tagGroup SexShirewood Ch. 03

Shirewood Ch. 03


Simon Davies is 41 and teaches at the same school as his wife Susan who is 27. With his knowledge and permission Susan is having an affair with the head teacher, Martyn Wilcox.

* * * * * *

"What is it about Susan Davies that men find so attractive?" Julie Turner asked Tony Hardcastle. Puzzled he turned to look at the Head of the Sports Department. Through his involvement with the boy's under-sixteen soccer team he'd had some contact with Julie and they'd got on reasonably well, but this was an unexpected (and unwanted) question.

They were stood at the edge of the hockey pitch watching a match which was being refereed by Mrs Davies. Five days ago in a quiet corner of the sports hall he had fucked Susan and until now he thought that no one knew. Was Julie hinting at something? If she was it was very unwelcome. He was only twenty-four, a junior member of staff and he'd fucked another teacher whose husband taught at the same school and more importantly he believed that Susan was having an affair with the head teacher, Martyn Wilcox.

It had the potential to go badly wrong - what was that saying - you don't shit on your own doorstep. He raced through possible replies, but settled for something bland and non-committal.

"What do you mean?"

Julie gave him an amused glance.

"I know what men are like, so don't deny it. I've seen you all sniffing round her like randy dogs; anyone would think she's a bitch on heat. But don't worry, as far as I know you and Martyn Wilcox are the only ones who've had her."

Tony gave an involuntary start; she did know! He looked at Julie afresh - she was thirty-three, fit, with medium length dark hair and reasonably attractive, but that hadn't stopped her husband leaving her a year ago in very acrimonious circumstances. Perhaps she had a grudge against all men and was going to take some of her anger out on him.

"And what do you plan to do with that knowledge?" he asked her quietly.

"Well I thought you might like to come round to my house on Friday evening, have a glass or two of wine and then have a very pleasant fuck."

Tony gave another involuntary start. Was Julie mad? She didn't have to blackmail him in order to get him to have sex with her, he'd be more than happy to oblige.

* * * * * *

"Slap me!"


Go on, slap me. Spank my arse."

Tony drew his hand back and slapped Julie's arse. There was a loud crack and a red mark appeared on her backside. It was Friday evening and Julie was on all fours on her bed while Tony fucked her from behind. Julie was a very forward and very demanding lover, and now it seemed she wanted spanking.

"More. Do it again."

Tony slapped her again, and again. A charge like electricity ran through his body. He'd never spanked a woman before and now an attractive woman was crouched before him in that most submissive of poses. His hand cracked down again and Julie gave an intensely feminine, near orgasmic yelp. Raw sexual energy surged through him, then suddenly he was gasping and groaning as an orgasm overwhelmed him. He pumped sperm into Julie's welcoming cunt and they collapsed on the bed. They lay for a minute, Tony still struggling to gather his breath, while Julie watched him with an amused smile.

"That will do for now, but you will have to perform again later."

"Sorry," said Tony. "That was too exciting - there was no way I could hold back."

Julie lay back and stared at the ceiling.

"You never answered that question of mine - what's so special about Susan Davies? Why do men find her attractive? She's good looking, but not stunning, and she's quiet and rather shy, she's not flirty or a tease. It's not as if she dresses to attract attention, so what does attract men to her?"

Tony looked thoughtful.

"Pardon me asking Julie, but are you jealous of her?"

"No, I don't think so. I mean I work with Susan and I like her, but I genuinely don't understand why all the men seem to home in on her. Come on you've fucked her, what is it about her?"

"I must admit when you asked me the other day it did make me think, because there's no denying that she's more attractive than you might at first glance expect." Tony propped himself up on one elbow and began to stroke the inside of Julie's thigh.

"I think there are two main reasons. Firstly she's twenty seven and she's married to someone in their forties, and let's be honest Simon's weak as piss - she's wasted on him." Julie nodded her agreement.

"Secondly there's a youthful naivety about her. She blushes so easily - it's sweet. But she's got a body that was meant for sex - she's fit and toned, and she's got world class breasts. On the surface she seems so prim and proper, but you look at her body and hope that there's a hidden, dirty side to her."

