tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShy Girl Becomes a Dirty Girl

Shy Girl Becomes a Dirty Girl


It was a little after my 18th birthday and I was into my sixth form at school, my hormones were raging and I still had no outlet apart from my masturbation fantasies. Thomas never said a word to me about the incident in my bedroom; I don't think he had any memory of it at all. Although I was quite pretty with shoulder length light brown hair and a pretty face, I still felt awkward about my body, still considerably taller than all my classmates, but it had made me very shy and I was certainly not part of the in crowd, being more of a bookworm, or even a bit nerdy.

It was towards the end of term and everyone was in high spirits after finishing exams chasing around the playing fields in the sun. I was some way behind my friends as I wasn't the best of runners and I slipped on the grass and went straight into some stinging nettles. I was a bit shocked and I could feel a nasty prickling sensation all down one side of my body, particularly on my left arm, leg, and thigh. Feeling rather sorry for myself the tears started rolling down my flushed cheeks, when all of a sudden two strong arms picked me up by the shoulders out of the nettles and a slightly gruff voice said.

"Are you alright Miss?"

I looked up in surprise to see John the gardener putting me back on my feet. I blushed heavily at the thought of being manhandled by a man probably in his fifties but was grateful for his assistance. He looked me up and down a bit. Being the height of summer, I only had on my white t-shirt and my regulation school skirt, and I felt he overdid the checking me over for injuries with his eyes a little.

"It's Harriet isn't it?" I shyly just nodded a yes to him and blushed madly.

"Ah, nothing broken, but you've got some nasty stings from those nettles, what you need is doc leaves. Follow me Miss there's a big patch growing by my shed."

I felt a little uncomfortable doing this, but he was so matter-of-fact about it I accompanied John to his shed. He pulled a light-cord and the little room was illuminated. It was pretty stuffy in there as there were no windows, and he told me to sit down pointing to a big wooden workbench in the corner.

"Don't worry Miss, this will stop the stinging."

He said as followed me in holding a handful of the big green leaves and immediately started to rub the cool leaves on my arm. I blushed dramatically as I felt very self-conscious allowing him to touch me, but the leaves worked wonders and brought a marvellous cooling relief to the stings on my arm. Then without warning he knelt down on one knee level with my legs saying

"Best check down here too, ooh that looks nasty."

He started to rub a fresh leaf on my left leg. I could feel him confidently moving in circular motions up my bare thigh, and then he lifted my knee level with my chest saying. I just watched him passively feeling rather awkward but he just continued as if it were quite normal.

"Looks like they got you right round here too."

Suddenly it became obvious, not only was he enjoying rubbing the back of my thigh, as my leg was raised he also had a clear view of my flowery pale pink knickers. I felt utterly embarrassed and sort of froze as I felt completely in his control. He bent my leg and lifted it up high so my knee pressed against my breast. I was too taken aback to offer any resistance or verbal reluctance. I had to quickly put my hands back on the bench and instinctively my legs parted to stop me falling backwards. I blushed an even deeper red as I looked down at my predicament. Here I was in front of this fifty-something year old man as he carefully rubbed the inside of my thigh with the cool leaves and my bare legs wide open. My panties were stretched and pressed tight against my vagina and my bottom. I could see John's eyes widen as he continued rubbing my thigh, but I could clearly see his eyes were focused intently between my wide open legs at my girly charms, I felt even more embarrassed as I noticed my pubic hair sticking out from both sides of my knickers. It was such a humiliating position for such a good girl like me to find myself in, but I had to admit that I was starting to become a little aroused at my lack of control and I could feel a strange excitement growing between my legs. John was rubbing the leaves only about an inch from the gusset of my pants, and to my horror I followed his widening eyes down again between my legs to see that a small but very obvious wet patch was forming in the gusset of my knickers. My juices were starting to flow out of my vagina and I could just make out my faint odour in the warm shed. My thoughts turned to my first experience with Thomas in my bedroom as I drifted off momentarily. I suddenly realised that I had been scratching the left side of my rib cage, and was almost disappointed when John let go of my leg and moved his hands to the side of my waist.

"Looks like you've been stung nearly all over, shall we lift this up and have a look at you?"

I nodded dumbly at John as he smiled and untucked my t-shirt from my skirt and lifted it up to just underneath my bra.

