tagTransgender & CrossdressersShipwrecked Pt. 04

Shipwrecked Pt. 04


Sorry it took so long. Real life got in the way. I hope you enjoy the story, please comment or send feedback on any suggestions. Thank You for the previous encouragement.


The Forum

"Well, it looks like my men are all fed and rested well." Raina said. "Time to go, get your loincloths on."

We put on the new cloths and the ooze moved away from our mouths down to our balls and asses. The handmaidens examined us to make sure all was well and presentable, Shalana came over to me to make sure that the ooze was securely inserted in my ass and working as intended.

"Just making sure it's in there." She said with a smile.

We stood there waiting for the order to move out. I looked at Brad, he had a look of excitement on his face and his cock was sporting a semi hard cock. He looked at Gary and I, he had a twinkle in his eye which was mixed with excitement and lust. We looked forward towards Raina, her back was to us and she turned for one last look.

"OK guys, keep your eyes forward and follow me. Do not stray, we wouldn't want you to get separated. You have met a few members of the council so they won't all be strangers. Good luck and relax." And with that she turned and walked out the door.

We followed her and did not move off the line she was setting. Several women were looking at us and saw the loincloths that marked us for the council. Some looked jealous others just had a lust that wanted to tear into us. It was a little intimidating.

We made it to a large building that was made of high cement walls and had a large arena with a fire pit in the middle. Looking around I saw high walls with guard stations around the top. The arena had seats with cushions on the cement benches. There was a throne in the middle that was wider than most I have seen. We saw room entrances that emptied out into the arena.

"This is the forum area. This is where the council meets and the rooms are for the members to rest and whatever else they want to do." Raina said, "I am to place in you in the holding room where you will strip and wait for the summons. They are not as horny as before however expect some groping."

She led us to the holding room where we removed our garments and walked around the room nervously. The room was huge by any standard. There was a bed there for us to lay down.

"The only ones allowed in here are the handmaidens and the subjects." Shalana said.

Shalana and the other girls came over to us to make sure everything was ready. She had me hold onto the bed post as she took two fingers and shoved them into my ass. She turned them around with approval and she smiled.

"Tesla, I need a gag check bring your stud here please."

Tesla brought Brad over and he sat down on the bed and Grania brought Gary over as well. Shalana had me on the floor on my knees in front of Brad's hard cock. I could see the veins running through the hardened cock. It was leaking pre-cum I felt Shalana's breath on my ear. "Now slowly take him inside your mouth."

I covered his mushroom caped head and slid down the shaft slowly. I relaxed my throat all the way down to his pubs. Gary was pulling on his balls as I did this. I looked up to see if he liked it and was met with Grania's ass in my face. She was face fucking Brad. I cleaned up his cock with my tongue and pointed it to Gary. He took him in and had a little trouble about midway and relaxed so he could go further down. Gary reached his pubs and stayed there for a while. Brad wanted to cum but we slowed down and pulled on his balls. Grania sped up and came in his mouth. She allowed him to clean her cock and balls. Once we were done and had shown that we could deep throat a large cock, we were considered prepped.

We sat down and waited for the signal. It turns out that we did not need to wait too long. We heard the gong and we stood up almost immediately, it had to be nerves. The girls escorted us to the door where we met Raina. She was wearing a cloak and that was all. Her tits were out and her cock was at semi status.

"They are ready and they want all of us to into the forum. Sorry handmaidens we are to participate this time too."

"At least we know, last time they just grabbed us." Said Tesla.

The ooze pumped some last testosterone into us and fell away. We were all sporting semis. Cloaks with hoods were placed on us for some warmth as we made our way out into the night. We walked forward and made our way to the forum. This time it was full of shemales. There were guards at each of the entrances and in the guard houses. They were the only ones fully dressed.

The rest had cloaks like us and were talking with each other. Some had their arms around each other and holding onto the other's breast. I thought I saw a guard receiving head from another guard but wasn't sure. There were five council members plus the Queen seated in a semi-circle at the head of the arena.

