tagFetishShort Office Chronicles Ch. 02

Short Office Chronicles Ch. 02


I'm not sure about everyone's office building, but I know the building I am in, has a TON of different types of businesses operating within its doors. We deal with everything from a Nursing Outsourcing company, to a company that does professional photography of various items and, for other business' ads and brochures.

I had seen a girl in the halls a few times; she was working in the Nursing Outsource office. We had exchanged pleasantries and smiles, while we passed each other in the building, but I didn't think too much of it. She had long flowing hair and a body to die for.

One morning I came into work very early to get some work done. After I started my computer boot up, set my stuff down, I went to the basement to get a Coke from the Vending machine. As I entered the small room I almost ran smack into this girl, while she exited the vending machine room carrying her own bottle of orange juice. She was wearing her coat, and looked like she had just walked into the building.

"Eeeeek!" she shouted with a loud screech.

"Excuse me," I stared at her from top to bottom, not trying to hide it. "I didn't mean to startle you."

"Oh, it's my fault, I was day dreaming and didn't know anyone would be around this early," she smiled back.

I let her pass by, as she headed towards the elevators. I got my Coke from the machine and caught up with her just before the elevator door opened. We both entered the elevator, and selected our desired floor.

She seemed to be shifting her stance a bit, as we rode in the elevator. All of a sudden, we felt an abrupt jerk and the elevator stopped. The doors were very sensitive, and if they receive too much pressure or anyone tries to push them open by a crack the elevator would stop. She did not know I was the one leaning on the doors to try this trick.

"Oh no, what now?" she sighed, with scare showing in her voice.

"Don't worry; these elevators are pretty old; this has happened to me before. They will start up eventually. It might take a minute or two though," I smiled at her.

After mutual introduction and some small talk, she relaxed, all the while shifting her weight from one leg to the other.

"Are you feeling ok, you are not claustrophobic, are you?" I asked trying to sound very concerned.

"No. it's not that," she stated and a blush rose into her face.

She looked down trying to hide her embarrassment, and giggled.

"I just got to work and was grabbing my orange juice, before I headed up to the office to start my day. I was going to make a pit stop in the bathroom before I started. I really need to pee after my drive to work."

She cracked a half smile, and looked very self conscious now that she had told me her issue.

"Well, I'm sure we will be out of here soon," I reassured her trying to keep her calm.

All the while I could picture her beautiful body squatting in this elevator, relieving her full bladder. I guess I must have been silent and daydreaming for too long; she started to look at me kind of strange.

I came back to reality and realized what she was looking at. I had zoned out too much I didn't even realize I was now rock solid and pushing the front of my dress pants out quite a bit.

"Are YOU ok?" She asked with a smile.

"I'm sorry, but I was day dreaming and got a little carried away" I stated with a smile, seeing she did not look offended at all.

Staring directly at the bulge in my pants, she asked "I have to ask, were you thinking about me peeing?"

Now it was my turn to become a little red-faced as I looked at her and said, "Does that bother you if I were?"

"Not in the slightest, it's kind of interesting. I've never known a guy that was interested in watching me pee before. I guess we are past the point of being coy, so I'll just ask... Can I see your cock?" She hadn't raised her glance to my eyes.

I thought for a moment, and replied, "If I can find a way for you to be able to pee in here and release all that pressure, will you give me head while you pee?"

"Oh my god, are you serious?" she said adding extra emphasis on the last word.

I thought I had overstepped my bounds, and ruined the whole thing for a second, till she continued.

"If you know of a way for me to pee and not all over the floor, I will gladly swallow your cum!" she said, with a pleading look in her eye.

"OK. You are holding a small bottle of orange juice that has a fairly large opening at the top. If you drank the orange juice, you could use the bottle to pee in, and I don't think you would get it all over." I looked at her as she looked at the bottle in her hand.

"There is no way I can drink this right now, I would piss before I finished the bottle," she said while looking defeated.

"If you don't mind I can drink it for you to help you out?" a large smile broke across my face as I said this to her.

She had that bottle open faster than I could see, and almost threw the bottle at me. As soon as the bottle was in my hand, she was prying at the clasp on the front of her pants. She was unzipping it as I started chugging the orange juice from the container.

Right before my eyes, this girl from my office building was sliding her pants down and off her legs. As soon as she had her pants off, she stood up to see if I was done. Standing there with pleading-eyes in her tiny panties, she watched me drink.

"I am drinking as fast as I can, if you want you can pull my cock out and have a look while I finish drinking."

She looked back down to my crotch as if, she had forgotten about my cock. She looked back at my face and then peeled down her panties. She then squatted on the ground to unzip my pants, and fish out my cock.

As soon as my cock was free of my pants I heard a sigh. It was very short-lived as she almost devoured my cock whole. Her mouth was very warm and wet, and she started moaning around my straining cock sending vibrations to its base.

I stopped drinking to take a breath and saw how much I had left. Only a couple gulps were left in the bottle, and I looked down wanting to see this beautiful girls mouth wrapped around my cock. She had one hand wrapped around the base as she sucked on like crazy. I then realized her other hand was between her legs. No wonder she was moaning as she engulfed my cock head.

I quickly finished the bottle, pulled my cock out of her mouth, and handed it to her.

"Thank you so much," she sighed, as I watched her spread her glistening cunt lips and place the bottle directly below her squatting pussy.

I stepped back in, and as she was trying to balance herself and hold the bottle, both her hands were busy. I took the initiative and guided my cock into her mouth with one hand while holding her head with the other.

I soon heard the sound of her piss racing into the bottle as she tried to steady herself as I fucked her mouth. Loud moans emanated from the depth of her throat and felt wonderful on the head of my cock.

The whole experience was too much for me to handle, and as I continued fucking her mouth, I felt my balls beginning to tighten. Shortly, after she started to fill her bottle, I began to quake. I looked down to see her eyes open up looking directly at me. She looked so excited and her eyes were almost begging for more.

I shot my first rope of hot cum deep into her throat; a choking sound followed, but then I felt the glorious sensation of her tongue and throat working in unison to swallow my seed, as it shot in repeated bursts into her mouth.

As I felt the last shot of sperm come rising to the tip of my cock, I lodged my cock head firmly into her throat as far as she would let me.

I withdrew my cock as she fell back into a sitting position on the floor of the elevator. Her legs and dripping cunt were spread, and sitting in front of her on the ground was her bottle filled with fresh piss.

"Oh my GOD, that was so great," she said. "I came from that, and I barely even touched myself."

"I'm glad you liked it, I know I did," I said, with a smile.

She got dressed as I placed the lid onto her bottle so it would not spill. Both of us had wide grins on our faces, and as I stood up helping her to her feet, I made sure to bump the elevator door hard enough and it started moving again.

"Wow, what timing..." she stated, as she looked at her watch.

"What timing indeed!" I replied...



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