tagNovels and NovellasShona's Summer Holiday Ch. 03

Shona's Summer Holiday Ch. 03


Chapter 3 - The Night Out

"We are going to have a lot of fun tonight," Jane said, smiling. Shona smiled back then turned to go to her room to shower and get ready for the night out. Shona had been visiting her best friend for a few days already and was beginning to see Jane in a different way. She'd had been a little nervous when she'd first arrived, wondering if her friend had changed and if so, by how much. They had kept in touch over the phone and e-mail, but real life was always going to different. The first two days had been wonderful, even better than she could have hoped. It was as if Jane and her had barely been apart. But today was different. They had stayed at home and Jane had seemed, well, domestic. She cleaned the house and took care of her beautiful little girl as if it were so natural, so easy. This wasn't the same girl who, with the help of Shona and two of their other school friends, had fucked the local rugby team one year and who seduced a teacher to get a needed 'A' on an report card. She still loved sex, that was for sure, but she was also more mature, looking at life not just for the fun, but for the true pleasures of life. Shona felt that maybe she needed to grow up a little, maybe take her work a little more seriously, maybe find a steady boyfriend instead of one that she knew she could never marry.

For some reason, whenever Shona gets pensive like this, her hands tend to caress herself; maybe to give her a feeling of comfort or security. This afternoon was no different. Shona looked at her reflection in the large mirror in her room. She looked into her own eyes as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse, letting her fingers linger on her breasts longer than necessary. She closed her eyes as her hands slid over her full breasts to unbutton the lower buttons. Shona looked at herself as she pulled the blouse open, then slid the soft, silk blouse down off her shoulders. The flimsy bra looked as if it could barely hold her large globes, her nipples poking through the thin material. Her hands instinctively caressed her flesh, her fingers slipping into her cleavage. Shona bit her lower lip when her palms brushed against her hardening nipples, sending bolts of electricity through out her body.

Sliding the straps off her shoulders, she caught her breasts as they feel out, caressing, squeezing the soft, but firm flesh. Shona looked at her reflection once more, smiling as she admired her trim, shapely body. She worked hard to keep fit and she was proud of how she looked. She often caught men, even some women, at work and on the streets looking at her as she walked past. Shona felt a surge of passion race through her trembling body. She imagined the hands caressing her tits were Jane's. She closed her eyes again, feeling her friend's hands groping her, having their way with her willing body. One hand slid down her flat belly, slipping under her skirt and onto her moist knickers. Teasing her lips, her fingers tugged and pulled at her trimmed pussy. Shona's hips began to rock slowly, trying to force her fingers deeper inside her. She quickly got out of her skirt, slipping her knickers off her legs. She watched herself in the mirror as two fingers slowly slipped inside her quivering cunt and her other hand toyed with her tits and nipples. Her hips began to rock back and forth more and more, diving her fingers deeper and deeper into her tight tunnel. Biting her lower lip hard, Shona moaned as her body began to shake more violently, almost causing her to lose her balance.

Shona leaned on the chest of drawers, supporting herself with one hand as the other hand continued frigging her wet pussy. Her tits swayed back and forth as her breathing deepened, her orgasm getting ever closer. Her long fingers plunged deeper inside her, rubbing against the head of her cervix. She felt her cunt squeezing her fingers, gripping it as if it were a long thin cock ravishing her. Her body suddenly became rigid as the orgasm burst through her, sending wave after wave of electricity through her quaking body. She felt her juices running down her hand and onto her thighs. She fell against the chest, trying to catch her breath as the brief but intense orgasm finally began to subside, her hands smearing her hot juices over her lips, teasing them and her clit even more. As Shona rested on the chest, her rapid breathing betrayed the sensations that were coursing through her.

After a few minutes, Shona stepped into the shower. The warm water cascaded over her trembling body. Instead of relieving her tension, she had only whetted her appetite. She leaned against the wall, her soapy hands digging at her cunt. She trapped her clit between her fingers, rubbing the sensitive bulb until she felt another, more massive orgasm building deep inside herself. She moaned loudly, one hand groping her firm tits, tugging at her hard nipples while the other plunged in and out of her wet cunt. Her body was shaking, trembling in anticipation of another climax. Her breathing was erratic, her hips thrust against her hand, driving her fingers deeper and deeper inside her.

