tagMind ControlShudder Ch. 04

Shudder Ch. 04


This story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Bekka was having a euphoric moment. She had just had sex with her best friend, Aubrey, something she thought would never happen in a million years. And it would not have been possible without the body swapping talents of someone who called himself Nevyn.

Nevyn wanted Bekka's help in solving the mystery of the one person he had been unable to possess, Aubrey's brother, Derek. Nevyn had secretly hopped Derek's mother, Nancy Johnson, and posed as her for three months, behaving very provocatively around her son, until Derek finally figured out the truth.

Derek, Aubrey, and Bekka had made a plan to escape Nevyn's reach for a few days, but it all had gone awry when Nevyn had possessed Aubrey. Through her, Nevyn had learned of their plan to hide out at a local hotel, and also of how erotic Bekka thought Nevyn's ability was. He had used Bekka's aroused interests to sway her to his side, promising her that they could act out some of her more secret and forbidden fantasies. He had started by acting out a slumber party scene lodged in Bekka's mind where her and Aubrey ended up having sex. Now he had her undying loyalty.

The girls had both dressed, Nevyn still in Aubrey's body, and put their travel bag, complete with some very sexy attire that Nevyn had made sure to pack for Aubrey later, back in Derek's room. Then they both hurried downstairs, got in Bekka's car, and closed the doors.

"Listen cause Derek will probably be here any minute," Nevyn as Aubrey said.

Bekka loved that Nevyn was using Aubrey's voice. Loved that she could do anything she wanted to her friend as long as he was inside her. She boldly let her hand shoot out and caress her friend's sizeable chest.

"Um, okay," Aubrey's face was amused. "You do remember that I just brought you to orgasm like, a million times, right?"

"I know," Bekka pouted. "But I'm not going to get to touch them for awhile cause Derek will be around and they're so, so great!"

"Fine, have at it. As long as you can multi-task," Aubrey said while reaching out with her fingers to lightly pinch Bekka's nipples. She hadn't put a bra back on, which would not be out of character for her after school. "Derek will be here any minute, and I'm due to shudder in less than five."

The moment Nevyn possessed someone, it would cause their body to shudder from head to toe. After a period of time, usually starting under 30 minutes, his host would shudder again, and that would continue for as long as Nevyn remained inside of them. Derek knew of this unfortunate outward manifestation of his and had witnessed it many times. Also Derek had recently figured out that Nevyn's time between shudders lengthened the longer he was in a host. If Nevyn were to stay hidden this time, he would need Bekka's help.

"What do we need to do?" Bekka asked worriedly.

"As soon as Derek gets here, we tell him to go grab the bag and anything else he thinks we might need, and suggest he raid the pantry for snacks, try to keep him in there awhile. We tell him we'll stay here with the doors locked as lookout for his mom, who he still thinks is me? That should get me through now, but later I'll need your help distracting him."

"Don't forget about the question he's going to ask to look for your other tell," Bekka added, trying to be helpful.

Aubrey smiled and kissed her friend quickly on the mouth. "Thanks, I almost forgot. I'll make sure not to do the eye thing."

In the past, when he had to access specific memories, Nevyn would subconsciously roll his host's eyes up and to the left. Nevyn had learned this about himself when he possessed Aubrey, which was a stroke of luck because it was something Derek thought Nevyn had to do. It was a habit, like anything else, and Nevyn would concentrate hard to break it and stay hidden until the right moment.

Aubrey turned slightly to look out her window. "I'm sorry Bekks, you'll have to stop pawing at me now. Derek's right down the block."

Bekka reluctantly put her hand down at her side. "Remember what I told you, help me when I need it, and when the time comes later, go with the flow. Oh, and stay in character."

"Yes ma'am," she saluted, remembering that Nevyn's favorite thing to do was role play in a host's body.

Derek slid into the back seat of the car a minute later and eyed the girl's suspiciously. "I thought we said we were all going to meet up in Bekka's car a block from here, not right in front of our house! What if Nevyn had shown up?"

"Relax bro," Aubrey said coolly. "We were down the block for the last couple hours and only just drove up here 10 minutes ago. We didn't see Mom's car but we weren't going to go inside. That would be stupid."

"Yeah, stupid," Bekka agreed, laughing internally at how funny that concept was given that's exactly what they had done.

"Now hurry upstairs and grab the bag so we can get out of here," Aubrey ordered.

