Short Shorts


Author's Note: All characters depicted are 18 years of age or older and, as the category would imply, this story does contain violence. Consider yourself warned...


"You can't wear that!"

Lindsey glared at him, inwardly seething, her little fists clenched at her sides. I'll wear any damned thing I please, motherfucker! She gritted her teeth against the words, something in her daring them to come out.

"You want me to change, Daddy?," she asked sweetly, her voice dripping saccharine, her eyes veiled.

"If you ever want to leave this house, I suggest you put on something decent!" His gaze swept over the orange tube top and white satin shorts and she saw his eyes darken with something other than disapproval.

"Fine." Asshole! Who the fuck do you think you are? My father! Feh! Lindsey stormed back upstairs, grabbing her biggest purse, the floppy crocheted one with the flap on top. She wiggled her shorts off and shoved them in the bag, and after pulling the top over her head, she shoved that in, too. She found a pair of Capri pants and a t-shirt, yanking them quickly on and bounding back down the stairs again.

"Better, Daddy?" She made sure her voice remained high and light, but her eyes bored holes into his skull.

His eyes hesitated at her breasts, no bra to contain them, her nipples pointing skyward. Finally, he sighed, "Fine. What time should I tell your mother you'll be back?"

Whenever I want to be back, fuckhead.


She slipped her sandals on and headed out the door, slinging her purse over her shoulder. In the garden behind the house, she stripped down to nothing in the beginning dusk, shoving her clothes into her purse. The white satin shorts and orange tube top were liberated from her oversized bag, and Lindsey wiggled them past her slim, naked hips, the shorts barely covering her bottom, the tube top simply accentuating the hardness of her nipples.

Mission completed, she saw their neighbor, old Mr. Finn, standing with a garden hose in his hand, his eyes wide, his mouth open. Lindsey gave him a wave as she passed the fence.

"Hey, Mr. Finn, how's it hangin'?"

He mumbled something and the hose jerked in his hand, sending water spewing skyward before he caught it again. She didn't stop to hear what he had to say. It was a half a mile walk, and she was already running late.


Someone's dad built the treefort in one of the tall trees at the edge of the subdivision. It was secluded, down a well-worn path, fifteen feet off the ground with just a railing around the edge, the boards nailed to the side of the tree the only way up or down. Lindsey heard them before she saw them, someone's radio blasting not quite loud enough for the surrounding neighbors to call the cops.

"Coming up!" she called, putting her foot on the first board nailed into the trunk of the tree, and beginning to scale the side. There were three of them sitting up on a blanket spread over the platform, passing a bottle around. Brian, the one she'd met walking through the aisle at the grocery store earlier that day, gave her a wave and patted the platform next to him.

"Getting late," he said, draping his arm around her slight shoulders as she settled back against the railing. "Thought you might not show."

"My stepdad," she explained, her tone enough of an explanation. "I have to be home by midnight."

"Midnight?! What can you do by midnight?!" One of the other guys snorted—he was cute, too, although not as cute as Brian. His hair was curly and almost as dark as his eyes.

Lindsey took the bottle from him, meeting his eyes as she drank a swig, the alcohol making her eyes water before she passed it on to the third guy. He was smaller than the other two, his blonde hair almost as long as hers.

"Guess we just have to start earlier," Lindsey gasped, her throat still burning. The dark-haired guy gave her an appreciative look at her comeback, and they all laughed. That made her feel warmer than the alcohol.

They introduced themselves and passed the bottle again. The dark-haired guy was Ralph, a senior from Xavier. The quiet blonde said his name was Wayne. He looked older than the other two. Brian had already made his introductions earlier that day, when he'd invited her to this little party. She knew him by sight anyway, from the halls at school. He was a senior, like she was, at Chippewa.

"Hot enough for ya?" Ralph asked, peeling off his t-shirt and hanging it over the railing. "Christ, this summer is gonna be a bitch, and I have to spend it roofing with my uncle."

"Sun's going down," Wayne remarked and Lindsey glanced at him as he tipped the bottle toward her. "Should get a little cooler."

"Hey, dude, you were supposed to get me in on that gig." Brian's hand moved over her bare shoulder and Lindsey settled in closer, feeling a warm glow in the pit of her stomach. "It's gotta be better than stocking cans at the Sav-Way."

"Yeah." Ralph shrugged. He was across from Lindsey, leaning back and stretching both arms out to rest on the railing. "Still workin' on it."

