And then Kerri was lifting her butt up, slipping her bikini briefs down along her legs, kicking them free of her ankles in the most wanton way, all the while looking straight up at me, the phone still to her ear as if she was having a fantastic bit of phone sex, the caresses halting at first, just soft petting along her inner thighs.

Go on, I want you do it. I want you to let him see everything," I whispered into the mouthpiece, stopping my hand before I came—I was that fucking close.

My wife had her fingers in along her slit, a luxuriant exploration as she parted the soft pinkish petals, her thighs quivering as she delved deeper...

I looked over at the boy; he was over the top, humping up and down as he slid into a frenzied orgasm, his face clenched like a fist.

Kerri bucked a bit, her legs flaying as she convulsed with her own quick orgasm. And then she was up on her feet, covering her breasts as best she could while gathering up her bikini and hustling back to the house.

I met her in the upstairs hallway, her face flushed and bright. I'd stripped naked as she came inside and ran up the stairs. She dropped her bikini on the ground and came right up to me. Her hand clasped on my rigid cock as she pushed me back into the wall, down on her knees before me, a darting kiss to the thick spongy head.

"I want to blow you," she blurted lustily.

"Excellent." Kerri was not one for sucking cock, never had been really. She'd take me in her mouth from time to time, playing with me more than trying to get me off. She'd always been squeamish with the whole thing, telling me up front once that she thought having somebody come in her mouth was disgusting. I'd been her boyfriend since our senior year in high school, and though she'd been up front with not being a virgin, I didn't think there had been a lot of cock's spurting sperm into her mouth before I came around.

Anyway, she was at it now, at it with what seemed a practiced hunger, working up and down on me, her tongue circling the vein-roped underside, taking my cock deep enough to gag.

"That was so hot," she said at one point, pulling off me to try and catch a breath.

"It was."

"I kept thinking about sucking him," she wheezed, her cheeks reddened, pupils pinned. Her words caught me off guard. She was so stoked down there on her knees.

"You could've," I said hoarsely.

"I would've done it while you were watching, right out by the pool," she said, again swallowing me up, sucking it, her teeth scraping lightly...

"I'm gonna come."

"Come in my mouth, I want you to."

I felt it start, the tightening, the slivers of incredible pleasure, and I was gushing, gushing, gripping her head as spurt after spurt emptied against the back of her throat, that tongue still swirling on me, then sagging with weakness, I felt myself slip down along the wall.

Kerri was panting softly, her eyes closed. She lifted her head after a few seconds and opened her mouth to display a puddle of milky semen, thick globbish strands of it dangling from her teeth.

She stood up and went into the bathroom at the end of the hall. I could hear her spitting it out, a retch as she rinsed her mouth over and over again, then the toilet flushing.

"Hope I didn't shock you," she said as she came back and sat next to me on the floor, lifting my arm so that it draped around her bare shoulders.

"Are you kidding me, it was great."

"I meant what I said about him."

"About blowing him."


"I loved hearing that," I answered honestly.

"I was picturing him out there with me and I was doing him while you watched us," she whispered, a hard blush coming to her cheeks, and she ducked her eyes away from mine. "That sounds so bad."

"Actually it was hot, beyond hot."

"I can't believe you came in my mouth."

"You sort of urged me on, if I remember correctly."

"It tastes gross, like Clorox."

"I wouldn't know."

"You never tasted yourself."

"No," I lied, having done it on more than a few occasions as a young kid. I think every man does it at some point probably, just like putting a ruler on your hard-on.

"Liar," she laughed, knowing me too well, I guess.

"You were really turned on by it, weren't you?" I said.

"I guess I'm an exhibitionist, as if there was any doubt after Mexico."

"I meant about having him out there with you."

"Just fantasy," she said, snuggling into my chest as if to reassure me of something.

"Why shouldn't you have him," I whispered.

Kerri looked at me with the patience one has form the feeble-minded.

"I'm serious."

"I'm not interested in being with anyone but you," she said firmly, a lie right there because everyone thinks about stuff like that, they just don't act on it because of complications and loyalties.

"I'd love to watch you doing something like that," I spoke, the words just rattling from my mouth with no hint of brain behind them. "You'd be breaking him in probably. I don't think he has a girlfriend or..."

"Stop it."

"I'm just saying..."