Derek was about to get out, but then stopped and looked at both of them again, like he was examining the smallest details about their appearance and behavior. Bekka's palms started to sweat as Derek's eyes narrowed. "First, I ask each of you a question, remember?"

"Can't you do it after you get back?" Bekka responded quickly. "I mean, we should get out of here as quick as we can."

Now Derek was definitely going to ask them a question. Aubrey looked at the clock on the car's dashboard. A shudder was imminent. "Please look at me in the eyes, Bri!" Derek said sharply. "I have to be able to see your eyes, both of you." He had both girls' undivided attention. He started with Bekka. "When Bri introduced me to you the first time and told you I was her twin, what did you say right after?"

Bekka blushed instantly at the thought of how stupid her answer was. "But you don't look anything alike."

"That's still funny," Derek smiled. "You pass." He now focused his intense gaze on his sister. "How long until I stopped wetting my bed?"

Aubrey's eyes twitched slightly, but did not go up. It was taking her longer to answer than Derek thought it should. Then she said, "Seven. Sorry that took so long, I was just really surprised you wanted me to say that in front of Bekka."

"Please," Derek said relaxing his gaze. "She's like my other sister. I don't care if she knows."

"Yeah, a sister that wants to sleep with you," Aubrey teased.

Bekka and Derek shared an awkward laugh before Bekka said looking at Aubrey, "Yeah, but that would never happen, because I would never endanger our friendship."

Aubrey took her friend's hand and said with as much cheese as possible, "And I appreciate that sacrifice." Both girls broke into a fit of giggles.

"This is going to be a fun weekend," Derek said sarcastically.

Aubrey looked the clock and tried not to panic. "Glad we both passed, now get your butt in that house, grab the bag, some snacks, and then get your butt out here so we can make a clean getaway."

Derek jumped out and went into the house as ordered. Less than 30 seconds later, Bekka witnessed Aubrey shudder for the second time that day. She thought her pussy might never be dry again. She reached out to touch Aubrey's boobs once more immediately after, but her hand was swatted away.

"Settle down," Aubrey chided. "You're going to get us caught. Man, you might be hornier than I am." Then she marked the time on her phone so she could set the benchmark between then and the next shudder. One more and she'd know how much time she was gaining between each one. It usually varied person to person. Both girls patiently sat in the car. One lusting, the other planning, until Derek returned.

The trio agreed that tomorrow they would research their body hopper problem, but tonight they would enjoy each other's company. They went to check in at the only hotel in town, something they got away with without a credit card because one of their classmates worked there part time, and of course, Bekka had dated him at one point. They hung out for a bit in their hotel room, and Aubrey made sure to say she needed to be in the bathroom when it was almost time for the next shudder.

"I'll go with you," Bekka said, knowing why Aubrey wanted to disappear for a moment.

"That's really not necessary," Aubrey said confused.

"Nonsense, Bri. You know how we girls go the bathroom in groups."

Derek had nodded in agreement at this, but his eyes remained on the hotel television.

Aubrey shook her head but smiled. "Grab the bag, Bekks. We might as well take turns showering while we're in there."

Bekka squealed and then composed herself. "Right, take turns." And they both disappeared into the bathroom, locking the door.

"What are you doing?" Aubrey giggled while Bekka started to yank Aubrey's shirt over her head the second the door was shut.

"I'm sorry I just, I want to have my hands on your tits the next time you shudder," Bekka said desperately.

"You've got it bad, Bekks. At least turn off the water to drown out some of the sounds we'll be making in here before you strip me naked."

Bekka paused in the middle of trying to unclasp Aubrey's bra. "Sounds smart." She turned the water on, and then almost broke Aubrey's bra trying to get it off.

"Easy, easy," Aubrey said soothingly. "We've still got a few minutes. It takes longer each time, remember. Here, let me help you." Aubrey unbuttoned her pants, then gracefully hopped up on the bathroom sink behind her. "There, that should help you take my pants off." Bekka couldn't stop smiling as she pulled her hot friend's pants down.

Aubrey motioned with her finger for Bekka to come closer. "Now your turn." Bekka obediently walked between Aubrey's legs, now spread wide open for her and let her friend pull her top off and unfasten her bra. Then they started to kiss passionately. After a minute, Aubrey broke away and checked her cell phone. "Should be any second now. I believe you wanted to do this?" And she took both of Bekka's hands and placed one on each of Aubrey's breasts. Bekka started kneading and massaging them immediately. "I hope you appreciate this," Aubrey noted. "It's about the most intimate thing I have ever done."