There was a long silence that seemed to stretch into the coming night. Lindsey felt the coolness of the evening settling on her damp skin. They were all peeking glances at her—she felt Brian's eyes on her top, Wayne's moving over her legs, and Ralph's were focused between them. Her shorts were pressed between her pussy lips and she felt the seam riding there every time she moved.

"Oh I love this song!" She reached over Wayne to turn up the radio and felt him startle at the weight of her on him, her hand pressing into the meat of his thigh. Giving him a smile of apology, she eased her way off, and he smiled back.

"Gimme a hand," she said, turning to Brian. He did, and she used the leverage to pull herself to standing. The treefort seemed even higher when she could see the ground, so she closed her eyes, standing in the middle of the platform and swaying to the music.

She kicked off her sandals, dancing barefoot, letting the pulse of the music move her body, feeling them watching, even though she couldn't see them. She let herself go, undulating and swaying, her head back, her arms up, her long, blonde hair falling to her waist as she arched and rocked to the rhythm. All the while, she felt their eyes on her.

"Nice show..." Ralph remarked, his eyes following her as she collapsed, breathless, in the middle of the platform at the end of the song.

"I have to pee," Lindsey announced. "Where should I go?"

Brian waved his hand. "We just pee off the side."

"Oh." She looked around the circle and met each of their eyes, and then grinned. "I can give it a shot."

Standing up, Lindsey walked over to the railing, peering over the side at the fifteen foot drop below. The sun was really beginning to set now, spreading a pink hue over everything.

"I don't think I have the right equipment for this," she said with a little laugh, looking back at them over her shoulder. "Maybe I should just climb down..."

"We can help you," Ralph offered. He was standing next to her before she could say yes or no, his head jerking in Brian's direction, calling him over. "Here, let us hold you."

Lindsey looked up at him with wide eyes as he grasped her upper arm and Brian did the same on the other side. "Are you serious?"

"Sure." Ralph gave her a small smile. "Just pull your shorts down and go. We'll hold you."

They flanked her on either side as she slipped her shorts down over her hips, her eyes meeting Wayne's. He was still sitting in his spot, tipping up the bottle and watching.

"Don't drop me," she warned, grabbing onto them, her fingers hooking onto the waistband of their jeans. "You promise?"

"We got you," Brian assured her as she sank into a modified sitting position, her bare ass hanging over the railing, her thighs resting there, her feet not touching the platform. "Just go."

"I don't know if I can..." she laughed and then closed her eyes and bit her lip, concentrating hard. Ahhh, there! She let go in a gush, the sound of her release raining down on the underbrush below. The rush faded to a trickle and then stopped.

"Okay," she said, glancing between them. They were both looking down at her and she smiled. "Guess I have to drip dry."

The guys lifted her, pulling her easily back onto the platform. Her shorts puddled at her feet and she saw Wayne staring between her legs.

"Nice pussy," he remarked before tipping the bottle back again. Lindsey swallowed hard, seeing his eyes darken.

"You got a better view that we do," Ralph said with a short laugh, leaning forward to take a look. Lindsey flushed. "Oooo shaved... nice!"

"Yeah?" Brian leaned forward to look, too. "Oh man... yeah... nice..."

"Hey," she said, trying to reach for her shorts, but their grip on her arms restrained her. "Come on..."

"Bet it's nice and smooth," Ralph remarked, his breath hot against her cheek. "Can I feel?"

"Whoa, wait a minute..." she said, but his hand cupped her mound, rubbing his fingers roughly over her skin. "Guys... this..."

"Mmm nice and smooth," Ralph confirmed, making her gasp and struggle between them when he slid a finger between her lips. "Nice and wet, too..."

"Let me feel." Brian's hand replaced his friend's and Lindsey's eyes met Wayne's. He was watching them closely and now he had a hand cupped over a bulge in his jeans. "Oh baby, that's such a sweet little pussy... she's just begging to be fucked..."

Lindsey's heart was racing as she stood, caught between them, their fingers digging in tighter into her upper arms every time she moved.

"I've wanted to fuck you since I saw you coming down my aisle," Brian said into her ear, his finger sliding deeper up inside of her. "Those tight short shorts, and that skimpy little top..."

"Yeah, let's see what's under there," Wayne called, and Lindsey glanced at him long enough to see him unzipping his jeans and reaching a hand in. "I want to see her tits."

"Hey!" she cried when Ralph pulled the orange tube-top down to her waist, revealing the slight mounds of her breast with their pointed nipples.