"Well it seems our Headmaster has found her hidden side. I wonder how long it's been going on for; I don't think Susan is so prim and proper, I think she's a bit of a surprise package."

"You've room to talk," says Tony. "Your invitation surprised me - why were you so forward?"

"That's easy," said Julie. "I'm making up for lost time. I met my husband when I was seventeen, I was a virgin and I was completely faithful for fifteen years of marriage and I thought he was. So I was shattered when I found out that as his business had prospered his confidence had increased and he started to prey on young girls in the office. There were always young women keen to impress the boss and it turns out that he'd bedded several of them." She looked thoughtful for a moment. "Enough talking, are you ready for more?" she reached out and cupped his balls.

* * * * *

Martyn Wilcox eyed Julie Turner with an uneasy feeling. There was definitely something different in her manner towards him these last few weeks and the obvious worry was she knew about his affair with Susan. Tonight he'd had no option but to share a taxi home with her and she was slightly drunk and dangerously talkative.

He was relieved when they got to her house without incident. Then he groaned inwardly when she told the taxi to wait and asked Martyn to see her to the door safely. He could hardly refuse and a minute later was unlocking her front door.

"There you are," he said opening the door wide and holding the key out for her.

"Step inside a moment please. I get nervous going into the house late at night on my own."

That seemed plausible so Martyn stepped into the hallway, looked round and flicked on the light. Julie pushed the door shut and turned the light off.

"Don't look so alarmed. I'm not going to eat you. In fact I'm going to invite you to a private party here next Saturday. Mr Hardcastle is coming and I'd like you to bring your girlfriend."

"What girlfriend?" he croaked.

* * * * *

"I don't know how I've let you talk me into this Julie, but thanks anyway."

"I'm glad you agreed. I hoped you would - after all why should we leave it to the men to make all the running and do all the picking and choosing - it's about time we were in charge."

Susan nodded her agreement. They were stood in Julie's kitchen and were making the last arrangements as the men were expected in a few minutes.

"I'm still surprised that you suggested a foursome. What made you think of that?"

"A while ago one of my girlfriends asked if my ex and I would be interested in wife swapping. I was shocked and said no without really thinking about it, but the thought kept coming back into my head. Then came the big bust-up with my husband and the idea disappeared. When I realised there were four of us it seemed too good an opportunity to miss - I'm making up for lost time and doing some of the things I didn't have the courage or chance to do in the past."

There's no time to say anything else because the doorbell rang and they went to let Tony in. Seconds later Martyn Wilcox pulls up on the driveway and it's his turn to kiss each of the women on the cheek; he hands over a bottle of red wine and some flowers he's brought.

Drinks are poured and they sit in the lounge. There is some small talk, but then Julie speaks.

"I think we need to be clear about a few things from the start just to make sure there's no confusion. Firstly nothing happens without the other persons consent; if anyone says no that has to be respected."

This is met by nods of agreement.

"Secondly there's no touching during the meal; I've gone to a fair bit of trouble with the food and I'm not having it wasted, so control yourselves - don't be impatient. Finally, and most importantly, there's no talking shop. I know we're all teachers, but tonight I'm really not interested in curriculum changes and the discipline problems with some of the Year 9 girls."

That breaks the ice nicely and everyone relaxes. However it isn't long before Julie asks them to go through to the dining room. Once they're in there she asks Susan to go through into the kitchen and help her with the starters.

Of course she doesn't really need any help because they're already prepared. Instead Julie helps Susan to slip off her navy blue dress and then Susan helps Julie remove her red dress. That leaves Susan in a turquoise bra and pants set, white lace-topped hold-ups and navy blue high heels. Julie is wearing a black bra and pants outfit, inset with some purple details, a black suspender belt, seamed black stockings and black high heels.

As agreed they each slip a chef's apron over the top. This partly hides their state of undress, but there is still a gratifyingly surprised and delighted reaction from the men when they enter. Starters are put in place and there is an element of striptease as the aprons are removed to reveal the jewels underneath.

