tagFirst TimeShipwrecked


byJoseki Ko©

As I dove into the water all I could think of was how cold it was. The water really couldn't have been much warmer than fifty degrees. Jorge my savior hit the water right behind me. He surfaced and pointing a direction began swimming. I've always been a strong swimmer and I followed him. I wasn't sure how he knew where to go. It was so dark out I couldn't make sense of any direction. But Jorge new right where to go. Of course, and I had to grin, that was what made him my savior. I had a little time to reflect as I made that long swim to shore.

I'd been on the cruise ship Royale. Taking a Mediterranean cruise had been my dream for quite some time. Last year my parents had told me that if I kept a 4.0 grade average for my senior year in high school we would all go on that trip when I graduated. I worked very hard to get and keep that average so I could make that trip. The cruise had been going wonderfully until tonight. I'd been wakened from my bed by some loud grinding noise. I'd laid there for a minute and heard it again. I got up to see what was going on and Jorge found me. He told me the ship was sinking and I was just about the last passenger on board. We ran to the side of the ship, and diving into the water began swimming. I was kind of surprised that I hadn't seen anyone else in the water but it was really dark out.

We swam for 20 minutes to half an hour or so when I felt sand under my feet and we walked up on this little island. Jorge helped me out of the water. As we got out of the water I noticed Jorge had shed his uniform right down to his swimming trunks, at least he still had his fanny pack. My little footed pajamas had not faired nearly so well. They were pretty shredded and torn.

Jorge helped me to sit down and then went into the trees. He returned shortly with several armloads of wood. Setting this down he pulled a tin of matches from his pack and soon had us a fire going. The heat was absolutely delicious. I curled up as close as I could to the fire. Jorge came around to try and warm me up. He could see I was cold.

"Hey Linda?" Jorge said trying to get my attention.

"Yes?" I replied

"We really need to get you out of those wet clothes. There not really enough left of them for any practical purpose and right now they are just keeping you cold and wet." Jorge told me this with a real look of discomfort on his face. It was obvious he was as uncomfortable saying this as I was hearing it.

Now here was the rub. I've had a boyfriend or two, but the only man to ever see me fully was my dad. Of course that had been recently. My last spanking was just a few weeks ago. Dad says until I'm married and disciplining me is my husbands job, it falls on him to keep me inline. So I wasn't real excited about stripping in front of this steward who worked on the ship but I wasn't really fond of catching a cold either.

"Okay Jorge, turn around." I'm not quite sure why I didn't want him to see me strip. Must be an issue I have.

But Jorge turned around and I pulled off what was left of my pajama's. I told Jorge he could turn around again. I was kind of hunched over so that even though I was naked he couldn't really see much. I still heard an intake of breath from him as he turned around. I know why. Dad always said I was a 'looker', I'm pretty tall, I stand 5'10" tall and weigh about 150. I do a lot of cheer leading and that tends to keep me in shape. Dad makes me jog 5 miles a day too. So I sat there feeling suitably humiliated as Jorge wrapped his arms around me and tried to warm me up. I fell asleep at some point.

The next morning I woke up in Jorge's arms. It was interesting waking up in a mans arms. I kind of liked it, I felt safe. I realized I was still naked but I didn't see my clothing. Jorge the poor dear was still sound asleep as I set out to look over the surrounding area. I didn't look to far. Who knows what might b out there.

When I got back Jorge was awake and very upset. I was informed that I wasn't to go wandering off willy nilly. I was his responsibility and he was going to see that I stayed safe. I gave him a lot of yes sir's and hung my head as I realized he was right. I didn't really know anything about living on an island and I could get myself in trouble. It also didn't help any that I was naked before a man. The only time I'd been naked before my father was when I was being punished. I was thinking if this was dad he'd just turn me over his knee and tan me right there, when Jorge said it.

"If you were mine Linda I'd spank you right now!"