"Just a handful," Wayne scoffed. She flushed at his words and when she looked at him, she saw his hand moving inside of his jeans. "Nice nips, though."

"Guys... wait, I think I should go..." she said, struggling to pull her top back up. Brian's fingers were still buried in her pussy, and both boys had a hand on her upper arm, gripping her between them, but Ralph's other hand was free, and he grabbed her wrist, keeping her from covering herself.

"I don't think so," Ralph said, shoving the tube top down even further, over her tiny waist. It caught at her hips, where Brian's hand worked slowly between her legs. "I think you need to stay right here a while. Don't you think so, guys?"

They all nodded and muttered their agreement, and Lindsey looked between them, eyes wide. All she could say was, "Please!" as Ralph pressed her to her knees on the blanket. Brian's fingers were gone from her pussy, but it didn't matter, because he bent her forward to her hands and knees and spread her lips to finger her again from behind. Her tube top was still caught around her waist, a bright band of color on her pale flesh in the fading light of the day.

"Oh god," she whimpered, pulling the blanket into her fists as she heard the sound of a zipper near her ear. Behind her, Brian's fingers slipped up and down her slit, opening it a little. The air felt cool between her legs, her bottom up, completely exposed to him. "Please, please, please..." she begged.

"Shhhhhhh." The words came from the other side, into her other ear, and she looked through the curtain of her hair to see Wayne stretching out beside her. His hand moved lightly over her shoulder and back, trailing his fingers over her skin. "It's okay..."

"Don't," she said, shaking her head, feeling Brian pressing something hard against her pussy. "Please!"

"Let's give that pretty mouth something else to do!" Ralph's hand moved in her hair, turning her head his way, and then his cock was in her mouth, pressing past the initial resistance of her lips, searching out the soft palate at the back of her throat with his heat.

"Oh fuck!" Brian groaned as he slid his cock between her smooth, wet lips, grabbing her slim hips in his hands and pulling, pushing himself in deeper. "Oh yeah, that's a hot little cunt!"

"Is she tight?" Wayne's voice came from Lindsey's other side, but she couldn't see him. She was too busy trying not to gag as Ralph thrust himself deeper into her mouth. There was a hand cupping and squeezing her breast, and she thought it must be Wayne, fingering her nipples, back and forth between the two as Brian began to fuck her.

"Oh yeahhhh," Brian groaned, pulling her back into the saddle of his hips. "Like a glove... god!"

Lindsey moaned around Ralph's cock, his hand going to the back of her head, shoving himself so deep she couldn't do anything but choke on his length. The fingers moved between her nipples, twisting and tugging, and she gasped for air when Ralph slid himself out of her mouth completely for a moment.

"Oh baby, yeah, that's it!" Brian shoved himself into her now, faster and harder, the sound of their bodies slapping together echoing around them through the trees. "Take that dick!"

Ralph slapped her cheeks with the wet length of him, making her gasp and squirm. He pumped it slowly from base to tip, teasing the head around her lips.

"That's good..." Wayne's voice was near her other ear, and she felt something against her thigh, a fast motion, the press of something spongy and wet, and knew he must he masturbating, rubbing himself against her leg as he watched her get fucked. "You like that cock, baby? I can't wait to shove mine into that wet little hole..."

"Me, first," Ralph insisted, grabbing her head and, using her hair to pull it back, shoving his cock back into her mouth. Lindsey groaned again, gagging as he thrust himself in deep. He held himself there, forcing the head into her throat until she could barely breathe.

"Ohhh baby, yeah," Brian moaned, his cock plunging hot and fast into her pussy. "I'm gonna cum!"

"Don't cum inside, man!" Ralph insisted. "I don't want no sloppy seconds."

"Make her swallow it," Wayne urged.

Brian groaned as he pulled out and there were hands on her, flipping her over on the blanket. Brian's jeans were in a pile behind her and he straddled her face, pressing his cock between her lips. He gave a few good thrusts and Lindsey's nails dug into his thighs, straining against him as she felt hands pressing her legs open and back.

"Ohhh yeah, swallow it, baby, swallow my cum!" he moaned, rocking into her throat, his cock exploding with his climax, sending hot, white jets streaming over her tongue. Lindsey whimpered but could do no more, feeling Ralph's cock sliding between her swollen pussy lips as she swallowed Brian's cum. He kept rocking in and out of her mouth, moaning softly, even after she had swallowed it all.

"Hey, gimme some of that." Wayne nudged Brian and she saw him looming above her, his cock in hand, outlined by the trees above in the fading sunlight.

