tagExhibitionist & VoyeurStudying Abroad Pt. 01

Studying Abroad Pt. 01


Every person in this story is over the age of 18.


Jaime had been preparing for this trip for what had felt like years but really had only been a couple of months. She had been packing her bags for the last two weeks to make sure she had everything since she was going to Fiji to study abroad. She knew anything that she did not have it would be difficult to obtain within a timely manner.

She was just finishing up in the shower and figured it was time to shave her pussy hair since she figured bikini season was an all year thing in Fiji. She decided to keep a little landing strip no more than an inch long and no thicker than a pencil. She looked at it and approved since this was the sexiest styling she had ever done to her pussy hair.

Her outfit for the flight was a comfy yet cute one: a floral, tube-top dress that came to mid thigh. The inner lining functioned as a bra so no bra was needed and it was too tight to wear with any panties even her no-show thongs would show through. She sarcastically cursed her wide hips and thick ass for forcing to go commando. She looked at herself in the mirror and already loved that her ass looked firm yet plump and the dress was still very modest.

She normally didn't go without any underwear but she wanted to look cute, be comfortable, and she would be sitting for most of this journey. Jaime double checked her luggage one final time making sure plenty of bras and underwear were packed and the rest of her warmer climate wardrobe was packed.

Jaime slightly jumped at the sound of a knock on her apartment door. It was her mom and immediately she embraced Jaime with all her might and began to cry. Jaime was the only child and since her mom was a divorcee Jaime was all she had. Even living away from her mother, Jaime was still a 5 minute drive away.

Jaime felt tears welling up at the sight of her own mother crying and told her holding back her tears "Mom, I'll be alright I promise. You have to promise me to take care of yourself. You should really try to get a boyfriend while you are at it or maybe just a cat." Her mom chuckled at Jaime's comment while wiping away her own tears.

Her mother had confidence in her daughter but this was the first time Jaime had even been outside the state let alone the country by herself. Her mom made sure she had plenty of everything and hinted at undergarments to her daughter. She told her that you can never have to many panties.

Jaime said, "I made sure I have plenty of everything, Mom. I'm just so excited to actually be able to have this opportunity. I cannot believe my school is giving me the opportunity to study abroad." Her mom embraced her once more and the tears began to flow. This time Jaime could not hold back her own tears because leaving her mom was one of the hardest things she has ever had to do.


Her mom dropped her off at the airport, hugged Jaime one last time. With no more tears to possibly shed, they said their goodbyes and her mom told her to call her when she has arrived in Fiji. With luggage in hand, she approached her airlines' desk to drop off her luggage and get her boarding pass.

She then goes to the security checkpoint line and figures that there must not be too many people flying out as she immediately got up to the front of the line. She takes off her sandals and places her bag on the conveyor belt. She hands her boarding pass and license to the female TSA agent.

She walks through the metal detector and it goes off on her. The TSA agent lets her go through again and tells her to be sure she no metal on her such as rings or bracelets. "I got nothing else on me but my dress," Jaime says with a smile. She goes through again and it goes off again.

The TSA agent lets her know that she might just have to remove her dress because there may be some metal in the underwire of the top of Jaime's dress. She told her there is really not too many people around so being in her underwear for a short amount of time should not be a huge problem. Jaime whispered to her, "I kinda can't do that since I didn't wear any underwear underneath. Is there any other way that does not require me to strip naked?"

The TSA agent felt sorry for Jaime but told her there was no other way for her to get through security as the full body scan was not working. Jaime cursed herself for at least not wearing a thong but she knew her luggage was already making its way through the airport and she still had a flight to catch.

Jaime's heart begins to beat fast within her chest and eventually just gives in to the situation. She places both hands of each side of her dress and pulls the dress over her 34D breasts, down her streamline waist, and finally over her plump, toned butt. Her auburn hair comes down just above her butt so that leaves her butt exposed as she covers her exposed boobs and pussy.

