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Showing in Bali


Earlier this year my husband and I visited Australia. Sharing a motor home with my brother and his wife left us little opportunity to pander to each other's pleasures and so decided to stopover in Bali for an amorous seven days on our trip back.

For this beach hotel and island tour, I had packed a separate suitcase containing only the bare essentials for the hot climate, mainly a couple of light summer dresses and my yellow bikini as well as a revealing Wicked Weasel that Dave had bought and optimistically throw in.

Having lost a bit of weight in the gym over the winter, I was again a comfortable 36B and looked forward to getting a nice tan before returning home. Getting ready for the beach, I pulled on my yellow bikini. I had worked hard over the past couple of months to maintain my well toned figure and on checking myself out in the mirror realised I was more than a cup size smaller than before, so was conscious that most of my breasts were visible from certain angles, which stimulated me somewhat.

Throwing on a sheer white cover-up, we headed across the hotel grounds to discover a beautiful palm fringed beach where the waves crashed on to the sloping shoreline. Dotted along the shoreline, there were well-spaced lush cane loungers shaded by thatched umbrellas.

A beach attendant emerged from a large gazebo, sheltering a very primitive bar and massage area. He directed us to a spot some twenty-five metres in front of him, and swished his fibre broom over the cushions before inviting to make ourselves comfortable. He introduced himself as Joseph then handed us a well-worn menu of drinks and snacks. Loving the feeling of the sun on our skin at last, we ordered a couple of cold beers, which he eventually brought over.

Not long after we had settled down, we watched a beach vendor wearing a white cotton robe trudging along the pitches and guessed it wouldn't be too long before he approached us. He flashed a well-rehearsed broad smile and greeted us in English (funny how they nearly always get it right).

As we live in a comparatively privileged society, we felt morally obliged to take an interest in his wares, so decided to buy a couple of decorative wristbands and had a bit of fun haggling over the price. As I let him rabbit on about this and that, I could make out his eyes behind his sunglasses taking in my pale-skinned breasts giving me a bit of a tinkle, nothing more. Eventually he moved on along the beach before trekking over to the gazebo and resting with the attendant where I assume he kept his stock.

We spent the next hour or so just soaking up the sun, trying to get an even tan so that we didn't look like two fresh tourists, and lazily watched the hawker, who didn't really pester us, pass along every half hour or so with a different line.

By now, the sun was getting quite low and so we decided to head back up to our hotel. Joseph waved us over, asking if we wanted to reserve the same spot for tomorrow, which we were happy too.

I happened to mention over dinner that I was sure the hawker was peeking at my breasts. Without a beat, Dave, knowing my penchant for revealing myself, suggested that if he was taking an interest I should indulge myself and perhaps take advantage of the situation, which lead to some stimulating pillow talk as we made love that night.

Day 2

The following day I decided to wear the same outfit, but wanting to give my husband a little titillation, slightly slackened the neck strap so my bra cups were now loose enough to make the edges of my areolas visible.

Anyway, eager to have a look around, we wandered along the peripheral path before paddling back along the shoreline. On our arrival, Joseph prepared our pitch, making a big deal out of shaking the cushions before handing us the beach menu.

We set out our little patch of paradise and liberally covered ourselves in sun cream before settling down, me with my iPod and Dave with his book. Just as I was immersing myself in my music and an extended fantasy of yesterday's events, Dave reminded me about what I had promised during our lovemaking and said "Now's your chance!"

I opened my eyes to see our hawker further along the sands heading in our direction. Before I had any opportunity to agree, Dave leaned over and deftly unclipped the neck strap of my already loose bikini so that only the back strap was holding it in place. The hawker greeted us like old friends, this time introducing himself and showing a photo of his family and soon had a tray of "genuine fake" watches and rings laid out on the bottom of my lounger for our appraisal.

Feeling a bit wicked and wanting to tease the guy a bit more, I casually leaned forward to view what he was offering, giving him ample opportunity to focus on my salacious exposure. As my eyes flicked up, I caught him full on, gawking at the swell of my breasts, further stirring the butterflies already awakened deep in my belly. More than just enjoying his lecherous attention and knowing it would be turning Dave on, I sat up completely, provocatively dropping my legs either side of the lounger so I could pull the tray closer to see the watches.

