tagMatureShowing it All by Lady grey

Showing it All by Lady grey


Logan Parker looked across his desk at the stunningly attractive woman sitting opposite him and shook his head.

"Blair! We can't go on like this. That's the forth we've lost in two months."

He looked at the letter on his desk-- another resignation. It would mean that Cole would have to step in yet again. Thank God for queers, he thought to himself. Well, at least he wasn't in danger.

"I'll get in touch with the agents and see what we can come up with. But for God's sake, can't you keep your hands off them for a few weeks at least? We've only got two months of the tour left.

Blair smiled. "I'll try, my darling, but you know how I love them so much, with their lithe strong bodies." Her body writhed on the seat in a suggestive manner and Logan could only smile. Blair Angel was a witch, a stunningly beautiful man eating witch, with an insatiable desire for young men: attractive, strong, young men. Blair had first made her name twenty years ago, when as an up and coming starlet, she found she could use her attractive body to open doors. It was reported that she had sucked more dick and swallowed more cum than any other actress in Hollywood. But she hadn't sucked the dicks of just any men, only the ones with the power and position to get her what she wanted. Actually, she was quite a good actress and she worked hard at it. Her major attribute was her body. It was awesome and she didn't mind showing it off.

Well, not as long as there were people around to admire it. Of course the studios took advantage of this, and gave the public what they wanted. In almost every part she appeared in, her skirts were shorter than everyone else's, her cleavage was more exposed, and she never raised any objection when asked to appear naked, "I don't mind exposing my body to the camera as long as it is relevant to the part I'm being asked to play," was her favorite quote.

In almost every part she had played, from starlet, through to bit parts, then supporting actress, and even to starring roles, the parts she played always demanded that she appear on the screen naked in at least one scene. Her fans loved her. She was the woman of many young men's wet dreams as they rubbed their throbbing cocks while looking at pictures of Blair naked in the centerfold of Playboy and other like magazines. But now, twenty years on, her fame had started to fade. She had made an incredible amount of money from the film industry at the height of her popularity. She could demand $1,000,000 per film, but bad investments and even worse advice had seen her fortune diminish, and young and attractive willing starlets were now more available than ever.

In her forties she had acquired a taste for young men. She no longer had to suck the smelly cocks and spread her legs for tired old studio executives. Now she could indulge herself with athletic young men. There were always young men around Hollywood who were quite willing to allow their strong young bodies to be used by aging stars trying to regain the passions of their youth. The problem was they were demanding: money, designer clothes, jewelry, and even cars. They had to look the part, and with little money coming in apart from some royalties, her wealth was slowly being sucked away.

Things came to a head about a year ago when her accountant came to see her and told her the bad news. Unless she found some new money, there were bleak days around the corner. He showed her, her last month's accounts. She had overspent yet again on his advised spending limit. "This item here," he said. "$200,000 for a Ferrari! Did you have to buy that?"

She smiled sweetly. "It was for Darling Jordon," she said. "He so wanted one."

Jordon was her latest 'house boy.' That's what the press called them. He had been with her for three months, but now she knew he was tiring of her and the Ferrari had been her last ditch attempt to keep him under her roof and in her bed.

She had actually listened to her accountant. She wasn't stupid and she knew something must be done. She called her agent and asked him to come over. Samuel Dire dropped everything when he got a call from Blair. He over the years had made a lot of money having her on his books. It had brought other work in. When you are an agent for a successful star, everybody wants to be on your books.

That afternoon they sat around her pool and discussed things. It had been over two years since her last film, and that had not been a big success. Samuel shrugged. "I don't really know what to suggest, Blair. I will look around. I've a few guys who owe me favors."

She smiled. "I know you will do your best. I know you are one of the few guys in this town I can still trust."

It's strange how things work out. Samuel was eating in his favorite Italian restaurant, Café Angelino's on West 3rd street. He loved the place: great home made food and away from the crowd. He pushed an empty plate away and sighed. He could eat here every day, but he needed to think about his waist line. It wasn't getting any smaller.