She places it on the conveyor belt and hurries through the metal detector. No beep but clearly the TSA agent was checking her out. Even the TSA running the x-ray machine was sucking in a fully naked Jaime. Suddenly more people start to show up and everyone saw Jaime's sexy toned, naked body in its full exposure.

Wolf whistles can be heard and men seem to be pushing to get to her line to get a closer look. It feels like forever for her dress to come out and she feels the men's piercing her exposed ass, breasts and pussy. Jaime places her hands quickly to cover her exposed pussy and uses the other hand to cover her breasts as best as she could. The men quickly shoved their bags and other belonging on the conveyor belt into the x-ray machine and made their way through the metal detector with no problems and waited patiently next to a naked Jaime.

Her shoes and bag finally appeared and she unconsciously reaches, allowing the men to enjoy her exposed front side and drink in her newly shaved pussy lips. She has the idea to at least cover her butt with her bag and shove her shoes in the bag. An audience has appeared on the other side of her from people that had already passed through security and look as Jaime is only able to cover her butt crack with bag leaving her either ass cheek completely exposed. She resumes her posture of recovering her pussy and her boobs. Jaime feels her nipples have hardened and her pussy has begun to moisten.

Jaime asks the TSA clerk working the X-ray conveyor belt, "Where is my dress? Clearly, it was just a dress. Please hurry it and give it back." He could only apologize and just stared at the exposed skin. More men have gathered around her and the anxious hands boldly begin to feel her ass cheeks while others touch her thigh getting very close to her pussy. The TSA lets her know that it should be appearing any seconds and continued to eat up Jaime's exposed skin.

Her dress finally pokes through and quickly she reaches for it. She lets her hands grab the dress exposing her newly trimmed landing strip that points to bare pussy lips and her dark areolas only enhanced by her untanned 32D breasts. She then hears a rip sound as one of the bags had been pushed on top of her dress and she discovers her dress had been ripped in her haste.

Her examination of her only garment lets all the onlookers absorb Jaime's uncovered tits and pussy. You could see a gleaming wetness between her thighs as Jaime was an exhibitionist. She hugs the dress against her body and runs quickly to the closest bathroom. Her ass becomes exposed to everyone along the way as her bag has moved to her hips and her pussy lips, which have a little puffy droop to them, could be seen between her sexy natural thigh gap as she ran full sprint to the bathroom.

She finds her way to the bathroom and sees women giving concerned looks while others manage to laugh at her accidental exposure. Jaime runs into a stall, quickly slams the stall door and begins to cry about how many men saw her nudity and how many felt her up while she was waiting for her dress, which a huge tear in it and was her only covering. She wipes her tears and feels the heat between her pussy lips begin to build.

Her left hand sets down her tattered dress on top of the toilet paper dispenser and sets the bag on the floor. Her right hand unconsciously rubbed down her breast, down her flat tummy, and straight for her engorged clit, which was burning for her touch. Her bare feet are placed on each wall of the stall and spread her pussy wide open. She begins to play with her clit and uses her free hand to play with her breasts.

Jaime had never touched herself in public let alone exposed herself in public. The experience of the eyes and touch of the other people caused her to play with herself within an airport bathroom. She lost conscious thought of who could hear or was wondering what she was doing.

Her fingers encircled her clit while the other hand grabbed her left breast firmly while occasionally gently pulling on her erect nipple. She was letting out soft moans to not let people hear what she was doing. Her wet pussy was squishing as her fingers were being inserted to imitate a dildo, even though she had never experienced one.

Jaime had never had a penis inside her or even had a boyfriend. She was a model student and was more concerned about maintaining her grades, not maintaining her sex life. Her thoughts drifted, inhibitions dwindled, and her moaning was becoming more and more audible.

The inhibition of staying quieter was gone and an audible moan could now be heard coming from her stall. The urge to cum was building inside her quivering vagina. Her fingers were furiously plunging into her pussy while her other hand began rubbing away on her clit. Jaime was now panting thinking of the men rubbing away on her exposed pussy, sucking her nipples and grabbing her ass.