Dubious thoughts were now swimming through my head, but any misgiving that I had were soon overshadowed by my overwhelming desire to arouse Dave's emotions, and my tummy was doing summersaults at the thought that the hawker may even be stimulated as he took in my exposure.

Aware that Dave would be excited by my provocative behaviour, I further hunched forward allowing the cups supporting my breasts to fall away and so make even my flushed nipples visible. Basking in my uninhibited behaviour, and keen to keep him there a little longer, I continued to rummage though his stock. Trying this and admiring that, until I eventually picked a dressy wristwatch, leaving Dave to do the customary haggling over the price as I casually rolled on to my tummy to get some sun on my back.

Relishing the thrill we both got teasing the hawker, Dave teased me about our pillow talk the night before, and couldn't resist flicking the back strap of my bikini loose. Moments later Joseph came along and asked in well-practiced English phrases whether we wanted anything off the menu. We had seen him deliver some coconut cocktails earlier and so ordered two.

Maybe five minutes or so passed when Dave said, "Aye up, here he comes. I dare you!" Already in a heighted state, I didn't really need to be dared to do anything and so waited until he was right next to us, then turned over with my arm barely covering my naked breasts to weigh him up and gauge his reaction. For a moment, I thought of allowing him a full view but in heat of the moment decided not to. He headed back to his gazebo, and joined by the hawker who seemed to be talking about us.

I lay back on my back feeling as horny as hell, reliving the daring episode, with my top now just draped loosely across my breasts. The hawker who trundled past every fifteen minutes or so, would always come close by and wave, probably just hoping for further glimpses of my carelessly covered boobs.

As we were packing up for the day and not wanting to miss another opportunity for more of our selfish foreplay, Dave beckoned him over on some pretext or other. My lust was now screaming out at me to show more, so I sat up, with my arm across my bikini top to hold it in position. Fumbling for my bag, I let part of my top fall, freeing my excitedly pink-tipped left breast completely for his admiration. Further excitement tumbled through my loins as his gaze settled firmly on my momentary exposure until I feigned embarrassment and regained my modesty.

After he moved away, we were so turned on it was all we could do to pack up our things and head back to our room.

On passing the gazebo the hawker had joined Joseph and asked how we had enjoyed our day and informed us that tomorrow he would bring along some new lines he thought I might like. Strangely then, being in their close proximity, made me tremble with excitement like a student on her first date.

Our lovemaking that afternoon, intensified by the day's events, was awesome; we could not resist for one second, the desire to fulfil each other's needs.

Day 3

I lay in bed having missed breakfast, cuddled up next to Dave who had the usual morning woody and wanted me. As I caressed his erection, my mind was on the beach, and wanting to take my excitement to a higher level, asked if he thought I could get away wearing my white Wicked Weasel. The way his cock jerked at the suggestion was all the approval I needed.

I enjoyed a long warm shower and not wanting any new growth showing at the sides of my mound, lathered up my pubic region before taking my Ladyshave to delicately remove the light stubble. My shaved area was now as smooth as silk, apart from the closely trimmed landing strip.

It was the first time that I had worn it since Dave bought it for my birthday 9 months earlier and I had almost forgotten how tiny it was. The small adjustable top just about covering less than a quarter of my soft breasts and the tiny string triangle didn't leave much to the imagination either. Actually, it looked quite vulgar, especially when worn low to show a hint of my landing strip peeping provocatively over the top. But oh, it made me feel so fucking sexy!

To avoid causing any offence, I borrowed one of Dave's shirts for the walk through the hotel gallery and grounds. On our arrival, Joseph immediately greeted us before escorting us to our pitch. It was the first time I had really taken notice of him, his mature but lithe body did not truly show his age and I felt quite nervous as I peeled Dave's shirt off in front of him as he swished the cushions before rushing off to his gazebo.

Moments later without warning, Joseph appeared bringing us two coconut cocktails with his compliments. My heart thumped at this unexpected encounter so soon, but Joseph seemed to make no big deal about it other than to compliment me with an intuitive wink. Feeling quite sexy in my daring bikini, I just lay back, plugged in my iPod, and wondered how the day would progress.

