tagGroup SexSheridan Meets the Neighbours

Sheridan Meets the Neighbours


This story was written at the request of a reader. Sheridan, I hope you and your husband get great pleasure from reading your story. Many thanks to Jasmine27 for help with editing.


Sheridan padded softly down the stairs. She was fresh from the shower, her blonde hair pulled into a messy bun, and as was normal for a lazy Sunday morning, she was dressed in a little pair of comfy shorts and a strappy vest. She took a quick look round, her husband was nowhere in sight. "Funny," she thought. She'd heard his car come back before she had her shower. He'd popped to the local baker's for some fresh croissants, but that was nearly an hour and a half ago.

Hearing voices outside, she looked out of the sitting room window. Her husband was stood in the driveway of the house next door. She couldn't see who he was talking to , but it seemed quite an animated conversation, judging by the smiles and gestures from her husband.

Next door had sat empty for about 2 years. It was the largest house in their cul-de-sac, almost certainly a family had moved in. Work vans had been at the house off and on for the past two months and yesterday 2 large removal vans had arrived first thing. Curious to meet her new neighbours, Sheridan headed out the front door to join her husband.

"Hey, honey!" Her husband waved her over, "Come meet the new neighbours."

Sheridan could see her husband talking to three older but distinguished looking men. She guessed their ages ranged from late 50's to early 60's. Sheridan herself was only 31, her husband a little older, so she was a little disappointed that it wasn't a young family.

"Sheri, this is Bob, Jim and Alex," her husband introduced her, "They're brothers, isn't that great!"

Sheridan looked at the men, she could definitely see the family resemblance. "Nice to meet you, Mrs Neville," said one of the brothers, Bob she thought. The other two brothers smiled and nodded at her.

"Nice to meet you too. Please, call me Sheridan." Sheridan put out her hand.

"Oh, come now, honey," her husband started, "That's no way to greet our new friends. I've just been telling these guys how friendly you are." Sheridan's husband gently pushed her forward towards the three men. "Don't be shy now."

Sheridan smiled and approached the men. Reaching up on her tiptoes, she kissed each of the men at the corner of their mouths. "Welcome to the neighbourhood."

The brothers invited the Nevilles in to their new home to have a look at the improvements they had made, new kitchen and bathrooms, etc. After a tour of the house, they went to the sitting room to indulge in a mimosa or two. The new neighbours wanted to make a toast to their new house, and although Sheridan and her husband weren't used to drinking so early, they were happy to indulge on this special occasion.

As Alex went into the kitchen to make the drinks, the others settled themselves in the large, airy sitting room. Sheridan's husband took one of the armchairs and Bob the other. Leaving Sheridan and Jim to take a seat on the large sofa.

Alex entered with a tray of drinks and proceeded to hand them out.

With his mimosa in his hand Alex went over to the sofa. "You're not going to make me sit next to that old grouch, are you, Sheridan?" he laughed. Sheridan dutifully moved into the centre, allowing Alex to sit down next to her. "Ah, a rose between two thorns," he chuckled.

After making a toast, the brothers explained how they came to be living together. One of them was single and the other two divorced, so it made sense to them to buy one big house, rather than three individual house in the same neighbourhood.

Sheridan was having fun chatting with her husband and their new neighbours. They had some really funny stories to tell, mainly about each other, and growing up together. And despite the oldest, Jim, being twice Sheridan's age, she felt like they would all be good friends.

"You know," said Bob, "We really weren't expecting to have such lovely neighbours. Especially someone as beautiful as you, Sheridan. You're really making us old men feel young again."

Sheridan blushed, "Oh, that's so sweet, Bob. Thank you. And you know what they say? You're only as old as you feel!"

"Or," laughed Alex, "As young as the person you're feeling."

They all laughed, comfortable with each other, and relaxed from the drinks they'd had. Sheridan stood up and reached out to put her glass down on the glass coffee table in front of the sofa. She squealed when a large firm hand squeezed her bum cheek.

"Now I feel 31!" laughed Jim, who still had his hand on Sheridan´s arse. "You don't mind, do you?" Jim raised his eyebrows in question to Sheridan's husband.

"Not, at all! You feel away. My Sheri's got a great arse. Keeps me young, I can tell you."

