tagGay MaleShower At The Gym

Shower At The Gym


Mario was just finishing his workout with his friend John. They were both running backs on their college football team. They needed to get more muscular, more than they already are.

Mario and John are two very muscular boys. Mario is 5'10", 180, and had huge smooth toned muscles. He has brown hair, green eyes, light complexion, and a huge cock. It is massive at 8-inches soft, and 11-inches hard. It is very thick too. He is cleanly shaven, both on his face and crotch.

John is shorter than Mario at 5'7", 175, but also has big muscles. He has black hair, with brown eyes, and a light complexion. His dick is relatively small to Mario, but still pretty big, at 6-inches soft and 9½-inches hard. His was not that thick. He too was cleanly shaven.

When they both were done working out they were very sweaty and in need of shower. To save time Mario said, "Hey John, you to take a shower here and go hit a bar afterwards."

John got nervous. He knew the gym showers were in an open space and he had a huge crush on Mario since they met. John didn't want to shower naked right in front of the sexiest guy he knew. But he had no choice, Mario was his only way home and didn't want to just wait there; he'd look stupid. So he just answered, "yea sure."

They both headed to the locker room and started to undress. Seeing Mario undress and watching as his giant cock flopped out made John excited. He felt his pants start to tent and sat down and said, "I'll meet you in there in a sec."

Mario turned around showing his very sexy looking body and cock dangling there. He stood there for a couple of seconds knowing that John was getting excited.

John thought Mario was never going to leave. Mario just said, "Ok, but don't take too long we got to get out of here in a little bit."

John said, "Alright I won't be long."

Finally Mario left to the showers and john thought his hard on would subside in a minute. It didn't and he started to panic and decided to undress and go to the showers with his cock sticking straight up in the air.

When he entered the shower area what he saw shocked him. Mario too had a boner and was jerking it with his very soapy hands. Mario didn't seem to notice John standing there. He just kept stroking his large cock up and down.

Next thing John new he went right up behind his friend, grabbed his cock and said, "You ever been with a guy."

Mario was shocked and didn't say anything. He just let John stoke his cock up and down. He felt Johns own hard on press against his butt. But he still did not move. Not until John turned him around and pressed his lips to Mario's and they both had a long passionate kiss.

Soon Mario felt John's tongue in his mouth and still did not fight it, but embraced and started to kiss John back. Feeling up and down his friends back Mario just felt so alive.

They just stood there, under the water, making out.

But, John didn't wasn't to stop there. He soon parted lips and started making his way down Mario's neck, smooth pecks, toned abs, all the way down till he was face to face with the largest dick he has ever seen. He just licked it up and down.

Mario felt like he would blow his load right there, but John pulled back for second to let hid friend calm down.

Then John grabbed hold of his friends cock and stuffed it in his mouth. He took a little in at a time, trying not to gag on his friend's tremendous serpent. But he felt Mario grab his head pushed it into his cock as he thrusted his hips forward. John started to gag but held on and took all 11-inches of hard salty cock.

And just like that, John's mouth filled with hot sticky cum. He pulled back and took in a deep breath, then dove right into his feast of hot stick cum. He licked Mario's cock and balls clean of the white gold.

But John was still horny and ordered Mario to "Get on his knees and start sucking."

Mario obeyed this order. He dropped to his knees' and gobbled up all of Johns cock in seconds. John lasted a little longer than Mario, since Mario really didn't know that much about sucking a dick. But when John came Mario was caught my surprised and gagged a little bit. But never the less, he too ate up his entire friend's cum.

Mario stood up and thought they were done. But as he turned around to exit the shower, he felt something press up and enter his butt. He realized it was his friend's cock and shouted out in pain. Good thing the Locker room was empty or that would have been embarrassing, seeing 2 guys butt fucking each other.

John pushed him forward to get better access to Mario's ass. Mario just took it in and loved every bit of it. He would moan and groan and shout out, "mmmmmmmm, uuuuuuuggggggghhhhhh, fuck me harder John. Harder. Harder.

John pumped away and shot his load in Mario's tight ass. He just moaned out, "aaaaahhhhhhhh yyyyeeeeeeeessssssssss."

He had never had another guy cum in him or even had a gay experience with a guy. But it felt so good he wanted to do it more.

With his ass now free of John's cock and oozing with cum, Mario faced his friend who was already on all fours and said, "I'm going to make you squeal like a little bitch now."

John just glowed with excitement. He had shoved thing up his ass a couple of times, but nothing as long or thick as what was going to enter him now. What he felt was a mixture of pain and ecstasy as the head of Mario's massive cock entered. He yelled out, "oooohhhh yea go deeper. It feels soooooo goooooooddddd. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh."

Mario just said very gingerly, "im going to do more than go deeper."

And with that, Mario thrusted the rest of his cock into John and he was screaming louder than Mario was a few short minutes ago.

Mario went faster and faster. He had never felt anything as tight or smooth as a guy's ass. He gave one last thrust and exploded so much as he came it started leaking out the sides of Johns ass. John just fell in exhaustion. He never felt anything as intimate as what he just experienced.

They both stared at each other in a look of what to do next.


If you want me to continue please message me for some ideas.

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by Anonymous

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by zazrix905/31/18


sure luv sex in the shower

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by Anonymous02/11/18

Gym showers

I had a hook up with the assistant manager ( Jake ) of the gym I use , in the showers after a late night workout - I was 25 and unsure of my sexuality ( I'd had a couple of hook ups with men since my latemore...

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by jackbird09/23/17


At my gym theres a big shower room with ten showers heads. I am a chubby guy in his 60's now but this happen in my 50's. It was just before the gym was going to close. I went in the shower room a shortmore...

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by Anonymous09/06/17

More please

I very much enjoyed your tale of cock pleasure. Can't wait for the next installment.
Actually I'd like to be enjoying the activities personally.

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