With a sigh, Brian rolled off her and leaned back against the railing while Wayne straddled her face, pressing his cock to her lips. She felt her top bunched up around her ribs now and she caught only a brief sight of Ralph rutting between her legs, his eyes closed, head back. His cock, thick and swollen, moved deep inside of her.

Lindsey moaned and tried to turn her head when Wayne's cock met her lips, but his fingers gripped her jaw, turning her toward the meaty head and slipping it into her mouth. Lindsey couldn't do anything but take it. Luckily, Wayne was nowhere near as big as Ralph or Brian, and he could shove himself to the back of her throat without making her gag.

"Come on, man," Brian urged and she saw him out of the corner of her eye, slipping his pants on.

"She's so tight!" Ralph groaned and Lindsey felt him gripping her thighs, spreading them wider as he leaned his weight into her.

"Yeah, I know." Brian grinned as Wayne rocked in and out of Lindsey's mouth, groaning all the while.

Ralph's fingers dug into her flesh and he gave a deep thrust, shuddering against her. "I'm gonna cum!"

"Hey, no fair!" Brian cried. "Not inside!"

"Fuck!" Ralph groaned, pulling his cock out of her mid-stream, his cum christening her exposed clit. The next wave was strong and shot across her belly, leaving a thick rope of cum from navel to pussy. The next shot right against her pussy again, the hot pulse making Lindsey moan and squirm under Wayne's weight.

"My turn!" Wayne gasped, moving down and settling himself between her thighs as Ralph moved aside, still panting and looking dazed.

"Please," Lindsey gasped, trying to sit up as Wayne aimed his cock between her legs.

"Oh, no, you don't," Ralph said, hauling his pants up with one hand. "We all get a turn, that's only fair."

"Oh god!" Lindsey cried as he grabbed one of her arms and held it down while Brian grabbed the other.

"Hurry, Wayne," Brian urged, his eyes moving over Lindsey's face. She looked down and saw Wayne looking at her pussy, his fingers moving over her lips, Ralph's cum making her slick. "Come on, put it in, fuck her!"

"Okay, okay," Wayne murmured, biting his lip, his eyes closing the moment he slipped his cock head between her lips. "Ohhhhhhhh fuck!"

"Yeah," Brian grinned at Ralph over Lindsey's head. "I know."

Lindsey looked back and forth between them, pleading with her eyes. "Please, you guys... I..."

"Be a good girl," Ralph murmured, watching Wayne press her legs back and thrust his hips into her. "It'll be over soon."

Brian chuckled, seeing the look on Wayne's face. "Very soon."

"Oh god, oh god, oh god!" Wayne whispered, his breath coming hard and fast as he fucked her. She felt him swelling inside of her, as if he were going to burst. "Baby, that's so good... oh god..."

Lindsey squirmed against their hold, the motion of her hips rocking Wayne between her legs. He gasped, his eyes flying open, and grabbed her thighs, arching against her with a loud groan.

"Hey!" Brian cried, watching as Wayne shuddered between Lindsey's legs, filling her with his cum. She felt it beginning to leak out of her pussy, so much of it! It was running down the crack of her ass. "No fair!"

"Sorry!" Wayne gasped, panting and still gripping her thighs. "I couldn't help it!"

Lindsey rolled to her belly with a groan, seeing her shorts and grabbing them. She pulled her top quickly up and tugged her shorts on, which only accentuated the sticky mess between her legs. She didn't look at any of them, and they didn't say anything to her, either. She just picked up her bag and shoved her shoes in, swinging herself down and feeling for the ladder with her bare toes.

"See you in school on Monday!" Brian called down the ladder as she reached the bottom. She didn't reply, starting down the path toward home, but she heard him say something like, "What did I tell you about her?"

When Lindsey snuck behind the house, she noted that her mother's car was there beside her stepfather's. In the garden again, she stripped down to nothing, this time under cover of darkness. Her shorts were soaking wet with their cum and she lifted the silky material to her face, inhaling deeply. These were the shorts that got Brian's attention in the first place, she remembered, smiling. They hadn't ever failed her.

Her pussy was still dripping, swollen. She leaned her back against the cool side of the house, her bare feet spread wide, and touched herself, remembering. Pressing her shorts to her nose, she could smell them all as she rubbed at her throbbing clit with her thumb, her fingers moving in and out of her aching pussy. She could still feel their cocks, in her pussy, in her mouth.

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