tagFetishShopping with Sophie

Shopping with Sophie

byPaul Fleming©

Please note, dear reader, that Sophie likes her name to be pronounced with the accent on the second syllable. She prays you to keep this in mind when reading this story. You might even exercise it a couple of times before you start, she suggests :-) Sophie furthermore wishes you a pleasurable and exciting reading and so do I.

"I want to buy a couple of things," Sophie said. "Do you want to come along?" She had that innocent look on her face, and a nearly imperceptible twinkle in her eyes made me eagerly agree. Did I see a faint smile on her lips?

As we drove downtown I asked Sophie what she was going to buy. "You will see," she replied mysteriously.

First we went to a shoe store. Sophie sat down in a low chair, me next to her. She instructed a young salesgirl on the kind of shoes she would like. High heels!

The girl came back with a number of shoeboxes and started to try on the shoes on Sophie's feet. Sophie wore a rather short dress that just came to her mid thighs. As the girl tried another pair of shoes on, Sophie's dress moved up and revealed the embroidered upper part of her stockings.

Each time the girl took a new pair of shoes out of a box she bended over and I had alluring look at her small yet firm pear-shaped breasts. She wore no bra! Of course she knew I was staring in her blouse and so did Sophie who gave me a bright smile.

At one moment, as the girl was sitting on her heels in front of us, she raised one knee and her miniskirt completely moved up. I had a clear view on her white panties and noticed the dark shade of her pubic hair in the middle. The girl looked at the bulge in my trousers and smiled at Sophie who took my hand and tickled my palm teasingly.

I was in a rather excited state when we left the store. Now Sophie told me she wanted to buy some lingerie!

Her favorite lingerie store was very exclusive. It was very large and at the back end there was a beautiful broad staircase, bending midway. Behind a long counter several young girls were arranging lingerie items and putting boxes on the shelves. Sophie addressed Claire, apparently her preferred salesgirl. She told her that she wanted to buy a bra and panties. Maybe also a matching garter belt and stockings.

Sophie chose a number of sets on the counter and together with Claire mounted the staircase to one of the fitting rooms. She invited me to come along so maybe I could advise her. She smiled at me with that special look in her eyes.

The fitting room was rather large. There were a couple of comfortable chairs and two large mirrors on opposite walls. The lighting was soft and a distant music was playing. As I was seated Claire helped Sophie to unbutton her dress. Soon Sophie stood in her underwear. Then she removed her bra and positioned herself in front of the mirror, only with her panties, self-supporting stockings and high-heeled shoes on. As I sat behind her I could see her back as well as her front in the mirror.

I sat very quiet, admiring her buttocks in their sheer panties. My eyes were drawn to her full breasts and I noticed that her nipples were hard. Sophie bent over and fitted her breasts in the cups of the new bra Claire handed her over. Subsequently she removed her panties and tried on the new ones matching the bra.

After a while Claire helped her to remove the bra as well as the panties. Sophie stood completely naked now, except for her stockings and shoes. She looked in the mirror admiring her statuesque self. I saw Claire gazing at her, slowly moving her eyes from Sophie's long legs over her neatly trimmed pussy up to her magnificent breasts. For a long moment the girls were looking deeply in each other eyes. They seemed to have completely forgotten my presence.

As the same scenario was repeated for another lingerie set, I became more and more uneasy. I grew very excited, not daring to move or say a word in order not to break the spell of these exquisite tender moments.

At one time while Claire helped Sophie remove her bra, she briefly, as if unintentionally, touched Sophie's breast, softly rubbing her erect nipple. Sophie kissed her for a split second on her lips. The scene was so brief I couldn't help wondering if I had imagined it.

Finally Sophie chose two sets of bras and panties. Now she wanted to try on the matching garter belts and stockings. She was seated naked in the chair next to me, as Claire kneeled between her open legs and removed her shoes and stockings. Then Claire delicately put on the new pair of stockings, carefully drawing them up. Suddenly she bent over and gently kissed Sophie's pussy. For a moment I saw her tongue going in and out between Sophie's lips. Only once. I wondered what must have happened before in this fitting room, when Sophie was alone with Claire, shopping without me.

Soon now Sophie stood completely "dressed" with her bra, panties, garter belt, stockings and shoes. All off the lingerie was in a light pink color, completely in harmony with her auburn hair and lightly tanned complexion. The bra and the panties were semi transparent. I could clearly see her nipples and the dark areolas around them. Through her panties I perceived the shade of the golden-brown hair of her pussy.

For the first time since we entered the fitting room the girls seemed to be aware of my presence. Claire looked down at the bulge in my trousers that had become very obvious. She looked at Sophie and smiled in a conspiring way. As I hadn't moved from my chair, Sophie put a finger under my chin and made me look up in her eyes.

"What do you think of this pink ensemble?" she asked.

"N … Nice," I stumbled, not being able to think of another qualification and cursing myself for this silly epithet. Too late words as lovely, gorgeous, stunning, dazzling, came to my mind.

"He is a bit shy," Sophie told Claire.

"He looks a bit feverish," Claire ventured.

"Yes," Sophie replied. "Maybe I'll have to give him a special treatment when we come home."

When we left the shop Sophie asked me if I would like to do some more shopping with her or rather go home right away.

"Home," I whispered with a hoarse voice.

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