Five seconds later, Bekka noticed as her friend's eyes became unfocused, and then she felt Aubrey's body begin to shudder. It was almost like her entire body was vibrating, and she thought she felt a pleasant shock as her hands maintained a firm grip on Aubrey's large, quivering breasts. And then as quick as the shudder had started, it was gone.

Aubrey's eyes refocused and she flashed a sexy smile at Bekka. "Did you like that Bekks?"

She had. She really had. And she was about to tell Aubrey how hot it was, before her friend said, "You know what, I know this is going to reset the time and all, but I think I'd rather just see for myself."

Bekka then felt her hands begin to shudder atop Aubrey's breasts. She only had a second to shoot Aubrey a questioning look, and then she had the familiar sense of falling and having someone squeezed into a tight space with her, and then darkness.

"Why did you do that?" Bekka thought, knowing Nevyn could hear her thoughts now that he had possessed her body.

Then she heard Nevyn's low voice coming from her mouth. "For a couple reasons, which I'll tell you here momentarily. But first, I want to see if this works."

All of a sudden the darkness in front of Bekka disappeared, and she was able to see herself in the large bathroom mirror. It wasn't exactly the same as seeing out her eyes, but more like a large projection screen that showed her whatever Nevyn made her eyes look at. She had stepped to the side of the sink where Aubrey's body was still perched.

"Did that work?" Nevyn asked. Bekka thought it was the strangest thing, seeing her lips form the words but hearing Nevyn's voice.

"It did," she thought at him. "I can see whatever you see, which is really cool, and thank you, but..."

"Why did I possess you?" Nevyn finished for her. "Well, first to see what this felt like." Everything Bekka thought, saw and felt washed over Bekka's mind as she remembered feeling Aubrey's body during the shudder. "Oh man," Nevyn's voice moaned, "that's never been a pleasurable experience for me, but you, you really get off on it."

"I know," Bekka agreed. "I like seeing you pretend to be Aubrey. But when you shudder, it's a reminder that it's not her in there, but someone controlling her and, well that's really hot!"

Nevyn started to slowly undress the rest of Bekka's body in front of the mirror, making it a show for her eyes. When he spoke next, he was using her voice. "Do you like it when I pretend to be you? Control you?" And Bekka watched as Nevyn made her hands run all over her body, paying special attention to her boobs, butt and pussy.

"I do," Bekka responded, completely engrossed by her openly erotic movements.

"Good, then you'll really like remembering this next part?" Nevyn said in Bekka's voice. Then she saw herself wink at the mirror, reach over, and touch Aubrey's arm. Bekka felt the shudder begin, and her mind went blank.

Then next thing Bekka knew, she was kneeling in the shower. Her hands were gripping Aubrey's butt and she had her face completely buried in Aubrey's snatch. She was licking it for all she was worth. Bekka pulled back confused, and Aubrey looked down at first in disappointment, and then understood that Bekka had regained control of her senses. "Oh, glad you're back. You've been a busy girl."

"You didn't have to order me to eat you out," Bekka said, staring up at her friend whose body looked sleek and shiny as water droplets trickled down her naked form.

"Well, that was the very last order I gave you," Aubrey smiled mischievously. "Think back to what I made you do when I left your body." Aubrey studied Bekka's face, watching for the realization of all she had done return to her memory.

Then first thing Bekka remembered was the vacant expression reflected in her face from the bathroom mirror. The expression of someone who was not all there and could be made to do anything her master told her to do. She saw Aubrey stand up and move directly in front of her. "I think you like being told what to do," Aubrey said. "And to prove it, I'm going to watch as your face fills with lust as your remember all this. Now take off the rest of your clothes."

All she had left on was her panties and socks. Bekka watched in her memory as she mindlessly obeyed and took them off. It was hot, but nothing terribly new or exciting so far, until she remembered what Aubrey had ordered her to do next.

