tagLoving WivesShirewood Ch. 02

Shirewood Ch. 02


This story includes details of wife sharing/cuckoldry, so please don't read it if that bothers you.

* * * * * *

Susan Davies blushed much more readily than she would have liked, but on this occasion she had good reason to. She was reaching under her short PE skirt and pulling her knickers down while the Head Teacher watched appreciatively.

She felt absurdly like a figure in a naughty schoolgirl scenario, but she was a married woman, twenty-seven years old and a Physical Education teacher at Shirewood High School.

Three months ago she had become the Head Teacher's lover. She could have claimed that she had been coerced into doing it, but in truth Susan had been quite happy to give herself to Martyn Wilcox, despite the fact that he was twice her age.

It's often said that women are attracted to powerful men and as Head Teacher Martyn was the most powerful man at Shirewood High School. But it wasn't the job title which had attracted her; there was something about him, a strong physical presence, which her husband conspicuously lacked.

Now she leaned back against the desk and Martyn's cool blue eyes held hers as he moved in. It was four thirty on an afternoon. The school was quiet, the office blinds were drawn and the door was locked. She parted her legs and his hand slid between her thighs.

His fingertips gently explored her pussy lips. Her moist arousal signalled her readiness and Martyn slid a finger deep inside her and was rewarded with a gasp of acceptance from Susan. Feeling her cunt was rewarding, but Martyn wanted more.

"Lie back across the desk."

Susan hesitated, thought about asking what he had in mind, but realised it was a pointless question. She pushed a couple of items to one side and lay back across the desk. Martyn slid his hands up the outside of her thighs, pushing her skirt upwards till it was bunched round her waist. Her sparse blonde pubic hairs came into view and Martyn felt his cock stiffen further.

Pushing her legs apart he fell to his knees and his tongue delved into her crease. He loved the taste of her and the way she responded when he went down on her. He found her clitoris and began to tease it. Immediately Susan shuddered and grabbed the back of his head, pulling him further into her. Martyn continued his attentions and within seconds Susan's breathing became more laboured and a series of intensely female gasps came from her lips. It was the most erotic sound Martyn had heard and he gripped her thighs in anticipation. The waves of orgasm swept across Susan and she shuddered against him, unable to cry out because of where they were.

As the waves subsided Martyn hurriedly unzipped his trousers. Standing up he took hold of Susan's ankles and placed them against his right shoulder. With her legs together penetration might have been difficult, but she was so wet that he had no problem sliding his cock into her velvety wetness.

The position, combined with her naturally tight cunt, meant that his cock was gripped in a vice-like manner and he realised that he wouldn't last long. There was no reason to hold back, especially given the risk they were taking having sex in his office, so it was probably better if he came quickly. He redoubled his thrusting and then gave that final extra deep thrust and surrendered himself to the sensations as he blasted jet after jet of hot sperm deep into Susan's willing cunt.

They stayed almost motionless for a while, and then Martyn's prick slid out of its own accord. A flow of sperm trickled from Susan's cunt. Martyn smiled - he thought he had released a heavy load. Susan asked for a tissue and cleaned herself up.

"I'd better go - we're taking a risk meeting like this."

"Yes, but it was good wasn't it."

Susan smiled at him.

"Yes it was nice." She kissed him quickly. "Text me. That is if you want to meet again." She smiled as she said this. She knew he wanted more - and he knew that she knew.

"Oh yes I want to meet again," he said softly. How could he not want to see her again? He was fifty-four, divorced, past his prime. She was twenty-seven, blonde, good looking.

He unlocked the door and without looking back she went out along the short corridor, through the reception area, out of the main doors and headed to the car park.

Fortunately no one was around, or so she thought. Tony Hardcastle watched her from the Reception Office, in fact he almost shouted hello, but for some reason he held back. He couldn't put his finger on it, but there was something about her bearing that was different. The way she had walked - eyes down, but wary - was odd for a teacher finishing their working day.

