. He let her lick his shaft for a bit then he moved around her spread body. Hitting a switch he raised her up a bit.

He moved in between her legs, spread so wide I thought that she was going two tear at any moment. Her pussy was spreading, her asshole exposed. He took his cock and slipped the head of it just inside her pussy. I could see her trying to get more of it in her pussy, but tied up as she was that was impossible.

He stood there, holding the head of his cock just inside her lips and then began to rub her clit with his hand. She was moaning and groaning as he played with her pussy, his cock sitting in the entrance of her pussy. Juices running down her ass cheeks to puddle on the floor where the drips ended.

He had her clit hard like a little dick. He was rubbing it between two fingers, stroking it like he was jacking her off. Her hips were thrusting and rolling, her moans loud, her whole body rippling as he played with her.

‘Look at this little clit. Sticking out like a little cock begging to be sucked on. Her pussy lips are tight, hot, and soaking. One of the sweetest tasting pussies in the world right here. Hand me that bag there.’

He gestured to one of the men. They handed him the requested bag. Out of it came a clear plastic cylinder, small in diameter and about six inches long. It was attached to some tubing that was attached to a little motorized pump.

As I watched, he pressed the clear acrylic tube over her hard little clit and then turned on the pump. Her clit began to suck up into the tube, growing in length. Shelly moaned loudly as her clit grew longer. At one point he shut it off, but the vacuum stayed on and kept her clit extended.

He then concentrated on her pussy. Taking his cock out of her, he turned on the table and it raised some more. He left it running until her crotch was at head height. Then, without having to bend at all, he ran his tongue along her dripping wet slit. Dipping it into her asshole, licking her there for a bit, then slowly moving up, playing at her taint, then her lower pussy lips, finally to slip inside her pussy. He did this several times and by the time he decided to move on to other things Shelly had cum twice.

He lowered her back down to cock level and stuck the head of his cock back at the mouth of her pussy. As he held his cock right there, he reached down and flicked that little tube with his finger. Shelly moaned. He flicked it again, causing Shelly’s hips to jerk.

Her moans were those of a woman in desperate need of a fucking. She was beside herself as her little clit was kept sucked hard in the tube. His cock was slowly rubbing her pussy lips as he thrust slightly back and forth about a half inch.

He turned on the pump device again, and as it whirred, Shelly’s clit got longer and longer. He shut it off as it reached about an inch and a half in length. It was four times as long as it had ever been. It really looked like a little cock now.

He flicked the tube again. Shelly’s feet and hips jerked hard. I thought he was hurting her so I stepped in close to gaze into her eyes. What I saw was my wife’s eyes glazed over in a sexual trance. The intense feeling of her clit being sucked like it was had pushed her into a trance that she neither heard or thought of anything other than the pleasure her body was experiencing.

I looked at the bartender a bit apprehensively, he smiled reassuringly.

‘Trust me, she is loving this right now. It will only get better for her from now on too. When this little tool comes off, it will just take a brush of a finger over her clit and she will orgasm again and again.’

As he told me that he flicked that tube again. Looking into Shelly’s eyes I was surprised to see a passion run through them that showed her desire to have whatever had just been done to her to happen again.

He turned on the pump one more time and let it run until her clit was about two inches long. Leaving it at that setting he began to push his cock into her pussy. Slowly he buried himself in her tightness.

As he bottomed out he held still and flicked that tube once. Shelly screamed and orgasmed. Her pussy was literally milking his cock, moving like it was alive. Her juices flowed in abundance out of her to drip onto the floor. Someone had gotten a fairly deep pan and placed it so that all of those juices were captured.

Shelly was moaning and cumming in one long orgasm. As I watched he pulled out and then pressed right back inside her. His balls resting on her ass. He flicked that tube again. Once more Shelly exploded in orgasm.

She was babbling gibberish as she came hard. Her tummy was rolling hard, her muscles contracting around his shaft. I could see her pussy milking his cock yet again. Smiling at me, he pulled out and pressed in one more time. Reaching down, he flicked the tube again.

Shelly exploded again. This orgasm as strong as her last.

Looking at me he pulled out of my wife and gestured to me to step up between her legs.

‘Come on, stick your cock in her pussy and flick that tube. I know you will love how she milks you. The touch, the feel, even the muscles as she orgasms. You will be hard put to not cum in her while you just hold still. Trust me on this. You will want to get one of these yourself.’

I dropped my pants and shoved my cock into my wife’s pussy. It was hotter and wetter than I had ever felt it before. Once I was fully inside her I leaned over and whispered that I loved her. I heard her moan ‘I love you too’ back. Then I flicked that tube just as he had done with her a few minutes ago.

Shelly exploded again. I felt her pussy grab my cock and it truly felt like it was sucking me inside her. Then I felt the rippling of her muscles as they slipped on my shaft failing to pull me inside. As I waited, I felt another ripple run through her body and then a strong pull hit my cock. It was as if a mouth and lips had grabbed me and were now sucking their hardest to take me farther inside. I almost shot off and I hadn’t moved at all.

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