tagLoving WivesShy Wife Ch. 01

Shy Wife Ch. 01


My wife is shy, but I have been working on her. Chris is an attractive 5'3", bond with blue eyes, not as thin as she was before kids, but still a fit 115. She is shy about her body, never showing too much cleavage. Most of my presents do not get worn in public despite the fact that I tell her she has a great figure and should not worry about showing a little bit of it.

I have been working on her slowly and have decided to write some stories about my progress. If you want a story about a wife who instantly breaks down and has sex with all of her husband's friends in the midst of a crowed bar, this is not it. Reality is a bit more subtle, and my wife is not that type of girl. I hope you enjoy hearing about our walk on the beach. I hope to be writing more, but that will be up to her.

A Walk on the Beach

So, one day this last summer when the kids were gone for the day, I suggested to Chris that we head for the beach. I had a plan in mind, but she did not suspect. We gathered the usual stuff, piled it into the car and I took off for one of our favorite beaches in LaJolla – Torrey Pines. We got out of the Car at the parking lot above the bluffs and headed out on a hike down the bluffs to the beach. We always pack light for these trips because it is a good mile down the cliffs to the surf. The hike makes the ocean feel all that much nicer.

When we got to the base of the cliffs, instead of stopping there, we headed south, just walking and talking, day packs on our backs. Before long Chris looked up and stopped in mid sentence as two nude men strolled toward us, their members flopping from left to right.

"That'll wake you up," she said. "Looks like we're getting into Blacks Beach. Let's turn around."

"Why? It won't hurt us. Lets keep on walking."

Chris shrugged and glanced sideways as we walked past the two men.

"Too prefect," I said.

"Good thing you do not have that problem," she said laughing.

We wandered through the north end of Blacks, filed mostly with well built young men. I commented on a few. Chris laughed and remarked about some particularly nice buns.

"Lets turn around" she said, still a little uncomfortable.

"What? We're just getting into a little scenery for me." We were just through the predominantly gay male section and getting to the mixed area of the beach.

There were still more men then women on the beach, but there were some couples, small groups and the occasional college coed. We passed by three women lying mid way between the surf and the sand, side by side, naked except for the t-shirts covering their faces from the hot sun. Their bodies glistened with sweat, their nipples large and relaxed, one pierced and sporting a gold ring. I discretely took them in as we passed.

Fifty yards further down the beach I stopped. "Here is a nice spot," I said.

"Wait a minute" said Chris. But I was already rolling my towel out on the sand.

"Come on," I said, "Lets just kick back here for a while."

She looked skeptical but dropped her pack next to mine.

I pulled off my shirt, straightened my towel and popped off my trunks. Chris didn't see because she was turned the other way fishing for something in her pack. When she turned around ready to sit down in her fashionable but not skimpy two piece, she saw me naked in the sun and rolled her eyes.

"You're an exhibitionist."

"Hey, when in Rome." I replied. "You going to sit here with your suit on and have everyone think you are a prude?"

"I planned on it, she said," looking around. The crowd was sparse in this area of the beach. A guy in a beach chair sat about 30 feet away reading a book. A couples and several more guys sat a little further away. No one seemed to take much notice.

"Relax, its just a little skin," I prodded.

"What if someone we know sees me?"

"No one will see you, and any way, if they do, they will be as naked as you."

"That's not comforting," she replied. I could see that she was torn, she did not want to be a prude but really had no interest in getting naked.

"Come on, have a little fun."

"Fun for who?" she replied. But after looking around again to make sure no one was watching, Chris knelt down on her towel, reached behind her back and undid her top. Quickly, she lay forward on her on her elbows with her breasts hanging down in front of me, shielded from full side view by her arms. The a guy just up the beach looked discretely over the top of his open book as she did this, appreciating his glimpse of her full breasts.

"You happy?" she said.

I raised my eyebrows and opened my hands – gesturing the thought -- "What about the bottom half?"

She rolled her eyes and looked around. She paused for a minute. Our friend with the book appeared to be reading, no one else appeared to be watching. Finally, Chris got up to her knees, her beautiful breasts hanging just out of reach. She slid off her suit bottom to reveal her neat bush then quickly lay down on her stomach, with her nice ass exposed to passers-by, but her bush and creamy breasts concealed under her. "Now are you happy?" she said. I smiled.

I enjoyed rubbing suntan lotion on her back. The men walking down the beach seemed to as well. Some wore shorts or trunks – just there for a look. Others got into the spirit, keeping their members in control as they walked past.

After about twenty minutes I was feeling hot, I was also ready to see if Chris would show a little more than her beautiful back side to the crowd. "Up for a swim?" I asked.

Chris looked around. No one seemed to be paying much attention. "Sure," she said a bit hesitantly. She began to reach for her swim suit, but I took her hand and pulled her up toward me. "You don't need a suit for swimming" I smiled as I pulled her toward the water.

As we walked toward the water, I glanced down the beach and saw a few men in nearby chairs followed Chris with their eyes. We found our way into the waves and waded in. As we got deeper, Chris' nipples were tight and erect from the cold water. My member had been swelling but, well.... that's what cold water does. As we got in chest deep, Chris seemed to relax a bit. She was mostly concealed by the water – just an occasional flash of her bare breasts as a wave passed. We splashed and rode a couple of waves.

After a couple minutes the guy with the book joined us, in for a closer look I guessed. Chris saw him but seemed to be having fun. Most of the crowd was quite a ways away back on the sand. We were in the water for half an hour and I think Chris almost forgot she was naked.

