tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShopping at the Mall

Shopping at the Mall


We tried something a little different over the holidays this year...

One evening, during the holiday shopping rush, he took me to the mall. Neither of us was shopping for gifts, however. We had something else in mind.

Before we left home, I put on heels and a dress that buttons all the way down the front, and he carefully tied my elbows behind my back. I could bring my elbows almost all the way forward alongside my body, but the rope was just short enough to keep me from reaching the buttons of my dress with my fingertips. Naturally, I wore nothing at all under the dress. He draped my overcoat over my shoulders to hide the rope across my back, spun me around to check my look, and led me to the garage. Having my elbows pulled back behind me a little made my back bow and my breasts stand out more, and that seemed to please him thoroughly.

The ride to the mall was a little uncomfortable, but not too bad. He had to put on and take off my seatbelt for me, but shortly we arrived at the mall complex. The walk from the car to the buildings was a challenge; I gripped the sides of the overcoat with my hands and held it closed as best I could in the wind, but the icy air still swirled up my dress and froze my bare skin. Had it not been for the rope, I'd have had my arms in the coat sleeves and cinched up the coat, but it would have looked a little odd to have the coat buttoned up around me with the sleeves flapping empty.

Once inside, he straightened my coat and we walked into the crowd. The effect he was going for was to have me look as if I were casually strolling along with my coat draped over my shoulders and my arms swinging loosely at my sides. It didn't quite work out that way, though - if he let my elbows come far enough forward to let my arms look naturally relaxed, I could reach my buttons, and that wasn't part of the game. So, after a little experimentation, I figured out a pose that looked reasonable, lifting my hands a little around my hips so that it didn't look like I was being led along in handcuffs. People pretty much see what they expect to see, especially in a crowded, noisy environment like a crowded mall. My hands were free and visible, and if my back was bowed a little and I clicked along in heels with my breasts thrust forward, well, what's wrong with that? We attracted no undue attention as we strolled along in the crowd.

"Comfortable?" he asked. I nodded.

"Lighten up," he murmured. "We're holiday shoppers, carefree, and all that, remember. You look tense."

I shook my head and grinned. He was right - I was focused on the faces of everyone around me, intent on worrying about whether they could tell I was naked under the dress and whether they knew I was tied. I knew for one thing that my nipples were rock-hard from the chill; it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to conclude that I was either braless or wearing only the sheerest of lingerie. I took a deep breath to clear my head and smiled back at him.

"Kiss me!" He did, quickly but deeply, draping his arm across my shoulders. I smiled and we continued on, the very picture of the happy holiday couple.

After a little window-shopping, I finally got warmed up and the flush left my face. I also relaxed into the game, not worrying so much about whether everyone in the mall knew what I was up to. It really is interesting to watch crowds - when there are a lot of people in a relatively small space, you can tell that people are concentrating solely on getting to their destinations and avoiding the people in their way. He guided me through the throng, not hurrying or dawdling, just going with the flow.

As we admired a Christmas tree in a niche by the escalators, he reached up, caressed my face, and kissed me tenderly. When I turned into him and leaned closer, he slipped his hand down along my throat, thrilling me. With another deep kiss, I moaned and closed my eyes, and his hand dipped lower. In a split second, it seemed, he unbuttoned the top buttons of my dress, flipping the edges apart to show my cleavage. When he stepped back, grinning, I looked down, startled that he had managed to get that many buttons open that quickly.

"That's better," he said softly. "Let's walk some more." My nipples jumped to attention again, and I was again convinced that everyone around me was staring at me, but I followed him back into the thick of the crowd. I concentrated on the "shopping couple" image to try to control the blush I knew was giving me away. As we looked in store windows and saw our reflection, I had an impish thought. With a wink, I walked to a side hallway, beckoning with a toss of my head.

"What is it?" he asked.

"I'd do this myself, but I can't reach. Reach inside the dress and lift my tits one at a time, up and toward the center. You'll like the result."

