tagGay MaleShy Jared Ch. 03

Shy Jared Ch. 03


*All characters are 18+*

It was Friday, and Jared wanted to make the most of it. When every hour away from Darryl felt like an hour wasted, and every ten seconds a memory from their time together ran in his head, Jared was beginning to dread the weekend.

When he had gotten home he had masturbated not once, but twice. He hadn't wanted to mess his underwear in the night again. After a brief prayer (a real one, not the kneebound, hands-together, Oh Lord kind of prayer) He had gone to bed and he had woken up feeling sore, because despite his precaution, he had still come in the night.

That morning, while he was looking for some detergent he found an old bottle of Johnson's baby oil in the cupboard. He remembered Darryl's advice about lubricant and blushed heavily. He tucked the half-filled bottle in his satchel, not entirely sure what he expected.

After discreetly doing a load of laundry, Jared began to walk to school, humming softly and dreamily, wondering what wonders Darryl had in store for him.

If he hadn't been daydreaming, he might have seen Victor Duke sneaking up behind him. As it was, he was lucky that Henry wasn't with him, or he could have gotten far worse.

Jared cried out with shock as Victor's arms snagged him by his jacket and threw him to the lawn of another house. Victor's eyes were panicky, it was an open place and he knew that he would have to do his damage quick.

Jared yelped as Victor's fist hit his nose. There was a burst of bright pain and blood started oozing. That was the only physical damage Victor did. He wasn't a very violent kid and he just did it because he felt he had to. His fists were hitting at all the wrong angles and they barely even hurt.

The pain didn't matter though. Victor ran off after calling him a faggot in a scared cracked voice. The pain was already beginning to fade. Jared was terrified. The pure shock of the incident had his heart beating frantically and he was panting like a dog. Victor had snuck up on him so easily, and that meant two things. Firstly that they still held a grudge, and secondly that they weren't afraid to hurt him even after Darryl's beating.

Jared moaned a little, but got up and walked the rest of the way to school. He would just have to be very careful in the next few weeks.


The door slipped shut behind him and his shoulders relaxed. He was in the lazy summer-like heat of Darryl's flat. He was safe.

Jared slipped off his light coat, and after a moment of thought his shirt as well. He shivered in the warm air, not cold, but still enjoying the thrill of the warm drafts on his naked skin. It was warm enough to bring light sweat under his arms, but Jared's skin still rashed up with goosebumps as he ran his hands over his skin.

The act of touching his smooth upper body felt strange, like a form of masturbation. His dick was hard, but that wasn't the point. It was a new experience, and in reality, it was the first time Jared had ever seen himself as a sexual creature, or even considered himself attractive. It was eerie, and it felt so good. He drew in his breath sharply as he let his hands drift to his nipples and pinch them a little. He wondered vaguely what it would be like to have breasts like a girl.

He jumped as the door opened and quickly put his hands down at his sides, blushing furiously. He couldn't hide the evidence of the bulge in his khaki pants or his shivering shirtless body. Even his goosebump-roughened skin and his perky nipples were visible in the dim light.

Darryl stood there in the doorway, a little smile playing around the corners of his mouth. "You look delicious Jared." He purred.

Jared flushed deeply and crossed his arms over his chest. "D-Do you want me to make coffee?"

"I'm not thirsty, are you?"

Jared shook his head timidly and flushed harder. "Um... I was... I was wondering..."

He couldn't finish, and Darryl had to bite the insides of his cheeks to keep himself from laughing. He thought to himself, 'Poor kid's gonna light his hair on fire with that blush' and he moved forward to embrace Jared. The kid looked grateful and buried his face in Darryl's strong chest.

"What were you going to suggest Beautiful?"

Jared felt his mouth shape into a big goofy grin against Darryl's chest, he couldn't help it; he just loved his new nickname so much. "N-Nothin'."

"Then there's a whole lot of nothin' going through your head right now! You can tell me. I don't want you to hold anything back, because if you do keep secrets I don't know if I'm keeping you satisfied and safe and happy. Was there anything you wanted to say?"

Jared pulled away enough to look into his face, looking a little sheepish. "I just... you always do me first, and I wanted... I wanted to..." Jared made a frustrated little noise and babbled. "I wanted to see you naked."

He buried his face in Darryl's chest, unable to look at him he was so shy and embarrassed. Darryl laughed warmly and Jared could feel his chest vibrating.

"I'm afraid that I'm not nearly as pretty to look at, but I would love to if you returned the favor. Actually, I'm kinda sweaty and this is normally when I take my shower, so would you like to shower with me? It's pretty small, but we can fit if we put our minds to it."

The reaction Darryl got to that simple statement was very strong. Jared gasped and couldn't help but thrust his hips a little. Darryl groaned softly at the sensation of that hard knob grinding into his hip.

"I think you like the idea." He murmured, amused.