I thought this would be a great way to keep him from being upset all day. Now Jorge is only a couple of months older than me. But he always seemed a lot older. Jorge is about my height but whereas I'm blonde and blue eyed, Jorge is dark and his Spanish ancestry really shows. He's also pretty well muscled.

"Um Jorge, as you said I am your responsibility. If you think I need to be punished then you should punish me." I said this while I was looking at his feet. But I could see him kind of stiffen as I told him this.

"Anyway I see fit Linda?" Jorge asked.

"Yes sir, you may punish me any way you see fit." I replied

Jorge grabbed my arm and marched me over to a wooden log. Sitting down on it he pulled me over his lap. He patted my bare bottom and then the first smack came down across my bottom. It wasn't as sharp as dad's but it wasn't a light blow either. I squirmed a little and Jorge smacked me again. I didn't squirm so much this time but Jorge seemed to find himself and the spanking got more painful as Jorge got in some practice. The real secret to spanking is in the wrist, not the arm. Jorge was kind of limp wristed to begin with and that kept the sting down. But as he spanked me more and more he began to feel it wasn't quite right. When he finally stiffened his wrist I felt the change immediately and tried to protect my bottom with my hand. Daddy would have started the spanking over, but Jorge just locked my wrist behind my back and kept spanking me. It went on longer than dad's spankings do. I was crying real tears when he paused.

"Okay Linda, how are we going to behave from now on?" Jorge queried

"Sir I will listen to everything you tell me, I will not wander off, I will do as I'm told. I will be a good girl." I was really ashamed to be spanked by someone my own age. But I shouldn't have wondered off.

"Are you sorry you wondered off, or are you sorry you're getting spanked for it?"

"I'm sorry I'm getting spanked for it." I replied truthfully. I thought he'd know if I lied. Daddy always did.

"When your sorry you wondered off, let me know." Jorge said in a flat voice. And the spanking began again.

I wasn't sure how much more of this I could take. My bottom was on fire and my spanking wasn't over until Jorge said it was over. I began screaming I'm sorry I'm sorry, but the smacks didn't stop. This was rapidly becoming the longest spanking of my life. I finally hit on an idea.

"I'm sorry I wandered off sir it won't happen again."

Jorge stopped spanking me and then with a smack to my bottom to punctuate his words he said. "Say it louder girl."

"I'm sorry I wandered off sir it won't happen again." I squeaked even louder

Another slap to my bottom. "Louder girl."

"I'm sorry I wandered off sir it won't happen again."

A really hard slap and the word louder came again.

At the top of my voice I yelled. "I'm sorry I wandered off sir it won't happen again."

"Good Linda I believe you. Now I'm going to give you ten more so that you'll remember this and they are going to be real stingers."

"Yes sir." I said

And down came ten very hard smacks, and they were real stingers as promised. When Jorge let me off his lap I hugged him and gave him a kiss just like daddy, because I knew he was doing this to protect me. Jorge then walked me over to a palm tree telling me it was the best he could do for a corner. I knelt in front of it with my legs open and buried my face in the sand. Head down and my very spanked and sore bottom up in the air for the world to see. I didn't rub it and I didn't try to hide my humiliation. Daddy would have been proud.

Jorge and I spent about an hour on the beach with my bottom in the air. When he finally let me up I felt better. I would try so hard to be good. I'd had a lot of time to think about it.

Jorge left me on the beach to watch for passing ships and he went to take a look around the island. He returned just before lunch with some good news. There was an old cabin at the top of the hill and there was all kinds of stuff in there, along with a note he showed me. It read, 'To all who enter here, I've been shipwrecked here before and I laid all this stuff in, in case it happened to someone else.'