This time she imagined Geoff's hard cock shagging her willing cunt. His long, thick rod stretching her, splitting her as it pounded in and out. The three of them had played together the day before, but he had not fucked her. Shona felt a little guilty fantasising about her best friend's husband, but Shona did want to feel him inside her. Jane had told her how good he was in bed and she had seen the two of them first hand together but she wanted to experience him herself.

Shona closed her eyes as she frigged her cunt even harder, plunging her fingers deeper into her quivering cunt. Her body began to shake uncontrollably as the orgasm rose to its crescendo, her body becoming alive with sensations. She moaned loudly as she climaxed, her cunt gripping her fingers, squirting her juices out onto her hand. Shona kept frigging herself as wave after wave of pleasure raced through her body. Her hands became covered with her cum, the thick, hot juices mixing with the hot water running down her body. She leaned against the wall, trying to catch her breath, her fingers still deep inside her tunnel, playing with her cervix. The hot water soothed her tension even more, hitting against her sensitive breasts and nipples, like little pin pricks lightly jabbing in her skin. She continued playing with her pussy and tits, making the feeling last longer, until she remembered that she was in the shower for a reason.

Reluctantly, she forced herself to stop. She washed her body quickly, feeling more bolts of electricity whenever her fingertips touched certain parts of her awakened body. Yes, she thought to herself, tonight will be fun.


Jane stepped out of the shower, her body, too, was alive, tingling all over. she had been looking forward to this night all week and she felt a surge through her muffin. She rubbed herself dry, the towel stimulating her pussy even more. Jane wished she had frigged herself in the shower to relieve some of her anxiety, but she decided to let her passions build all night.

Geoff was just getting upstairs when Jane, her body wrapped in a towel, began drying her hair. Geoff walked up behind his young wife, kissing her on the back of her soft neck. Jane moaned softly, pressing her bum back against Geoff's hips. He wrapped his arms around her, slipping one hand under the large towel. With one movement, he unhooked the towel, letting it fall to the floor, catching Jane's full breasts in his hands. Jane smiled, rubbing her arse up and down against his hardening cock.

"Honey, I'm home", Geoff whispered softly in her ear. Jane closed her eyes, feeling his strong hands playing with her large breasts. She could feel his cock become harder through the thin scrubs he had worn to work. If they didn't have reservations in a short while, Jane would have dropped to her knees right then and sucked his thick cock. She loved sucking him, feeling his manhood in her small mouth. Jane licked her lips, wishing they had the time. She could almost feel his head sliding along the roof of her mouth, filling her mouth with his passion. All men loved being sucked, Jane knew that from many years of experience, and she loved sucking, feeling a hard cock in her mouth; but with Geoff, it was different. He loved having her take him and she knew it. The pleasure that he received from her only added to her pleasure and desire to please him. It was a circle of passion, of emotion, that only grew larger. She wanted to please him, and the more he enjoyed it, the more she wanted to please him. Jane knew that her husband felt the same way about her. How many times had he had satisfied her without cumming himself. He seemed to love the idea of making her cum, of pleasing her without regard to himself. His unselfishness only added to her desire to make him happy.

As suddenly as his groping had begun, it ended. "I have to shower now," Geoff said, smiling, knowing that he had whetted her appetite for tonight. He stripped out of his clothes and showered as Jane finished with her hair and makeup.

Jane met Shona downstairs for a cocktail before going to dinner. Geoff come down about ten minutes later.

"WOW!" Geoff exclaimed, looking at the two women sitting on the couch next to each other, "Y'all look great!!"

Jane smiled, "You like, honey?" Geoff smiled, his eyes running up and down their legs, up their bodies to their smiling faces.

"Oh yes, very much," he replied. Looking around, Geoff found a third glass of wine. He sat between the women, smiling like the cat that just swallowed the canary. He stretched his arms out and both women leaned against him. Jane pressed her breasts against his side, knowing how much he loved the feel of her against him. Watching Jane, Shona felt a little enclosed. "What do we have here, Geoff?" she said, letting her hand slide lightly over the bulge forming in his trousers. Jane placed her hand on Shona's so that her hand pressed harder on his cock. Shona jumped from embarrassment.

Geoff laughed, finished his drink, then stood up, "We have reservations to make, ladies," he said. He held his hands out, taking both womens' hands and walked them to the car.