Sitting up to suck up the delicious cocktail, I saw the hawker approach carrying a selection of silky wraps. He wasted no time greeting us with his warm smile probably knowing that as well as spending some money it would be worthwhile voyeuristic opportunity. "Look lady. Feel these. Pure silk just for you, you can wear it any way you like, as a sarong or a wrap or fold it many different ways." All the time, verbally repeating himself, as he took in my daring attire.

Picking a pale blue wrap, Dave urged me to try it as a sarong. Picking up on his undeniable enthusiasm for some sort of raunchy behaviour, I rose to the challenge, folded it twice in to a triangle and wore it around my waist. Tying the knot loosely just below my navel, I slipped my thumbs into the waist, sort of cowboy style proclaiming to Dave "Sexy or what?"

Drawing both their gazes my skimpy bikini G-string, I shuddered as I thought to myself, "Fuck that was hot. Now that I'm in gear anything's possible."

The sarong framing my barely covered pussy made me horny beyond belief. I sat back on the lounger, asking him if he had any rings, as I needed to buy some presents. Off he went like a shot and was back in less than a minute with the tray of watches and jewellery. Knowing Dave would be turned on by my provocative performance and feeling no shame, I moved my legs astride the lounger giving him room to put the tray.

I just couldn't believe what I had just done, almost delirious with emotions I drew deeply on my cocktail. As I perused the tray, I was afraid to glance between my legs to see how exposed I was. Our hawker was at last lost for words when I made my choice, and on offering him half the asking price did not even quibble. Dave was visually impressed and agreed to pay the guy, but wanting to prolong the experience, opportunistically took his time.

My insides were still quivering as Joseph appeared, to see if we wanted any more drinks or snacks. Dave croakily ordered a couple more cocktails to calm us down, as Joseph tried to glance discreetly at my still blatant exposure. By now, my pussy needed some serious attention; I was so high that I swear if anyone had offered, they could have had me where I lay.

Joseph returned in his fastest speed ever with two more filled coconut husks and caused another tumble of excitement by suggestively enquiring if I would like a special massage. After a very short discussion and with Dave's encouragement, I ambled over to the gazebo, swinging my hips to exaggerate my sex appeal. Once there, Joseph directed me to stand at the edge a large slightly tilted wooden frame and instructed me to remove the sarong.

I felt deliciously vulnerable as he picked up a bunch of fragrant stems and proceeded to swish the odd grains of sand from my shoulders, before brushing down over my scantily covered breasts allowing the soft fibres to give my aching nipples a momentary stimulation. Then swivelling me around and gently brushing the rest of my body, concentrating on my exposed buttocks, enhancing the already electric atmosphere.

Inviting me to lay face down on the mattress, he kneeled beside me. The moment I felt the touch of his hands undoing the necktie of the bikini, some very erotic thoughts flashed through my mind. His hands gently worked some warm coconut oil into my shoulders in a relaxing circular motion. His hands glided lower until he reached the other tie, and sensing no objections, he untied the bow.

Listening to the sound of the waves, my mind drifted to my earlier encounter with the beach vendor, wondering if I had aroused him to the point of him having to masturbate to relive his arousal, and wondered whether he would notice Joseph massaging me.

A thousand thoughts went through my mind as he trickled more warm oil all the way down along my spine. My stomach was swimming with butterflies as his sensual hands worked down my back, kneading the oil deeper into my skin, eventually encompassing my buttocks and allowing his thumbs to occasionally slip along the cleft between them.

My pulse quickened, I was getting really turned on and fast, and my body was reacting faster than my mind. My eyes opened dreamily to see Dave standing nearby, already captivated with anticipation and truly thrilled with Josephs daring manipulations.

He continued to drip the warm oil down my the thighs and calves, massaging every inch of my sensitive skin, until finally he reached one of my most erogenous zones, once there, the mere thought of him massaging me feet was almost enough to bring on an orgasm.

He stopped for a moment to let me rest before draping a modesty towel over my back before turning me over. I was on heat as never before as I rolled over somewhat awkwardly, letting the towel fall to my side. Dave smiled and nodded towards the left where our hawker had cautiously sat at the bar.