"You shouldn't want me doing something like that," she said, suddenly angry, or maybe just hurt. "You shouldn't even be thinking of it. I'm your wife. The mother of your..."

"Look, I was just..."

"I shouldn't have ever mentioned it," she snapped, standing up fast, her tits heaving. "You probably just want to get some girlfriend too and you just..."

"I don't want anyone else. I just said..."

"I don't want to talk about it anymore," she said, cutting me short. "I shouldn't have ever done what I did. That was nuts. Nuts!"


Kerri flares up fast and settles down just as quickly. The outburst was over and in a couple minutes I was sprawled next to her on our bed, tucked in nicely like two perfectly matched spoons.

"I'm sorry I snapped at you," she said.

"I would never be with anybody else, Ker," I said soothingly.

"I get jealous. I wouldn't want some girl looking at you naked like that."

"I think they'd move away if they saw me, paint the windows of their house black."

"I'm being serious."

"I liked what you did today," I went on, hugging her tighter. "It was exciting, it really was. I don't know why, but I like having other guys look at you. I always have. ...I know it sounds weird."

"It's okay."

"And if you have a fantasy..."

"I don't..."

"Well if you did, it'd be okay with me," I said, feeling my member stiffening—Kerri noticed it too and wiggled her bare butt against me.

"Tell me what you'd have me do to him," she asked after a moment.

"I'd have you strip in front of him, just take off everything."

"And then?"

"Then I'd have you get down on your knees like you did with me..."

She rolled over into my arms and we started to make love very gently.

"Tell me everything," she said in a hushed gasp as I eased into her silken depths.


It was later that same afternoon that I woke up to find her sitting on the bed next to me, just looking blankly ahead.

"You okay?"

"What if it changed things for us? You know, what if you couldn't think of me the same again?"

It took me a second to even register what the hell she was talking about.

"You're thinking about it," I said with more surprise than I should have.


"...Nothing would change how I feel about you," I said, speaking the truth. "Nothing would ever change that."

"I must be crazy."

"This thing's really got you, hasn't it?"

"Just forget I said anything. I don't want to talk about it anymore."

I lifted myself up a bit, trying to collect my thoughts.

"He's just a nice kid."

"This is so crazy to be actually even thinking of something like this," she said, squeezing her temples hard.

"There wouldn't be any harm."

"And you could take it. You could take seeing me..."

"He's just a nice boy. He isn't anything that would—I'd love to watch him being with you. I don't know why, but I would. ...It wouldn't change anything."

"How would I even do something like this. Would I just..."

"Just ask him over."

"This is so crazy."

"Tomorrow is supposed to be nice. Sunny."

"And you would just watch? You wouldn't want to join in or anything."

"Would you want me to?"

"No, I think that would be just too weird, as if this isn't weird enough.

"Just have fun with it, Ker. You could always change your mind."


Kerri was out in the yard early that day, a Friday. She was in a pair Levi cut-offs with a yellow blouse that she'd knotted in at her waist, an outsized sunhat drooping down over her face.

It was strange that I'd told her what to do, that I put it all together so fast. I looked at my hand, it was trembling. I looked out at her, she was obviously nervous, milling for no reason. She kept looking back up at me, lifting the brim of her hat every time.

I was over in the office Kerri kept on the second floor, a place that afforded a better view of the entire back yard, the windows opened so I could hear everything said. She just kept pacing, going back to the filter shed three times, opening the door and looking around each time. I wondered if she saw him, if he was watching her from their house.

"Tommy," she yelled suddenly, a big wave in that direction, smiling. "Tommy."

"Yeah," the boy's voice came back, startled, edgy—I knew he had to have been up in his window, getting ready for the show to start again.

"Can you help me?"

She looked up at me with a sheepish grin and quickly started down alongside the house to open the gate for him.

It couldn't have been more than a minute before I heard his voice again, still shaky, as if he were busted. "What's up, Mrs. Casselli?"

"The power is off in the pool and I can't find the breaker for it. Frank's away, but he told me that it's on a separate thing out in the shed."

They walked into sight together, Tommy Jordan tall and skinny, wiry in the way of youth. He looked hesitant, maybe spooked. I was sure Kerri had spied him up at his window when she called out his name, just like I'd told her.

"Will you see if you can find it?"