He returned to searching for that missing file, but a minute later there was the sound of a door closing, then footsteps and Martyn Wilcox went through reception with a relaxed, almost complacent smile on his face.

Our glorious leader looks happy with himself, thought Tony. Nevertheless he had to admit to having a certain grudging respect for Martyn Wilcox; like him or dislike him it was an undeniable fact that he was good at his job.

Those thoughts were running idly through his mind, when suddenly the penny dropped - Martyn Wilcox and Susan Davies were having an affair!

He froze and went through it again in his mind. Really there was nothing to go on, just the body language of two people - hardly conclusive evidence. But he was confident that he was right. The randy old goat he chuckled. Martyn Wilcox had gone up a notch in his estimation; he'd done well bedding an attractive young woman like Susan. Did her husband Simon know? The fact that Simon was also a teacher at the school added an extra spice to the mix.

Tony was thoroughly intrigued - he was going to keep an eye on those two and see whether his suspicions were correct. Smiling quietly he returned to looking for that missing file.

* * * * * *

Susan pulled the back door shut and entered the kitchen. Simon was probably in the dining room, he often chose this time to mark pupils homework and the dining room table gave him a bit of room to spread out. She shouted hello and went through.

Simon looked up from his work.

"Netball practise?"

"No, I've been with Martyn."

"With Martyn?" It was a pointless question, so Susan didn't reply. There was a long pause and it was Simon who cracked first.

"Did he...?"

In reply Susan took his hand and guided it up her skirt. She may have wiped herself with a tissue earlier, but walking across the car park more of her lover's sperm had leaked out.

Simon felt between her legs. Her knickers weren't damp, they were soaking. He slipped his hand inside her knickers and began to finger her cunt, but Susan pushed his hand away.

"Not now. I need a shower. If you're good I'll tell you more later."

She turned and left the room and seconds later was enjoying the jets of hot water spraying across her. She was amused, but slightly puzzled, by her new role, or roles. With Martyn she was submissive - he called the shots and she didn't argue. With Simon it was the other way round - she was dominant and he had to accept that he was left with the scraps from her relationship with Martyn. In fact he seemed to thrive on it, becoming uncontrollably excited when she described her love making sessions with Martyn.

Tonight would be exactly the same. They would undress and get into bed without any hint of desire or longing, but once they were in bed Susan would take the initiative. She would move close to him and quietly ask if he wanted to hear what had happened earlier. Of course Simon would say yes and Susan would reach out and touch his already stiff cock. She then described how Martyn Wilcox had gone down on her. She straddled Simon, guided his cock into her cunt and described how a few hours earlier Martyn's cock had been in there.

"He fucked my cunt you know Simon. He pushed his big cock right inside me and gave me a good fucking. It was so hard, and so big, and so nice. Does it turn you on that he fucked me?"

"Yes, yes, it does."

"That's lucky for me isn't it. Well I guess you had better come. Go on Simon, come inside your wife just like Martyn did, pump your sperm into her two-timing cunt."

Simon couldn't help himself. He couldn't deny the excitement of the moment - the intense pleasure and the blazing heat as he came inside Susan - but afterwards there was always the regret that events were outside his control.

* * * * * *

"Alright, quieten down. Get on with those equations. They're not too difficult and you've got five minutes to make a start, so crack on with them."

The class settled to their task and Tony Hardcastle strolled down to the back of the room. He liked that viewpoint because it meant the kids could never be sure whether he was watching them or not, but on this occasion his only motive was because he had just seen Susan Davies heading towards the sports hall.

It was nearly two weeks since he'd watched Susan and Martyn from the Reception Office and to be honest there wasn't anything that had definitely confirmed his suspicions. However there had been a couple of occasions when he had intercepted knowing looks between them and, although there were times when he thought he was guilty of an overactive imagination, most of the time he felt his suspicions were correct. He glanced at his watch.

"OK, times up. Finish them off for homework and hand them in on Monday."

The class bustled around briefly and then were off to their next lesson. He had a free period now. He could wander round to the Sports Hall; he needed to check the timetable for the under-sixteen soccer tournament and now was as good a time as any.

