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Show Me Your Ink


Sweat dripped off Matthew's forehead and stung his pale blue eyes. Not the Halloween weather Matthew remembered growing up with in Delaware. Even after four years he had difficulty adjusting to his new home in San Diego. Adults ferried their costumed children through the hot afternoon, trick or treating amidst shops that enticed with free treats for the little kids and costly treats for the bigger ones. Signs posted in bars announced Halloween parties with prizes for the best costume. Tattoo parlors advertised Halloween discounts.

Matthew entered Oracle Tattoo. The decor struck him almost as quickly as the air conditioning. Sheets of tattoos covered almost every inch of wall space, except for the framed photographs of tribesmen with piercings and tribal tattoos and the muted flat screen playing "Night Of The Living Dead."

Matthew approached a glass counter which was filled with jewelry for piercing and plugs made of wood and colorful stones.

"Can I help you?" asked a young woman.

He recognized the curly blonde hair and delicious lips. Four years ago she had sat in front of him in his high school biology class. Alexandra Forrester was the quintessential blonde bombshell that every senior boy, including Matthew, wanted to get their hands on but were too intimidated to talk to.

"Hi. I'm looking to get an old tattoo fixed."

She tilted her head and narrowed her eyes. "Don't I know you?"

He looked down at the counter pretending to study its contents. "Matthew Gold. We had biology together."

He looked into her dark brown eyes remembering the many nights he spent masturbating to thoughts of her.

"Right. You were one of those shy kids who always stared at my boobs but were afraid to do anything about it, like most of the boys." She laughed.

He laughed out of courtesy as if he got the joke but his face flushed with embarrassment.

"Still haven't changed much, huh?"

Had he been staring at her boobs? Is that what she meant?

"Well, you're looking good Matthew. Four years seems to have been good to you."

Matthew smiled. He forced his eyes to stay away from the large breasts that made him hard just thinking about them.

"Hold on a sec," she said. I know just the person for you."

She left the counter to talk to a woman at a station in the back. He could see them laughing and he considered leaving before she returned but couldn't decide if staying or walking out was more humiliating.

"Hi. I'm Annabelle," said the woman with bright green eyes who returned with Alexandra.

She extended her hand, which Matthew took after wiping his clammy palm on his shorts. He marveled at the intricately detailed tattoo that ran the length of her arm. A black panther with green eyes wrestled with a large golden snake that coiled itself around the panther's body. The panther's jaw gripped the snake by the neck.


"Yes, I know."

There was a charge in the air when she spoke, her crimson hair adding to his excitement. Her eyes scanned his body searching. Matthew kept close to the counter so his erection couldn't be noticed.

"So? Let's see it," she said.


"Your tattoo."

Matthew looked around the shop. Three teenage girls were giggling and pointing at objects in a case and two older boys were making crude jokes as they gawked at the tattoos of naked women. Matthew reached for his T-shirt but then hesitated.

"Come with me," Annabelle said.

She stepped around the counter taking his hand. Her fingers were as soft as velvet and warm. Annabelle blew a kiss to Alexandra and led him down a cobwebbed hallway past an open area where tattoo artists were plying their trade. Shirtless and half naked customers reclined uninhibited on leather chairs as tattoo needles penetrated willing flesh eager to filled with ink.

She held him firmly, her thumb stroking the top of his hand. Through a doorway to a smaller hallway, three private rooms faced a wall adorned with posters of naked women covered in tattoos posing provocatively.

"Watch the pumpkins," She told him as he almost crushed one that guarded one of the rooms.

"Have a seat", she motioned to the table.

He hopped up, his feet dangled over the edge.

"Are you ready to show me now?" She reached behind her head and untied her ponytail, her breasts pressed against her black T-shirt. He hadn't noticed before that she wasn't wearing a bra, her nipples erect beneath the fabric.

His hands shook when he lifted his shirt up exposing his abdomen. Annabelle pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it in the chair near the doorway. He folded his arms across his chest. He hoped she would think he was too cold.

"Might as well have a good look."

"It's um..." He placed his hands on either side of his abdomen as if trying to contain some part of him getting away. A black and green dragon covered him from chest to belly. Beneath his belly button a thick flaming tongue disappeared in the waistband of his shorts.