The restaurant was a lot of fun for Shona and Jane. Geoff ordered a bottle of wine as well as the drinks while waiting for their table. Everyone was having a good time, talking and laughing. Shona noticed that at home, Jane seemed to be in charge. she had even begun to think that Geoff may have become a little wimpy from the last time she had seen him. Here however, it was the exact opposite. Geoff was in total control of everything and was very entertaining. Jane fell naturally into a more submissive role, sometimes flaunting her stuff, but always aware of how Geoff would react. Shona was seeing another change in her friend, from the wild, party girl, always leading the way, to the more demure wife of a successful dentist, at least in public. It was funny seeing how Jane played the different roles needed in a more responsible society. Geoff, she noticed, also had his public persona which was different from his personal one.

All through dinner, Jane slid her hand along Shona's thigh. Shona moved her chair closer to Jane under the pretence of hearing better. Jane would sometimes lean to whisper something to her friend, sliding her fingers further up her legs. Shona felt a rush race through her loins making her pussy wetter and wetter as the meal progressed. By the time they were finished, Shona's knickers were sopping wet. Jane just smiled, knowing what she was doing to her friend. Geoff, was having a difficult time keeping his eyes off the two sets of beautiful breasts at his table.

"Y' know, y'all are killing me," laughed Geoff.

Jane let her fingers slide over her breasts, "Who, us?" she asked "Whatever do you mean, Geoff?"

Geoff and Shona laughed at Jane's fake Southern accent.

Geoff paid the bill, leaving a generous tip to the young waiter who was constantly at the table offering his services. "I never get service like this when I eat alone", Geoff said. Shona and Jane smiled at each other, giggling.

"Now what?" asked Shona, feeling tipsy from all the wine she had drunk. "We aren't going home are we?"

Jane smiled coyly, "Oh no," she said reassuringly, "we are going to a club now to dance." Shona smiled, closing her eyes, feeling the effect of the alcohol on her.

Jane slipped into the front seat, then pulled Shona by the hand to her, "Get in with me baby," she said softly. Shona smiled and sat on Jane's lap, placing her arm around her neck. The valet's eyes widened as he watched, Shona's dress sliding up to the tops of her thighs. Shona smiled at the young man, giving him a wink. Jane pulled the door closed as Geoff sped off, everyone laughing at the valet's expression. "Are you having fun yet, honey?" Jane asked Shona.

"Oh yes, baby, I am," she replied, kissing Jane gently on the cheek. They looked into each other's eyes, both knowing what the other was thinking. "Shall we?" Shona whispered. Jane answered with a deep kiss, her tongue splitting Shona's lips as it slipped into her mouth. Shona moaned as their tongues played together. Jane slid her hand along Shona's side, caressing the soft, tender sides of her breasts. Shona was becoming overwhelmed with desire as Jane toyed with her body. She broke the kiss, sliding her tongue down Jane's neck. She sucked on the tops of Jane's sensuous breasts, squeezing them together. She slid her tongue into the cleavage, sucking on her soft skin. Jane moaned, wiggling her hips against Shona's bum.

Geoff was trying to watch and drive at the same time, nearly running a red light in the process. Jane's body was on fire, wanting to pull off the side of the road, but she knew that she would be taken care of later. Geoff warned them as they neared the club, sad that the show was over. The two girls smiled at each other, kissing gently on their lips. Turning to Geoff, Jane winked, coyly, "Did daddy like our little show?" she asked wickedly, "Did you feel left out, hon?"

Geoff leaned to his right, kissing Jane softly on her cheek, "I'm all right just now, but you are going to have to really make up for almost giving me a heart attack," he said, smiling. Jane giggled as Geoff pulled up to the front of the club. The young valet attendant stared as Shona slid seductively off Jane's lap, her skirt riding up so high that her skimpy white knickers were clearly visible to the young man. Shona just smiled, giving him a sly wink.

Once in the club, Geoff found a table for everyone. In reality, it was more a booth against the wall, somewhat secluded but with a view of most of the area. After refreshing themselves in the ladies', Jane and Shona walked to the table where Geoff sat smiling. Geoff loved watching Jane walk through a club like this, watching so many heads turn to look at his young, sexy wife. Knowing that Jane loved him and would never do anything to hurt him, Geoff felt confident to let Jane play the vixen. The heightened sexuality that Jane got from knowing that other men were wanting to fuck her just made their sex that much greater. Shona, too could feel the eyes of the men and even some of the women following her and Jane as they made their way to Geoff.