* * * * * *

Susan hadn't been in the Sports Hall long when she saw two of the sixth-formers sneaking towards the rear storeroom. She recognised them as Ben Keir and Abby Cove. Ben was one of those who didn't have to work too hard at anything - handsome, bright and good at sports, he had a long-suffering girlfriend and that wasn't Abby!

She could have shouted to them there and then because it was pretty obvious what they had in mind, but she hesitated and in a moment they were through the door and out of sight. They were both eighteen and a few more weeks and they would have finished with school. Should she leave them to it? She smiled inwardly - nowadays she was getting quite forgiving of sexual misconduct.

Of course she ought to keep an eye on them and make sure they weren't doing anything really bad. Pupils didn't realise that the rear storeroom was partly overlooked by a gallery floor which was locked and only accessible to a few staff, and she had a key in her pocket.

Susan headed for the rear stairs and went up to the gallery room door. Quietly and carefully she unlocked it and went inside. She crept across the floor, but it was concrete and made no giveaway creaks. Reaching the far end she looked through the tell-tale panel. Nothing was visible, but she could hear sounds off to the left. She moved to the corner and peered through a hole.

Her eyes were still adjusting to the dim light, but she could clearly see Ben and Abby stretched out on a pile of gym mats. They were kissing enthusiastically and Ben's right hand was working away happily beneath Abby's T-shirt. Suddenly Ben pushed her T-shirt up and her bra was already unfastened, so her breasts bounced into view.

Obviously Susan had seen a lot of naked schoolgirls at shower time and never even remotely got a thrill from it, but the context here was completely different. This was sex, pure and simple, and Susan had to admit that Abby had lovely tits - full, firm and ripe. She found herself willing this handsome couple to go further - she wanted to see more.

There was certainly no risk of them stopping. Within seconds Ben's hand slid up the inside of Abby's thigh and soon afterwards a black thong travelled downwards and was carelessly thrown to one side. Next he pushed her skirt up round her waist and with a start Susan realised that Abby's cunt was completely shaven. It looked like a little peach - ripe and juicy. Should she shave for Martyn she wondered, she was willing to bet that he would like it.

Now Ben was fingering her cunt and Abby gasped with pleasure. At the same time she reached across and pulled his zip down. Susan couldn't help herself - she needed some relief. She slid her hand inside her knickers and slipped a finger into her cunt.

Get his prick out, she urged Abby mentally, I want to see it. If there was one thing that turned Susan on it was the sight of an erect cock. Abby duly obliged drawing a very erect prick out from his boxer shorts. Nice, very nice thought Susan, you're a lucky girl Abby. I've never watched anyone fuck she thought and slid a second finger in to join the first.

Then she froze. There was a sound from behind her! She felt the hairs stand up on the back of her neck and slowly, cautiously she turned her head.

Tony Hardcastle the young Maths teacher was stood there with an amused expression on his face. Susan suddenly realised she still had a hand in her knickers and hastily withdrew it. They faced each other in silence for a moment, then there was a cry. Susan knew straight away what it was - it was the cry Abby gave as Ben slid his prick into her welcoming cunt.

Tony must have heard it, but he said nothing. Instead he put a finger to his lips, signalling Susan to remain silent, and then he stepped forward. He looked through the hole and saw Ben thrusting away between Abby's eager thighs. Now he turned away and moved Susan so that her back was against the side wall.

She opened her mouth to say something, but Tony put a finger to her lips. He pulled her T-shirt up so that her bra was exposed and carefully, but confidently he reached behind her back and unfastened her bra. Pushing that up and out of the way he exposed her tits and lowered his head to kiss and suck them.

Susan remained frozen like a statue, torn between telling him to stop and surrendering herself to the sensations. She felt hopelessly out of her depth and realised that she was a prisoner to events; she wasn't going to stop Tony - whatever would happen would happen.

Still kissing and suckling her tits Tony slid his right hand inside her knickers. Susan parted her legs and he explored a beautiful warm, wet slit.

