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She's the Life of the Party


Hello again it's been a little while since our last entry. So the wife and I decided to get back to business! We're currently on a wonderful vacation in beautiful Bora Bora. It's great down here and there's a lot of sexual energy in the air. Needless to say we've been fucking like rabbits and I can't seem to help myself but to picture my beautiful woman fucking the brains out of every shirtless tone island guy I see.

For those of you not already familiar with our stories Jess and I have a very open sexual relationship. We've been together for a long time now and we've always been very open and out there sexually. A lot of people hate on our lifestyle especially since we're young but we're comfortable being swingers and are definitely in love.

As far as looks go we're both considered attractive and in shape. I play soccer and she's a swimmer. She's tall with brown hair and brown eyes. Long legs that are absolutely killer. She has a nice 36C bra size and a big ass to go with a little waist. She's supermodel material I'm telling yah. As for me...well let's be honest you don't care. But for those of you that do. I'm 5'11" and 160 pounds. I'm not buff by any means but I am toned and I my cock isn't the biggest in the world but I'd say it's above average.

Humiliation is a huge theme for us. Don't get me wrong there are plenty of times where I like to be in charge and dominate but a lot of the time Jess likes to as well. We've had numerous MFF and MMF threesomes. We've also done some couples stuff and gang-bangs etc. I absolutely love to see her with another man. It's become our biggest thing of late. She takes a lot of enjoyment in humiliating me sexually in all sorts of ways as do I. She'll often belittle my dick when we both know it's not that small...its just fun for us to go along with. With that in mind here's our next tale: Just as all the others this is complete fact...no fiction.

So I attend a fairly decent sized university that a lot of my friends and classmates from high school go to. I've spent most of my time here in a pretty big house that me and 3 of my friends are renting. Two of the guys I went to high school with and have known for years. The other we met here and decided to all room together. Now I would consider myself an attractive guy, and without being homo I'd say my roommates are all attractive guys too. One is tall and blond with that Abercrombie and Fitch look, another is dark skinned and very suave, and the third is a bit shorter but very muscular.

So basically we like to have fun and we host a lot of parties at our place. Seeing as how we have a house off campus and cops don't bother our neighbor hood it tends to be a popular spot. My wife, who was only my girlfriend at the time, would come up typically every other weekend, because the other weekends I would go to her place and it worked out that we almost always had a party going on when she came up.

Now Jess never was a big drinker, as a result she is a very light weight and it only takes her about 2 or 3 drinks and she's wasted. And if you guessed when she gets drunk she gets horny you're right! She absolutely does. She becomes very giddy and is all smiles. She loves to be all over me and loses all her inhibitions. She'd basically rape me in front of everyone if I'd let her when she's drunk.

So we were having a pretty decent sized party at our place after mid term exams and there were a ton of people coming in and out all night until like 4 in the morning. There were plenty of single guys and girls and couples as well. Most everyone was attractive and they were all our ages.

The night started out as usual, people started showing up, music was playing games of flip cup, beer pong, speed bong, and all sorts of card games were going on everywhere and everyone was drinking like crazy. The house was absolutely packed and everyone was having a ball.

"I'm sooo horny tonight babe..." Jess said to me before the festivities began.

I smiled and pulled her closer to me kissing her deeply. "Well now so am I!" I exclaimed.

We started going at it pretty hard but before we actually got to fucking she stopped me and smiled into my eyes saying "Nope you're gonna have to wait for it!"

I could tell by the mischievous grin on her face that she was up to something. At this point in our relationship we had already had several MMF and MFF threesomes and swapped with a couple so I had no idea what she had in mind but I knew I was in for a night I wouldn't forget.

The whole night I didn't see much of Jess. We were together a lot at the beginning but after people started showing up she spent most of her time socializing and talking to everyone. She didn't know everyone there but she's quick to make friends as you can imagine.

She was drinking a little and I was drinking a lot.

As I was hanging out drinking and talking with everyone I would catch glimpses of Jess laughing and being flirtatious with one guy here another guy here. But nothing serious to begin with.