Sheridan blushed again, as she now had both Jim and Alex rubbing her backside.

"You're a very lucky man! So friendly and open. If my wife was as lovely as yours, we may still have been married."

Sheridan could see her husband's chest puff up with pride. He knew his wife was very attractive, she was blonde and curvy, just like a woman should be in his opinion. He liked other men appreciating what he had. Feeling relaxed and generous from the alcoholic drinks, he called over to Alex and Jim. "Have a feel of her tits. They're like a 20 year old's. Go on, feel them!"

Alex and Jim wasted no time. They both leapt to their feet and had a hold of a tit each, before Sheridan could blink. Sheridan giggled as the men, kneaded and squeezed her breasts, both of them making appreciative noises. Sheridan was lucky to have large firm breasts with sensitive nipples, she loved having them played with.

"Lift your top up, honey. Let them have a proper feel."

Sheridan lifted her top. She smiled when she saw the wide eyed gazes of the two men in front of her. "You don't mind if I have a suck, do you?" Alex addressed nobody in particular. And without waiting for a response he bent down and sucked a nipple into his warm, wet mouth.

Sheridan had quite small nipples for the size of her breasts, but when played with and erect, they more than doubled in size. Instinctively, Sheridan brought a hand to Alex's head and held him while he suckled on her nipple.

Whilst Alex was busy sucking on one tit, Jim continued to play with the other. He tweaked and pinched her nipple, enjoying watching it grow bigger. He gave her gentle slap, just catching the tip of her nipple with his hand, Sheridan moaned at the new sensation.

"How long has it been since you had a woman, Bob?" asked Sheridan's husband.

Bob was watching his brothers avidly. "It's been a while, I must admit."

"Well, don't just sit there while they have all the fun."

This was all the encouragement Bob needed. He quickly crossed and joined his brothers. He knelt in front of Sheridan and pressed his nose into her crotch and sniffed. "Hmm, it's been a long time since I've sniffed a pussy." Bob licked his lips and slowly pulled down her shorts, revealing her freshly shaved mound.

Sheridan was glad she'd taken the extra time to shave herself this morning. Her shorts were round her knees, as Bob pressed open mouthed, wet kisses over her naked pubis. His wet tongue caressing the sensitive skin.

Sheridan gazed over at her husband. He was slouched down in the armchair. Eyes dark and heavy with arousal. She watched while he lowered the zip on his jeans and pulled out his stiff cock. Palming it in his hand, she watched as he lazily worked himself over.

A hand threaded through the hair bunched up on Sheridan's head. Her head was pulled back, exposing her neck and throat. Jim began sucking on her neck, giving little nips and kisses, his fingers still plucking her aching nipple. Alex's tongue was flicking quickly over her over nipple and he had palmed the cheek of her arse, squeezing the firm flesh.

Bob pushed her legs wider apart and wiggled his tongue between the lips of her pussy. She now had one hand holding Alex to her breast and the other pushing Bob's head in between her thighs. "Holy shit!" she thought, "These older men really know what they're doing."

A thick finger pushed against her opening, demanding entrance. Without warning, Bob added a second finger and began pumping in and out, his tongue sucking on her engorged clit. Sheridan felt bombarded with so many sensations. The sucking where her neck met her shoulder. Fingers pinching one nipple while the other was being lightly bitten. Her pussy being fucked by two thick fingers, and with a final hard suck on her clit, she came.

A strangled noise left her mouth, as she struggled to stay standing, while pleasure coursed through her body. As the last shudders of her climax washed over her, she became vaguely aware of her husband crouched down next to Bob, whispering in his ear, while the other man continued with long, soft licks over her clit. Her husband stood, leaned in, and kissed her gently on the mouth. "You look beautiful when you come." Smiling he walked over to the nearest armchair and sat down. His hard cock, once again in his hand.

Bob stood up and spun Sheridan round, now facing the sofa. Alex and Jim sat down next to each other and pulled their cocks out of their trousers. Both men seemed hairier than she was used to, and there were quite a few gray hairs between the two of them. Both were thick and straight, with angry looking purple heads.

