tagInterracial LoveSherri's Secret Ch. 01

Sherri's Secret Ch. 01


Ever since discovering a part of my wife’s past that, up until now, I had been oblivious to, the time that we spent together seemed to center around one thing. My big discovery was the fact that, while in college, Sherri had had sex with seven different black men over a period of two years, or at least that is how many she told me about. I have often wondered if there were more and she just chose not to tell me about the rest for fear that I would think she was a whore. I was starting to realize that to be true anyway. Regardless, our sex life had gone off the charts but the basis for it all was her fucking black men. I have to admit that I was enjoying the intensity and frequency of the sex but in the back of my mind I knew it would end in disaster. This is just another installment in a series of true stories that occurred during our last six months of marriage.

Sherri and I had decided to get away for the weekend so we drove to a large city about two hours from where we lived and rented a room at one of the five star hotels. After a brief rest we showered and dressed for dinner.

After a fairly expensive meal we walked out of the restaurant and got into our SUV. I drove toward the part of the city that contains all the nightlife. Most every city has one of these. It’s the part of town where you can easily find street thugs walking along and standing on the corners. There you will also find various bars and clubs. My initial intentions were to find a bar with a band and have a few drinks before returning to our room and spending some time together. However, as we drove along our conversation turned to the popular topic of late, my wife fucking black men.

On several occasions when we would discuss it, she would ask me if I really wanted to see her with another man, a black man. Figuring, that if I said no, it would take away a lot of the eroticism, I always told her yes. Basically, I thought that if I told her that it was just a fantasy and I only used it as a way of turning her on so that the two of us would have sex, she would lose interest. If she lost interest we would be back to where we were, not having sex. I believe that she was doing right the opposite. As time passed and more was learned, I found that she seemed to be using it to build a wall between us and, ultimately, cause us to separate emotionally so it would be easier for her to divorce me.

On this night, as we were in search of a bar or club to go to, we were talking about one of the seven black men she had fucked in college. After some very direct questions on my part, Sherri told me how she had cheated on her boyfriend with this particular black guy. Describing one particular event, she said that she and her boyfriend were at home one day watching TV. Her black friend, I’ll call him CL, called her and asked her to come over even though he knew she was seeing someone else.

At first she said she told him no but he was persistent. She explained, rather proudly, that CL knew how good “it” was, meaning her pussy, and after a little pleading on his part she agreed. She told her boyfriend that she had to go to the library, believe it or not, and then left for CL’s apartment. On the way over, she told herself that she was only going to suck his dick but wouldn’t let him fuck her. When she arrived he immediately lead her over to the sofa where she took out his cock and started to suck it. In her words, sucking his dick only made her want him more and she ended up letting him fuck her. And, yes, he came inside her. When they were done, she returned home to her boyfriend who she fucked later that evening. All of this, even though I found it a turn on to hear her talk about it and say some of the things she said, made me question my wife’s motives and wonder why she acted like such a whore when black men were involved.

After relaying those events, she asked me again if I really wanted to watch her with a black man. Once again, I said yes. Then she leaned over and whispered in her most seductive voice, “How about if we pick up some black guy off the street and you can watch me suck his dick”. I was a little shocked but since part of me didn’t really think she would do it, and the idea was exciting, I said yes.

As we moved from red light to red light I felt as if we were looking for our local drug dealer, out to get our fix. Sherri spotted a black guy in front of one of the bars. He was fairly well dressed for a thug. The usual gold chains, rings and shit like that. She told me to pull over and wait, which I did. I watched as she got out of the passenger’s seat and walked about half a block back to the man. She talked with him for no more than 30 seconds then the two of them walked back to our car. As they walked toward our car, I was overcome with a nervous excitement. I felt my stomach doing flips as I contemplated the thought of my wife actually sucking some strange black mans cock in front of me.

I would imagine that the guy probably thought that she was looking to buy drugs, which, from the looks of him, he would have been able to supply. However, she later explained that she told him right up front that she wasn’t looking for drugs. She had told him that her husband was into kinky sex and wanted to watch her suck a black man off. Naturally, she would blame it on me. Sure, at the time, I have to admit that I was into the whole thing but looking back on it, it is easy to see that it was simply the road to our destruction.

The two of them climbed into the back seat. He gave me a quick glance and a “what’s up” as they got in and then turned his attention back to her. Obviously, his only interest was my wife. I turned the radio up a little and faded the sound toward the front so that I couldn’t hear their conversation, partly because she preferred it that way, and partly because I did.

