tagFetishShort Office Chronicles Ch. 01

Short Office Chronicles Ch. 01


Late one afternoon I exited my office into the lobby of the corporate center. As I passed the Marque that displayed all of the business' that resided within the building I noticed a stunning woman standing there scanning the names on display.

As I passed her I couldn't help but notice her figure. Her short skirt did nothing to hide her long gorgeous legs and I could see her shirt was pulled very tight in the back. As I continued to walk I noticed a decent pair of breasts that were responsible for the taut fabric.

I continued up the stairs to the bathroom on the 2nd floor as it got much less foot traffic at this time of day, and wasn't so noisy.

As I worked in a fairly progressive part of the country, the bathrooms had all been remodeled, and made into unisex bathrooms. One affect of this was that all of the urinals were gone and there were only stalls in any of the bathrooms.

I found the bathroom empty and picked out a stall near the end of the row.

Being fairly lazy if I am in a stall I will sit down to urinate, as this also prevents "footprints" on the seat as well, that the females in the building really dislike.

I had just finished relieving myself when I heard the door open. The unmistakable sound of heals echoed on the tile floor. The footsteps walked straight across the bathroom and entered the last stall which just happened to be the one next to me.

I looked down to find to my surprise that they were the shoes of the woman from the lobby.

I heard a brief 'zip' then the rustle of clothes as I saw her lower her skirt to her ankles. It took me a second to realize it, but I then noticed as she sat down, she did not lower any panties.

"Holy shit" I thought to myself... She wasn't wearing any panties.

I started to get hard at the thought of this beautiful, panty-less woman, sitting in the stall next to me about to take a piss.

As I took my hardening cock in my hand I heard the tell-tale hissing sound as her pee exited her body.

The images of what she must look like sitting there were going through my head so fast, I was rock hard in seconds.

Her duration only lasted a few seconds but a lout sigh escaped her lips as she finished. I could hear her wadding up the paper, and wiping, but there was no flush.

I sat silent holding my cock, and listened.

I could hear her breathing, and a strange sound. Almost as if she was running her hands through her pubic hair.

I continued to listen, and soon I could hear her pussy getting wet.

"There is no way, that this beautiful woman is masturbating in the stall next to me" I thought to myself. It has to be something else...

Slowly her breathing increased and I could definitely hear her cunt begin to get sloppy as she rubbed away.

Looking down, I thought "she has to be able to see my shoes, as I can see her shoes just fine"...

From the sound change I could tell she was now fingering herself furiously, but at the same time trying to stay quiet. Every once in a while a soft moan would escape her lips, but it would get cut off as she tried in vain to remain quiet.

I was on the verge of shooting my cum high in the air any minute, but didn't want to make a sound in case I scared her.

Her palm was now slapping against her pubic mound as the sound of her fingers slopped in and out of her dripping hole.

She took a deep breath in, started to whimper with her mouth clamped shut, and increased her speed.

I couldn't hold it anymore and stood up, turned around, and jacked-off as fast as I could.

Aiming at the toilet I felt my balls start to boil and tighten. Then feeling the liquid heat rising up I shot rope after rope all over the place as I didn't care where it went.

I could hear her starting to slow down as I finished my last few shots and milked the final droplets of cum from the end of my cock.

Then I again heard the sound of her piss hissing from her pussy into the bowl below. She must have cut if off mid stream, and held it the whole time she masturbated. I wonder how often she does this, as it must have been a huge turn on for her.

I quickly moped up my mess I made on the toilet seat, flushed and got out of the bathroom.

I would glance out the doors of my office the rest of the day, but never saw her leave the building. She must have gotten by when I was in meeting or something else. Oh well, it was one day I won't forget.

Send feedback as this most likely will be the first in a series of shorts...


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