Jaime's vagina pulses and feels her body convulse tighten to reach the zenith of her masturbation. Very sexy, loud moans escape her lips and sits back to relax. Suddenly, she starts to feel her ass slipping into the toilet. She catches herself but knocks her dress to the floor.

She sits up on the toilet and turns beet red realizing what she had done in a public restroom. She also realizes that her dress was knocked to the floor so anyone wondering what she was doing now knew without a doubt she was not just using the restroom. They could have guessed that Jaime just did not take off her dress in order to use the restroom.

Jaime sits on the toilet and allows herself to relieve her bladder since the flight would be long. She regains her composure back and quickly slides on her sandals. She picks her dress off the floor and is quickly reminded her day was far from over despite an incredible erotic masturbation session.

Her dress had a huge horizontal cut across the bottom of the dress. She was slightly relieved to know that it was still wearable and that her trip would not leave her naked. She slipped it on and realized it the hole that appeared on the front of the dress. She came to the conclusion that the only way to fix this was to rip the cut all the way around.

For the second time today Jaime willingly slides down her dress but this time she has to augment it and remove a few inches from the bottom. She begins to rip away and she thinks that her favorite dress had been ruined and prays that the dress will just make it until she gets ahold of her luggage in Fiji. She rips it around full circle and shoves the excess fabric into her bag.

Jaime then pulls her dress back up and boy did she not realize how much she really lost when unfortunately had to rip away at a fabric instead of being able to cut it. She could feel the draft going between her legs and especially up her plump ass. She gulped to think what her dress had become and begins to open the stall door slowly.

She walked to the sink wash her hands and stood back to look in the mirror. Her jaw dropped as she twirled around to see the damage and realized that her new micro dress came to just below her butt. She could not pull down the dress as it would expose her breasts, which had been pushed up her breasts and allowing them to be exposed even further. There was no wiggle room anymore to pull up or pull down on her dress. There was only a very slim line of staying modest and now Jaime really wished she had the protection of underwear.

Jaime approached her gate walking a little slower than before since her dress was now micro and no longer left anything to the imagination. Passengers were staring as bits of Jaime's ass cheek peaked through with every step she took. She tried to cover it up with her bag again but still felt all eyes, especially the men, were glued to her exposed ass cheeks. She approached her gate and was reminded that she had failed to get back her license and boarding pass from the TSA agent back at security.

Jaime realized that now that her flight was boarding she needed to hurry back to security and get the two things that get her on the plane. She asked one of the flight attendants at the desk, "Is there any way you can stop the plane from leaving for me? I forgot my boarding pass and license back at security."

The male just stood there in awe and just stared at how form fitting Jaime's micro dress was, leaving very little to his imagination. The female also appeared slighted stunned by Jaime's questionable outfit choice said that she only had fifteen minutes so she better hurry back. Otherwise she would not make this flight and she would miss out on her once in a lifetime opportunity.

Jaime realized the only way to make it back in time was to run for it. She removed her sandals, shoved them in her bag and ran as fast as she could. Her dress did what any dress or skirt would do: it rode up fully exposing her sexy plump butt in the back and trimmed sexy pussy in the front.

Jaime could feel the eyes glued to her exposed ass and now fully exposed pussy. Everyone was able to get the mental pictures of Jaime's full butt and she sprinted back to security without any inhibitions of the her state of undress. Jaime could feel the wetness building again and chose to ignore it or she would miss her flight.

Jaime returned to the same TSA woman, who was surprised by how short her dress had become. Jaime explained, "Someone's luggage had destroyed a part of my dress and I lacked any tools to truly fix it properly." However, the lady was less concerned about her wardrobe.

All she could do was point down to Jaime's surprise her sexy plump ass and newly clean pussy were being displayed to everyone in the security section of line. Jaime had forgotten to pull her dress down after running over and quickly unrolled her dress to cover everything up as best as her dress allowed her to.

Jaime thanked the lady for holding onto it, tucked her boarding pass and license in her bag, and sprinted back to her gate. She exposed her fine, plump ass one last time for everyone at security. Jaime rushed back, feeling the eyes glued back as she gave her onlookers one finale encore of her ass and bare pussy.