The Queen held her court however and did not let the others distract her. She was a symbol of power, strength, and control. She was 6'2", red hair hat went down to her mid back, her boobs were of a large size, and she had what looked like a 16" cock. She had a muscular build that was well maintained. Raina had mentioned that she was a warrior at one time. In simple terms she was beautiful and she had her eyes on Brad.

We entered the forum and the crowd quieted down. We made our way to a bench that was setup for us and the handmaidens. We were facing the Court. The Queen uncrossed her legs and her cock hung down, we weren't sure if it was semi-hard or not. She stood and raised her arms to silence any talking. The ones that had cocks in their mouths stopped as well.

"Oh sisters please continue with your sucking. I do not mean to frustrate anyone. We have before us 6 possibilities. I am sorry handmaidens but after our treatment of the others we needed more cock in this forum. Raina assures me that they are healing well and will be ready by the next forum. Now we have new participants and even a rarity. We have not had a black piece of meat in a long time. Each of the members will have a piece of him, after I am done of course."

She walked down our line and stopped in the middle, her cock was not 6 inches from my face. It hung below the loincloth, it was massive and looked delicious. I could smell her muskiness and it aroused me even more. I could feel her heat from her body as she stood in front of us.

"My friends, we will partake of these bodies. We take and give pleasure as they will be receptive and wonderful vessels. However, they will taste me first and become one with our group. Please my gentlemen open your mouths when I come by."

She moved closer to me and held her cock out in front of her. She placed the tip on my tongue and a drop or two of pre-cum was placed on my tongue. She left it there and I closed my lips and sucked a bit in. She was delicious. I felt her move back and I let the tip of that massive cock leave my mouth. She moved down the line to Gary, she allowed him to suck the tip a little longer.

When she got to Brad she held her cock out for him to take it in. He started with the tip and held it in his mouth for a bit. She then took his head in her hands and moved it further into his mouth. He was unprepared for it and gagged a little as it went it.

"Take it my stud, after all your mouth will be on my cock a lot tonight." She said as she took him all the way down to her pubic area. He allowed this to happen and sucked her cock for a time. She pulled back and smiled down at him. She stroked her cock two times and went back to her throne.

"Now ladies we have 5 mouths, cocks, and succulent asses at our disposal. Time for the meal. We all need our energy for the night. Attendants please bring out the food."

The food came out and placed on a large table. We were expected to eat so that we could keep up our strength. Several of the council members were staring at us with desire. I remembered Sasha from the tasting room, she had a devious smile on her face as she ate. Her breasts were rising with every breathe that she took. I could tell she was getting aroused at the thoughts she was having about the things she would do to us. I was getting aroused as well imagining her cock inside me.

Shalana leaned towards me and whispered, "Careful too much eye contact could mean a challenge and you will be forced to do things you are not ready for."

We continued to eat. I was watching Sasha the whole time and she was watching me. She took a drumstick and swallowed it down and pulled the meat off with her teeth. All that was left was the bone. She smiled and tossed the bone to the plate. The other women were picking their entertainment for the evening. Some of the handmaidens looked nervous I did not know that this was their first forum too.

The Queen stood up and walked over to Brad, she leaned down to kiss his lips. She tongued him too. She reached down and put her arm under his armpits and lifted him up. He stood and they walked towards a group in the audience.

"Pick one, she will be our toy for the evening and then I will pick another." She said.

He picked a warrior and she came forward and the Queen picked another large cocked girl. The Queen turned to the group at the table and said, "The forum has started, we have five hours and then they need to rest. Remember that members, control is always needed when the time comes." Then she walked away with Brad and the two others. I noticed she had her hand on Brad's ass.

Sasha came over to me, rubbed her hand down my back and got to my ass. she slapped it, hard, and spread the cheeks. She had me stand and kept her hand on my cheek as she signaled a friend of hers.

The others were being paired off and going into rooms. We had five hours with these women. Sasha's friend was an athletic woman and she was looking at my cock like it was the last hot dog at a picnic. We went into her chambers and we removed our cloaks.

She turned to me and said, "This is Sharleen and we get together from time to time."

I looked at both of their cocks and they were the same size and semi hard. My cock was responding as well. Sharleen kneeled down and took my cock in her mouth. Sasha was at my back, spreading my asscheeks with her cock.