I turned my back on the crowd, and his eyebrow went up as he got the idea. After a couple of quick adjustments, the top of my dress gaped even wider, extra cloth bunched below the curve of my breasts and propping up an even more impressive display of cleavage. As we walked back into the crowd, I noticed a lot more jiggling going on - I turned to him and grinned broadly. While the dress wasn't skin-tight across my upper belly, it was snug enough to give me a sort of foundation for my shelf.

Our next stroll through the crowd brought a few curious looks; even though I discounted most of my suspicions, there were a few people giving me frank stares as I tiptoed my high heels past them and jiggled breasts at their faces. During one of our full-body-press kisses, I felt his erection through his slacks and clucked my tongue at him.

"You can't walk through the mall sporting a huge woody like that! What will people think?" He actually blushed, started to look down, and then caught himself. I don't think he realized the state he was in. He stuck his hands in his pockets to tent the front of his pants and hide the evidence, then arched an eyebrow at me.

"At least I can hide my arousal! You're pretty well stuck, my dear!" With that, he reached up and cupped a breast, tweaking my nipple hard right in the middle of the crowd. I gasped, but he was right - he could do with me as he wished, and there was nothing I could do to stop him. To drive the point home, he led me a few more steps and then brazenly tweaked the other nipple erect, right in front of an older couple walking arm-in-arm. Their eyes widened, and then the crowd swept us apart.

I licked my lips, and my eyes dilated. He noticed, chuckling.

"Come with me," he whispered, heading toward a dress shop.

He led me into the shop and between a couple of closely-spaced racks, then dropped his keys on the floor. With a "Woops!", he squatted down to retrieve them, left hand going for the keys and right hand making a beeline for my lower buttons. Again, I was amazed at his dexterity - in just a few seconds, he had my dress unbuttoned halfway up my thighs.

As he turned dresses on the rack this way and that, I nodded in approval. I knew there were security cameras all over the store (and all over the mall itself, including the parking lots, for that matter), and so I played the part for all it was worth. He drew closer, and then a particular dress seemed to catch his eye. He leaned in to read the tag, and I felt his other hand catch up the front of my dress and start gathering the material. I stifled the urge to look around in panic, and in a second or two his warm fingers were curling around my bare crotch. With a wiggle, he opened me with his middle finger and slipped inside.

"What do you think of this one, baby?" he asked as he burrowed deeper. I struggled to speak.

"It's - it's nice," I finally stammered. He squeezed me with his whole hand, and my knees went weak. "I think it's pretty!" After a few quick flicks of my clit, he withdrew his hand and stepped back. We casually made our way out of the store, and it was all I could do to walk a straight line without wobbling.

As we walked along looking at the other shop windows, he eyed me critically. At my frown, he leaned in close and whispered in my ear.

"Open up your stride a little bit - show off those legs some more, hm? Or, if you like, I can just undo a dozen more buttons...."

I had frankly forgotten about his magic trick with the dropped keys; at the next window, I blushed to see my dress flapping open from mid-thigh down. I grinned back at him wickedly, though, and took longer steps. The swish of cloth and swirl of air between my thighs turned me on, and he didn't have to tweak me to bring out the best of my breasts. After a quick mental review of the mall layout, I took off in a new direction.

"Where are you going?" he hissed in my ear.

"You'll see!" I led him to the foot of the escalator, and a smile appeared on his face. "You stay right here - I'll be back in a few minutes." He shook his head quizzically, but stayed put. He thought he was going to ride up a few steps below me, I guess.

I got on the escalator sideways, bracing myself with one hand, looking round and round over the heads of the crowd as if I were searching for something. I put my foot up on the next step, shivering slightly as my dress fell open, and rode the escalator all the way to the top that way. The knot of teenage girls below me on the steps spent the whole ride giggling to each other, but they were so caught up in their conversation I don't think they even registered my presence.

At the top of the escalator, I turned right, not left. I could see him down below with his hands in his pockets again, wondering why I had not stepped across to the down escalator right away. I stayed by the balcony edge and casually worked my way around, and finally the light dawned downstairs - the balcony rail was glass, and I stopped every few feet to belly up to the rail and look around, putting a foot up on the rail.

He was really funny to watch; he dared not just plant himself in one spot and gape up my dress from the lower level, but he didn't want to miss anything, either. He fidgeted, shuffled around, tried to appear casual, but still spent many long seconds breathing harder and keeping his hands in his pockets as I worked around the balcony's edge.