Suddenly there was a slap on his back. "Samuel, you old rogue, I didn't know you came here?" He looked up. It was Phillip Beck, a well known stage show producer. "Do you know you are just the man I want to see? Can I sit down?"

Samuel offered him a seat and they sat and chatted for a few minutes. Then Phillip suddenly asked, "Have you still got Blair Angel on your books?"

Samuel grinned. "I sure have. In fact I was over chatting with her only yesterday."

"Great," Phillip said. "Is she doing anything at the moment?"

"Nothing apart from getting fucked and ripped off by a few young studs."

Phillip smiled. He knew of Blair's reputation. "I have an interesting proposal for her. I wondered if she would be interested." He went on to explain that he had been contacted by a client, a British guy, who wanted to put on a stage play. He was a long time fan of Blair, and had made himself incredibly rich in the IT business. He wanted to spend some of that cash bringing back Blair to her adoring public. "The guy's just nuts on her," Phillip said.

Samuel was certainly interested. "What's the play he wants her to do?"

Phillip smiled. "It's Paul Simon's, 'The Graduate'."

Samuel nodded. "And I guess he wants her to play Mrs. Robinson." Samuel slowly shook his head. "I don't know if she will go for it. Appearing naked on the screen is one thing, but on the stage-- that's another. In the live theatre things are out of her control. You can't have a closed set in the theatre."

Phillip looked at Samuel. "Will you at least put it to her? Money's no object, and it's a proposed European tour, starting in the UK: the best theatres, best hotels."

The next day Samuel was again sitting by Blair's pool and she was listening intently to what he was telling her. She immediately felt excited about the whole thing. It was something new in her life. She was moving on again; she had never done live theatre. Yes, she would do it. Of course there were some points she needed to sort out. "But you will do those for me won't you?" she said, patting Samuel gently on the knee.

Things moved quickly after that. She met the shows backer, Walter Brackman, for dinner along with Phillip and Samuel at The London in West Hollywood, one of the town's best restaurants. This elegant and extremely expensive restaurant was part owned and presided over by the renowned British chef, Gordon Ramsey.

The food and the service were superb. Walter was a little overwhelmed at last to be in the presence of his life long fantasy woman, but she made him feel more like a life long friend than an almost total stranger.

Things got busy after that: contracts to sign, theatres to book. Samuel put his best team onto it. Blair had read the script and the only two things she demanded was that she had some say in who played the part of Benjamin, the part Dustman Hoffman played in the successful film, and she had some control in the nude scenes. "I don't mind doing the scenes," she said. "In fact I'm quite looking forward to it, but I don't want some perverted stage hand taking pictures and flogging them to the media. I want good security. And if some young guy's going to roll around in bed with me, I want to have a say in who he is,"

Phillip agreed with her on both these points. In the end she was pleased when she closed the house up and was driven to the airport for her journey to London. She had been a little reluctant to get rid of Jordon, but she was tiring of him and his constant demands. He had wanted to come along with her, but she had decided that there were probably a lot more fish in the sea-- probably younger and more exciting fish, and with her having some say in who played the part of Benjamin, it was like the tables were turned. As up and coming stars, they might have to eat her pussy if they wanted the part.

She had not been to the UK in several years, not since she had done a couple of her films over there. On her drive through London to the hotel, she saw that the city was as busy and as vibrant as ever. She was staying at the Ritz, and when her rented limo pulled up outside, a uniformed doorman was quick to open the car door for her. She was pleased when the man instantly recognized her. "Welcome to the Ritz in London, Miss Angel," he said with a big smile. His smile was even broader when he saw the large tip she pressed into his hand.

Her suite was sumptuous, and the maid supplied by the hotel carefully unpacked and hung her clothes for her. She got a call from Samuels's agent in London, a guy called Logan Parker, to say that he had arranged for them to meet for dinner in the restaurant at the Ritz later that evening.