"You can see it's faded in spots and there's a bunch of broken lines."

"Why don't you lay back?" She placed one hand on the chair back and the other hand on his bare shoulder and gently pushed him down until he was flat.

The room was cool, the leather chilly against his back, but her hands were warm as they moved slowly across his tattoo, her fingers squeezing the ink beneath his skin.

"How old is this?"

"About three years, maybe a little more", he stammered.

"Not too long after high school."


"Could you scoot up?"

Matthew slid up, his shorts slipping down a bit in the process. He lifted his body and reached down to pull them up.

"You don't have to do that."

She bent down, her face almost against his chest. Her hair filled him with the scent of vanilla. She laid her palm flat on his chest and moved carefully down the dragon's body. Fingers caressed the length of the beast and its tongue until it reached his waistband. She rested her cheek near his nipple and reached down to find the tip of the dragon's tongue and the tip of his dick. Her hand grasped his erection, her thumb brushing across the hole.

Matthew jumped, his upper lip full of sweat. He almost apologized.

She licked his nipple which hardened immediately, his dick flexed in response to the sensation leaving a sticky strand of pre cum on her thumb.

He had never experienced anything like this. He felt giddy like it was his first time.

She brought her hand out and sucked her thumb.


He was so hard. He wanted her to suck him until he came inside her mouth.

She slid her wet thumb across his lips then pressed her lips lightly against his, her hot tongue leaving a question on his mouth he hoped she would answer.

He heard something that made him look at the doorway. Someone had been watching them. He sat up in time to see someone with blonde hair passing from view. How long had Alexandra been there?

His face flushed and he looked at Annabelle for some reassurance.

Annabelle chuckled to herself. She handed him his T-shirt and walked to the doorway.

"Let's make an appointment."

He put his shirt on, hopped down from the table, and pulled up his shorts. It was over, ruined by a voyeur. He knew it was too good to last.

He followed her back to the front waiting room. His imagination ran wild as he stared at her ass and thought of what he'd like to do with it.

Alexandra sat in one of the empty tattoo chairs. She watched them as they completed paperwork while she sipped her drink through a straw. Before Annabelle handed him a receipt she turned the paper over and wrote an address on it.

"I'm working at a haunted house tonight. Maybe you'd like to come?" She handed him the paper.

"Sure." He brightened.

"Just get yourself a ticket and I'll find you inside."

"Thanks." He thought he sounded like a kid but his hopes had returned.

Annabelle walked over to Alexandra, placed her arm around the blonde and took the straw out of her mouth and placed it in hers.

"Hope you don't scare easy", Alexandra teased.

Matthew smiled. ________________________________________________________________

Matthew stood toward the end of the line sandwiched between a group of five teenage girls all dressed as a slutty version of a vampire, a nurse, and three witches, and a Captain America with body odor. The homicidal clown at the entrance barked to potential customers.

"Hurry, hurry. Last chance tonight to see what you're made of. Do you have what it takes to survive the most intense experience of your life?"

A zombie shuffled down the line carrying a sign that read 'CLOSED'. Blood dripped from her chin and an eye swung out of the eye socket. Matthew thought it might have been Annabelle when she handed the sign to the last girl in line, but she shuffled back to the front and out of sight.

The line barely moved. Matthew checked his watch every few minutes until he reached the entrance at 9:56. The clown's face was creepier up close and when he took Matthew's money, Matthew thought of Alexandra's comment, 'Hope you don't scare easy'.

Inside the building a narrow passageway led to a black curtain. Once through the curtain all light from outside was shut out and Matthew stood motionless in complete darkness. He reached out to the side and found the wall and slid his hand across to continue down the corridor. With his vision gone he was acutely aware of the sounds around him, especially the group of girls who whispered and giggled nervously behind him.

Matthew came around a corner and stumbled his way toward a dim glow at the end of the corridor. At the source of the lights, stage lamps highlighted a set right out of a horror movie. A dirt floor basement with shelves of dusty jars and a table where rusty knives lay in disarray. A woman dressed in dirty jeans, torn white shirt, and a bloody white pillow case over her head struggled to free herself from the table she was strapped to. Over her cries for help a buzzing roar was getting closer and closer. A door, painted black with one broken window, burst open. A tall man with a hockey mask and overalls ran toward the crowd and swung a chainsaw above his head. The slutty girls screamed and clutched each other as he turned and brought the chainsaw down on the table severing the woman's hand. Blood sprayed as her screams mingled with the others.

