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Shower Suprise


The door slammed as Ginger arrived at her boyfriend's dorm room. After a long tiring day, all she wanted to do was unwind and relax with her boyfriend. Seeing no sign of Eric, she decided a long hot shower was in order.

She started the shower and stripped out of her clothes while she waited. Jenny had always been slim and athletic; her small breasted body possessed the kind of muscle tone that came from years of cross country running and playing soccer. She stepped into the shower and closed the curtain, pouring a generous dollop of shampoo into her hands and working it into her shoulder-length bright red hair.

That same red hair that had gotten her mocked mercilessly in elementary school, which had earned her the nickname "Ginger" (her real name was Jenny), had become the key to her popularity once she had blossomed in high school. Her razor sharp wit had in turn gotten her nickname changed to "Ginger Snaps".

The shampoo having been rinsed out of her hair, Ginger grabbed the bar of soap and started lathering herself up, gently and slowly covering her body in an expanding blanket of warm suds. She sighed softly as she gently worked the lather over her body, sweaty from a long summer day running from class to class to work, only to find the AC in her office was out. Her reverie was interrupted by a soft metallic grating sound at her feet and looked down to find the cause.

Just as she looked down, a red blur shot out of the now exposed shower drain, and she felt something thick and slimy slam its way into her pussy, lifting her several feet off the floor of the small shower stall with a shocked gasp. Her head slammed into the tile wall, stunning her further as the intruder dropped back down into the drain, letting her feet hit the ground before thrusting back up again.

This time, she was only lifted a few inches up, as much of her invader instead went up into her cunt. She grabbed the shower curtain, rings popping loose as she dragged it to the bathroom floor with her. She turned and saw her rapist, a thick red tentacle coming out of the shower drain!

Ginger crawled toward the bathroom door only to be dragged back by two more tentacles which wrapped themselves around her thighs. Muscles strained as she tried to kick herself free of the tentacles, but her legs were pried open and she gasped and grunted with each thrust of the limb in her cunt. To make things worse, she felt her body betraying her as the tentacles' slime soaked into the membranes of her canal.

Suddenly the door burst open and Eric looked on at the scene in his bathroom, his girlfriend being raped by tentacles, with more trailing up behind her. Ginger knew he'd save her somehow!

"Eric! Ohh! Please do ughh something quick Ooohhh!"

Her boyfriend stared at the sight of his girlfriend being raped by some kind of monster, and after a few moments, dropped his shorts, took his stiff cock in hand, and began stroking it up and down before her eyes. Before she could say anything, Ginger felt another thick tentacle squeeze its way into her virgin asshole, and she cried out as she felt the burn of the invader forcing its way into her colon.

More tentacles slid past her towards Eric. He slid to the floor and raised his legs, allowing one of the thick crawlers to slide unopposed into his ass with a sigh. He continued to jack himself off, riding on the sensation of his Master fucking him, and the sight of his girlfriend being brutally taken. He listened as her cries of pain turned slowly into cries of pleasure, just as his own cries had been transformed when the monster took him a few hours earlier.

Ginger's cries were silenced suddenly as another tentacle pushed its way into her mouth. This time there was little resistance; Ginger was an accomplished cocksucker, and numbly took the new intruder down her throat.

The tentacles thrust faster and harder, Eric's moans and Ginger's muffled groans filling the small room until the tentacles all suddenly swelled up before unleashing a torrent of cum into their bodies, setting off their own mind-blowing orgasms. The otherworldly properties of the cum finished Ginger's transformation from rape victim into willing whore, and she shuddered with pleasure as the monster withdrew. As the tentacles pulled free of her, she rolled up into a ball and sank her fingers into her oozing snatch, eagerly awaiting his next visit.

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