Now keep in mind a lot of the guys and girls there knew Jess was my girlfriend, but then again a lot of the new people didn't. My roommates certainly knew her well but they had no idea about our lifestyle as we keep that on the down low.

At one point I looked over and saw her laughing and talking with a football player. This guy was huge, a good 6 inches taller than me and probably 100 pounds heavier. She was getting kind of close to him while they were talking and I could tell by her red face that she was drunk at the point. I saw her putting her hand on his arm at first then on his back as they were talking.

She came over at one point and grabbed my dick in the living room and got right in my face and smiled. "Heyyyy baby! How's my little guy doing?!"

"Just fine," I smiled, "but he's missing you!" I could tell from the way she was blankly staring at me that she was far more drunk than she had been in a long time.

"GOOD!" She said and then she slapped my dick pretty hard but not hard enough for people to notice. "Because he's going to stay that way for a while! And at least for tonight! Hahaha" She laughed into my ear.

Then she stalked off back into the party looking for more guys to flirt with I suspected. I saw her talking to another football player and a baseball player. One guy, whose in a band that plays around school a lot was talking to her at one point and was draping his hand around her waist. I also saw him start to rub her arm and then her leg and she made no move to stop him. Plenty of people saw that happen. In fact plenty of people saw her walking around flirting with everyone but me all night long.

At one point a friend of mine that came up from high school came up to me and said "Hey man, isn't that your girl over there?" And he pointed out Jess who was tracing her fingers across the chest of some guy I didn't recognize in the kitchen.

"Yeah that's her."

"Well what the hell is she doing?" He asked.

"Oh nothing she's fine they're just friends." I lied and gave him a smile then moved on. That happened a few times through the night. But no one made that huge of a deal of it to begin with. At least no one I knew.

At another point Jess walked over to me and winked at me. "You know," she cooed, "you have a lot of cute guys here at this school! Kinda makes me wish I came here with you hunny!" She smiled and I could smell the liquor on her breath as she slurred her words and stumbled into me. "There'd be plenty of nice dicks for me to get my hands, to, umm, to get my hands on..."

"Wow you're drunk." I was drunk but not nearly as bad as she was.

"Don't tell me I'm fucking drunk I still know what I'm saying!" She exclaimed and pushed me a little. "Don't...*hick*...don't worry...worry baby. No matter how drunk I get, I'm never going to forget what a pathetic loser you are. I'll never forget that you're just my lil faggot bitch! Haha." She closed her eyes for a few seconds seemingly asleep then continued. "In fact, no matter how much you wish I would, I'll never forget about your little dick...*hick*...and I'll never be drunk enough to get pleasure from that little thing in my fucking pussy. I'll never forget how bad you are at using it either! And that I have to find real mean to fuck me because my pussy little dick boyfriend can't! Isn't that right sweety!?" She smiled and caressed my face.

My dick was hard as a rock after what she said but honestly at that point I just wanted to get her into the bedroom and fuck her. We had that conversation in the middle of the living room with her in my lap and fortunately the music and everyone talking was loud enough to drown it out so that most people couldn't hear it. I did see one girl and one guy looking at us funny so I suppose they heard but oh well.

"Let's go to bed baby." I pleaded.

"No...I'm going to go out and social...socialize a little more...there's plenty of cute guys left here!"

She stormed off and jumped into the kitchen yelling "Heyyyy!! I'm BACKK!!!" And she proceeded to talk to a few guys and girls in there.

So for the rest of the night I carried out my business having fun with friends putting her and my previous erection out of mind for the time being. I only caught flashes of Jess here and there as the rest of the night went by. Each time I saw her she was smiling ear to ear laughing about something with someone. She seemed to be very horny from the way she was rubbing up against some of the guys she was talking to.

At one point while I was playing beer pong I looked over and saw her in the kitchen whispering something into one guy's ear. Whatever it was she said she licked his ear seductively afterwards and they smiled at each other. A second later I looked back and they were no where in sight so I focused on winning the game at hand.