Matthew had been to haunted houses but even this seemed too real to him. He had to get away but worried about what would happen next. He wiped his wet upper lip and started back into the darkness. A hand gripped his shoulder startling him. In the faded light he could see the slutty nurse had a death grip on him and wasn't about to let go. Matthew didn't argue his nomination to become leader of this group and kept moving.

Once they approached the next lighted area he was released as the girls huddled together in front of a four poster bed where a young girl was tied down. While she spewed pea soup onto the bed sheets, Matthew took the opportunity to hurry along before the girls could notice he had left. He ran about halfway down the next hall when he felt a familiar hand on his shoulder. Dammit, that was fast! He was about to tell them to let go when the hand pulled him to the side and another hand grabbed his arm. He expected to hit the wall but it wasn't there. He heard a door close and the rustle of clothes in the dark. The lights came on and it took a moment for his eyes to adjust.

He was in a storeroom.

Boxes were everywhere. They were stacked up against the wall, filled the shelves of rusty metal storage racks, and lay opened on the floor, costumes and props spilled everywhere.

Something else was in the room. The chainsaw killer and his victim, still missing her hand but not the pillow case with a single eye slit, stood by the door they had come through.

"What's going on?" Matthew tried to sound calm but his voice trembled.

The victim moved away from the door and removed the bloody stump from her sleeve, tossing it aside. She stood close to him now. Her hand touched his chest then moved up to his neck and his face. With her hand on his cheek she brushed her fingers across his lips, slid between them and rubbed his tongue. Matthew closed his mouth and sucked hard.

It had to be Annabelle. He felt giddy again.

The other hand reached down and gave his dick a hard squeeze through his jeans, the palm pressed against him as she rubbed him up and down. The chainsaw killer rested his chainsaw at his side and watched them through the dark holes of the hockey mask. Matthew had never been watched before, let alone by a man, and was about to ask if he could leave, but as the woman's fingers left his mouth and reached down into his pants he didn't care anymore. She grabbed his dick and pulled it straight up. Her index finger slid across the wet tip. She removed her hand and reached beneath the pillow case.


She was sucking her finger, just like earlier in the shop.


The chainsaw hit the floor and the sound made Matthew swallow hard. The man came up behind the woman and removed the pillow case from her head. Blonde hair tumbled out. "Lexy", spilled out of those thick lips.

"You were right. Tastes like honey", she said to the man behind her.

Lexy turned and removed the man's hockey mask revealing flaming red hair and wet inviting lips.

So Annabelle was there. Matthew had never been with two women before. He wasn't really sure what to do but he didn't have to think about. He knew he wasn't in control here. This was their game and he was just a willing player.

Annabelle removed Lexy's shirt and exposed the breasts that Matthew had dreamed about, the breasts that every boy in school would have killed to have a glimpse of, and killed more to be able to touch.

Annabelle pressed her body behind Lexy and rested her head on Lexy's shoulder, her eyes fixed on Matthew. She placed her hands on Lexy's gorgeous breasts and squeezed. The nipples peeked between her fingers. Lexy closed her eyes and rocked her body.

"Let's see", Annabelle whispered in her ear.

Lexy licked her lips and unbuttoned Matthew's pants. She unzipped them and yanked the pants down hard. Matthew nearly fell as he stepped out of them. Never in his wildest dreams had he ever thought a threesome would happen to him.

Lexy raised her hand up to Annabelle's open mouth. Annabelle's hot tongue licked the palm and wet her friend's fingers with her saliva. Pulling out with a small gasp, Annabelle's hot tongue licked the palm. When she was done, Lexy slipped her wet hand inside Matthew's underwear and took hold of his dick. Her fingers slid up and down the length and squeezed the head.

Matthew's dick was on fire. He had never been jerked off with such skill. He leaned back against the shelves and the corner of a box stabbed him in the back. His eyes were locked on her breasts. He paid no attention to the pain. Lexy took his hand and placed it on her breast. She squeezed his hand underneath hers and showed him what she wanted.