"Oh your ass crack is so warm. I bet it tastes good too."

They had me lean over the table so that my ass was easily accessed. Sharleen was still sucking my cock and Sasha was down at my ass with her tongue. She opened the ring as it relaxed and she moved forward with a finger. There was a knock on the wooden door.

"Ah great our fourth is here. Come in Raina." The door opened and she came in with her cloak and staff.

"The others are taken care of and the arena is now an orgy of boobs and cock. I came here to make love to this sweet ass we have here." She came over and kissed Sasha deeply. Raina came over to my face, she was holding her cock out and placed the tip on my tongue. I tasted her pre-cum and then opened wider as she gently moved forward. I took her into my mouth as she went further down. She placed both hands on the side of head and moved in and out of my mouth.

I felt pressure on my ass ring. A mushroom head was at the entrance making its way in. I relaxed as the head made its way inside.

"I'll just slip the head in and stop to allow you to adjust to it." Sasha said in my ear as she nibbled on it.

I appreciated the gesture and wanted to tell her that I didn't need it however with Raina's cock in my mouth I couldn't say anything. The head made it in and stayed there.

"He is so warm, I could cum right now."

I grunted as I adjusted and she felt that and moved forward slightly.

"He can take it, he fucked our nubian prize the other day." Raina said.

Once Sasha heard that she went in full force and was moving in and out of my ass. Sharleen tightened her lips around my cock and sucked even harder. I sucked on Raina's cock and tried to wrapped my tongue around the shaft as she face-fucked me. I pulled on her balls and kneaded them. I felt my legs start to shake from this position and could barely stand. My own cock was under pressure and I came hard into Sharleen's mouth. She stroked the cock slowly to get every drop.

I fell on the table as the others fucked me harder. They too were on the verge of cumming. Sharleen had moved to my head and was kissing Raina as she offered her cock to my mouth. I then alternated between the two massive cocks licking them with my tongue and stroking. I heard a grunt coming from my ass and Sasha's cock twitched inside me as she came in my ass hard. She had widened my ass even further to get the last thrust inside as she came. She stayed hard inside me as I sucked on the two other girls.

She was laying on top of me, "C'mon baby make them cum."

I sucked on Raina's cock harder while stroking on Sharleen's. I could feel they were getting ready to shoot. I clamped down on Raina's cockhead with my lips and stroked harder. Her hips bucked and I felt the first shot hit the back of my throat. I went down to her pubic hair to take the rest. I came back up the shaft and sucked the rest of it as I moved back to the head.

I moved to Sharleen's cock that looked like it was ready to cum, I still had Raina's cock in hand but held it at the base. I took Sharleen's cock in and sucked it up and down. Sasha took over on Raina's cock. Sharleen started to move faster into my mouth and I pulled on her balls. She came and I took her in, I swallowed her cum and sucked the head some more.

"Let's move him off this table and onto the bed over there. That ass needs more attention from us." Sharleen mentioned.

They helped me up and walked me over to the mattress. I laid down on my back.

"He needs some cleaning up. Where's the ooze when ya need it?" Raina said.

"Right here, I always have some when ya need it." Said Sasha.

They placed it on my chest and it moved down to my cock and balls to clean them, part of it moved between my legs and went into my ass. It cleaned out the cum that was still inside me. I looked up at the girls and they were smiling down at me. The ooze was cleaning their cocks as well. All three laid down next to me and spooned me.

"Let the ooze do the cleaning, your ass is nice and sweet to fuck, we have a few more hours to go. That ass is sweet and we need to show you some advanced positions." Raina mentioned.

"We will teach you how to please a shemale without losing your own self-respect. There will be times when you will need that information and we will not allow anyone to dominate you on the island or treat you as a slave." Sasha said.

"You will be our lover and will only perform with our permission. Yes, you may have to do a public blow job but it will be discreet and very sexual to the general public." Sharleen mention.

They laid down around me and snuggled up next to me. Not to be left out Sharleen was laying more on top of me that on the side. She was kissing me so it wasn't to uncomfortable.

"I could get used to this." I said with a smile.

We all laughed.

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