Darryl's bathroom had started out as a plain little concrete room with a naked showerhead and a toilet, but he had fixed it up a little. The shower now had a plastic curtain and a bath mat. His frayed towels were in a milk crate, and he had covered the bare walls with a few prints of the north woods. He even had a Yankee candle resting on the sink that made the air smell nice, like cinnamon.

"Whenever you're ready, Beautiful."

Jared watched Darryl as he unbuttoned the blue coverall shirt, revealing a thin undershirt and a foamy tuft of silvery curls at the top of it. Jared was already shirtless, so he unbuttoned his pants, blushing heavily and not daring to tear his eyes away from Darryl's body. Darryl pulled the undershirt over his head.

Darryl's body was hard and slablike, he had a belly, but it sheathed muscle. His arms were still powerful, and while the skin on them was thinner and more wrinkled at the elbow and shoulder, they were still muscular. His chest was a wealth of that silvery-grey hair that Jared longed to run his fingers through.

Darryl reached for his waistband to unbuckle his belt as Jared dropped his pants down to his ankles and stepped out of them. He looked so vulnerable and shy and adorable, standing there with his cheeks bright red. He had lanky slender legs and slim hips and a wiry torso. Darryl's mouth watered when he eyed the bulge in the thin cloth of the briefs he still wore.

Darryl also dropped his coverall pants and Jared let out a little moan. Darryl's legs were still lean and muscular, he still ran marathons, and the bulge in his grey boxers was so much more impressive, jutting out so strongly that a sliver of pink showed through the slit in the cloth.

"On the count of three?" Darryl suggested, hooking his thumbs in the waistband of his underwear, like an aged gunslinger.

Jared nodded with a goofy shy smile, hooking his own thumbs in. They looked at each other, both smiling.


They shuffled awkwardly out of their underwear and it was all Jared could do not to cover himself up. He felt so exposed, but at the same time he panted with lust as Darryl's eyes devoured him whole.


The water beat on their bodies, and the confines of the shower curtain forced them to stand close together, not that they minded.

Jared gasped softly as he felt something hard and hot bump against the sweet hollow of his buttock.

"May I wash you, Beautiful?"

Darryl stood there, wet and smiling and holding a fat bar of soap. The soap had a nail with a loop of twine driven into its body. The twine was around Darryl's wrist and the soap gleamed in his hand.

"Yes Darryl." Jared whispered breathlessly.

They moved in a slow dance-like rhythm in the hot pounding spray. Jared moaned softly as Darryl soaped his shoulders firmly, lathering suds up with his calloused palms. Darryl washed that thin white back and before touching that sweet little ass he turned Jared around to soap his chest. Jared closed his eyes in the spray as the older man touched his body with the utmost gentleness. He whimpered a little when Darryl tweaked his slippery soapy nipples.

Darryl was nothing if not thorough. He carefully explored every inch of Jared's wet body, trying to find all of the sensitive spots, the ticklish spots, and the tender spots. He soaped up a washcloth and gave Jared's cock a few long strokes with it. Jared nearly came with the sensation of the slippery rough fabric.

Darryl lovingly washed those smooth buttocks. Jared was so sensitive and ticklish there that he buried his face in Darryl's chest while he reached down to touch them, helplessly giggling and moaning in turn.

Before he could lose his nerve, Jared dropped gracefully to his knees on the warm wet concrete. He could feel the water swirling into the small metal drain. Right before his half-shut eyes was Darryl's cock.

Darryl didn't interfere, he just moaned softly when Jared wrapped his small trembling hand around the thick throbbing shaft. He groped Darryl's hand for the soap and the older man slipped the twine loop around his wrist. The loop was tight on him, but when Jared dropped it the twine loop slid all the way to his elbow with a little room to spare.

Jared was concentrating so hard that the tip of his pink tongue protruded slightly from the corner of his mouth as he carefully lathered Darryl's thick cock.

Darryl leaned back so his back was against the wall and spread his legs slightly so Jared could scoot forward and get better access. He moaned hoarsely as he put down the soap and began wiping away the lather with his hands. As soon as Darryl's cock and the thick surrounding pubic hair was clean, Jared had the courage to lean forward with his small pink tongue protruding.

Darryl gasped when he felt the small rough wet pink tongue against the taut flesh at the tip of his dick. Jared licked him a few times, tasting traces of precome before the shower washed it away. Then with one hand holding the base of the shaft and the other cradling the loose heavy ball sack, he began to give his first blowjob.

It was the same as with the handjob Jared had given him two days ago. Jared was not very good, but this shy first blowjob was immensely enjoyable. Just to watch his young lover learning what to do was heavenly.

After the first two minutes, Jared got better and began to develop a rhythm of gently bobbing his head until the fat head of Darryl's cock bumped the back of his throat. He wasn't able to get a lot in, so he stroked the reminder of the cock with his hand.

