tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShowing Him Off To Her Friends

Showing Him Off To Her Friends


Kelly was having lunch with her friends for the first time since her husband John had been in a car accident that broke both of his arms leaving him in an upper body cast with his arms stuck straight out in front of him.

"So how's it been taking care of John?" Emily asked.

"It hasn't been that bad actually. Oh sure there are some parts of it that I'd rather not have to do..." Kelly said.

"Like wiping his ass." Hannah said.

"Yeah...that's the big one. Overall though I think it's really made us closer as a couple. He's been working all the time lately so having him home where it's just the two of us...and with both of his arms in a cast like that he needs me to feed him and help him go to the bathroom...overall though it's been a great experience." Kelly said.

"Speaking of going to the bathroom I bet it has been kind of fun for you to hold his cock for him when he pees." Emily said.

Kelly smiled.

"The peeing part doesn't do much for me, but having his cock in my hands when he can't really do anything to stop it has been pretty fun." Kelly said.

"Have you two...done it since his accident?" Hannah asked.

"Yes and no. We haven't had actual sex, but I've given him hand jobs and blow jobs and he's used the remote controls on some of our toys to help get me off." Kelly said.

"So basically you have access...even control...of his cock...24/7?" Emily asked.

Kelly smiled.

"Yes...I suppose I do." Kelly said.

"Since you have control of it...can we see it?" Hannah asked.

"What?" Kelly asked.

"Can we see his cock? You've told us so many times how big and thick it is. Will you show it to us?" Emily asked.

"No way...I'm not letting you..." Kelly said.

"We aren't asking if we can fuck him...or even touch him. We're just asking if we can see it." Hannah said.

Kelly looked at her friends for a moment.

"Well...I suppose, but John's pretty feisty...he'd probably have to be tied up. He'd be really embarrassed if he knew who was looking at him so he'd have to be blindfolded and probably gagged so he wouldn't scream bloody murder." Kelly said.

"Do you think you can pull that off? Could you get him tied up and all that?" Emily asked.

Kelly thought for a moment.

"Probably...he's a heavy sleeper and since it is really hard for him to lay down he's been sleeping in a chair most nights. The chair he's been sleeping in most of the time would be pretty easy to tie him to." Kelly said.

"Great...we'll call the other girls and you just let us know when." Hannah said.

"Other girls?" Kelly asked.

"Oh yeah...you don't think we're the only ones that would want in on this do you? Of the top of my head I can think of Amy, Lisa, Beth, Rachel, Julie, Sara, Grace, Tina, and Nicole...they'd all want in on it." Emily said.

Kelly thought for a minute.

"Okay...but there's going to be a cover charge...$50 apiece...and no pictures or anything." Kelly said.

"If what you've told us is true $50 will be well worth it." Emily said.

A few days later Kelly saw John sleeping in the chair and decided that she had the perfect opportunity. She called the girls and had all of them come over.

When they'd all arrived Kelly carefully tied John's legs to the legs of the chair. She tied a rope around his body to keep him from squirming too much. Then she put a blindfold on him. John only woke up when Kelly was putting the ball gag in his mouth.

He awoke and found that he was blindfolded. John tried to say something, but it was muffled by the gag. He tried to move, but found that his legs were tied to the legs of the chair and his body had been tied to the back of the chair...effectively immobilizing him.

"Relax sweetheart...I'm here." Kelly said.

John said something into the ball gag, but Kelly couldn't understand it.

"John sweetie...with that gag in your mouth I won't be able to understand one word that you say so there's no point in saying anything. You're no doubt wondering why you've woken up to find yourself tied up, blindfolded, and gagged. Well it's very simple really...over the years I've told a lot of my friends about your big beautiful cock." Kelly said.

She gently touched John's cock which was his first indication that he wasn't wearing any pants.

"In your current condition you need me for everything from brushing your teeth to helping you go to the bathroom. Now I have done all of these things willingly because I love you and it is my duty as your wife to help you. I will continue to do those things until you have healed up and can do them on your own again. Since you need me for pretty much everything right now...it puts me in a position of power. It was pointed out to me that right now I have 24/7 access...even control...of your cock...I can do pretty much whatever I want with it and you can do very little to stop me. I've decided to take advantage of my temporary control of your cock. Right now a few of the girls are in the other room waiting. I won't tell you who and they've been instructed to keep very quiet to keep the number as well as their individual identities a secret. I even had them all put on some of my perfume so that you won't recognize them by smell. I've invited them all here to see your cock John. I'm not doing this to embarrass you or humiliate you John, that's the last thing I'd want to do. Lord knows that with a cock like yours you have nothing to be embarrassed about. You should be proud of your cock. I'm proud of your cock John. I'm proud enough of your cock that I have bragged about it to other women. Did you know that? Did you know that I've bragged about your cock to other women? Well I have and now...since I have control of your cock...some of those women have come to see it for themselves. They aren't here to have sex with you John. The only person touching it will be me. You will never know how many girls were here today and you will never know who they were. None of them will ever walk up to you and say 'I loved seeing your cock'. So you'll have no reason to be embarrassed. Now...just relax...I'm going to go get the girls." Kelly said.

