tagErotic HorrorShiver Ch. 02

Shiver Ch. 02


Paul leaned over and poured them both a glass of red wine. Marianna had known nothing about wine before dating him, but he had taught her what types of wines were the best. She had only purchased cheap wine in the grocery stores before meeting Paul. It was the kind that would give her a pounding headache the next morning. This wine was a fine quality and she could drink a few glasses and not worry about waking up with a hangover. She sipped the wine and looked into his eyes. Paul did the same. He had turned on the fireplace and the warm glow shone through the room.

While Marianna sipped her wine she watched as Paul undressed her slowly. He always did things slowly and it drove her crazy. Marianna had been driven crazy the first time they had made love. She had wanted to strip naked and ride his cock like a cowgirl. He had patiently taken it slowly and it had paid off. She had cum so hard that she had almost passed out. She still resisted, but he knew that she loved it.

He removed her shirt and then her bra. He placed her clothing against his nose and breathed in. He loved the smell of her. It was a sweet combination of baby powder and lavender. Even though it was hot in the room her nipples were rock hard. He didn't touch them. He stared at them and took another sip of his wine. He pulled her off his lap and undid her skirt. She had worn a tight black skirt and he ran his hands down her legs while pulling it down. She leaned against his strong frame and felt him breathing against her chest.

"Please stop teasing me. I've had a long day."

Paul just grinned. He slowly removed her panties. She had worn a pair of red satin panties and she balanced on his shoulders while he made her step out of them. He saw the wetness in the crotch of the sexy panties and he wondered how long she had been aroused. She was wearing these very sexy black stockings and he rubbed her thighs, debating on whether to remove them or not. He decided on the latter.

"Drink another glass of wine baby."

Marianna nodded as she poured and gulped down her third glass of wine that night. While she did that, he undressed. He unbuttoned his shirt and placed it on the closest chair. He lifted his hips and pulled down his pants and boxers. His cock flopped onto his stomach and nearly touched his navel. It was throbbing hard, veins pulsing. She gulped down the wine fast and just stood there.

"I won't tease you tonight. Come here baby."

Marianna squealed in delight as she jumped into his lap. He held his cock as she sank down and immediately began to ride him.

"Slow down. We have all night."

Marianna hissed. She had been so horny all day and she needed to fuck. She pushed down hard and then lifted up. He was stretching her so much it almost hurt. She didn't care. She needed it so badly. Paul gripped her hips and stopped her. His hands circled around her body and he held her so only the tip of his cock was inside her.

"I'm not your little fucktoy. We're making love." Paul spoke harshly and hated when he had to do that. He wished Marianna would realize that sex didn't have to be rushed. She bit her lip and nodded. She relaxed and felt Paul guide her down onto his cock. He moved her slowly back and forth. Marianna could only whimper and pant. It felt so good and before she knew it, she was cumming.

"That's my girl."

Paul let go of her hips and began to strum her nipples. They were so hard and he loved the feel of them against his thumbs. She was rocking against his cock and he knew she was doing it to make him cum. He grinned. She would go slow and then speed up. He began to growl. He wanted to hold back, but it wasn't working. Marianna was driving him crazy and he pulled her down and kissed her hard. At the same moment, he thrusted his hips and began to cum. She tried to move away, but it didn't work. His cum flooded her pussy and began to ooze out against his balls.

"Oh god I love you Paul."


Paul lay sleeping soundly next to Marianna. Once she was sure he was asleep, she got up and got a small package from her purse. She carried the package to the kitchen and pulled out his coffee mug. There were three tiny white pills and she carefully placed them in the bottom of his coffee mug. She knew that in the morning they would get up and after a short love making session, he would go make coffee. She checked to make sure the pills were not visible in the mug. They blended in very well and she knew that he would be too tired in the morning to notice anyway.

Marianna returned to bed and cuddled up against her boyfriend. She fell asleep knowing that in the morning she would have him forever.

Marianna woke up and heard nothing. The bed was empty next to her and she looked at the time. It was almost nine and she would need to hurry if she was going to be on time for work. She figured Paul had woken up earlier and after making his coffee had left for work. She wondered when the pills would start working.

Marianna got ready for work and thought back to the last few months. Paul had always been an amazing boyfriend. She wanted him forever and even last night, he had told her he loved her. The three little pills she had given him would cause him to go unconscious by the time he pulled into his parking spot at work. She would go to work and then a short time later leave for an appointment. Really she would be going to his parking garage to pick him up. She had meticulously planned this out and she knew it was going to work.