Once I went into the kitchen to get another drink and she was standing between the legs of one of the black guys I sometimes play basketball with and I couldn't see where her hands were because her back was to me. He was sitting on the counter facing her as she stood there and they both seemed to be looking downward. They jumped a little as if startled when they realized I had walked it, but she quickly went back to whatever she was doing when she saw it was me and said something to him that made him go back to smiling as well.

"Dude Jess is kinda getting out of control I think." One of my friends from school that didn't know her that well said to me at one point. "You better go in there and check what she is doing..." He suggested as he pointed toward one of my roommate's rooms.

There were a bunch of people in the room standing around talking and more music was blaring. There was also a game of cards going on in a circle on the floor. That's when I noticed Jess standing over in a corner. She had some guy backed into the corner and she seemed semi slouched down. There were three of the guys buddies standing around in a circle all looking towards Jess and the guy in the middle. They were all laughing and seemed really intrigued by something. I didn't know any of the kids by name but I recognized them all as freshmen. I was a senior at the time.

Frustrated I walked out and found a girl or two to talk to.

"I don't see why you're even with her honestly." A pretty blond I had just met said. "She seems like a bitch to me. I mean if my boyfriend were as cute as you I would be all over him 24/7!" The girl was obviously flirting with me and I flirted back to pass the time but that was about it.

I decided to go back and check on Jess and found her in the same room only this time she was laying on the bed all over a good friend of mine named Jeffery from back home. She and Jeffery knew each other and he knew full well she was taken but they seemed to be getting very comfortable with each other. He was running his hands up and down her body slowly and she was slightly gyrating against him. He glanced up and saw me standing there looking at them but just continued on doing what he was doing and looked away without so much as acknowledging me.

After a while Jess emerged from the room and I started over towards her and she just gave me this 'not right now' look and pointed at my dick than made a small sign with her pointer finger and thumb and frowned while doing so, so I backed off. I occupied myself with other friends and booze and left her to her own devices. I could clearly tell she was in the mood to humiliate me, and while I wasn't sure about everything she was thinking I know I was certainly being humiliated already by her behavior. Part of me it frustrated but the largest part of me was turned on by the whole ordeal.

I was talking with someone about their classes next semester when I saw Jess in the kitchen standing with that first big white football player I saw her talking to. I didn't know the kid just that he played football and the two of them were looking right at me and she was laughing and had one hand on his shoulder. She said something to him while pointing at me and laughed and he bust out laughing too. Then they went back into the kitchen and I lost track of them for a while.

A friend of mine asked me to walk her home and made sure she got in bed so I did and when I got back it was late so I decided it was time to find Jess and finally fuck the brains out of her!

I looked all over and kept asking but no one had seen her. So finally I went outside to look around. I heard some commotion coming from behind the house so I walked around to check it out.

"Jess!? Jess!?" I called out as I rounded the corner and much to my surprise there she was. She was getting up suddenly and hurriedly it seemed to me and there was a guy back there with her as well. He seemed to be adjusting his pants and they both had a scared look on their face.

"Oh there you are!" She smiled. "Oh we weren't doing anything baby! Don't worry!" She smiled again and kissed me hard on the mouth shoving her tongue into my mouth.

Her tongue and salvia was warm and extra slick and had the bitter-nutty taste of cum. It had all the qualities of a well fucked mouth.

"Yea buddy. Nothing." The big football player chuckled as he walked past me and clapped me hard on the shoulder. He walked off into the night still chuckling to himself.

Moments later we were getting undressed in my bedroom ready to fuck. I pulled my pants off and shirt and then took hers off as well. I was making out with her despite the fact that I could taste what I was sure was that big guy's dick on her lips. After pulling my dick out she teased it for a second and then swallowed it whole sucking me for all I was worth.

"Mmmm" I heard her murmur. "Not nearly as big..."

I then laid her on her back and started to glide my stiff dick into her soaking pussy but she reached down and stopped me and said "No."


"You heard...heard me baby...no means no!"

"So are we just not fucking tonight?" I asked incredulous.

"Oh I AM FUCKING!" She exclaimed. "But I doubt you will be baby...she held my face in her hands and smiled drunkenly as she struggled to keep her head up and eyes open.