As we left the water and walked back to our stuff, the water ran from Chris' hair down her naked body. No hiding here. More people had set their stuff near us and I could see a couple of eyes follow Chris as we waked toward them from the surf. Chris felt it too, and she quickly lay down on her front again when we reached our towels.

"You're going to get burned" I said. "Turn over and I'll help you with your sun screen." I smiled. "I think I can manage," she said. But she turned over and started to rub the sun screen over her still wet body. She lay back and closed her eyes. Chris' creamy breasts, newly coated with lotion looked beautiful in the sun and drops of water glistened on her bush.

The beach was now much more crowded than it was when I coaxed Chris out of her clothes. I pretended to read my book, but mostly watched the strollers on the beach as they walked by, some naked and some in clothes. I could see the men glance at Chris. One even stopped with his cell phone and pretended to dial while he snapped a picture of Chris naked body, now dry laid out on the beach.

After 15 or twenty minutes more I was dry. "Ready for a walk?" Chris said "sure" and started to pick up her stuff. "No, lets leave the stuff here," I said and stood up, ready to go, my member now returned to its normal size. "I don't think so," Chris hesitated, looking at the number of people on the beach. "Oh come on, you have been hanging out naked for over an hour, it's just a walk." I stretched out my hand then started down the beach. She paused for a minute then got up and we started our stroll down the beach.

As we walked, I could see the heads subtly turn in our direction. She noticed it too. "Are you enjoying this?" she said. "I feel like I'm on display."

"You look nice," I said, "you can't blame them for looking."

"But it makes me self conscious, I mean, these are not parts I usually show to strangers. I feel like I need to pull in my tummy and I don't know what to do with my hands."

"Believe me. These guys glancing up from behind their glasses are not looking at your tummy. Your tits yes, that little bush of yours, yes, and don't worry, they are not rating you. They are just thinking how fun it would be to have you in the sack."

"Thanks that helps a lot."

"Hey, just relax and enjoy the admiration. Take it as a compliment and have some fun."

"These Marines for example," I said as we looked forward and saw two young hunks with washboard stomachs jogging toward us in their olive trunks, carrying their t-sthirts in their hands. "Just look at those muscles. They don't care about your tummy, they just like your tits and would love to fuck you."

She blushed as they ran by. As I glanced over my shoulder I saw them checking her out over theirs. I was having fun, and I thought Chris might be starting to loosen up a little too.

We were getting to the south end of Black's, swim suits and joggers starting to mix in with the nude bathers.

Just as I was ready to turn around I spotted a couple of tourists out to see the wild side of America. They looked like the were from Japan. He wore shorts, sandals with socks a Hawaiian shirt and had a big Nikon to his eye. She had her back to us, shorts sandals, a floppy hat and swim suit top. As I watched, I saw he was focusing not on his wife, but off center, waiting for us to come into the frame behind her. I smiled. I know how Camera shy Chris is. Even I only had a few pictures of her without her clothes. How would I set this up?

We walked forward, right past the tourists' wife. As we did I heard the shutter snap. I don't think Chris noticed. She was looking over her sholder. A full on view of Chris' lovely tits and full bush would soon be a part of "Our Trip to San Diego."

As we approached the couple, I smiled, and said hi in Japanese – I know a few words from a business trip. He smiled back and we paused. In sign language I pointed to his camera, to me, to him and his wife, making the universal – "I'll take a picture of you" sign and smiled again. Obviously not wanting to offend someone he had just snapped nude, he smiled bowed and handed me the camera from around his neck. I motioned for him and his wife to stand together and snapped a photo. He smiled, bowed and started to walk back toward me.

Chris stood off to the side, arms crossed, obviously feeling uncomfortable with a what that heck are you doing look on her face. "Now for some fun" I said to Chris who was standing off to the side. I held up my finger – "one minute," I motioned to our friend – Chris – " Get in the photo with them." I pointed from them to her, and back. He seemed to understand and agreed – this would be one to show the neighbors.

"You've got to be kidding. You know I don't do photos."

"Come on, this guy is from Japan, lets make this a story for their Friends in Tokyo. Those people will have no idea who we are. Come on, lossen up and have some fun."

Chris looked at me and rolled her eyes. She blushed but got in the photo, standing to one side of the couple. "No not to the side of them, between them," I motioned as I talked. "There, put an arm on each of them." Chris complied. "Now put your arm around his sholder." Chis did this with another roll of the eyes. The woman, looked a bit unsure, but smiled. The man was clearly pleased. I paused. Now, put your arm ...I could not convey my meaning with jestures so I stepped forward. I placed his arm around Chris waist with his hand on her hip, her left breast pressed against him. I stepped back and snapped one photo, and then ahother.

I handed the Nikon back to its owner. I had had my fun, but he wanted another snap –me Chris and his wife. As we took up a pose on eather side of her, Chris leaned over to me. "You owe me big," Chris said, shaking her head but in a voice sounding like she was starting to have some fun.

Wait a second, she said to the photographer. She turned to me with a barely detectable smile placed the bushing woman's arm around my waist, her fingers within a couple inches of my member. I palced my arm around the woman's sholders. "Fair is fair," said Chris as she got in the opposite side of the photo. Click.

We bowed and left our friends standing on the beach, camera in hand– a day beyond his wildest expectation. As we walked back down the beach, Chris shook her head and said I was an idiot, but she said it with a smile. I laughed and blushed and smiled thinking of out friends sharing their pictures of California back home. I may have been mistaken, but I even thought I saw her smile slightly at the two marines who were looking her up and down as they ran back down the beach.

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