Tommy nodded, giving my wife a wide berth as she handed him a flashlight and opened the door. It was maybe five seconds and the jets of our hot tub started foaming.

"Is it on?" he asked, still hidden in the shed.

"Thanks, Tommy."

He stepped back, offering her the flashlight, looking around the yard as if he'd never been there before.

"So you want to take a swim," Kerri asked, indicating the pool with a slight wave.

"No, I'm okay," he stammered.

"Why not, it's hot enough. ...Come on, it'll be fun."

"...I'll go get my suit."

"You can skinny dip if you want to," Kerri said, bolder now, squaring herself to him. "It'll be our secret."


"I'll go first if you want."

I could see it all from where I sat, the blood pounding through my skull, adrenalin surging though my system.

Kerri stepped back and slowly undid the knot holding her blouse, opening it slightly and then draping it back off her shoulders. She hadn't worn a brassiere, her small tits wonderful to see.

Tommy Jordan seemed frozen in place, looking like he didn't know if he should run away or what.

"I saw you watching me yesterday," she purred, stepping up to him now, her hand tracing down the front of his shirt. "Did you like it?"

He managed a rigid nod.

"If you want me naked, then you have to strip me."

Kerri lifted his hands to the front of her cut-offs, paused to let him do it. I could actually see him shaking as he unbuttoned them, stripping the denims awkwardly down her legs. She wore her high-cut panties, aqua, with a pink bow just beneath her navel. He reached up and glided them down as well—a shock for me, she'd shaved herself that morning, something she'd never done before. Her tan-lines were defined, her body soft and abundant, offering herself to this young man, his hands starting to roam over her skin like he owned her.

Kerri pulled his shirt up over his head, his body was smooth and pale, an almost delicate quality to his boyish physique. She lifted up to kiss him, her eyes meeting mine for just an instant.

"Take off your jeans."

She stepped back to watch, angling so that I had a view from the side, seeing him hesitate, glancing around as if to reassure himself that no one could see.

"Your husband..."

"He's not here. Take off your jeans."

The boy looked around again and then started pulling them down, meeting her gaze as his dick sprang up—it was thin and long, longer than mine, a slight, off-center bow to the left, his testicles shrunk tightly. His legs were long and slender, a runner's musculature.

"I like your thing," Kerri said, coming up and stroking him lightly, a tremor snaking his body as if he'd had a sudden chill. She reached up and guided him down to her nipples, one then the other, my wife taking the opportunity to again look up at me, a smile as he enthusiastically attended her tits.

"Just stand there," she said after a few more seconds, and carefully dropped to her knees, feathering the entire length of his shaft with her lips, a perfect courtesan tenderly cupping his balls, her tongue darting out to lick the tip and then she took him with one vigorous dip of her head, straining to engulf every inch of him, her face almost bobbing against his crotch, a slight roll in her neck as she lovingly stated to suck him off.

Tommy couldn't last long like that. He was gripping her head, already bucking his hips, grunting, that smooth-cheeked face twitching as he slid into orgasm, groaning as he pumped cum into mouth, splaying wispy threads of semen across Kerri's face as he pulled free for an instant.

He almost cringed away from her, leaving her down on her knees, stunned by it. She touched her wet chin in a distracted way. I saw her gulp without thinking of it, realizing that she'd just swallowed this kid's load.

"You're very sexy," Kerri said, still down on the grass, resting on all fours.

He nodded. I could see he was happy with it, that feeling of conquest you get when you first get a girl.

"Do you want to fuck me?"

He was nodding, eagerly, already sliding down to get with her right there on the lawn.

"No, up in the house," she said, pointing upstairs, making me duck for cover.

We'd never talked about this, never talked about her actually fucking this kid; I was hiding up in her room, looking for a spot to lose myself in. I heard the kitchen door shut behind them, their footfalls on the steps as they came upstairs.

"In here," she said, bringing him into our bedroom.

"You are so beautiful."

"Come on, I want you to fuck me. Look at how hard you are already. You're very big. ...oh, yeah, come here, come here..."

The bed creaked a bit as they climbed on, Kerri groaned softly, I could hear everything—I couldn't believe this was happening, that she was going to let him fuck her like this, right in our bed.

"Have you ever done it before, Tommy?"

A brief silence, the kid obviously trying for the right answer, the one he thought she wanted to hear.