Kelly walked into the kitchen where the girls were all waiting.

"Okay...remember...nobody says anything...nobody gasps or giggles...nobody makes a sound of any kind. If John is able to identify any of you it will embarrass him to know that you've seen his cock. Do you all understand?" Kelly asked.

They all nodded signaling that they understood.

"Okay...now walk very slowly trying not to make a sound." Kelly said.

Kelly led the group of women out to where John was tied to the chair. He could tell that someone was there so he started straining against the ropes and talking into the gag.

"Shh...John its okay...I'm here." Kelly said.

She put her hand on top of his head and stroked his hair. John continued to strain against the ropes and talk into the gag.

"John...this will be a lot easier if you just relax." Kelly said.

John could feel Kelly kneeling down beside him and then he felt both of her hands on his right thigh.

"Behold ladies...as you can see I wasn't exaggerating when I told you about John's cock. Just look at it lying there limp. Do you see how long and thick it is...even when it isn't hard?" Kelly asked.

Kelly heard the muffled sound of John crying. She looked up and saw that his head was hanging.

"Don't cry baby...I promise that it will be okay." Kelly said.

She gently kissed his bare thigh...John just kept sobbing.

"Please excuse John ladies...don't think for one second that his tears are a normal occurrence. This situation...when he has no control...scares him. So don't think any less of him for it because put in his position any of us would be a lot worse than he is right now." Kelly said.

Kelly started gently stroking John's thigh.

"Baby...I know you're uncomfortable, but I promised the girls that they'd get to see your cock when it's hard. I hope that you aren't going to make a liar out of me." Kelly said.

Kelly moved her hand over and started gently grazing her fingernails along the top of John's cock. John squirmed.

"Its okay baby...I'm not going to hurt you." Kelly said.

Kelly slipped her right hand under John's cock, wrapped her fingers around it, and gave it a gentle squeeze. As uncomfortable as he was John couldn't keep his body from reacting to Kelly's touch. His body and his mind were fighting against each other...unfortunately Kelly had control of his body...and she was winning.

John strained against the ropes again and screamed into the gag in his mouth for Kelly to stop. Kelly looked up into John's face...she could see the tears coming out from under the blindfold. There was a sudden twinge in her chest. She was conflicted...should she stop and release John from a situation he obviously wasn't happy with...or should she continue and face his wrath later? Kelly had an idea so she released John's cock and rose up so she could whisper in his ear.

"John sweetie...I really need you to cooperate with me right now. I didn't think this would bother you this much...I thought you might even enjoy this, but it seems that I was wrong and I'm very sorry. I'll make you a deal...if you will stop fighting me and let this happen...we can have a 3 way once you're out of this cast...but not with a woman that we know. Okay? You give me something I want and I'll give you something you want." Kelly whispered.

John stopped straining against the ropes and slumped his head. He was tied up, gagged, and blindfolded while his arms were both in a cast...he was in no position to stop Kelly from exposing him to her friends...she'd already done it in fact. He wanted desperately for it to all be over. He wanted Kelly to put a stop to it, but her offer of a 3 way if he cooperated finally convinced him to let Kelly do whatever it was that she was planning on doing to him...he knew that she'd keep her word.

"Okay...well...it seems that he's now willing to cooperate. So...back to getting him hard." Kelly said.

She resumed her position on her knees beside John and again started gently squeezing his cock. Bribed with the promise of a 3 way John put up no more resistance. Soon John's cock started to come alive. As it did it grew in both length and girth. Kelly moved so that her left hand was gripping the top of John's cock from the base part of the way up the shaft. Her right hand was gripping closer to the head. Part of the shaft and all of the head were beyond the area covered by Kelly's hands.

"See how big and thick it is? Just like I told you. I've got both of my hands around it and still there's more of it left. And look...my fingers can't get all the way around it because it's so thick." Kelly said.

Kelly started slowly stroking John's cock with both hands.

"The first time John made love to me I didn't think there was any way that all of this would ever fit inside me. It hurt at first, but after a minute or two I felt nothing but pure...unadulterated pleasure. I was barely able to get John's cock in my mouth at first, but it's so amazing that I tried and tried until I could do it easily" Kelly said.

Kelly kept slowly stroking John's cock...it was rock hard and throbbing at that point. Kelly moved her right hand down to gently cup John's balls.

"Another amazing thing about John is how much he cums." Kelly said.

Kelly gently squeezed John's balls and he groaned.

"Relax baby...its okay. It has been a while since you came...I'm sure you need to." Kelly said.

John...remembering the 3 way...decided that cumming in front of an unknown number of Kelly's friends was worth it.

"Be sure to stand to the side ladies...he can shoot pretty far sometimes." Kelly said.