For me, it was a heady combination of fear and arousal. I was out of his arms' reach, arms tied and breasts on jiggling display, showing off my thighs to the people inches away as well as everyone on the lower level. If someone decided to take my coat, I knew I probably couldn't stop them - and then, as the crowd realized my condition, I knew I could not stop anyone who wanted to from touching me, exposing me, fingering me. I felt flushed and excited, and I started deliberately making brief eye contact with everyone who turned my way. I wet my lips and parted them, feeling a warm flush spread across my chest and neck, and I knew without even needing to check that I was soaking wet. Just before I stepped onto the down escalator and headed back to safety, I pretended to stumble slightly and pressed my breasts into the back of the man in front of me, then mumbled my apologies.

Reunited, we stepped quickly to another area. I was a little worried that there might have been more than one eager watcher enjoying my balcony show.

"Baby, that was hot," he breathed in my ear. "I almost blew a zipper right then!" I smiled, pleased with the effect of my tease. He snagged a cherry from a free sample offer and teased my lips with it as we walked, and I licked it and lipped it and panted for it until he finally let me suck it into my mouth. After eating the cherry, I worked the stem for a moment and then presented it to him in the O of my lips, tied in a knot. He giggled.

"Here's something for you to think about," I purred. "Something to test your ability to think on your feet."

"What's that?"

"Whip out your cock so I can suck it."

His eyes widened, and I had to grab his belt loop with a fingertip and yank him away from a collision with a potted plant.

"You're kidding," he stammered.

My eyes dilated wide, I huskily whispered, "I am not kidding. Right now, I'm asking you quietly. If you take too long to come up with a plan, though, you'll be walking through the mall with a woman loudly complaining that she wants to suck your dick RIGHT NOW..."

His eyes bugged out slightly and he swallowed with an effort, then went into high gear as he started mentally reviewing every square foot of the area. A light dawned, and he led me all the way to the back of a nearby department store. He hunted around briefly, then let me around a corner to a freight elevator. With a last check around, he pushed the button and ushered me inside. Even as the doors closed, I dropped to my knees and he unzipped.

By the time the car started moving, I had swallowed him completely, sucking deeply and urgently. His knees wavered, and I pressed in harder, herding him into the corner of the elevator and pinning him there with his cock down my throat. When I knelt, I had opened my knees for support, and I felt my outer and inner lips bloom apart like a wet flower between my legs. When the bell rang for the third floor, I let him pull free and stuff himself back into his pants, staying on my knees until he could help me up. Luckily, the floor layout was similar to the first floor; the service elevator was set back in a little crooked hallway rather than opening up onto the sales floor. We staggered off the elevator, panting.

After smoothing his clothes and adjusting himself, he flung himself against me, gripping me to him tightly and covering me with kisses. I ground my belly against his, and he shook with desire. I panted wetly in his ear, hands shaking to hold him, caress him, grip him.

"Do it again," I whispered. He nodded, then moved back toward the elevator. The indicator showed that it was still on our floor. As he reached for the button, I hissed urgently at him. He turned back to face me, confused.

I turned my back to the hall opening, shielding him and the elevator buttons. "Take out your cock," I instructed. He hesitated, frowning over my shoulder at the hallway entrance. After checking the elevator display again, he unzipped his pants and eased out his cock, still a little moist from my saliva. He put his finger on the elevator button, then raised an eyebrow.

"I want you to stroke it up, get yourself ready," I explained. "When I go down while we're going down, I want you to cum big and hard in my mouth." He blushed, looked over my shoulder again, and stroked himself with his free hand. In a few seconds, he was rock-hard, and I finally let him push the button. The doors opened immediately, and he ducked inside, pushing his cock down at the base with his thumb. I dove to my knees even before the doors started closing and clamped my lips around him, whipping my head back and forth and extending my tongue.

He was shaking violently by the time the doors closed, and as we passed the second floor, he grabbed the rails with both hands and convulsed deep into my mouth. He pumped strongly all the rest of the way down, slumping into the corner as the bell rang for the first floor.