"I'd love it if I was your first."

"You are," he croaked, the truth of the statement evident in his tone.

"Good, now you don't have to use anything. Come here. Let me...that is so nice and big. I love looking at you when you're out in your yard doing the grass. Did you know I'd look at you too?"


"No, from behind," she said with genuine excitement. "I want you to do it from behind, okay. Just go easy when you start, okay."

I was bare foot; I eased down the hall like a cat-burglar, halting just outside our door, quieting my breathing. Could I take seeing it? I wanted to. I wanted to watch him on her.

I heard her startled gasp, knew he had penetrated her rougher than she wished, another discomforted gasp.

"Easy, easy..."

I peeked, I had to; Tommy was mounting Kerri from behind, his back to me, he drove into her with a savage thrust, her knees lifting clear of the mattress with the force.

"Easier, please..."

"Sorry," Tommy whispered, stopping himself, his hand gently stroking the length of her spine, a soft caress across the side of her head.

"Just go slow. I'll tell you when to...that's it. Nice, nice..."

The kid was fucking her in a slow rhythm, careful, his hands exploring down her thighs, across the smooth whitish globes of her behind.

"Now go harder, a little harder."

He picked up his pace at the command, deeper strokes, her round hips meeting his thrusts.


He jammed himself into her with such force that she screamed, her entire body stiffened with the shocking penetration, the boy unable to keep from sinking another viscous stroke into my wife's pussy, then another. He grabbed hold of her shoulder and really picked up his pace, wrenching her up with a fistful of hair at one point, a dominating throttle as he ground her pretty face down into the pillow to muffle her continued cries.

"Aghhh, aghh..."

"You are so hot," he fairly shouted, Kerri sounding with each thrust now, breathless biting noises, a slow throaty moan rising from deep in her chest as he continued to auger his cock into her, twisting hard on that shank of hair...

"Harder, hard..." she shrieked, coming rapidly towards climax, the words muddied as he smothered her into the folds of the pillow.

"You like that," he hissed just as Kerri screamed from the first hit of her climax, clawing at the mattress with her fingers, writhing beneath him, the orgasms obviously coming in waves for her now like they sometimes did, wrenching her insides.

And then Tommy was bucking again too, gripping her hips, burying his fingertips into her soft flesh, grunting as he emptied his seed deep within my wife before collapsing atop her, Kerri's thin keening the only sound left. I silently shuffled back to the study and waited, totally shaken by the sight of her being used like that. I crouched down in a corner and hugged my knees, rattled by it, my erection faded.

I heard them talking after a few minutes but the words didn't register. I closed my eyes and just saw him doing her again, thinking that he hadn't even used a rubber on her. It was maybe ten more minutes before I heard him leaving.

"Thank you," Kerri's voice sounded in the hall.

"It was great, Kerri."

"Mrs. Casselli. It's still Mrs. Casselli, Tom."


"Say 'thanks for sucking my cock, Mrs. Casselli'."


"I want you to say it, Tommy. Thanks for..."

"Thanks...thanks for sucking my cock...Mrs. Casselli."

"I liked being your slut."


"You're a good lover. You better go now."

I heard them kiss, the soft smack of it. Then after a few moments, after the kitchen door had slammed shut: "Frank?"

"Here," I answered, forcing myself to stand up.

"Come be with me, okay."

I went, my legs were rubbery. Kerri was sitting on the floor at the side of the bed when I walked in, the sheet wrapped around her shoulders. She was sobbing softly, a distressed look as she met my eyes.

"Hi," she said weakly, obviously scared, dreading my reaction on some level.

I saw the trail semen that she'd dribbled across the floor, thin rivulets of it already drying on one of her legs. I felt something flare deep within me, a furious anger that I hadn't ever expected. For a second I wanted to slap her across the face, to just kick the living shit out of her, to take my belt and whip her whorish ass fucking raw...

"Are you all right?" I said in a constricted tone, the murderous rage leaking into my words.

She nodded, shrinking at my harshness, maybe seeing something dark and vengeful in my expression.

I towered over her, the emotions churning. I actually could smell the kid's cum on her, thought of her swallowing his sperm, my filthy cocksucker of a wife. She'd let him cum inside her cunt, his seed swilling within her body. She was on the pill, but what if she got pregnant. Shit like that happens, fucking stupid cunt.

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