Over dinner, Logan went through all the details regarding the rehearsals, the costume fittings, and the castings which he understood she had asked to have a hand in. Blair smiled. "I don't want to cast the whole bloody show," she said. "It's just the part of Benjamin. There are so many queers in the theatre game these days. I don't want to go to have to go to bed with one even if it is only on stage." She saw Logan squirm uncomfortably on his chair and she realised she had hit a nerve. "I've nothing against you guys being gay," she said, "but I can't understand why you prefer sticking your wiener up somebody's bum hole when there are so many delightful pussies around."

She was relieved when Logan smiled. "It's everyone to their own taste," he said with a broad grin.

Logan had been working hard on her behalf, and he had already arranged photo shoots and even a couple of TV interviews on prime time shows, as well as a couple of news conferences. The casting for the play, he told her, was going to take place early next week so she had several days off before things really got busy.

On Monday she met up with Logan and he took her to meet the director and producer of the play and some of the permanent staff that would be working on the show. Dave Banks, the director, greeted her and said it was his lifetime's ambition to work with her. Craig, the producer, was a young up and coming producer with a couple of hits to his credit already.

Dave explained that most of the other members of the cast had been short listed and he had arranged a casting session for the part of Benjamin the following day. After that they could get down to rehearsals. "Opening night is only a month away."

They had booked a suite at the Ritz for the castings, an unusual move, but Blair wanted it done that way. She had gotten them to arrange a buffet so that she could meet the twelve applicants, which would then be weeded down to two, one for the part and the other for a understudy.

When she walked into the suite with Dave and Craig, the twelve young men turned and applauded. She smiled her thanks, then she spent an hour chatting with them finding out about their lives and their interests. By the time it was ready for the casting, she had managed to get her choice down to three. The men had been asked to bring swimming shorts along with them and read the part from the pool scene. This again had been Blair's choice, giving her a chance to see them stripped down.

One by one the guys came through and did their bit. They were all quite good, and some were exceptional, including the three she had short listed. One of them particularly took her eye, a guy called Jim Broad. His American accent was good even though he came from the north of England, and she also liked the interesting size of the packet he was carrying in his shorts. As it was, Jim was also the choice of Dave, so things were settled quickly. Ten of them went away disappointed while Jim and another guy called Aron were signed up.

Later that day, Logan had arranged for Blair and Jim to be seen together in the VIP room at Stringfellows, a trendy London night spot. Blair was delighted to find Jim extremely good company. He didn't seem in awe of her as a mega star, and was interested in her life as shown by the fact he knew all her movies. He also looked quite striking in his trendy designer outfit. He was quite happy to stay with her when the others left, and it was almost 2AM before they left in a taxi.

As they chatted on the way back to the Ritz, Blair casually placed her hand on his leg, and when he did not appear to mind, she stroked it gently. Arriving back at the hotel, she was pleased when he accepted her invitation for a nightcap. Paying off the taxi, he gallantly escorted her up to her suite.

Once up in the suite, she told him to make up some drinks while she got into something more comfortable. Those were famous words, Jim thought to himself, as he helped himself to a large scotch. He was over the moon about landing the part in the play and to be on stage with someone like Blair Angel was more than he could have hoped for. Before that, he only managed two smaller supporting roles and a couple of minor parts in TV films. Since he had applied for the part as Benjamin, he had secured the video and watched the Dustin Hoffman film several times.

As he watched the nude scenes, he wondered just what it would be like to be there on stage with Blair when she played the part.

Like every red blooded male in the country, Jim had seen Blair's naked body many times on film and in magazines--those increasable breasts, a sight to behold. He smiled to himself at the thought that in one of the scenes, he might even get the chance to touch them. He remembered the scene between Hoffman and Anne Bancroft when she suddenly appeared naked.

His thoughts were interrupted by Blair returning. "I'll have a vodka martini, please," she said.