I could feel my chest start to rise and fall in long drawn out breaths as Joseph reached for more of the warm aromatic fluid. Like a serving cocktail waiter, he trickled it accurately over my totally exposed nipples, down over my tummy to my pubic mound, leaving a path of heightened arousal in its wake.

Kneeling beside me, he massaged my shoulders and around the sides of my torso to my stomach disappointingly avoiding what I needed him to touch the most. I felt my his hands slide down lower, gently circulating his thumbs into the shallow recess of my pelvis, then further down to the tops of my thighs. My mind spun with anticipation of his next movement. Conscious now that his expert hands were closing in on my pubic area I sought Dave's encouragement before opening my legs slightly to allow better contact.

As my chest started to heave with laboured breaths, he brought his hands onto my thighs coasting up and down, but taking a more sensual approach on the up stroke. My breath pace quickened, my pussy ached and every atom in my body craved that each stroke would bring his thumbs closer, until at last I felt his thumbs rise close enough to caress the smoothness of the forbidden swollen flesh visible outside the confines of my bikini.

This pleasure was short lived as he moved to kneel at my feet, raised my foot to rest in his lap, and started to manipulate the soles of my feet and up through my toes. As my other foot nestled in his lap, my thoughts were confirmed as I felt the hardness of his cock and curled my foot around to massage it.

After I reciprocated my feelings, he reached once more for the warm oil and dribbled it over the visible fuzzy growth just above my bikini. The palm of his hand glided over my belly before he drew it slowly towards him, daring his palm to rub over my pubic bone. The emotions I felt were truly unbelievable.

Encouraged by his enthusiasm, I raised my buttocks inviting him to remove my bikini and watched Joseph glance at Dave in case there was any hint of disapproval. Knowing my husband's penchant to seeing me exposed to strangers, I knew there would never be.

Savouring the task, he slipped his thumbs under the waistband and gently removed the tiny piece of flimsy fabric that had restricted our intimate pleasure. As his hands slid back up my thighs I parted my legs wider, spreading myself, allowing the full glory of my womanhood to be exposed to him. Dave's hand stroke his erection through his shorts confirming his arousal as he watched Josephs thumbs follow the contours of my naked pussy, gliding between my legs, finding my wanton, slippery folds open and inviting.

I watched Joseph's gazing up at me from above my furrow, he trickled more of the warm fluid to mingle with my own excretions. The pad of his thumb gyrated in slow, insistent circles at the very tip of my clit, and then followed the slippery flesh between my legs before curling a finger inside, sending me to places that I have only ever experienced on one or two previous occasions.

Then when I felt his breath between my legs, I was no longer in control. Such was my arousal the moment he flicked his tongue over my clit, I started to come and gripped his head, wrapping my legs around his head, forcing him to keep his tongue inside me as tremors of such enormous strength shuddered through my entirety.

I don't know how long I held him there, but it was quite some time until these powerful waves of pleasure subsided. As he rose, I could see evidence of his own ejaculation, and felt quite elated that he had cum whilst pleasuring me.


As I basked in the sensational glow of my after-cum, Joseph told me to relax and reached over, gently placing a handmade lei of bright yellow flowers around my neck, before walking towards the shoreline with the hawker who had also witnessed my mind-blowing orgasm.

My husband moved beside me sporting the biggest erection he had ever had.

"Now or later," he offered.

Guessing that we would probably be arrested for fucking on a public beach I panted "Back in our room would be safer."

Picking up my bikini and stuffing it into our bag, Dave offered me his shirt, wanting me to walk with it unbuttoned through the grounds. Given my horny state, I was more than happy to oblige, holding it closed just above my crotch we strolled past some possible witnesses to my recent climax.

The light sea breeze made it difficult to hide my nakedness completely as we walked across the manicured lawns passing people going to and from the beach. A few noticing, others ignoring my bold behaviour, but my only thoughts were to maintain this amazing stimulation.

This was our last night at this hotel and knowing how aroused my husband was and how much total satisfaction I now craved, I was keen to suggest he take some souvenir photos of me, much to the delight of a nearby gentleman, who watched me posing quite provocatively alongside the fountains.

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