"Oh yes, we better get something on there hadn't we."

"Yes." I said almost breathlessly.

He stepped out of the shed again momentarily and came back with another handful of doc leaves, but I noticed he pulled the latch across the door this time when he came back in. The pretence of checking me for stings was now completely transparent. I was clearly enjoying being touched and inspected by this dirty old man. I think the fact that we were such an intangible pair made me feel more free from any suspicion, nobody would possibly guess what I was letting this man do to me, yet alone the fact that I was starting to enjoy it very much. My pent up frustrations were pouring out of me, quite literally into my wet knickers, and as he slowly rubbed my torso, around my navel, my hips slowly gyrated in time with his movements, as his hands travelled up my body and started rubbing just underneath my breasts in my white bra. I let out a little moan quite audible in the quiet shed and he looked at my face and smiled at me.

"Lift your t-shirt up." He said calmly.

I went bright red in the face but I was under his command, my breath quite audible, and I did as I was told. I lifted up my t-shirt and showed him my bra-covered breasts.

"Mmm, lovely."

He said as he stepped back a moment to savour the sight as I obediently held up my top and stuck out my chest smiling now through my shyness. My nipples were extremely obvious through my white bra poking out like two huge stings.

"Good girl. Now undo your bra and show me those lovely titties."

John was obviously growing in confidence at my complicity and as he stepped back I could see the confidence growing in his trousers too! This was the moment. I had never shown my bare breasts to another man before. I thought for a brief moment, I felt quite nervous mainly because of the excitement, but he was quite gentle with me despite the fact that I felt he was in control which made me feel even more sexy. I was trembling as I reached behind me to undo the catch. Suddenly, my bra became loose and I slowly lifted the 34C cups up over my breasts and tucked it underneath my t-shirt, brazenly rose up and stuck out my chest showing him my bare teenage breasts. I was flushed with excitement, the blood rushed to my head, not to mention my nipples as I showed myself off to him.

"Wow you are quite a big girl Harriet, what gorgeous tits you've got." Said John, as he smiled broadly admiring the view.

I smiled at him and my head turned instinctively to the side feeling a bit coy.

"Shake your titties around a bit Harriet, let me see them wobble."

The directness of his words seemed completely at odds to what I was used to but they had an amazingly arousing affect. I jerked my torso around a little making my breasts move around. John watched avidly as his hand went down to adjust the erection in his trousers, he rubbed it a few times absent-mindedly and I jiggled my breasts around for his enjoyment.

"Cor you are a dirty little thing aren't you Harriet."

He said as he moved towards me. I nodded coyly again, a very embarrassed smile all over my red face, as he grabbed my breasts from underneath squeezing them slightly and pushing them up into sharp points.

"You have lovely big nipples too, nice and wide aureoles, and they have a lovely shape!"

My breathing was all over the place, and my legs started shaking as he squeezed my breasts in his strong hands and pushed his face into them, moaning as he rubbed his rough face over my soft bare breasts.

"Ooooh god!"

I gasped nearly loosing my breath. I had no idea I could feel something so intense building inside of me, I felt like I was going to burst, as his hands groped me and his face and tongue flicked over my breasts and my excited nipples. His tongue licked all over my breasts teasing my hard nipples, it looked sort of gross but it was making me incredibly horny.

"Oh Harriet, you are a dirty little girl underneath your prim and proper exterior!"

"Yes!" I gulped, barely able to catch my breath, and then I cried out, "I am a dirty girl!"

I saw John's face flushed with his own smile as he lifted his face from my breasts, then he looked into my eyes as his hands moved over my breasts until he held both my stiff nipples in between the fingers of both hands and said slowly.

"Say it again Harriet, tell me what you want to be, tell me what you are."

His fingers tightened on my nipples and he slowly and very deliberately pulled them out and upwards as my mouth opened wide along with my eyes as I inhaled audibly and called out.

"I want to be dirty, I feel so dirty, I am a dirty girl."

John stretched my nipples out a full inch or so from my breasts, and I thought I was going to die from the pleasure, until I almost screamed, as a dam burst inside of me and my whole body shook uncontrollably as I came like a bitch. I lost all control of myself and let go of everything including my bladder, flooding my knickers with pee which poured down over my legs splashing onto the floor...

(to be continued)...

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