He turned towards the voice uttering the famous line, "Shaken-- not stirred," in a reasonable resemblance of a Bond voice. Then he saw her and stared, mouth open. She had changed from her evening wear into a silk wrap, an extremely thin silk wrap, and by the look of the sharp imprint of her nipples pushing against the silk, she was wearing very little under it. He suddenly felt extremely warm and turned back to the mini bar, and prepared her drink. He handed it to her, trying hard not to look at the straining nipples, She sipped on the drink with those luscious red lips and smiled. "Not bad, not bad at all." Then she placed the glass down on the marble fireplace. "I wanted you to come up to my room because I have something I want you to see." She spoke in her soft sexy voice that he remembered from so many of her films. Jim looked at her a little puzzled.

She smiled and pulled on the tie of her wrap. It slipped undone. Immediately, as the wrap fell open, he saw that his assumption was correct. She was wearing nothing under the wrap. She eased it from her shoulders and it slipped down her body forming a blue silken pool around her feet. Blair Angel stood before him naked. "My God," he gasped, "you are beautiful."

Those breasts he has seen in pictures so many times stood out firmly, drooping only slightly, incredible for a woman of 43. He stared at the dark areoles and hard stubby nipples, then down to her stomach only slightly rounded. It was smooth and without strain lines that you would normally see on women of her age. His eyes moved down to her pussy, smooth and hairless, the shaded cleft just visible as it disappeared between her thighs. Her legs were long and shapely and the mules she still had on her feet matched the silk of her discarded wrap. "By the look on your face, I guess you like what you see," she said in her soft sexy drawl.

He nodded, unable to find words.

"I thought you ought to see me like this before we get on stage, and by the look of your reaction, I guess I was right," she smiled. "And as I guess you are going to see me butt naked every night for the next few months, I thought we ought to get the surprise over as soon as possible." She reached for her glass and took a sip of her drink before replacing the glass.

Jim watched her, still speechless, looking for words as she moved towards him, her breasts moving only slightly with the movements of her body. She stood close to him. He could smell the heady scent of her perfume, Chanel No. 5 he guessed from the adverts he had seen.

She reached for his hands and lifted them up to her breasts. She pressed them against her warm smooth flesh. This time Jim groaned, as he felt the hard nipples press against his palms. "They're all yours," she said. "Enjoy them."

Jim couldn't believe what was happening to him. He had wondered even before he got the part how he would handle the situation, if he were lucky enough to land the part, of being close to Blair Angel when she was naked. Now here he was in her hotel suite, his hands on her breasts, being offered a dream. As he gently caressed her breasts, he was beginning to feel distinctly uncomfortable and slightly embarrassed as he could feel his cock now hard and straining against his pants. He almost jumped out of his skin when suddenly he felt her hand around it and she began to stroke it gently.

"I think we ought to find somewhere more comfortable," she said.

Reluctantly he released her breasts, and she took his hand and led him through into the large bedroom. The large King sized bed was already turned down. She slipped in between the sheets. "Won't you join me?" she said, patting the bed by her side.

He didn't need a second invitation and began hurriedly removing his clothes. When his boxers came down, she smiled to herself as she saw the hard roll of flesh protruding from its nest of dark curls. Yes, she thought to herself, he had been a good choice.

As he slipped in bed beside her, she smiled and her hand closed around his hard erection. She ran her hand along its length and licked her lips in anticipation. It was well over a week since she had had a cock inside her. Jordon had fucked her a few nights before she left for England, when he was trying to persuade her to take him with her. Now that she had this cock in her hand, she knew her decision to leave him had been the right one.

Jim lay back in the big bed and enjoyed the pleasure of her hand on his cock. He still couldn't believe where he was, in bed with one of the most sought after beauties in the world, a woman who never in his wildest dreams he would ever have believed that he was actually going to fuck. He reached out his hand, cupped her breasts, and began tracing his finger around the nipple.

"That feels so nice," she said, pressing herself towards him. "But I think pussy would like some treatment as well."

Jim smiled and moved his hand down her body over the smooth swell of her stomach and down between her now parted legs. He felt the moist warm flesh under his hand and stroked it gently. She moaned softly, gripping even tighter on to his cock. He eased her lips apart and slipped two fingers into the warm wetness of her love tunnel. He felt her contract and grip his fingers as he worked them slowly in and out of her hole.

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