tagBDSMSherri's Punishment Ch. 04

Sherri's Punishment Ch. 04


I sit beside you as I wait for my breathing to return to normal. You are quiet as you wait. After several minutes, I stand next to your bed. I look directly down on your bound body. Your breasts are still red from being slapped earlier. Your nipples are purple and distended from the pressure of the clips. There are traces of my cum around your mouth, and your lips are bruised and slightly swollen from my assault. Your clit and the area around your pussy are fiery red from the stokes delivered with the riding crop. Much of the lower end of the bed is soaked with your juices. My, my, my, I think. You are indeed a lovely sight!

I untie your restraints and unwrap the rope from around your body. You stretch your legs and rub your hands together to restore circulation. I am pleased to note that the padded restraints left only slightly reddened bands around your ankles, marks that will be gone by the time I return you to your husband.

As I stand beside the bed, I give you the next command. "Up on your hands and knees with your ass toward me. And move quickly!"

You comply with my order, and soon your luscious pussy with its full lips is directly in front of me. I adjust your position so that you are right where I want you to be. I reach down and feel your wetness, noting the fact that you pull away slightly due to the tenderness of your whipped flesh. I think for a moment about what I want to do to you next. You are mine to treat as I will, at least for another hour or two. How much pain do I want to inflict? How many times do I want to make you cum? Or should I even let you cum? That's it. I have answered my own question. Without warning, I use the flat of my hand to smack you on the ass. SMACK! I hit you again and again, and you cry out softly with each stoke. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! After several strokes, I stop.

"I do not want you to cum. Do you understand? You will only cum when I give you my permission. If you cum without that permission, I will march you out of this hotel naked and I will drop you off on the street in front of your house naked. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand. But how can I keep from cumming?"

"That is your problem, not mine," I say as my hand comes down and strikes your ass with a resounding crack. I strike you again and again, alternating cheeks, until the globes of your ass are bright red. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! You whimper with pain as I spank you, but you do not cry out. You maintain your position, not pulling away, as I continue the thrashing. When I am finished rivulets of pussy juice are running down your legs, but you have withheld your orgasm as I commanded.

I use my hands to push you toward the center of the bed, and I position you so that I can kneel behind you. I place the head of my dick at the entrance to your pussy and hold it there without moving. You push back slowly, trying to force my cock between your swollen lips. SMACK. SMACK. I slap your warm ass cheeks.

"You will wait until I am ready. Do you understand?"

"Yes. But I am so damned ready. Don't make me wait any longer."

But I stay there behind you, my cock poised, ready to fill your pussy, and I do not move. The minutes tick by. Finally I begin. I use my hand to maneuver my cockhead along your slick lips and then up to your clit. I enjoy the smoothness as my flesh glides over yours. I caress your tender clit with my hardness. You push back against me, wanting more, needing relief. I move my cock back to between your lips, but still I do not push forward. I smack your ass cheek with my open hand. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Once, twice, I spank you, and then on the third stroke, I drive my cock into your pussy, burying it all the way to the hilt. You scream in surprise. I know the neighbors will hear, but I no longer care. If they want to listen to a woman getting fucked, that is fine with me. I know that the security guard will not return, so I press forward with my assault on your pussy.

I thrust into you, stroke after stroke, my body slapping against your ass with the sounds echoing off the walls. You brace yourself with your arms to keep from being thrown forward as I fuck you deep and hard. As I fuck you, I begin striking your ass with my open palm on every stroke of my cock. Thrust. SLAP! Thrust. SLAP! Thrust. SLAP!.

I feel your body moving beneath me as you respond to the fullness of my cock and the pain in your ass cheeks. You cry out on every stroke, and I know that a monstrous climax is building within you.

Don't you dare cum! Don't you dare!"

"Oh God! How can I hold it! You cock feels so goooood, and my ass is on fire. Oh, fuck me!" I slow down. I am not ready for this to be over. I want to see you suffer as you hold back your orgasm. I push deep inside you, then pull back out slowly. Once I am nearly free of your grasping muscle, I move forward again and fill your cunt. Back and forth--slowly, slowly, slowly. I feel your pussy walls clutching at my cock, grasping it, clasping it, trying to hold it inside you. I listen to your moans, to your begging for release. You begin to move your ass in small circles as I thrust inside you. I can tell that you are fighting against the strong orgasm that has built within you to the point where it is ready to bust free. But still I thrust slowly, drawing out my pleasure, teasing your body to the point of agony.

And then I am ready. I push hard inside you, and at the same time slap your ass harder, harder than any of the previous strokes. SMAAACK! SMAACK! SMAACK! As I fuck you hard and deep, I strike your ass again and again. I feel your pussy walls clutching me tightly, and I know that you cannot hold off much longer. I slap your ass over and over again, and you cry out in pain/pleasure. When I feel my cum rising up out of my balls, I fuck you faster and faster, and I feel you moving your body in unison with mine. We are two fucking machines rising toward the ultimate release.

"Cum! Cum now!" I scream as I full you with my cum.

You emit a long sensual moan as your climax courses through your body. You push your ass back hard against me as you strive to take in every centimeter of my cock. Your pussy walls contract tight around it, holding it in place while your body convulses with pleasure. You cum hard, harder than I have ever seen anyone cum, as you soak the bed with your juices which shoot forcefully downward in a huge torrent. You yelp again and again as your ass waggles against me. And then it is over. The room grows silent. With my cock still deep inside you, you stop moving. Your pussy still pulsates and I can feel each contraction around my still hard dick. I savor the warmth of your pussy, the caresses of your contractions, the aroma of sex that wafts up around us. Damn that was good.

I push you forward, and you ease down on the bed with my cock still inside you. We stay that way, locked together, as we recover from the exertion of a good, hard fuck. After several minutes I slide over beside you, and you turn to face me. I kiss you softly. "You are such a good fuck," I say. ""That was amazing! I did not think I could hold back that orgasm, but I did. And when I finally came, it was a monster. I have never cum so hard—ever!" "I think that this is just the beginning. I think that I can make you cum longer and harder than that. I think that I can take you places that you have never been, places that you have never even imagined. Are you ready to go there?" "Yes. Please take me there. Take me where you want to take me. Do with me what you will. I am yours."

"That's just what I wanted to hear. But now you have to get dressed so I can take you home."

"Can't I shower first? I smell of sweat and sex."

"No. No shower. If your husband notices, you will just have to think quickly and come up with an acceptable explanation. But you need to be sure not to undress in front of him, or he will see my handprints on your ass and the crimson scars around your clit. Now get dressed without another word."

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