"So that's why you were so insistent on no touching during the meal," says Tony with a wry smile.

"A wise precaution," Martyn adds approvingly. "Even so I'm not sure I'll be able to keep my hands to myself."

"As I said, be patient - it'll be worth it," says Julie with a cool, but tempting smile.

I'm sure it will Martyn thinks. The last few years had been pretty barren sex-wise, but tonight he was looking forward to the pleasure of two attractive young women. The only fly in the ointment was the presence of Tony Hardcastle; he was sure his fifty-four year old body would look decrepit next to Tony's and he was distinctly worried that in terms of sexual stamina he'd come a poor second. He was determined not to drink too much; he didn't want to be sagging when it was time to perform.

For his part Tony was looking at the two women with quiet masculine satisfaction. I've fucked both of these women and before tonight is over I'm going to fuck both of them again. He would be more than happy to do Julie again, but he was really focused on giving Susan a good fucking. That occasion in the Sports Hall had been memorable, but all too brief. Tonight he was going to savour her body. She really did look gorgeous in that turquoise underwear - her nipples and prominent dark aureole showed clearly through the lacy material.

Julie saw his gaze lingering on Susan, but shrugged off a twinge of jealousy. Tonight was going well. The food had been good and she'd designed the dessert as an introduction to the main purpose of the evening.

"Susan could you help me with the dessert?"

They went through into the kitchen, put the plates down and nodded in agreement. They hooked their thumbs into the waistband of their knickers and pulled them down and tossed them to one side. Their eyes met and they giggled like conspiratorial schoolgirls.

"Ssh," said Julie. "Don't let them hear. You pick up the fruit salad I'll take the cheesecake."

Julie led the way into the dining room and they stood side by side and faced the men.

"What would you like cheesecake or fruit salad?" Both men stared.

"Good god," said Martyn and gulped. His eyes were locked on two shaven pussies. He swallowed again. Perhaps it was a generational thing, but this was the first time he had ever seen a shaven pussy. Of course he'd seen photos, but he'd never seen one in real life before. Susan looked so tempting, her sex so wonderfully exposed. Her pubic hairs were naturally rather sparse, but now her pubic mound was a smooth, welcoming bulge.

"Fruit salad," he said and Susan put the bowl down on the table. Martyn reached in and picked out a strawberry. He looked at Susan.

"Press your breasts together."

She applied pressure from the sides and Martyn balanced the strawberry on her cleavage. He pulled her closer, then buried his head in her chest, licking and sucking vigorously at her breasts. Susan reached past him and picked a grape from the bowl, she slipped it into the entrance to her cunt and rolled it round. Martyn realised she was doing something between her legs and pulled his head away from her breasts so he could see. Susan popped the grape into his mouth and he tasted the mix of fruit and cunt.

"Would sir like some cream?" Julie asked, a dollop at the tip of her right index finger. While all the attention was on Susan she had removed her bra and now she took the cream and smeared it on an erect nipple. She sat on Tony's lap and reached up and offered a cream tipped nipple to him. Now it was his turn to lick and suck at a ripe breast.

Meanwhile Martyn was very clear what must come next. He was desperate to know what going down on a bald cunt would be like. He led Susan over to the settee, laid her down and thrust his head between her legs. The smooth, soft, almost baby-like flesh, the taste of love honey - it was completely intoxicating. His tongue probed into Susan's welcoming slit drawing gasps of pleasure from her. Once he moved on to her clit the pressure really built up and in another minute Susan was bucking violently as an orgasm ripped through her. Martyn couldn't contain himself any longer; hurriedly he pushed his cock into Susan's cunt, gave a few deep thrusts, then groaned and emptied his balls inside her. Too fast, too fast he thought, I've come too quickly, but it had been oh so sweet!

With Julie sat on his lap riding his cock Tony had a clear view of Susan being pleasured by Martyn. It excited and annoyed him in equal measure. The excitement was easy to understand - she looked fantastically sexy. The annoyance was because he wanted to fuck her and he wanted her now.