Matthew's fingers squeezed her firmness. His thumb rolled across the nipple, hard like raisins against the large dark circles of the areolas.

She stood back and took off her jeans. Her body was small and tan, the quintessential California girl. Her shaved vagina glistened with her juices.

This is a dream, Matthew thought. I must be dreaming.

Annabelle pulled Lexy to the center of the room and kissed her bare shoulder.

"What do you think of her, Matthew?"


Matthew was mesmerized by the sight before him. The rest of his body on fire and sweat beaded up on his skin.

Annabelle ran her hands over Lexy's breast then moved down to her waist and to her clit. Her fingers moved in a circle, teasing, then dipped between the perfect lips of her vagina. Lexy turned her head and they kissed her. Annabelle's tongue invaded Lexy's lips. She fucked her mouth with her tongue.

"Why don't you taste his cock?" Annabelle said, now looking back at Matthew.

"What do you think, Matthew? Do you want her to know what you taste like?"

It was almost more than he could have imagined. A blowjob he had been waiting four years for.

"Yes", the word barely escaped him.

"Then maybe you should tell her."

Lexy went down on her knees and looked up at Matthew.

Matthew took a deep breath and stepped forward until his dick was inches away from Lexy's smiling lips.

"Lexy, suck my cock."

She pulled down his underwear and for a moment he wondered how his dick compared to all the other ones she had seen. The moment passed when she pinned his dick against his belly and licked his balls. She sucked each one gently while her hand worked his dick. She let his dick fall and rubbed it across her face. Her tongue reached out each time it passed by her lips.

Annabelle stroked Lexy's wet vagina. Her fingers entered causing Lexy to reach behind Matthew and grab his ass cheeks. She squeezed tightly and pulled him forward and into her waiting mouth.

Lexy ground her vagina against Annabelle's hand and took Matthew's dick all the way in her mouth. Lexy moaned and the vibrations on his dick sent shivers through his body.

Lexy mouth came off of Matthew. Her mouth still open, she continued to stroke Matthew's dick. Annabelle worked her fingers faster. Lexy leaned back against her friend who grabbed a breast with her free hand barely concealing it's large size.

A soft cry escaped Lexy's lips. Her body arched toward the ceiling fan.

Annabelle worked furiously. Lexy's cries increased. She grabbed the hand between her legs and pushed the fingers deeper inside her.

Lexy still held Matthew's dick in her other hand. He felt like he was being held in a vice. The louder Lexy's moans became, the tighter the vice got. She was louder now and her breath quickened. She let go of Matthew and stretched her arm up high as if trying to hold on to something to keep her from falling.

Matthew was in awe. He sat down on the dusty floor and watched them. He stroked himself until Lexy cried out.

Her body stabbed at the ceiling and pierced the hot air around her. Her orgasm flooded her body and Matthew tried to count how many there were.

When it was over she hugged Annabelle. Their breasts pressed against each other. Annabelle stroked Lexy's blonde hair with affection and continued down to caress her back and ass. Matthew felt like he was spying on them but didn't hide the fact that it turned him on even more.

Annabelle's hands held Lexy's face and she gently kissed her then whispered in her ear.

Lexy smiled and unbuttoned the overalls that hid Annabelle's body. The overalls fell to the ground and both women stood completely naked.

Where Lexy's body was all curves and softness, Annabelle's was like an athlete, lean and muscular. Her breasts were smaller. Her hard nipples were long and thin. Annabelle removed her panties. Her vagina was shaved like a landing strip that bordered a wet valley of sensuality.

Annabelle reached out her hand to Matthew and pulled him up. There was an old wooden desk covered with papers between two shelving units. Annabelle threw the papers on the floor and sat Matthew down on the desktop. She took off his shirt and tossed it away. Matthew brushed her hair from her face. A single strand caught between her lips and Matthew pulled it away then reached around behind her neck. He pulled her in and kissed her. He explored her mouth and the texture of her lips. Annabelle grabbed his throat and pressed her mouth hard against his.

This was another game and he was ready to play whatever they wanted. He pulled her hair back hard. His tongue found her throat and his mouth was hot on her skin. He moved down to her breast and she released him. She held her breast up to his mouth and he took the nipple in. He tugged at it with his lips and teeth. The nipples lengthened with each pull. He had never seen nipples as long as hers.

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