Geoff stood as the two sexy women arrived at the booth. The dim light of the club glanced over the tops of their dresses, accentuating their large, full breasts and their cleavage. He took a deep breath and sighed, knowing that every man there was extremely jealous of him tonight. The girls chatted about old times at school, giggling and winking at each other, keeping many of their past affairs together secret from Geoff. He didn’t really mind, Jane was finally starting to get out and had few girl friends that she could talk with.

A few songs later, Geoff and Jane went onto the dance floor. Geoff was a very good dancer, dancing more a swing style than the more contemporary style of dance. He spun Jane, pulling her back into his waiting arms, his hands sliding up and down her back. Jane pressed her mound against him as he held her close, feeling his hard cock trapped between them. They looked into each others' eyes, their foreheads resting on the other, their hips swaying with the music. Jane could feel his desires growing, her hands sliding over his strong sides, down over his hips. Geoff's hands travelled the length of Jane's body, from her hips up to the sides of her bouncing breasts. One of Geoff's favourite parts of Jane's body was where her breasts met her side, that little indention where the two parts of the body joined. Geoff's hands slid along that spot, arousing her passions even more. Shona watched her two friends dance, seeing it almost as foreplay. Other couples were dancing sexily too, but with more bump and grind. Jane and Geoff's dancing was more seductive, more sensual and erotic, rather than just sex. Shona felt happy for her friend, seeing, in their dance, the love and passion they shared. For most of the time, their bodies were pressed together, their hips grinding sensually against one another as their hands caressed each other's bodies .

Shona had to turn several men down while she sat alone at the table. A few songs later, Jane and Geoff returned, Jane's face glowing. "I expected to find a table full of men," Geoff said, laughing as he and Jane slid into their seats.

"I did chase several away", Shona said. Jane looked at her, surprised. "Well, when I have you two," Shona replied, "who else do I need?" Jane cooed, kissing her friend on the lips. Shona felt a rush of love as Jane's breasts brushed lightly against hers.

Shona could not keep her hands off of Jane's thighs, and Jane did nothing to stop her. The episode before and in the shower had not quenched Shona's lust. Jane could easily see the wanton desires in her friend's eyes and she was only encouraging it further.

Later, Geoff asked Shona to dance. Shona pleaded that she hadn't danced in a long time and that she really didn't know that style of dancing. Jane laughed, telling her that neither did she when she first met Geoff and besides, he's a good teacher.

Shona stood, waiting for Geoff to walk her to the dance floor. She looked at Geoff as he walked in front of her. He was much older than Jane and her, but he was in good shape, probably from soccer and all the fucking he and Jane were doing. Her eyes drifted down to his arse. The linen slacks fitted him well, showing off his trim, tight physique while looking very elegant and stylish. Once on the floor, Geoff pulled Shona to him with a jerk. She was about to crash into him, but he gently caught her in his arms, bringing her to a gentle landing against his firm body. Geoff smiled at the startled look on Shona's face. "Now, just follow what my hands tell you to do and don't worry about messing up or stepping on my toes." he said, "you should have seen Jane when I first taught her." Geoff laughed. His soft, commanding voice put Shona at ease. Shona thought, again, how different he was here than he was at home and she now understood how her friend fell for this man.

Geoff guided Shona through the steps, spinning her, then pulling her back to him. As they danced together, his arms wrapped around her, she felt her heart racing. Her breasts crushed against his chest, adding to the already large cleavage showing. "I am so glad you came to see Jane, Shona," Geoff said softly, "I haven't seen her this happy and giddy in a long time. I'm glad to get to know you better too. Jane has told me a lot about you and school."

Shona leaned back, looking at Geoff, "A lot?" she asked, "God, not everything I hope."

Geoff laughed, "Oh no, I'm sure not everything," he said. Shona laid her head on his shoulder as he held her firmly, yet gently to his body. She pressed her mound slightly against Geoff, wanting to feel his against her. Geoff slid his hand down her bare back onto her tight dress. His hand continued lower to the top of her shapely bum. Shona's breathing deepened when Geoff pressed a little harder on the small of her back, increasing the thrust of her hips against him.

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