Jorge took me up to the cabin and I was quite surprised. If I'd been here with a lover this would have been ideal. It was a great little love nest tucked away in the forest. The view from the front door was incredible. You could see along way out to sea, and quite a bit of the island as well. No real bedding on the bed but it was nice all the same. I set about cleaning the place as best I could and Jorge took some fishing stuff and went off in search of lunch. He was gone for a couple of hours but returned with an eel and a couple of fish. I didn't recognize the fish but Jorge told me they were edible and he showed me how to cook and clean them.

All in all my spanking included it was a good day. That night in our newly refurbished bed,(Palm leaves) we snuggled down. I'd been naked all this time and probably would be for a long time to come. Jorge leaned over and kissed me. Now I was kind of surprised but I liked it to so I leaned over and kissed him back.. We spent a lot of time kissing and even though I enjoyed it, in the back of my mind I knew he was still my guardian, my chaperone. He would discipline me as I needed it. The more we kissed though the less that worried me. When he stuck his tongue in my mouth I pretty much forgot all about it.

Now it might have been any number of reasons I gave myself to him that night. I was still a virgin and I was saving myself for marriage. But it felt so right and who knew how long we'd be here. As I felt Jorge's hand caress my thigh I opened my legs in invitation. Jorge's questing hand began to stroke me from knee to armpit as his tongue devoured mine. His hand roamed me stopping occasionally here and there as he found a spot that I really liked. He finally moved his hand to petting my pussy. I'd had a bikini wax on the ship so it wasn't to hairy but Jorge seemed to enjoy what he found. His mouth left mine and began to probe my breasts. He did have a great tongue. I was really getting into it as Jorge knelt between my thighs. He fingered me till I was sopping wet and I really loved that.

"Jorge, I'm glad you'll be my first." I said lustily.

Jorge kind of stopped "Your still a virgin?"

"Yes Jorge, don't stop."

Jorge had been about to enter me but now he backed off and putting his head down between my legs he began to lap at my pussy.

"Take me Jorge." I cried

But he just kept eating me. When I was on the verge of cumming Jorge sat up and kissing me he positioned himself and entered me. He took it slowly letting my body adjust itself to him and as I felt him penetrate my hymen it was only a little pain completely over laid by the pleasure.

As he entered me fully his hands began to massage my body. He'd spent time learning my erogenous zones and it paid off for him now as he drove me higher and higher. I cried out and clutched him to me raking my nails across his back as I came. He grinned and kept those fantastic hands sliding over my body. His mouth met mine in a very possessive kiss. And I felt the waves of my orgasm crash into me again and again. As I finally fell limp I heard him say.

"Blood Eagles...I guess she enjoyed it."

Jorge and I spent the next six months in that island paradise. We caught our own food and were able to scavenge some vegetables. All in all it was a very good time in my life. I ran naked at first because I had no clothing but I eventually just lived that way because I enjoyed it. I got a tan like I'd wanted for years. All over. We had sex several times a day. I remember one day we never even got out of bed. Occasionally I got spanked for being bad. But all in all it was a very idyllic life until the day we were rescued.

I had gone down to the cove for my morning swim and found a boat floating there. I was even more surprised and overjoyed to find my parents were scouring a map on it's deck. I was so happy I shrieked. I thought them lost when the ship went down. I swam out to them and they hauled me over the stern and hugged me so hard I couldn't breathe. My dad asked me why I'd jumped ship with some boy and I asked him how he'd gotten off the sinking ship.

This little exchange confused us both. Rather than confuse you with it I'll explain the whole story. It seems Jorge had done this before. He makes loud noises and lures some girl out and then telling her the ship is sinking he hustles her off the boat. He then spends as long as he can screwing her. I'd fallen for that trap. I believe he's even prepared little hideaways like the one we had, I'd always wondered why whoever had built that cabin hadn't put in a sea phone. Dad and I looked for Jorge but we couldn't find him. He'd known the jig was up and gone to ground. As we sailed away though, my dad picked up a signal on his radio. I could tell it was Jorge by his voice. He was calling a buddy to pick him up from the island. The bastard had had a radio after all.

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