"Go get someone for me to fuck!"

"Umm babe, I actually might do that you know I would but everyone is pretty much gone. It's just me you and the roommates left here..."

"Well one of your roommates then!" She demanded.

"Babe no! We talked about this roommates are off limits remember?"

"Yeah well I've got to fuck a real man tonight...we...we both know..know that you're too much of a woman! Your little dick won't be enough for me tonight. I need a real man with a real dick that actually knows that the fuck he's doing to fuck me tonight! So if just your roommates are her they'll have to do k babe?"

I finally gave in after a little more discussion and the fact that my cock was about to explode.

I told her I was going to get Jeffery. My friend from home that she was all over early since he was one of the few people crashing here tonight that way I didn't have to involve my roommates.

"Okay" She finally conceded. "But try to get Andy!"

"I'll see what I can do babe..."

"Please try to get Andy!"

Andy was the tall blond roommate that most girls think is the most attractive out of the bunch...like I said, he looks like an Abercrombie and Fitch model...She obviously had the hotts for him and wanted to fuck him not Jeffery but I assumed she would settle for either.

I had no intentions of trying to get Andy so I went straight to Jeffery and spent 10 minutes trying to get him up but he was simply too drunk and basically passed out.

I finally gave up and went back to the room to break the bad news but when I walked in already starting my apology she wasn't there. I looked around to no avail. Then I heard a faint noise coming from down the hall. It was coming from Andy's room which I thought was weird since Andy was sleeping on the couch and his little brother, who looks just like him, was sleeping in his bed because he got sick from drinking too much.

I walked into Andy's room and there was Jess stark ass naked just like I left her sucking Andy's little brother's dick hard and fast moaning as loud as I've ever heard her. His hand was on her ass finger her pussy and asshole from behind as she blew him.

I rushed over and pulled her off. Andy's little bro simply slumped back to the bed...clearly not with it still. And she looked at me like I was crazy and slurped pre-cum from the corners of her mouth.

"What the fuck?!" She yelled as she hit me. "I told you to go get him so I got tired of waiting and I went and got him myself!" She smiled at this.

"I know babe I was trying but Andy's out in the living room this is his little brother!"


"Yeah so go back to the room!"

"No. If I can't fuck Andy his brother will have to do...I'm so horny babe and your dick isn't enough for me anymore. So you can leave or watch I don't give a fuck either way!"

She reached back and picked up his semi-flaccid now dick and started to tug on it. I picked her up and carried her into my room and told her to stay put I'd go get Andy because I'd rather it be him than his little brother who was relatively innocent at the time.

"Okay but here's the deal babe." I said to her. "He probably won't be willing to do it because he won't want to make me mad. So you're going to have to not take no for an answer. So what I mean is as soon as he gets in here, get in front of him and start sucking his dick right got it?"

"Mmm hmmm that I can do babe!" She smiled and perked up a bit.

I went out to the living room and shook Andy awake.

"Hey dude. Dude wake up."

"Huh? Uh...what? What?" Andy straightened up looking concerned. "What's wrong?" He murmured. He was obviously still drunk and barely coherent at all. I don't think he even knew who just woke him up or that he had been asleep for that matter.

"Dude come check this out."

"Huh? What?"

"Come check this out for real you HAVE to see this..." I kept pleading like that with him till he finally agreed and I half pushed him down the hall into my room and I closed the door behind.

Jess was there as planned completely naked in the dark and she immediately kneeled in front of Andy and took his dick out and began sucking. She was sucking with a wild abandon I rarely see. Most likely because she was drunk. I was surprised at his cock size. I had never seen it before but it was big. It was at least a full inch longer than mine and probably half an inch thicker. And now it was sliding in and out of my girlfriend's mouth getting harder and harder with each stroke. He tried to refuse at first for the first few seconds but she quickly quelled those thoughts by twisting the shaft, wetting her lips, and playing with his balls.

I could hear the muffled sounds of her pleasure with Andy's cock in her mouth and it was driving me crazy.

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