I'll just have to be patient he thought and redoubled his thrusts into Julie's silky depths. God this woman is so wet her love juices are running down and soaking my balls. He reached down and ran his finger round the slippery surrounds of Julie's cunt, then carefully, but quite forcefully he rammed his finger up her arse.

It was as though he'd pressed a button. Julie cried out, arched her back, then twitched fiercely as an orgasmic wave swept through her. It was too much for Tony and he gave a last couple of thrusts then clamped his mouth tight against Julie's and surrendered to the sensations as his cock jerked and jerked firing sperm into Julie's welcoming cunt.

It had been quite an opening, but everyone knew there was meant to be more. Again Julie took charge saying it was time for a rest, she was going to pop to the loo then she'd bring more drinks through. Susan waited for her turn then took her handbag to the loo.

Once she was seated she took out her mobile phone and tapped out a text message.

I'm naked, my tits are tingling, I've just been fucked and my pussy is full of another mans cum. Luv. Susan. xxxxx

She smiled, pressed the Send button and returned to the kitchen.

"Would you like a hand with those drinks?" she asked Julie.

"Please. And when we go back, would you like to sit with Tony and I will try my luck with Martyn."

Susan smiled. "No problem," she said. They returned to the lounge and relaxed. Julie was very happy, so far so good she thought and there's plenty of time for it to get better. She waited a few minutes then decided it was time to return their thoughts to sex.

"So Martyn do you like a shaven pussy?"

"Yes I do." Martyn smiled. "I like it very much." He reached out and ran his fingertips lightly across Julie's pubic mound. "Though there's certainly nothing wrong with a nice bush." His middle finger probed gently between Julie's cunt lips, teasing her slit and causing his penis to stir.

"Just out of interest, whose idea was it for you both to shave?"

"It was Susan's," said Julie.

"Really," said Martyn and he turned to Susan. "What a lovely idea - what prompted it?"

"Oh I happened to see that one of the girls had shaved her pussy and it occurred to me that it might be a nice surprise for you."

"How right you were," said Martyn, naturally assuming that she'd seen it in the school changing rooms, little realising that Susan had seen that shaven pussy as she stood voyeuristically in the shadows and moments before a young man plunged his stiff prick into it.

Susan was aware of a fresh flow of her juices and could see that the conversation was having the desired effect - both men were becoming erect again.

"Why don't you both kneel with your elbows on the settee," said Martyn. "I think that would be quite a sight."

"What do you think Susan?" Julie asked.

"I'd be happy to do that," smiled Susan. "I like a big cock fucking me from behind."

The two women knelt with their elbows on the settee. Martyn loved that most submissive of poses where a woman presents her cunt and ass and allows the man to take his pleasure. It was time to experience a new woman and he pressed his cock against Julie's cunt. One smooth thrust and she yielded to the rigid arrogance of his prick. At the same time Tony penetrated Susan.

Now the room was full of the sounds of sex. Flesh on flesh, the women gasping and groaning as their cunts were pounded. The men lost in the heady sensation of fucking an unfamiliar cunt. Both women came but the men ploughed on, fucking away. Then Tony buckled and cried out, his prick jerking as he pumped sperm deep into Susan. Martyn redoubled his efforts and seconds later Julie pushed back against him and smiled as she felt the lovely warm wet feeling as Martyn emptied his balls inside her.

They slumped together on the floor. Julie smiled - her plan to make up for lost time was going very well.

* * * * * *

Simon looked away from the TV and picked up his mobile phone. It was after midnight and he knew the text could only be from Susan; it would be the second of the evening.

Am leaving soon. Hav two mens cum in my married pussy. Love. Susan. xxxxx

Simon felt his penis stiffen pleasurably. Earlier that evening he had carefully shaved his wife's pussy, even though she had been quite emphatic that he would not be able to experience its delights until she returned from her night out. Finally his patience was about to be rewarded and he would soon have his cock inside his wife while she described in explicit detail how two men had just fucked the cunt he was now enjoying.

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