tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShe's In Complete Control (Her Way)

She's In Complete Control (Her Way)


I ask you to come to my flat to have a chat. As you enter you are grabbed roughly from behind, your hands are swiftly handcuffed behind your back and a blindfold is placed over your eyes. You are led upstairs where you are pushed onto the bed. You are rolled onto your back. "Time to pay your pennants for being a bad boy" I say to you.

I remove your shoes and socks then take a pair of scissors and start cutting first your trousers then your shirt from your body. Soon you are lying dressed just in your boxers. I flip you onto your front again. I hear you sigh with relief as I untie your hands. Your relief is short-lived as I then tie them to each bedpost. You then feel me tying ropes tied round your ankles and your legs are pulled apart until you are spread-eagled on the bed. You wonder what is going to happen but your thoughts are interrupted as you feel cold steel around the waistband of your boxers. You realise it is a knife. You hear a small cut then your boxers are ripped from your body leaving you completely naked and at the mercy of me.

You can hear footsteps moving round the room then you hear a buzzing noise. You wonder what the noise is. I tell you that as you have been a bad boy then it's time to make you look like one and proceed to sweep a trimmer over your pubic mound. With each pass I lower the grade on the trimmer until your pubes are very short. Next I dribbled water onto your balls and remaining pubes and apply foam which I rub in. You plead with me to leave some pubes. I shave your balls completely smooth then scrape the razor down the side and above the area of your pubic mound leaving a neat box of short pubes. I towel you dry and sit back to admire my barbering skills.

You sense me move towards your head then I squat over your face and lower my shaved pussy to your mouth. "Lick me" I command as I start to grind my pussy onto your tongue. It is not long before I am close to coming. I grab the back of your head and pull your head hard into my pussy telling you to lick harder and harder. My swollen clit is pummelled by your tongue. As I orgasm my juices flood your mouth and run down your chin, my legs squeeze the sides of your face and I let out a loud moan until the waves of euphoria subside.

I step off you and leave the room for a short while. I return then tell you that I've decided that your need proper punishment for being bad. You feel something hot being dripped onto your pubes until you can feel that they are coated in what you can only imagine is wax. You then feel me press something down on top of the wax. A moment later I say "It's time for you to feel my power. You know how you like me smooth? Well now its time for you to be too. You ready to be super smooth?". You try to protest but I straddle you again and press my pussy down onto your mouth. "Ready?" I ask. Then with no mercy, I tear the waxing strip off your pubic mound in one quick rip leaving you with a smooth bald patch where your pubes used to be, your moan of short pain is muffled by my soaking pussy. Then as the reality of my horny dominance kicks in, you start to thrust your tongue wildly into my pussy once again.

After a few moments I step off your face and move down to untie your feet from the bed end. I push you legs back so your arse is lifted off the bed then grab some KY and rub is onto your bum hole. Taking your cock into my mouth I swirl my tongue around its head then start to suck it gently; as I do, I start to feed some love beads into your arse, one by one until you feel totally full.

I stop sucking you then lower your legs once again. Moving up your body I straddle you with my pussy hovering over you rock hard cock. I grab it firmly with one hand and direct it to my pussy lips then lower myself down onto it until I am fully impaled. I start to ride you, gently at first then harder and harder. I tell you that I will only let you go when you have cum for me. The feeling of dominance gets to me and I can't help but start to wank myself as I ride your hard cock and stare at the smooth area around your cock and balls. I ride harder and harder and wank faster and faster until I explode to another orgasm, soaking your cock and balls with my juices.

I step off you again. "Two orgasm for me and now one special one for you" I say as I grab your legs and lift them over your head and secure them to the headboard. "Think it's about time you felt what it is really like to be me". I leave the room momentarily. I return and grab your cock and start to wank you gently. I see pre-cum seeping out and use a finger to scoop it off. I move my finger to your lips and push it into your mouth and tell you to lick your pre-cum off. I repeat this until there is no pre-cum left.

I start to wank you again, occasionally lowering my mouth to the tip of your cock to suck it gently. My hand works up and down you shaft, pumping you towards orgasm. I work my hand faster and faster until I can hear your breathe shorten. I tell you I want you to cum. "Cum for me baby, cum. Let me see you shoot that hot cum for me. Come on, do it, spurt your lovely hot cum. Open your mouth.." You feel me press something else to your lips then push it into your mouth. This time it isn't a finger. You can feel with your tongue that it is something plastic and that it has a hole in the end. I can see you frown as you wonder what it is but you are so close to coming to care. I continue to pump you faster and faster then as I feel your body tense I reach down with my spare hand and start to pull the beads out of your arse. With this you start to shoot wads of warm cum out of your cock. I aim it at the funnel I have placed in your mouth telling you to "eat your cum, eat it all you horny horny boy, eat every last drop of your salty juice"and watch with a huge smile as your own cum flows down into your mouth. I keep milking your cock until the last droplet of cum drops into the funnel then slides down into your mouth. I take the funnel out of your mouth then tell you to swallow the last bit. I untie you and kiss you tonguing you to taste the remnants of your salty load.

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