Darryl was close, and the sudden shock of the water turning icy-cold was enough to make him cry out and come, clutching Jared's hair and forcing his mouth over his cock.

The two men stumbled out of the icy-cold shower, panting and laughing. Darryl grasped a towel from the milk-crate and roughly dried Jared's skinny body.

"I'm sorry about grabbing your hair like that."

Jared flushed and shivered. "That's okay... I kinda liked it. Darryl? Can you...um..."

Jared was blushing fiercely and finally he just grabbed his own cock.

Darryl smiled and roughly toweled his hair dry. "Come out to the bed Jared, and I'll take care of you there."


Jared was getting over a little of his shyness. He had a tough time speaking about anything sexual, but when he was with Darryl, he became a little bolder. He was walking in front of the older man and he giggled and wiggled his ass, walking like a girl. Then he jumped onto the bed and lay on his side, striking a playboy pose.

His moment of boldness ended when the force of his landing on the bed made the bottle of baby oil slide out of the satchel and Darryl scooped it up.

"What's this? Why were you carrying this around?"

Darryl only sounded curious, but Jared blushed bright red, so Darryl knew it had to be something far less innocent.

Darryl's smile was warm and slow, like a dollop of sweet cream on a rich dessert. "Lie down on your stomach Beautiful, I think we can put this to use."

He saw the uncertainty in Jared's eyes and reassured him. "I'm not gonna fuck you Jared, you're not ready for that. Don't worry, I'm just gonna do something to make you relax a little."

Jared's face was relaxed and trustful. He lay down on the bed, shifting a little uncomfortably with his hard cock pressing into the bedsheets. He saw Darryl empty a little baby oil into his hands and rub them together. He nearly purred with pleasure when Darryl began to rub his slim shoulders with his warm oily hands. It was a massage.

Darryl's thumbs worked at the knots under the white skin and he worked slowly and thoroughly down his back, occasionally getting more baby oil. Jared felt so limp and warm and safe, but one part of him was still hard and insistent.


"Hmm?" Jared said sleepily.

"Is it alright if I finger you? That's when a man puts his fingers in another man's asshole, and it feels very good."

Jared was a little concerned. "If I want to stop, will you stop right away?"

Darryl leaned down to plant a soft kiss on Jared's cheek. "I will never do anything that makes you uncomfortable. If you want to stop, we'll stop right away."

Jared smiled sweetly up at him. "Thank you Darryl."

Darryl lowered his oil-slicked hands to grope those sweet silky buttocks. He massaged them as he would have massaged Jared's back, but this time it was different. Jared kept panting and letting out the sexiest little moans and cries of arousal. He was very sensitive, even just the skin on his buttocks was very sensitive, and the area was a natural erogenous zone.

Darryl liked squeezing the silky globes in his hands until the oiliness of the skin made them slip through his fingers. He massaged Jared's ass until the boy was gasping and squirming with need.

Jared gasped a little when Darryl carefully parted his cheeks. He could feel a slight breeze against the most secretive and vulnerable part of him. A part of him that no one had ever explored.

Darryl gazed at that part of him, and though he was older and he could usually only expect one hard-on a day, the sight of Jared's exposed asshole brought a brief throb of blood to his crotch. It was a tiny clean pink pucker, surrounded by a few crinkly black hairs. It spasmed a little in reaction to the drafts of air.

"Oh Beautiful, it's gorgeous."

Jared flushed bright red and took a mouthful of bedsheets to muffle his whimpering cries. Gorgeous was never a word that he would have associated with that area until today. He let out a muffled cry when he felt the tip of Darryl's slick finger gently prodding the little ring of muscle.

Darryl went very slow. He poured oil between Jared's cheeks until there was a little puddle and prodded with his finger, massaging the little ring until it relaxed enough for him to push in. He gently fucked the little hole with his finger, only going about two inches in.

Jared was getting used to the feeling and he was starting to whimper softly with pleasure. A few moments ago, it had just felt like he needed to take a shit, but now it was starting to feel good.

Darryl switched to his middle finger so he could go in deeper. And when his finger had submerged all the way to the knuckle Jared's body suddenly arched and he let out a small cry. He twisted around and looked at Darryl with glazed surprised eyes.

"W-What was th-that?"

Darryl smiled and sniffed his slick finger for Jared's sweet musky scent. "That's your prostate honey, it's the reason we queers do what we do at all."

"D-Do it ag-again! Please?"

He looked so lustful and unsure. "As you wish Beautiful."

It only took five brushes of that sensitive prostate to make Jared scream and spurt come all over the quilt.

He went limp on the bed, panting softly. "I'm sorry about... about your bed Darryl."

Darryl chucked and rubbed Jared's oily back. "That's perfectly alright Jared. Now let's get you cleaned up."

They had finished round one, but Friday was far from over.

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