Kelly started stroking John's cock harder and faster. Other than the fact that he was tied up and naked in front of other women what Kelly was doing to him felt great.

"Cum for me baby...that's right...cum for me." Kelly said.

After several minutes John grunted into the gag and cum started spurting out of his cock. The women all watched as an incredible amount of cum shot out of John's cock. Some of it landed several feet away on the carpet. Kelly stroked John's cock until it stopped spurting.

"See...I told you. Wasn't that impressive? Well...that's it ladies. Please quietly excuse yourselves and remember...don't tell anyone about this and never give John any idea that you were here." Kelly said.

The girls all left. John sat...head slumped in the chair...his arms out in front of him in the cast that had been the cause of what had transpired. He could hear Kelly turn the kitchen faucet on and then he felt her brush against his leg. He heard her scrubbing the carpet...cleaning up his cum. She then used the wash cloth to clean the little bit of cum that had trickled out of John's cock as it had returned to its soft state. John heard Kelly rinsing out the wash cloth in the sink.

Finally he felt her untying the blindfold. Kelly came around in front of John and looked into his eyes. They were still red and stained with tears. Kelly looked concerned.

"I'm sorry John...I didn't realize that you would be so opposed to this. Of course I guess I didn't really consider you at all when I decided to do this...I just thought about how exciting it would be for me to show you off to the girls. I'm very sorry that I didn't think about you and how you might react to this John. Once we got started though I couldn't stop. I promised you a 3 way if you calmed down and just let it happen and I'll keep my word. As soon as you're healed up we'll talk about where and when to do it. Remember that I said it won't involve anyone that we know...so please don't ask for it to be with one of my friends. I can see that you're embarrassed about what happened...you shouldn't be. I kept looking up at the girls' faces and they were staring at your cock in awe. Yes they saw your cock, but you don't know who was here and you'll never know who they were or how many there were. What happened here today will never be discussed. Can I untie you now? Or do you need some time to cool off?" Kelly asked.

John said something into the gag.

"Oh...I'm sorry...I forgot about that." Kelly said.

She reached behind John's head and released the strap that was holding the gag in place. When she pulled it off it was covered in saliva and more saliva ran down John's chin.

"I really have to pee." John said.

Kelly untied the rope holding John's body to the chair and then the ropes holding his legs to the chair. John ran to the bathroom with Kelly right behind him. John sighed with relief as he was finally able to release the pressure inside his bladder.

"I had to pee before any of that started...do you have any idea how hard it is to hold back from peeing when someone is trying to make you cum? I damn near pissed all over the place out there." John said.

Kelly hugged John from behind.

"I'm sorry John...if I'd known I would have let you pee before we did anything." Kelly said.

"If you'd let me pee you wouldn't have gotten the chance to do any of that." John said sternly.

"I'm sorry John...I..." Kelly said.

"Are my ankles bleeding?" John asked.

"What?" Kelly asked.

"Are my ankles bleeding? You had that damn rope tied pretty tight around my ankles...I strained pretty hard against those ropes...my ankles hurt like hell...are they bleeding?" John asked.

Kelly looked down at John's ankles. They weren't bleeding, but they both had purple marks indicating significant rope burns.

"They aren't bleeding, but they have got bad rope burns. Go sit on the couch...I'll get some petroleum jelly or something to put on them." Kelly said.

John walked out and sat down on the couch. When he put his feet up on the coffee table John was able to see just how bad the marks on his ankles were. Kelly brought a jar of petroleum jelly and carefully applied it to John's ankles.

"I'm sorry about this John...I didn't even think about this...I didn't even consider that you might try to fight free from the ropes." Kelly said.

"Yeah well...you obviously weren't doing much thinking at all. If you were a guy I'd say you were thinking with your cock." John said

"Maybe I was thinking with my clit...I had power over you...it was a real head rush to realize that...I wanted to use that power...I'm sorry John. Can you ever forgive me?" Kelly asked.

John looked at the concerned expression on his wife's face.

"I guess so. If whoever was here and saw all of this is able to keep it to themselves then I'll never know who they were. I still feel a little bit embarrassed and humiliated by all this." John said.

"You have nothing to be embarrassed about...your cock is..." Kelly said.

"I'm not embarrassed about my cock Kelly. I'm embarrassed by what you did. I feel a little humiliated because of your little power trip where you took advantage of my situation to show me off to your friends. I've never been more powerless in my life and I didn't like it." John said.

Kelly's eyes filled with tears.

"I'm sorry John...I didn't mean to embarrass or humiliate you in any way." Kelly said.

"Yeah...I know. I know what thinking with your cock can do to you. Pure raw animal lust makes people do stupid things." John said.

"So...can you forgive my raw animal lust?" Kelly asked.

"Not until after the 3 way...that will even things up...then I'll forgive you." John said.

"Okay...I suppose that's fair." Kelly said.

"Could you scratch my nose...it really itches." John said.

Kelly laughed.

"You need me for everything right now don't you?" Kelly asked.

She scratched his nose.

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