Paul drove towards work and started feeling dizzy. He gulped hard and blinked a few times. He was pulling up to his parking spot on the fourth level and the circles he was driving in were making him nauseous. He pulled into his spot and barely had time to put his car into park before he passed out.

When he woke up it was dark. He had no idea where he was, but it was cold and damp. The air was humid and smelled like mold and mildew. He tried to stand up, but felt cold metal against his legs. He started to worry at this moment. He wasn't sure why he wasn't worried before, but now he started to panic.

"You will always be mine."

The words echoed in the darkness and Paul gasped.

"Who are you? What are you doing with me?" Paul was trying to remember the training he received and knew he had to reason with his captor. He had to stay in control otherwise he would die. Paul had trained to be a government bodyguard. It was an elite training program in which he had had to jump through a lot of hoops to get into. He had earned his way into the program and had enjoyed many years protecting important members of the cabinet as well as the prime minister himself. He had taken a whole psychology course on this. The men he watched over had never been in danger and Paul assumed that was because he was good at his job. Now as he sat in the cold chair he realized that even though he was a personal bodyguard he was still at risk.

Paul waited for his captor to response. He wondered who would want to harm him. His current employer was a high-ranking bank official who was worried that his wife and four young daughters would be at risk when he was away on business. Would someone stoop so low as to hurt him and put that family at risk? The voice sounded like that of a woman, which made Paul even more confused. Very rarely are kidnappers women. Paul's questions were answered when Marianna spoke.

"It's me sweetie. I'm your princess. You said you would love me forever."

Paul muttered under his breath. He was relieved to know that it was Marianna who had him tied up, but she wasn't acting right.

"Sweetie. This isn't funny. I really don't like the bondage thing. You know that."

He felt something cold and damp against his legs and realized for the first time that he was naked. He felt pressure on his thighs and knew that she was sitting in his lap. Her skin was like ice but assumed that she was naked as well. The room they were in was chilly and if she had been waiting for him to wake up she might have been standing or sitting in the cold room for a while.

"I will have you forever Paul. You just need to do one thing."

Marianna was purring in his ear as he felt her cold hands grip his cock. He was not aroused at all, but his cock was throbbing. He wondered if she had drugged him or something.

"Fuck Marianna. Did you drug me or something?"

Marianna guided his throbbing cock deep inside her pussy and settled down. She knew he was tied to the chair tightly and loved the feeling of him inside her.

"Of course baby. You took three little pills in your coffee this morning. Do you want to hear what each of them does?"

"Jesus stop fucking me. Just stop it. This is not funny." Paul was trying to remain calm, but he was seriously scared shitless. He tried to pinch himself, but couldn't. Maybe this was a dream.

"The first little pill makes your cock hard for me all the time. That way I can fuck you whenever I want. The second pill made you go unconscious for a few hours. I needed that to happen so I could get you here. The third pill is very special. When you cum inside me in a few moments our lives will be joined together, forever."

"What do you mean forever?"

"You keep saying you love me. The drug I gave you will make us eternal. We will live together for the rest of eternity. It only works if you truly love me."

Paul's mind was racing. What was she talking about? Paul couldn't think anymore. Her movements had driven him over the limit and he felt his orgasm close. Paul moaned as he began to cum. He couldn't really feel his cock, but knew that he was cumming. He felt the cum rush from his balls and empty into her pussy. Her pussy was cold as ice yet it felt good. He tried to push her off, but couldn't. As soon as he finished cumming he blacked out. He remembered nothing after that point.

Marianna on the other hand was fully conscious. She was grinding against his massive cock and loved the feeling of his cock swelling inside her. She came hard and was expecting to feel a rush of warmth. Instead she felt coldness. It was a damp cold that surrounded her. This was not supposed to happen. Paul was in love with her. She was supposed to feel heat, love, and romance. Instead the drug she had given Paul had caused both of them to die a quick death. Paul's heart stopped first, causing his body to turn cold. Marianna's body, which was already chilled, went cold as well. She died in Paul's arms, knowing that he in fact did not love her.


Delilah sat in her kitchen and reread the newspaper headline. 'Paul Smith, age 42, and Marianna Brown, age 22, found dead in abandoned house.'

Delilah shook her head. The picture underneath had a picture of Marianna and Paul. She knew what had happened and was upset that no one ever listened to her. If Marianna had asked she would have told her that if he didn't love her they would die together, never to enjoy the love of another.

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