She's ready, thought Tony, don't give her time to back out. He stepped back a fraction and unzipped his trousers, taking his cock out and making sure that Susan could see it. God she looked gorgeous - big saucer-like eyes, T-shirt rucked up with her breasts exposed. He moved in and pulled her knickers to one side.

The height difference made it difficult, but she was very wet and with a couple of thrusts he was inside her. The awkward stance didn't even register with him. He didn't care, he was fucking Susan Davies. Well Mr Wilcox he thought she may have been your lover, but she's mine now, it's my cock that's fucking her cunt.

Susan had given the faintest of gasps when she was penetrated, but now they fucked in silence. The only sound was the odd gasp and groan from the young lovers fucking energetically in the room below.

Somehow the fact that they couldn't make any noise only intensified the experience for both Susan and Tony. They had to keep the normal sounds of sex bottled up and this made the physical sensations more powerful. Tony would have loved to fuck her normally, in a bed in a more leisurely fashion, but surprisingly enough this was actually more intense and more exciting.

Susan felt Tony's cock stiffen and swell inside her, then it jerked and jerked as he fired what felt like a river of sperm into her. They clung together for a moment, then Tony kissed her once, deeply and passionately, and they separated. He pulled her knickers back into place across her pussy and zipped his trousers up. Susan fastened her bra and pulled her T-shirt down. Tony turned and left the gallery room.

Susan stood there, half-dazed for a moment. The door had closed behind Tony and the building was perfectly quiet. She took a couple of steps and stared into the storeroom. It was deserted; Ben and Abby must have left without her hearing them.

Susan left the gallery room and locked the door behind her. Her immediate reaction was to worry about Martyn's response if he found out about her and Tony Hardcastle. She was certain he would resent it and harbour a grudge against both her and Tony, and in the confined atmosphere of a school that could be a very tricky, if not disastrous, situation.

Further thoughts were interrupted by a more immediate concern. Tony's sperm was trickling out of her; it had soaked her knickers and was now starting to run down her thighs. She would have to go tidy herself up and the staff changing room was close at hand and the obvious place to go.

Fortunately there was no one about so Susan unlocked the door, slipped into the loo, slid the bolt behind her and wiped her thighs and pussy. It was all right for men she thought, they dump a load inside you and then leave you to clean up. And Tony had pumped a full load into her.

It came back to her in vivid detail - Tony's cock thrusting up inside her, the cool, rough concrete of the wall rubbing against her arse and the pent-up desire to cry and moan which she had to suppress.

Tony had come very quickly and that had left her high and dry. On the one hand she was frustrated by her lack of an orgasm, but it had been wildly exciting. She couldn't deny that Tony was a good-looking young man and she had enjoyed it.

In fact she wished it had lasted longer, how sweet it would have been if they had come together. She thought of a mutual orgasm and her hand slid between her thighs. Her pussy was still very wet and she slid a finger in and out of the entrance - a few minutes ago Tony's cock had been there. Her finger found her clitoris and she began to rub with a circular motion. Her rubbing became faster and then her legs locked in front of her, her thighs clamped tight around her hand and she gave a series of fast shallow gasps as the waves of an orgasm swept through her.

That had been nice, very nice, but she was going to be late for the next lesson. Hurriedly she pulled her knickers up, flushed the loo and left the cubicle. To her alarm she almost collided with Julie Turner the head of the Sports Department.

"Are you all right Susan? I could hear noises - you sounded unwell."

Susan blushed.

"It's just a bit of stomach ache, but I'm okay now."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm fine, but I've got a lesson and I'd better hurry so excuse me, but I'll have to go."

Avoiding eye contact Susan hurried away. Did Julie realise what she'd been doing? Perhaps not, but there had been a hint of a smile on Julie's lips, a suggestion of amusement in her eyes. Susan had a sinking feeling in her stomach - she was pretty certain that Julie knew what she'd had been doing. That was bad enough, but it raised the even more worrying question that Julie might know why she had been doing it.

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