I drove to a big parking deck near one of the hotels downtown, driving up to one of the upper levels where there weren’t many cars. I was still in total disbelief. Was this really happening? Was she really going to do this? Backing into a corner spot, I put the car in park and glanced up in the rear view mirror. I can still remember the look in her eyes. If I had to describe it now, I would say it was almost a look of contempt. As if she were saying, “You asked for it, now you are going to get it.” I turned sideways in the seat to get comfortable and watched as my wife pulled the zipper down on the black mans pants. He was sitting in the center of the seat and she was to his right so I had a clear view of what was happening. I am sure she planned it this way.

The motor was still running and the radio still playing as I watched her reach in his pants and pull out at least 8 inches of black cock. He wasn’t even hard yet. She looked up at him and smiled, saying something, as she wrapped her hand around his shaft and started to stroke it. They never kissed and she didn’t even wait for him to get half hard before she leaned over and took the dark head of his cock in her mouth. I could feel all the blood rush to my head, like I was on fire. The way one might feel the moment they are told some horrifying news.

Holding the head of his cock in her mouth, she stroked the shaft in her hand and it grew. It grew fast. In just seconds it was like a rock and must have been at least 10 inches and very thick. The guy, I have no idea what his name was, slid down in the seat so that his head rested and he could watch my wife suck his dick. My mouth was dry and I could feel my pulse pounding, caused by a mixture of excitement, fear, and jealous anger. She pulled his cock from her mouth and slid her hand up and down the thick black shaft. Leaning over again, her lips parted, and she looked directly at me before taking his cock back into her mouth. I wondered what I must have looked like to her. What did she imagine I was thinking?

I could hear her muffled moans as I watched her take more and more of this strangers black cock in her mouth. Her lips would stretch wide each time she would go down on his cock, taking it deeper each time. After a few minutes the guy must have gotten comfortable with this weird situation because he rested his hand on the back of her head, guiding her head up and down his shaft. His eyes would close occasionally and he started to grunt and moan. Soon, he had his other hand under her skirt. I couldn’t see exactly what he was doing at the time but from her reaction I guessed that he had his fingers in her pussy. Sherri slurped and sucked until she was easily taking at least 7 or 8 inches of his fat black dick in her mouth each time her head went down. She would take his cock from her mouth and lick up and down his shaft then quickly deep throat him again. It was one of the few things I can say that I ever saw her enjoy in life.

By then it was obvious that he was finger fucking her as she sucked on his cock. She was rocking back and forth on his hand as his black dick pumped in and out of her mouth. After a good 20 minutes of her sucking his dick he tensed up, putting both his hands on the back of her head. He pushed her head down and I could tell she had to struggle not to let his cock go so deep that it choked her. He moaned out something that sounded like, “Oh Fuck Yeah…”, and grunted as he started to cum in her mouth. I could hear slight gulping sounds coming from her throat. Sherri’s face contorted as she started swallowing his cum. It wasn’t a look as if she was unhappy, but more like she had to work for her desired result.

Her slurping sounds could be heard over the music as I watched her swallow a huge load of cum from the black guy’s cock. Once he had pulled his hands away from her head to brace himself, she raised up so that just the tip of his cock was in her mouth. It looked as if she were going to swallow all of his cum, without spilling a drop, when she must have gotten choked and coughed a little. As she coughed, a glob of cum spilled from her mouth and ran down his cock. She slid her mouth down over his shaft and slurped the drop of semen back up, and then swallowed it. It seemed like it took another 10 minutes once he had started cumming for her to handle all of it. When she had finished she leaned up and propped back against the door. His fingers never came out of her. She pulled her skirt up and spread her legs so I could clearly see that he was pumping three thick black fingers in and out of my wife’s pussy.

Her head leaned back, her eyes closed, she had no smile on her face. It was like her sole purpose was for his amusement. He made no other attempt to reward her. He just kept fucking her with his fingers, not moving from his relaxed position. Although, he was now at least watching her moan and writhe on his hand as he ground three fingers into her cunt. She would later tell me that at that point she was imagining him fucking her and, specifically, cumming inside her. I’m still not sure why she didn’t just do it. Maybe she made that part up.

There was a few streams of cum mixed with saliva that was drying around her mouth when she came with his fingers slamming in and out of her. She came very hard! In fact, I had only witnessed her cum that hard once before, when she was using her big black dildo for the first time. When she had finished I quickly pulled the car into drive and started back to where we had picked the guy up. I didn’t want to prolong the awkward period that would certainly follow, awkward for me anyway. We pulled over at the same corner and the guy got out. He said something to her along the lines of, “thanks” or “you give good head”, but he didn’t bother to acknowledge I was even there. That didn’t really surprise me.

Sherri got back in the front seat and we started our drive back to the hotel. On our way, Sherri gave me the obligatory blowjob and, yes, she did swallow, but I could easily tell she didn’t suck my cock with near the same enthusiasm as she had sucked the black guys. She was just tipping the chauffer.

Look for more in the next chapter….

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