It was only the male flight attendant now who was staring at Jaime's exposed landing strip that led to her cleanly shave pussy lips. Jaime was taking the opportunity to put on her sandals and unconsciously bent over to do, which exposed her asshole and pussy to anyone looking her direction as she waited for her ticket to process.

Jaime finally realized what was going on and also realized everyone from behind could see her sexy, plump ass and the bald, puffy lip between her legs. She quickly pulls her dress down that her erect nipples pop out from the top of her dress. The flight attendant's jaw would have hit the floor if that had been possible to basically see Jaime's fully naked body.

Jaime's face turned beet red to accidentally flash the man every bit of her naked body. He finally hands back her boarding pass and license while Jaime makes the necessary adjustments to her dress to where it barely covers everything. He just smiles at her and tells her to have a great flight. Jaime hurries along through the boarding gate moving just quick enough to avoid flashing everyone again.

Jaime makes her way down the filled plane and watches all the eyes light up. The passenger's eyes are lower than the bottom of her dress so they can get an easy view of her uncovered pussy lips and a pretty full view of her plump ass. She finally makes it to her seat and realizes she is in an aisle seat with her newly micro mini dress.

Her first thought is, "I'm pretty sure all the men looking back at me are getting a free look at my pussy." The men were clearly looking between her legs and her pussy was responding to the attention by increasing its moisture levels. When she sat down, her dress rose up over her hips and left her bare ass and pussy to hit the cool leather seat.

She attempts to just place her bag onto of her but the passing stewardess lets her know that unfortunately she needs to place it under the seat in front of her or above in the overhead storage. Jaime shoves her bag underneath in the seat in front of her and feels her ass, asshole and pussy being exposed to anyone behind her looking down the aisle to her seat.

Jaime turns red again as she feels the draft hit between her ass cheeks. Jaime tries to cross her legs but the seats in front of her are too close for her to do so. She tries to get her legs together as close as possible but hr landing strip can still be clearly seen from her point of view and can only imagine what the other passengers can see from theirs. She prays this flight goes quicker than how long it's actually supposed to take.

She notices that two men are slowly approaching and staring between Jaime's legs. They stop right next to Jaime and ask her if she can get up so they can squeeze through to their seats. Jaime was really hoping that she was alone in her row but chances of there being any empty seats would be slim to none. Jaime unconsciously springs up and her dress stays up showing the men and anyone looking her firm plump ass and an outline of her pussy lips from behind or her new landing strip and her sexy bald pussy from the front.

The men just stare until Jaime realizes how her dress continues to betray her and she pulls it down even harder and flashes her tits once again to even more men. This time they just soak in Jaime's exposed tits and erect nipples. Jaime's sexual frustration is building and she feels her pussy quivering for her fingers to play with her. She quietly curses how her nudity can contain itself and ushers the two horny men to hurry up and file into their seats.

The men sit down and are greeted by the sight of a great view of Jaime's perfect ass. Jaime quickly notices what the two men are seeing and hurriedly sat down again. The men continue their conversation about Jaime's smoking hot body even though she clearly could here them.

Jaime looks around to notice the men were looking at her knowing they got to see her goods while the women were disappointed and shocked that Jaime was going commando. Jaime finally heard the captain said they were ready to depart and the plane made its way to the runway. Jaime could not believe how much she had been flashing and the flight had not even taken off yet.

Jaime felt the urge to play with her pussy once again but suppressed it knowing she had no way to do so at the moment. Maybe she would sneak into the bathroom after the seat belt sign turns off to relieve her quivering pussy. Jaime suddenly started yawning, feeling drowsy from all the events that had transpired within the past hour. Jaime leaned back in her chair and all the sounds seem to fade into nothingness.


Jaime wakes up very disoriented to wear she was and remembered she was on her plane to Fiji. She did not knowing how long she had fallen asleep for but feel the draft that was hitting her chest. She freaked out when she realized that the top of her dress had somehow come down and the bottom had gone up to attempt to meet in the middle of Jaime.

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