tagErotic HorrorShiver Ch. 01

Shiver Ch. 01


Paul leaned up against his red sports car and watched Leah walk towards him. His cock was pressing against his pants and he could barely contain his excitement. Leah was wearing a red dress with matching high heels. She was tall and lean and had the most amazing breasts. They were a triple D and pressed against her dress. He had spent many nights titty fucking her and she loved it. He looked around to make sure the parking lot was empty. He was parked in the basement level of an unused parking garage. He knew they would be alone.

"I need you now."

Paul grinned. Leah was always so direct and assertive. She pulled up her dress to reveal her trimmed pussy. She had the most gorgeous blonde hair and her pussy hairs were even lighter than the hair on her head. He fumbled with his pants and barely had time to pull his cock out before she was on top of him.

"Fuck my ass baby. It's so dirty and I love it."

Paul could only nod in agreement. He cried out as she slid down onto his cock. Her rectum was squeezing his cock and it took all his effort not to cum right then.

"Does she suspect anything?"

"Fuck no. She thinks everything is great. I even hinted that we'd get married soon."

Paul was sitting on the hood of his car while Leah rode his cock. His cock was deep inside her ass. Leah was rocking back and forth and had her head thrown back.

Leah opened her eyes and looked right at Paul. "She's so stupid. Doesn't she realize you're in love with me?"

Paul grinned. Leah was moaning as her body went into convulsions. She was cumming and was cumming hard. She bounced against him and breathed in at each thrust.

"Your turn baby." Leah whispered those words softly against his ear. It was so soft and sensual, but he knew that she would be rough in a minute. He wasn't disappointed. She bit down hard on his neck, drawing blood. Paul grabbed her full hips and yanked her down. He was so deep inside her ass and shot his load into her. It felt so good he couldn't even speak.

Once they both calmed down from their intense orgasms, they looked at each other.

"Same time tomorrow?" Leah nodded at Paul's question.

Paul watched as Leah slid off his body and saw her fix her skirt. He did up his pants and made sure there were no wet spots. He kissed her softly and then got into his car and pulled away.

As Paul drove to work, he thought of Leah. They had known each other for over five years and had secretly been dating. Leah was going through a messy divorce and both of them were counting down the days until they could be together. Paul never thought that he would fall in love, but it had happened. Leah was everything he hated about a woman. She was tall, loud, big breasted, aggressive, and had a mean streak. He was drawn to her and had fallen hard and fast. He was too nice to tell Marianna. At least, he couldn't tell her yet.


Marianna stood outside the old house. It was in a run down area of town. The glass window in the front was taped up and there was a lingering smell of cigar smoke and feta cheese. She looked up and down the street and was thankful there was no one around. She was just a little scared at anyone she would meet in this area of town. She rang the doorbell once and waited. She could hear the bell ring inside and it made a buzzing sound. She could hear it clearly from the outside, which meant it was very loud inside. The door opened with a creak and a little old lady answered.

"Are you Delilah?"

"Yes dear. You must be Marianna."

Marianna entered and was led into the living room. She looked around and saw that the house was nicely decorated. This was a surprise considering the disarray of the outside of the home. The couch and chairs were dark red velvet and the walls had eccentric paintings in bold colors. The room was small with two doors on opposite sides. One door was partly open and the smell of Italian spaghetti was wafting in. Marianna assumed that was the kitchen, which meant the other door was the bedroom.

The woman was wearing a beige dress with a knitted sweater. Her gray hair was in a bun but the loose tendrils framed her face nicely. She had probably had beautiful blonde hair when she was younger. She did not wear any jewelry whatsoever. There were no rings, no watch, and no earrings. The woman had a hint of vanilla to her, which was a nice calming scent. Marianna didn't need to be calmed down though. Delilah looked like a kind grandmother. She sat down and waited for the woman to speak.

"So first off I need to know that you have the money. This is a very significant request and I need to make sure that you are serious."

"One thousand right?"


Marianna passed over an envelope with the money and after Delilah counted it, she produced a small container from her pocket.

"The three pills need to be taken at the same time. The first pill will knock him out for a few hours. The second pill will make him horny. The third pill is the important one. If he truly loves you then after he cums inside you, you will be joined for life."

"What do you mean if? He loves me. I know it."

Delilah smiled. She had seen this so many times before. Women always thought that their boyfriends were the 'one.' She had tried to tell them that it might not happen, but no one ever listened. She hated the power she had, but with her son dead and her daughter in hiding, she had to earn money somehow.

"If you are sure then there are no issues. This is a very powerful mating drug. Be careful."

Marianna snatched the pill container from the old woman's hand and left without saying goodbye.


Marianna stood in the kitchen and shivered. It was a whole body shiver that went from her head right down to her toes. Her shoulders shook and goose bumps covered her arms. She looked out the kitchen window and thought a very strange thought. She remembered an old wife's tale that whenever you shivered it meant someone was walking over your grave.

Marianna wondered how that was possible. She had had her fair share of death in her family and had gone from a happy go lucky teenager to a very morose young woman. Her father had wanted to be cremated and had asked that his ashes be scattered in a large field in Japan. Marianna had not been present at his funeral and hadn't seen her father for almost ten years when he had died. She wondered how it would be possible for someone to step on his grave and make him shiver when he didn't really have a grave.

Marianna grabbed the bottle of red wine along with two wine glasses and made her way to the living room. She smiled as she saw her boyfriend sitting on the couch. He was very tall and muscular. He used to be a bodybuilder and was now a personal bodyguard. Marianna had always daydreamed of some sexual fetish with him being her personal bodyguard, but she was happy just knowing he loved her. He had short dark hair and piercing blue eyes. They were the color of the sky and she loved staring into them for hours. He was wearing a business suit since he had come straight from work, but his tie and jacket were lying on the chair. His feet were up on the coffee table to try to get as comfortable as possible. His large frame filled the couch and if his feet were on the floor, his knees would be in his face. Paul was six feet eight inches tall and hated how expensive his clothing and shoes were.

"Come here baby." Paul saw his sexy girlfriend standing in the doorway of the living room. She was holding the wine and glasses delicately. Marianna walked carefully towards him and after placing the wine bottle and glasses on the end table, she climbed into his lap.

"Hi. Sorry I was staring. I love you so much."

Paul responded by leaning forward and holding her small face in his hands. Marianna was so petite and he loved it. She was four foot eleven and athletic. Her brown hair was short and curly and her body was amazing. She had perky breasts with the most amazing nipples. Paul had spent many nights just sucking on them. She would squirm and moan on his lap until she came so violently that he would have to hold her down.

He licked her lips and then kissed her hard, slipping his tongue into her mouth. She opened her mouth and moaned. Paul continued to slide his tongue in and out of her mouth. He licked her tongue and the roof of her mouth. Marianna could only straddle his legs and squirm. He finally pulled back and grinned.

"I love you Marianna. I will never stop loving you."

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