The sound of the bell reminded him where he was, and he frantically got himself in order just as the doors rolled open. He hauled me to my feet clumsily and straightened my coat, and we staggered out into the first-floor service hallway where we had started. He checked me over before we went back out into the crowd, leaning close to dab at my cheek.

"Hang on," he stammered, "you've got a little cum on your face." I smiled, turning my cheek to let him wipe off the droplet. As he led me toward the hallway opening, I cleared my throat and stopped walking. He turned back to me, and I grinned. As he watched, I bowed my head, pursed my lips, and dribbled more cum across my breasts. His jaw dropped in utter amazement, and I tipped my head back to dribble even more down my chin, giggling as a big blob trickled down my neck. He was speechless, and I would have burst out laughing had I not had my mouth full.

"You've got it - I mean, you didn't - you've got your mouth full?"

I nodded, then tipped my head back and parted my lips, pushing the rest of his load up front so that he could see.

"Oh, my God - hang on, wait a second," he stuttered, fishing in his pockets for a handkerchief. He swiped at my breasts, face, and neck, smearing his cum all over me. He stepped back, shaking his head, and I inclined my head at his hand, staring intently. He followed my gaze, then held up his hand questioningly. I bent toward it with my lips pursed, and he raised his palm.

I opened my lips and dropped the rest of his cum in his palm, swallowed, and licked my lips. "Rub it into my pussy," I told him. He did, and I swayed in his arms, moaning as he rubbed it into the slick folds between my legs. When he buried two fingers in me and squeezed, I came right then and there, hard, clamping down on his fingers and shuddering. After a long moment, he finished cleaning us up and led me back into the press of people. We were both flushed and breathing heavily, and we worked to cut through the crowd quickly so that no one had too much time to wonder what we'd been up to.

He led me up the escalators and across the promenade to the big picture windows overlooking the city lights, and we joined several other couples taking a break from shopping to admire the view. He slowly edged us to the side, into a darker corner, then pressed me close to the window and embraced me from behind, kissing my ear. We were the perfect picture of two lovers, stealing a moment of intimacy in the midst of the hustle and bustle - at least when viewed from behind. Hidden from the crowd behind us, his hands were busy.

He quickly gathered my skirt up with both hands, well up around my waist, then bunched it up into a ball at the small of my back just below the rope tying my elbows. Pressing his belly against me to hold the skirt in place under my coat, he had me totally naked from the waist down, facing the window and the city spread beneath us. He cupped a breast and fingered my pussy, nibbling on my ear.

"So, let me think," he murmured. "What shall I do next? Maybe open some more buttons, hm?" I wriggled in his grasp, closing my eyes and panting, not having to worry about anyone in front of me watching. "Maybe all of them?"

He squeezed my breast, then dropped both hands to my crotch and opened me wide. "Or maybe I'll just turn us around to face everyone, hm? Show everyone your pretty, shaved, dripping pussy?"

I flinched, then shook my head.

"Oh, come on - wouldn't that be something? Just to hold you tight like this," gripping me tighter, "and turn you around?"

I choked, swallowed, and cleared my throat. "I - I don't think so," I croaked. He chuckled in my ear, then stroked my inner lips with a warm fingertip.

"Where's your sense of adventure? Can you imagine me spreading your thighs, opening your wet pussy, and marching you right into the thick of that crowd? It'd be a riot!" He slammed two fingers home, and I collapsed in his arms, moaning. He chuckled, nipped my earlobe, and withdrew his hands, coming to stand beside me.

"Oh, all right, I won't do that," he reassured me. "Besides, I'm about to die, wanting to fuck you good and properly. Come on, let's go." He turned away to face the crowd, but I didn't follow.

"What's the matter?"

"You're forgetting something," I hissed. "My skirt's still wadded up behind me!" He laughed, then turned toward me and turned me slightly toward him.

"Oh, that's right - you're still exposed, aren't you. Better fix that, I guess." I sighed with relief, but instead of fixing my skirt, his hand raced up through the rest of my buttons. In a flash, my dress hung open all the way down, and I spun back to face the window, blushing furiously.

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