Bob pushed Sheridan, so that she was bending over at the waist. She felt the head of a large cock rubbing over her wet pussy lips. She groaned as the large hands parted her arse cheeks, opening her up, exposing all her secret places. Bob continued to hold her open as he lined up his cock with her entrance. She was still wet and swollen from her orgasm and with a thrust he pushed himself in to her.

Sheridan grunted as all of the air was pushed out of her lungs. Bob was 'hung'. He held still allowing her to adjust to his large cock. Her inner muscles relaxed and Bob was able to start sliding in and out of pussy.

As Bob slowly fucked her, Alex reached up and pulled her head down to his waiting cock. She willing opened her mouth and sucked him in. She reached out with her hand groping around Jim's lap until she found his erection. It was slick with pre-cum and she smeared it all over his shaft, using it as lubrication, as she closed her hand around it.

Now that Sheridan had relaxed Bob was able to start fucking her hard and fast. He knew he was a big man and loved the squeeze of a tight pussy strangling his cock. It just made him want to pound harder and faster.

Bob was fucking her hard. His hands digging in to her hips as he held her firm. She could hear his hips and groin slapping against her arse. Her big tits were hanging heavy from her body, swinging with every thrust. Alex was pushing her head further down, choking her on his cock. Her gripping tightening on Jim's cock, as she tried to match the tempo for all three men.

She could feel another orgasm building, and pushed her hips back against Bob, demanding to be taken harder. Reading her body language and feeling the pulsating of her pussy muscles, Bob knew she was close. Pounding into her, he could feel the head of his cock constantly bumping against her cervix, but she made no move to stop him.

Jim and Alex took a nipple each and pulled on them. Sheridan revelled in the slight pain deep in her pussy and on her aching nipples. As she started to cum Alex pushed her head down, forcing his cock down her throat. She couldn't even scream out her orgasm. Pleasure wracked her body and she felt the throb of Alex's cock as he pumped his salty cum down her throat.

Just as she was starting to panic, Alex released his grip on her head and she slowly pulled her head up. Savouring the taste of his cum in her throat on her tongue. She felt Bob pull himself out of her still throbbing pussy and felt the hot splashes of cum as he pumped his release all over her arse. Bob watched as his thick ribbons of cum splashed over the small of her back, covering the rose tattoo she had on her bum cheek and running down onto the back of her thighs.

Sheridan sank to her knees, her legs weak and shaking like jelly. She had barely reached the floor when Jim spurted all over her tits, she had almost forgotten about him, but now took pleasure in rubbing his cum all over her red, swollen nipples.

A noise to the side of her caused her to look up. Her husband was standing there, cock in hand. He pumped his cock once, twice and then came over her face. As it dripped down over her mouth, her tongue darted out to catch as much as possible. She had never felt so desirable as she did in that moment, covered in the cum of four satisfied men.

Sheridan was helped to her feet by her husband and Bob. She was a mess. Sweaty and dishevelled. She was still covered in cum, some fresh and other parts drying on her skin, as her husband helped her with her clothes. "I think I should take Sheri home and let her get freshened up." Her husband smirked, "She seems to be in a bit of a mess."

The three brothers walked the Nevilles to the front door. "I think we'll be having mimosas for brunch every Sunday if you'd like to join us," offered Jim. "We really have enjoyed your visit. And you're both welcome anytime, especially you, Sheridan," he said with a wink.

As they closed the door behind their new neighbours Bob turned to his brothers, "I think we'll be very happy here. Such friendly people, I do hope they come again soon."

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by msslave08/24/18

Another winner!

I recently read your latest story about the stormy night. Just had to read more of your writings. Sheridan would be one hot neighbor to have. Having a husband who shares so willingly is sure to keepmore...

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As I have said before,Sheridan should get her husband to drop her off in a seedy porn cinema for a few hours.The old perverts would enjoy a willing slut like her!

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Sorry, Pensioner, you may NOT take Sheridan's knickers as a souvenir.
Rules of the House, sir, Rules of the House.
Sheridan's knickers go straight up her cunt after an afternoon of active fucking. Sheridanmore...

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I think I would be friends with Sheridan after she had sucked my cock,let me tit fuck her,and then got on all fours letting me take her knickers off and ramming my cock up her beautiful arse.Oh,and I wouldmore...

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by fewella06/08/18

Lasting friendships

You're absolutely spot on. It's so much more than just sex.

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