"Now you will act like your normal, confident, cute and crazy self. You will run out this bathroom door, and then out our room door, and run all the way down the hall yelling 'streaker.' Then you'll run back to our room but the door will be shut and you'll have to ask someone to open it. You'll yell for me but I'll say no, and so Derek will have to do it. I saw in your memories that he's never seen you naked before. Well that changes now. When he looks through the peep hole, and he will, you are not to cover up in anyway. When he opens the door door for you, you are then to mildly attempt covering yourself with your hands. Flirt with him briefly like you would, then get back in here with me."

Bekka remembered obeying everything Aubrey had just said without a second thought. She had burst loudly out the door, and knew she had given Derek a great view of her tight ass as she went out their room door. She had run to the end of the hall yelling as she had been told. When she got back, the weighted door had indeed closed and locked.

"Aubrey!" she had yelled. It was so weird how she was remembering doing something that she hadn't felt present for. "Aubrey I'm locked out! Let me in!"

"Hey, I dared you to do it!" Bekka remembered Aubrey calling back. "You'll have to get someone else to open the door for you."

"Aubrey!" Bekka whined. A door had opened farther down the hall and now a man was gawking at her. She made no attempt to cover up.

"Not my problem! Maybe if you ask Derek real nicely," Aubrey teased.

Derek had indeed walked to the door and was feeling conflicted about looking through the peep hole to see if Bekka was out there in her birthday suit. He hesitated for only a moment before looking. She was very naked, making no attempt to cover herself. In fact, it seemed like she had positioned herself in the best possible way to give him a perfect view.

"Derek," she remembered herself saying seductively, "please let me in. I'm all naked out here and everyone can see everything." There were now two men in the hall, making no effort to hide the fact that they were eye fucking this very cute, blonde haired exhibitionist.

Derek had slowly opened the door and when he he saw her, his face had been beet red and he was looking at the ceiling. The hard on in his pants had been as obvious as her nudity. "Hey Derek," she teased, "my boobs are down here."

He had looked down at this as she stepped into the room. She was now barely covering herself with her arms. One hand was covering what he now knew was a completely shaved pussy, and the other was doing a poor job of covering her breasts. He could still see one of her nipples. He noted that though her breasts were petite, they were wonderfully perky and her nipples could have cut glass the way they stood out, firm and pointy.

"Wow, streaking is such a rush!" Bekka exclaimed. "Here, feel how fast my heart is beating." She had then grabbed Derek's wrist with the hand that had been covering her pussy, and place it in between her tits. Her other other arm was pushing up her breasts from underneath, causing them to look bigger than they were.

" Yeah," he said stunned."It's really pounding there."

"She released his hand and moved the hand back down to her crotch. Sorry," Bekka remembered saying. "I hope you don't think I was flirting with you." She winked at him. "It was just a dare."

She made sure to wiggle her naked ass the short distance to the bathroom door, knowing that Derek was still watching. "You can put your eyes back in your head now," she had said without looking back. And then she had shut the bathroom door.

Aubrey was in the shower and had ordered her inside. Then she had told her to get in the position that she had been in when she regained consciousness. And then she'd been ordered to eat Aubrey's pussy until she came to.

Aubrey watched Bekka's face as all that had transpired played back through her mind. She nodded in approval as the lust poured over her friend, and saw her almost achieve climax at the memory alone. "You naughty girl, I told you not to make any moves on my brother." Nevyn was role playing again.

Bekka tried to look apologetic to play along. "I'm sorry, I, I couldn't help it. I wasn't myself. Is there something I can do to make it up to you?"

"Well Bekks, you can finish what you started down there. I'd like to cum sometime today."

Bekka smiled. "I'm pretty sure you have actually, many times in fact."

"Enough talking, more eating." And she pushed Bekka's face back between her legs.

Aubrey came a couple of times, very quietly. Bekka did not have the same will power and Aubrey allowed her to only cum once because she had screamed.

"She dropped the soap," Aubrey yelled to Derek. Both girls broke out into raucous laughter at that.

Derek shook his head at how weird girls could be sometimes. He was glad he had enough self control to avoid masturbating in the room after Bekka's little show. He had thought he would be titillated less on this outing away from his exhibitionist mom, not get more of the same. Bekka had been flirting with him for years though, so he really didn't think twice that she was upping her game.

After the girls had showered and Bekka had lathered and rinsed every inch of Aubrey's body twice, they got out to towel off and change to go out to eat. Bekka whispered in the confines of the bathroom, "One thing I don't understand, Nevyn. Why all the secrecy still? He's going to find out tonight, isn't he?"

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