tagGay MaleShould I Take a Chance? Ch. 02

Should I Take a Chance? Ch. 02


Chapter 2: The Decision Has Been Made

Thanks for all the kind comments on the first part of this story. For me it was fun to put down on paper the thoughts and facts of my first meeting with another man.

As we walked to Rick's car I remember thinking to myself, "This is a great day!" The sun was brilliantly shining and there was just a slight warm breeze that would make my 5 mile daily run all the more enjoyable later today.

"Hop in the door should be unlocked" Rick said, snapping me out of my day dream and back to this reality.

I just looked up and nodded okay at Rick as I opened the door and climbed in for what would be the adventure of a lifetime for me.

"I anticipated that we might hit it off, so I left word at my office that I wouldn't be back this afternoon," he said with a sly smile.

"Maybe you should call your office to let them know that you'll be with me for the rest of the day," said Rick.

"Man did he have this planned or what," I thought to myself as I smiled and reached for my cell phone and made the call. I called my office to let them know that my best client needed my assistance this afternoon, all afternoon.

As Rick drove his fancy car down the highway the classical music on the radio made the ride very soothing. Oddly enough I never once felt ill at ease. Nor did I ever feel as though I shouldn't be in his car on the way to his condo for some afternoon delight.

I caught a whiff of his cologne and looked his way and looked in his direction. Rick looked very "hot" with his sunglasses and suit and his hair combed back. I wondered if it was strange that I should feel that way about another guy.

"Thanks for being so open with me" said Rick. "You'll be wonderful I'm sure, and we will go as slow as you want to," he said.

"Just for the record I always have sex earlier in the day if I'm planning on meeting another man to get a blow job. It relaxes me and allows me stay flaccid much longer and lengthens the time before I cum extending the pleasure for both of us" Rick smiled as he explained.

"My wife and I started the day with wonderful intercourse, more wonderful for her than me I would imagine. I showered and I'm clean as a whistle, but I can get another shower while you wait if you want me to," Rich explained.

As he drove I sat back with my eyes closed and my hands locked behind my head in a position of real comfort. I listened to him explain all this and for some reason it made complete sense to me. I was in a sleek automobile with a great friend listening to soothing classical music and enjoying his explanation of how he prepared for me to blow him.

Life is good!

We drove into his gated community winding down the streets and into a brick driveway landscaped with flowers on either side of the brick. Rick hit the button and the garage door opened, we pulled in and shut the door behind us.

The doorway that led into his house from the garage opened into the kitchen. It was very bright and open; it had a warm flavor about it.

From the large kitchen window I could see a man made lake and all the expensive homes that surrounded it. The lake kept each home just far enough from the other to give you a feeling of privacy. The kitchen connected to a very large family room that had very high ceilings and a large stone fireplace. The chairs in the room were the type made to hold 2 people at one time, recliners of course.

"Make yourself at home, I just need to turn off the alarm or we may have visitors from the police department at the most inopportune time" joked Rick.

I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a diet drink from the refrigerator. "Not a good time for alcohol," I thought to myself. This was one time that I wanted my full senses about me.

Strolling into the family room I sat down on one of those cushy chairs to take all of this in. Stone fireplace, recliner chairs built for two, high ceilings and a leather couch, wonderful day, yes life was good(and about to get better).

My favorite song, "Summer Wind," by Sinatra was playing on the stereo. I turned around to see where the music was coming from and noticed Rick smiling at me.

"The security system is taken care of; no one will bother us today. I thought that you would like this music, a favorite of yours if I remember correctly," he smiled as he spoke.

Rick asked, "Did you want me to get another shower while you enjoy the music, or are you comfortable with me as is."

"I'm sure that you are fine, if you had a shower that's good with me, I trust you," I said looking too serious I thought.

Rick walked to the kitchen and opened a bottle of wine, a nice Merlot. He poured a glass and walked back into the family room as I watched his every step.

"No wine," he asked offering me his full glass.

"No thanks," I said, "I'm very comfortable with my diet just sitting here and sucking in this entire atmosphere. What a great condo, I'd love to have a place like this," I said.

As I looked over at him I imagined him as I saw him in the shower at the club a few times a week. His salt and pepper hair looked great and he had that runner's build which I find so sexy. Even if he was another guy I just loved the way that he looked and how he carried himself as he came closer to me step by step.

"I'm glad that you agreed to come with me, this could be the beginning of a great relationship," he said as he walked very close to me.

"If you're ready why don't you undo my belt and pants, let the zipper down when you are ready and I will step out of my pants for you," he said.

Clearly I was in a daze and hearing but not comprehending or acting on his request. Rick just smiled and took my hand and placed it on his bulge. His hand covered mine as he rubbed it against the fabric covering his thick shaft.

"I could feel his package through his pants, he was a gifted man, and than I heard myself gasp just slightly," I thought.

"This is what I've been hoping for, a man like me who wanted his package serviced as often as possible," I thought.

He had the goods, I knew that from seeing him in the shower on many an occasion. He was ready for me to begin and I wasn't about to let this chance slip away. I took my hand off his lump and put my drink down as started to undue his belt, pants and zipper.

His pants fell to his ankles and he stepped out of his loafers and than his pants. He wasn't wearing any underwear, how damn sexy is that!

As I was doing my job he had taken off his shirt and now he stood naked in front of my, I got immediately hard looking at him.

Rick grabbed his flaccid cock in his hand and shook it to show it's softness, "It may take me awhile to get hard for you; morning sex does that to me. But that's for the best because it will give you time to explore before I really firm up," Rick said looking right into my eyes.

I knelt down with the help of his hands on my shoulders and now looked right at his soft cock eye to eye. His cock was beautiful to look at, it was dark in color, fat with a well shaped head and a thicker shaft that I thought. His balls hung very low and seemed larger than mine. It was soft and I noticed all the wrinkles and thought of that old joke as I smiled. "What's the one thing a girl like to see come out of a guys cock...the wrinkles."

I could smell his manly smell and perhaps just a tad of his wife as well. My blood was boiling as I thought about how my fantasy was coming true. I put my face right into his crotch and took a large whiff of him, this was wonderful. As I took my face away from his crotch Rick picked up his soft cock and rubbed it on my cheeks and over my mouth.

"I only wish that you could see how sexy you look right now, and how your eyes seem so happy," he said.

"Open your mouth and I'll slide it in for you to taste, to enjoy. While it's still soft it's easier for you to swallow. I'll hold your head and slowly slide in and out if you want me to," Rick said.

"If you like what I'm doing put your hands on my ass and pull me in deeper. If you don't like it put your hands on my thighs and push me out. I know that you won't be able to talk with your mouth full(he winked) but I'll know what you want," said the voice of experience.

"Let me see if I can get you to "suck in" more than this atmosphere, laughed Rick.

As I opened my mouth Rick put his hands on the back of my head and slid his thick warm cock between my lips. At that moment I think that I felt a tear run out the corner of my eye, I was very happy.

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