Shy Girl Ch. 02


I then teased them by slowly taking my basque off and covering my tits with my hands, which they enjoyed. My knickers did not cover any of my arse and again they took a lot of snaps of me with my back to them and me bent over touching the floor.

I was feeling really horny now at the thought of all these men looking and lusting over me as they took pictures of me almost totally naked. My knickers soon came off and they were all very enthusiastic about my shaven quim. I was wearing only my shoes now and was posing with complete abandon. The last pose had me on a chair with my knees bent and my legs spread giving them a great view of my inner lips.

I was more than happy to go a lot further but the session was brought to a close and I went to get dressed. I was shaking with excitement as I took my fee and the thanks of the guys and in the car I gave Gary a blowjob as he drove home.

We dived on each other as soon as the front door was shut and I demanded that he fuck me hard as I pinched my nipples. He came deep inside me twice before we finished and sat down with a drink to discuss the evening. I told him how hot it had made me and he said he was astonished how well I did and that all the men had said I was very sexy and a very natural model. He said it was a shame that David was not there as he had enjoyed the brief sight of my body, and I laughed and said I would have loved him to have been there, which seemed to turn Gary on as he licked my wet pussy until I came on his face.

We had a few more experiences on the run up to the wedding and the honeymoon was something else, but I will tell you about that in my next submission,

* * * * *

Please feel free to contact me with any comments you may have, I love to hear from you.


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